Jam Chart for the state of IL (135 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-05-02 YEM Chicago, IL 19:12 Incredible VJ!
1992-08-01 Jam Hoffman Estates, IL 2:16 A brief jam dedicated to some legendary Boston Red Sox players in attendance is played while Trey fixes a guitar string.
1992-12-05 Reba Chicago, IL 10:03 Busy and bouncy, Mike and Trey lead the band through "Reba" and into an "I Walk The Line" sandwich. In "Reba," the band modulates intensity, with Trey slashing and shaping his tone, and Mike laying down a great, infectious groove. Fish offers much by way of syncopation, and Page lends colorful fills, before the band dials the sound down to a complete stop.
1992-12-05 I Walk the Line Chicago, IL 2:39 Mike leads the band through a fun and wholly serviceable rendition of the Johnny Cash classic.
1992-12-05 Reba Chicago, IL 1:24 Typical "Reba" whistling serves to complete the "I Walk The Line" sandwich.
1992-12-05 Weekapaug Chicago, IL 8:17 A really great breakdown jam occurs between 3:45 - 6:50, with Page on the B-3 and Fish nicely accenting the rhythm. Builds intensity, returns to the norm, and -> to "HYHU."
1992-12-06 Llama Chicago, IL 5:11 > in from "The Squirming Coil." Great Page section, the funky calm before the ensuing blitzkrieg. Trey rips, but the whole band just hammers this one home.
1992-12-06 Stash Chicago, IL 11:50 Although mostly "Type I," this one has a great quiet early section to the jam, cool strumming by Trey, and some rhythmic shifting near the end.
1992-12-06 Possum Chicago, IL 4:04 "Possum" -> "Vibration Of Life" -> "Possum." Just the 2nd time "VOL" had been performed. Predictably intense jam.
1992-12-06 Vibration of Life Chicago, IL 2:23 -> in from "Possum." "VOL" is performed for only the 2nd time, occurring during the jam in "Possum." -> back to "Possum."
1992-12-06 Possum Chicago, IL 6:21 -> in from "Vibration Of Life," which occurs during the jam in "Possum." From here, the jam is a predictably intense '92-style one.
1993-08-14 Divided Tinley Park, IL 14:37 Despite being consistently well played, "Divided" was largely kept on a short leash throughout 1993. This excellent version is an exception.
1993-08-14 It's Ice Tinley Park, IL 9:02 "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" tease by Page. Solid version with excellent Fish and Page teaming at the end of the jam.
1993-08-14 SOAMelt Tinley Park, IL 12:24 Moderately exploratory considering it's August '93. Uncharacteristically lacking in the customary dissonance.
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 12:50 "Antelope" -> "Sparks" -> "Walk Away" -> "Antelope" -> "Have Mercy" -> "Antelope." In very good company with other major segue-fests, including the "Tweezerfest" (5/7/94) and "Stash" (11/14/95). What distinguishes this epic version is that strong improvisation is combined with melodic beauty that at times is even upbeat and inspirational. But it's also "Antelope" so expect no shortage of tension and dissonance either!
1993-08-14 Sparks Tinley Park, IL 2:39 -> in from "RLAA." First stop on an epic, "Antelope"-based segue-fest. -> to "Walk Away."
1993-08-14 Walk Away Tinley Park, IL 3:38 -> from "Sparks." Part of a massive and epic "Antelope"-based segue-fest which -> back to "RLAA."
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 6:36 -> in from "Walk Away." This fantastic "Antelope" and segue-fest continues and -> to "Have Mercy."
1993-08-14 Have Mercy Tinley Park, IL 3:05 -> in from "RLAA." This epic segue-fest continues with some melodic relief from the intense sections of "Antelope" that precede it. -> to "RLAA" to finish off this masterpiece.
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 2:00 -> in from "Have Mercy." Here concludes one of, if not THE finest "Antelope" versions in the history of the Universe.
1993-08-14 YEM Tinley Park, IL 20:40 Jams based on "Speed Racer", "Smoke on the Water", "Kool Thing (Sonic Youth)," and quoting of "Mystery Achievement" (Pretenders). Vocal jam includes a brief "On Broadway" quote.
1994-06-18 It's Ice Chicago, IL 8:53 Excellent version where the band really rocks out during the jam.
1994-06-18 Divided Chicago, IL 14:39 Fish handily takes first prize in this rhythmically (and otherwise) intense ripper from a hot show.
1994-06-18 Bowie Chicago, IL 0:22 Beautiful, descending four chord "Mind Left Body Jam"-like progression in the hi-hat intro. "Three Blind Mice"-like riffing segues into melodic hose, which in turn becomes a "DEG"-flavored, thrilling jam. "Voodoo Child" and "Purple Haze" teases in closing segment.
1994-06-18 Mind Left Body Jam Chicago, IL 2:45 -> in from "DB." A superb and melodic "MLB" Jam in the intro to "Bowie." -> back to "DB."
1994-06-18 Bowie Chicago, IL 15:18 -> in from "MLB" Jam. From here, a spectacular '94 "Bowie" launches. A thrilling version of "Bowie."
1994-06-18 Tweezer Chicago, IL 14 Good "Tweezer" but check out this show as a whole...
1994-06-18 YEM Chicago, IL 21:04 "Frankenstein" and "How Many More Times" teases. "SPAM" VJ!!
1994-11-25 Simple Chicago, IL 14:14 Another phenomenally improvisational version that is also, like 11/16/94, must-hear.
1994-11-25 Weekapaug Chicago, IL 10:31 A slightly dissonant breakdown jam begins with Page on the clavinet. After settling, the jam grows angry and growly, then explores more ground before ratcheting up in tension and bursting back to "Weekapaug." -> to "The Mango Song."
1995-10-22 Possum Champaign, IL 15:00 Intense, fantastic version with off-key jamming, amazing trilling from Trey, and an unusual ending that -> to "Catapult."
1995-10-22 Tweezer Champaign, IL 15:49 Amazing!! Great segue into "Makisupa."
1995-10-22 Slave Champaign, IL 10:23 Mike is noticeably strong throughout. Only with this rock solid foundation can Trey and Page layer on their magic dust.
1995-10-31 Divided Rosemont, IL 15:06 An inspired version with some really beautiful moments before Trey leads the boys into an overdrive finale.
1995-10-31 Drowned Rosemont, IL 4:48 Debut as part of the 1995 musical costume, the Who's Quadrophenia. Straight forward version with no extended jamming.
1995-10-31 YEM Rosemont, IL 39:45 HEAR AT ALL COSTS!!!! "Fuck You (In)(Up) the Ass" VJ.
1995-10-31 JJLC Rosemont, IL 9:03 Dave Grippo on saxophone. Grippo kicks in where Trey would normally lead the playing and adds rich texture and a jazz sentiment to this fantastic version. Performed in Chicago, of course.
1995-10-31 Suzy Rosemont, IL 7:30 Dave Grippo on alto saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone, and Joey Sommerville on trumpet. Excellent version with a distinctly bluesy feel to it.
1996-11-08 Reba Champaign, IL 13:34 Trouble in the composed section is quickly forgotten when the band begins the jam in atypical fashion, with incredibly cool playing from Fish offset by uncharacteristic - for the era - effects. Really cool. Stop / start playing becomes more direct, before Trey modifies his tone and the jam passes through a highly improvisational passage, notable for more marked syncopation. A false peak works to set up a fist-pumping relase.
1996-11-08 Maze Champaign, IL 11:46 > in from "2001." Mean, nasty guitar licks from Trey before the whole band ratchets up the intensity into a cataclysmic inferno of percussive violence and gut-ripping tension.
1996-11-08 Simple Champaign, IL 18:09 Following the conventional "Simple" outro, another Page-led jam develops with Trey on the mini percussion kit. Then Trey takes over, leading a fiery guitar-based jam.
1997-08-08 Gumbo Tinley Park, IL 15:29 Not a funk fest like most '97 "Gumbos." Trey-led soloing over a funky groove leads to a more rock and roll jam with a repetitive riff from Trey.
1997-08-08 It's Ice Tinley Park, IL 10:27 Weird, spacey, Trey-Mike-led jam.
1997-08-08 Wolfman's Tinley Park, IL 16:17 Multifaceted jam that works through several funk sections, quickly lets loose to rock mode, then returns to more funk and more rocking before -> to "Free."
1997-08-08 Free Tinley Park, IL 9:25 Great -> in from a very solid "Wolfman's Brother." The jam while similar to the post '95 - '96 jam is its own beast; very cool.
1997-08-08 LxL Tinley Park, IL 11:08 In addition to (typically '97) adept playing, this version also has a cool build to the big peak, starting at about 7:40.
1997-08-08 CDT Tinley Park, IL 10:20 Raging version that keeps rising from one peak to the next.
1997-11-19 Llama Champaign, IL 5:55 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Blistering playing by Trey harkens back to the "Llama" Golden Age of '90 - '92.
1997-11-19 Fee Champaign, IL 8:43 Ethereal outro with "Meatstick" quotes and a -> to a hot "Antelope."
1997-11-19 2001 Champaign, IL 17:13 Incredible from start to finish. This has it all! Tempo changes, jazzy grooving, full band mastery, sirens, and of course danceability. Brilliant.
1997-11-19 Wolfman's Champaign, IL 28:18 Exploratory, extremely "Type II" version. Following some classic '97-style cow funk, the jam ranges from blissfully serene and settled ground, to an extended, Trey-led blistering and somewhat dissonant section, then on to Page and Mike dominated blues rocking. This "Wolfman's" has it all, including a sweet -> to a seriously funky "Makisupa."
1997-11-19 Makisupa Champaign, IL 10:56 An extended, effects laden space jam begins around 5:45 and comes to a climax at 9:36, then drops right back into "Makisupa". Excellent version.
1997-11-19 Taste Champaign, IL 10:09 "DEG" tease from Trey. Another strong '97 version. Maybe not up there with the incredible batch from the Summer, but Trey's solo is patient, very gradually building up the intensity from a relaxed base. Page is rock solid.
1997-11-19 Possum Champaign, IL 13:48 Funky intro with great Mike. Excellent straightforward jam gets intense and chaotic, then turns bluesy and rocking.
1998-10-03 Down By the River Tinley Park, IL 19:04 -> from Neil Young's "Arc." Distortion and feedback fade away as the opening notes to "DBTR" begin. Neil leads the band through the song, and then the beginning of the jam sees fun interplay between he and Trey, as they trade solos. The jam is straightforward and hard rocking, as one would expect with this guest on stage. As the jam fades away, the band returns to the chorus one last time.
1998-11-07 Mike's Chicago, IL 14:43 The jam immediately breaks into a great, late '90s-style groove, with loops and ambient funk, and seems far removed from the typical "Mike's" jam. Then at 9:30 the 2nd jam begins, a breathtaking and incredibly lush, beautiful foray filled with the distinctive ambient sound of '98. This melodic section sounds a bit like the typical soothing outro to "Simple."
1998-11-07 Weekapaug Chicago, IL 11:45 The ending chords are played, but the jam continues in a low-key manner while Trey addresses the crowd, after which the band launches into a furious, double-time finish.
1998-11-07 Bag Chicago, IL 20:51 After breaking into an upbeat, rhythmic groove, the jam works through several movements of beautiful, serenely ambient space, eventually building energy with a -> to "Ghost."
1998-11-07 Farmhouse Chicago, IL 5:18 A graceful, powerful set closing version which features excellent Page piano action and soaring soloing from Trey.
1998-11-08 Taste Chicago, IL 10:31 Trey is excellent in this version, almost making it on par with the top versions from '97.
1998-11-09 Free Chicago, IL 11:53 Nice rocking and funky jam that adds a little mustard to the typical "Free" jam.
1998-11-09 Gin Chicago, IL 23:19 Great, improvisational version that isn't the typical "Type I" jam, but which never gets far removed from "Gin" either. The jam progresses through several "Gin"-like sections, including rocking, funk, a quiet settle, a rebuilding of intensity, and a closing sequence.
1998-11-09 YEM Chicago, IL 20:50 FUNKY!! "Things That Make You Go Hmm" jam.
1999-10-03 Bowie Rosemont, IL 16:57 An early, bass-led section, unusual space mid-jam, and a brief major mode shift distinguishes this one from the vast majority of '98, '99, and '00 versions which are almost all entirely "Type I."
1999-10-03 Funky Bitch Rosemont, IL 7:58 Sweet version with Sugar Blue on harmonica and vocals and Son Seals on guitar.
1999-10-04 Makisupa Normal, IL 6:37 Strong version. There's a delicate, staccato solo by Trey at 1:55, and a short, up tempo jam around 4:00-4:40, led by Page. Good outro jam too, with, again, some jamming reminiscent of "Stir It Up". A spacey jam emerges out of the end of "Makisupa."
2000-09-22 DwD Rosemont, IL 17:07 An upbeat groove-based jam develops with building intensity leading to the return to "DwD" to close.
2000-09-22 Tube Rosemont, IL 9:22 The last Tube before the hiatus begins with Trey using effects while the rest of the band grooves along. Picks up steam in the second half of the jam and ends with Trey playing similar lines on the keyboard that he played on guitar earlier in the jam.
2000-09-23 Moma Rosemont, IL 11:11 Similar to 7/6 in its ferocity. Even the first jam segment (2:47-4:11) is pretty hot! Excellent version.
2000-09-23 Halley's Rosemont, IL 14:07 Nice rocking vibe to the early part of this jam. Fish keeps the pulse nicely until the end when space overtakes rhythm.
2000-09-23 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 15:39 Catchy, repetitive groove. "Sunshine of Your Love" tease at the end.
2000-09-23 Piper Rosemont, IL 19:13 After 10:00, Fish leads a quick step foray with spacey effects and sounds compliments of Page and Trey. A nice pulsing groove emerges after 15:00 with delicate musing from Trey, Mike and Page. This good version suffers from poor recording quality; a soundboard release would be welcome.
2003-02-20 Simple Rosemont, IL 18:09 Orchestral in dimension. Astounding jam that at times moves beyond standard "Simple."
2003-02-20 Jibboo Rosemont, IL 19:27 Hot on the heels of an 18-minute "Simple," this nearly-20 minute offering surprises, to close out set 1. A classic tension-release "Jibboo" gets accented with melodic blues work, before highly rhythmic Fishman fills push Trey to explore the classic hard-edged, uncompressed 2.0 tone, propelled by Page's complex chord work.
2003-02-20 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 20:44 Very badass in parts. Kinda messy in others, though.
2003-02-20 Seven Below Rosemont, IL 21:10 This is our first real taste of seven below. Gordon gets nasty in the middle section, and the rest of the band matches him in the funk department.
2003-02-20 Pebbles and Marbles Rosemont, IL 16:05 Caps a great set with a roaring, over-the-top jam.
2009-08-11 BDTNL Bridgeview, IL 13:32 First "BDTNL" to go "Type II" in a big way. The jam begins with a dark undertone, but then gets more upbeat and rocking. A settled section with building energy follows and > to "Carini."
2009-08-11 2001 Bridgeview, IL 8:40 A silky slow groover. Second jam really shines. What it lacks in energy it makes up for with jazziness and improv.
2010-06-11 LxL Bridgeview, IL 10:43 Well-played, not spectacular, but nevertheless features a cool and unusual vocal jam at the end - perhaps of S. African inspiration (performance occurred during the 2010 World Cup soccer finals in S. Africa).
2011-08-15 JJLC Chicago, IL 7:57 Page rocks the B-3 big time for the hometown, Chicago crowd.
2011-08-15 Wolfman's Chicago, IL 11:54 Jam breaks away from the customary release around 6:35 into more exploration with great Page B-3 action and Mike bass. A nice low-key groove develops that grows into an extended high power closing and return to "Wolfman's."
2011-08-15 Sand Chicago, IL 12:07 The band crushes the groove before before laying down some spacey effects and segueing into "Light."
2011-08-15 Waves Chicago, IL 12:09 "Waves" jam is intense and good, but following the final verse, the band breaks into a nice, snappy rocking jam that segues -> masterfully into "Undermind."
2011-08-15 Undermind Chicago, IL 13:07 Sleek -> from an extended "Waves." The band launches into an upbeat, pulsing groove led by Mike, which ultimately unravels and dissolves into beatless ambience. What follows is a delicate and serene musical passage highlighted by Trey's emotional playing alongside Page's graceful Theremin work, both of which are phenomenal. -> into "Steam."
2011-08-15 Steam Chicago, IL 8:15 Killer segue out of "Undermind." Fierce and intense version.
2011-08-16 CDT Chicago, IL 8:35 Good version in which Trey really plays the tension and release card to full effect.
2011-08-16 Foam Chicago, IL 8:28 > in from "Runaway Jim" (old school). Mike and Fish remind us who's really behind the "Foam" in this "teamwork" version.
2011-08-16 LxL Chicago, IL 9:41 A very different style of jamming for a portion of this version. Sort of "plinko," not really funk, the jam returns to conventional "Limb" playing with an excellent crescendo peak.
2011-08-16 DwD Chicago, IL 20:57 Multi-faceted, improvisational version with mesmerizing, pulsing and triumphant moments. Eventually mellows into good space which regains energy and -> to "Twist."
2011-08-16 YEM Chicago, IL 21:20 Trey finishes the vocal jam with Darth Vader's line, "I am your father, Luke."
2013-07-19 LxL Chicago, IL 7:59 Very well played straightforward version with great Trey and Trey/Page interplay. Lacks the big '97/'98 peak, but still solid.
2013-07-20 Piper Chicago, IL 10:16 The Chairman of the Boards takes command on the B-3 in this propulsive and rocking version which packs a lot in 10 min.
2013-07-21 Energy Chicago, IL 14:25 The third appearance of "Energy" opens a rather (in)famous set and is the longest version so far. A bit of banter about the crowd sticking around in the rain finally gives way to the song. The jam begins and is a ball of frenzied, well, energy. The band locks in, Trey and Page have some great interplay. The frenzy eventually gives way to a spacey ending, replete with some of Mike's famous "bass bombs" and eventually > into "Ghost".
2014-07-18 Golden Age Chicago, IL 16:34 Fish keeps this jam in high gear as it alternates between segments of funky and upbeat jamming until a wave of ambient effects are introduced around the 15 minute mark and concludes with a > to "The Mango Song."
2014-07-18 Wombat Chicago, IL 11:51 "Wombat" goes for its first big ride, leaving the formal song structure behind around 5:00 and breaking into some light and contemplative play. The pace picks up and the intensity gradually increases, before -> to "CDT."
2014-07-19 Roggae Chicago, IL 8:14 A stunning "Type I" version: Page teases "Dirt," then Trey takes the helm joined by Mike, who adds some thunderous double-time riffs which Fish echoes, all leading to a great peak.
2014-07-19 Hood Chicago, IL 16:28 "Harry" once again proves to be the improbable choice for exploratory jamming. This time, the band begins the jam in minor mode, works up to a rocking fury, and finally settles back for a traditional "Hood" closing.
2014-07-20 SOAMule Chicago, IL 11:43 Rocking Page solo > weird spacey Trey section > all 4 band members on Fish's drums and Marimba Lumina > klezmer > weird chanting by Mike and others > ending.
2014-07-20 Wedge Chicago, IL 14:29 At 5:45 the jam moves beyond the standard into medium intensity, rhythmic and mildly funky play. The funk builds, then the jam shifts to an uplifting melodic section which sounds similar to "Paradise City" and/or "Roll With the Changes" before actually returning to the customary closing.
2014-07-20 Ghost Chicago, IL 11:29 Swirling Samurai with a Sawzall wields the power blade on a scintillating space disco mirror ball. [A really solid, rocking and improvisational version features great playing by all four, especially Mike. Little of this jam sounds anything like "Ghost." -> to "Weekapaug."]
2016-06-24 Twist Chicago, IL 15:13 After a strong, dark, but-not-atyplical-for-"Twist" groove, the jam melts into a thumping "Ghost"-like zone before taking off for peppier, happier pastures via a "Weekapaug"-like groove (and tease) before Mike's bombs wind down yet another excellent rendition.
2016-06-25 Carini Chicago, IL 11:12 Makes the familiar major-key pivot mid-jam and from there develops into an uplifting, well-textured groove.
2016-06-25 Piper Chicago, IL 8:27 With super short intro, bridge and "Piper" jam sections, this densely compact version packs more punch than the duration suggests. The gnarly, anti-bliss jamming is driven by Mike and Fish, and sounds more like the big summer '03 versions than anything more recent. Great -> to "Steam."
2017-07-14 Wolfman's Chicago, IL 11:01 Some feisty punctuation by Fish, at around 5:40, leads to some great mimic and mirror playing between Trey and Page. Adding power and pulse, Mike and Fish help bring this tasty concoction to a full boil.
2017-07-14 Everything's Right Chicago, IL 13:42 Impressive debut. The band quickly clicks to create a chill groove, with Trey working a warm tone to solo atop steady bass, scattershot drumming, and excellent Page-propelled atmospherics. This, then, into extended trilling, which Trey distorts before breaking to assume a clean, bright line, which builds - to break - back into the jam's pulsing, Floyd-like vibe. Excellent.
2017-07-14 NMINML Chicago, IL 15:03 Super version, which opens noticeably slower than 2016's fiery renditions. Trey augments his tone and solos with spirit, but the soul of this version arrives near the 8:00 mark, when Page moves to his synthesizer and leads the band through a spectral passage of "postmodern," improvisational sound. Liquid bass and stylized Trey work atop Fish's minimalist beat, with Page working different sonic shifts that would sound at home in a mature "IAWITW" jam. Chanting and more focused guitar return this reading to the song's coda before a bit of space informs a > into "Fuego."
2017-07-14 Your Pet Cat Chicago, IL 6:34 The jam breaks away from the "Your Pet Cat" theme about 4 minutes in, growing warm and anthemic, then makes a surprising, Fish-led, and nifty -> into "Golden Age".
2017-07-14 Golden Age Chicago, IL 5:49 Acts as the "meat" of a "Your Pet Cat"/"Golden Age" sandwich, with nifty segues into and out of the aforementioned "YPC".
2017-07-14 Your Pet Cat Chicago, IL 3:30 -> back out of "Golden Age". Page's electric piano adds some great color to this half of the "Your Pet Cat"/"Golden Age" sandwich. > into the debut of "Leaves".
2017-07-15 Simple Chicago, IL 27:11 A wide-ranging improvisational monster that moves from low-key grooves to powerful heavy rocking to a "Timber (Jerry)"-esque tribal zone to a majestic major-key finale with some lovely Trey trills. Must-hear stuff, no ifs, ands, or buts.
2017-07-15 Winterqueen Chicago, IL 7:39 > from an iconic "Simple", the band continues to push and poke through sonic boundaries, shaping a cool, spacey, and highly unusual version. Trey foregoes his customary solo, creating instead a nice pocket of sound through which effects and some pretty work from Page swell and recede atop great percussion and bass. Trey's play soon becomes more direct but remains atmospheric, offset by the deft sort of super full-band play we've come to expect from the band in this spot. Some plucky guitar gives rise to a swirling momentum which builds to a cacophonous conclusion.
2017-07-15 Scents and Subtle Sounds Chicago, IL 12:03 -> in from "Light". Trey hits on a cool repeating pattern at the start, and a bright, quicksilver groove emerges with Page and Mike at the forefront. Page goes to his synths and things turn inward and weirder, with Fish taking the reins, before the jam explodes back to life with some tremendous stop-start jamming. They return to rock-out territory, then -> neatly into "Cities".
2017-07-16 Carini Chicago, IL 20:35 After some typical "Carini" riffing, the jam simmers for a while as a low-key groove unfolds. When Trey becomes more active, the mood brightens and his melodic soloing leads to a peak with some Allman Bros. style licks thrown in along the way. Post-peak there is some pretty Page/Trey interplay and a gradual > to "Twenty Years Later".
2017-07-16 Twenty Years Later Chicago, IL 9:26 Never quite breaks away from the standard jam, but (like the 8/2/15 "Seven Below") explores every inch of the "20YL" envelope, thanks to some pulsating guitar work from Trey, before heading back home to finish. A very neat version worth hearing.
2018-10-26 Reba Rosemont, IL 13:59 Airy grooves and sprite melodies create that quintessential sort of spirit, Mike's play on point and off-beat, driving an august sort of improvisation which, in time, Trey works to a truly impassioned conclusion.
2018-10-26 Mercury Rosemont, IL 18:39 A patient journey ensues as "Mercury" builds off of its straightforward jam. Just prior to the 13:00 mark, the music goes "Type II" by way of a smooth major key modulation. Page's synthesizers then envelop the music, as Trey melodically trills on top. This then transitions into a hazily introspective, yet muscular groove that puddles into "Moonage Daydream."
2018-10-26 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 21:30 The band, like one organism, seemingly processes varying properties of a periodic waveform, or signals that contain vital information, to be shared with some other, astral, life forms. Trey shines, but all four clearly articulate, or inform the several structures, or forms of this "Tweezer's" many "pieces," which, so sutured, create a sonic sort of euphoria (the audience reactions are truly memorable).
2018-10-26 Golden Age Rosemont, IL 16:39 > from "Tweezer." The jam embarks on a dynamic ride, traveling from cascading ear candy loops via Trey, to an effect-drenched minor key groove that patiently builds to a rousing peak. The music then cools into chilly ambience before appropriately moving into "Frost."
2018-10-27 NMINML Rosemont, IL 25:22 A brief but captivating groove takes hold from 9-11 minutes and another section of soothing, delicate play follows shortly after. The jam gradually gains energy and peaks with sustained blasts of guitar around 18:00 and then makes a left turn into a twisted, synth-aided march, ending -> "Steam".
2018-10-28 Everything's Right Rosemont, IL 14:13 The band walks on stage and opens with a line drive double to deep left center field. The classic fall '18 whale call bliss sound pops up halfway through jam. One-dimensional, but the dimension is intense. The triumphant and cathartic peak swells and overwhelms, eventually stumbling back to the bridge refrain.
2018-10-28 Tube Rosemont, IL 10:57 The jam first shifts away from the typical into upbeat major key play, cohering around Trey's staccato riffs, and then moves into a very cool darker segment which is infused with "I'm a Man" and leads into the last verse.
2018-10-28 No Quarter Rosemont, IL 12:15 A pleasant surprise from Fall 2018, as out of the final verse the band vamps on the usual "No Quarter" jam, before Page leads them into a brief but lovely major key jam with some nice Trey soloing. Grows briefly funky thanks to Page on clavinet, before Trey hits on the opening chords to "Cities", leading to a nifty ->.
2018-10-28 Plasma Rosemont, IL 12:45 Serving as the penultimate song in the second set, "Plasma" features multi-textured improvisation. Mike leads the jam early on, while Trey plays along using heavy effects. The band then locks into a solid groove for a few minutes before Trey Teases "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed," inciting a passage of major key jamming, with a "peak" that sounds straight out of "Blaze On."
2023-10-13 Ghost Chicago, IL 18:04 -> from "Halley's", this version has a quicker beginning than most. This is a laid-back, feel-good first set jam. Introspective and then euphoric. Peak upon peak. (And stick around for the "Albuquerque" bustout afterwards!)
2023-10-13 Sand Chicago, IL 16:37 A fantastic sort of throwback to "Sands" of the late 1.0 era in that it doesn't range far from the format, but in doing so is able to drill down into the entrancing groove even deeper with loops and synths aplenty over top of a rock-solid rhythm section. Around 9:30, the reins are loosened slightly, allowing the jam to transition to major and Page to really show out for a spell, but the ominous minor tone soon returns to see things through to the conclusion.
2023-10-13 Tweezer Chicago, IL 15:58 > from "Waves". In a rare spot as the third song in the second set, this (relatively) compact version packs a big punch. The band locks into the jam quickly and seamlessly. Around 11:20, Trey weaves back to the Tweezer riff, giving off this version might be incredibly compact. Instead, he pivots on a dime to a life-affirming major key jam. > into a fierce "Crosseyed".
2023-10-13 C&P Chicago, IL 9:22 No messing around here, as Fish and Trey quickly push this jam into overdrive en route to a mean peak, then -> "Light".
2023-10-13 Hood Chicago, IL 4:59 Sometimes it's better to simply sit back and listen to the music play. Beautiful ->'s into, and out from "Talk," as if rehearsed (which was probably the case). A defining moment from any point in the band's history, either way.
2023-10-13 Talk Chicago, IL 2:11 Beautifully emerges -> from "Hood's" jam and -> back to "Hood". Quite a way to make its first appearance in 14 years.
2023-10-13 Hood Chicago, IL 4:39 -> from "Talk" to complete this hearty, set-closing version.
2023-10-14 Sample Chicago, IL 10:21 "Sample" once again gets a bonus jam starting at 4:45 and builds up a head of feel-good steam before sliding back into the closing chords.
2023-10-14 46 Days Chicago, IL 8:44 > from "Tube". Echoing the 8/3/18 "Carini", there's a full-on "Chest Fever" jam played soon after the song proper finishes. Even after winding back to the chorus of the song, Trey can't help but fall back into "Chest Fever" mode one more time. Truly unique version.
2023-10-14 SOAMelt Chicago, IL 14:53 Another exploratory version pulsing with chaotic energy that retains strong forward momentum and a semblance of "Melt's" character thanks to Fish's percussive through line. A break in the storm appears with a shift to major around 8:00 but the jam soon splits open again and becomes even more frantic in the leadup to the usual closing.
2023-10-15 A Wave of Hope Chicago, IL 12:11 Compact, direct, Fish-driven version not unlike early powerhouse "CDT's" by way of intensity. Play breaks just before the 5:00 minute mark to feature a bit by way of Trey, but this version is really all about the drums. And then a shift! Around 7:44, Page leans into his keys, ripping a hole in a static wall of sound, and the improv unravels, becoming a kaleidoscopic shoegaze soundscape.
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