Jam Chart for The Moma Dance (29 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1998-06-30 Copenhagen, Denmark 12:15 Debut. Includes dance (well, "dance") instructions and a somewhat extended Type I groove.
1998-07-08 Barcelona, Spain 11:35 Strong playing in the early section, as is the case for many '98 renditions of "Moma". The jam segment is extended and has some nice, ascending melodic playing in the last few minutes. Outstanding version for this period.
1998-07-16 George, WA 11:54 Good, funky playing before the lyrics. The main jam segment has a very nice peak and scat singing throughout.
1998-08-03 Noblesville, IN 10:26 A somewhat abbreviated intro leads to a funky, creative jam segment that's longer than you'd guess from the song's timing. "Sunshine of Your Love"-like jamming by Trey towards the end (9:30).
2000-06-24 Atlanta, GA 15:18 Show opener, and the longest "Moma" of "1.0." The jam segment is excellent at times but also gets a bit repetitive, especially toward the end. Nevertheless a noteworthy version.
2000-07-06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:26 Trey tears into the jam segment and never lets up. First of a few versions in this very rocking style from 2000. "Tweezer Reprise"-esque playing around 9:40.
2000-09-23 Rosemont, IL 11:11 Similar to 7/6 in its ferocity. Even the first jam segment (2:47-4:11) is pretty hot! Excellent version.
2000-09-29 Las Vegas, NV 9:40 The last big "Moma" of 2000, played in the same powerful style as 7/6 and 9/23. Strong, rocking version.
2003-02-18 Denver, CO 11:34 Average, somewhat slower than usual version gives way to a hazy jam with a very "2.0" feel. There are "DEG" teases just after 9:00, which are the highlight. Unfinished, peters out somewhat blandly and -> "LxL."
2003-02-26 Worcester, MA 14:21 The long jam segment (starts at about 5:20) starts out powerfully, and slowly cools off. Starting at about 7:40, a groove emerges that features light, low key, but consistently funky playing and eventually weaves gently back into "Moma's" proper ending. Outstanding version.
2003-07-10 Mountain View, CA 12:36 The jam segment starts off hot, quiets down slowly, and becomes quite mellow around 7:45. It remains minimalist and repetitive, but the last few minutes are sneakily powerful, with everyone adding color, especially Mike. Unfinished; -> to "Antelope."
2003-07-31 Camden, NJ 12:41 A quality version which includes a second segment of grimy funk fueled by fat bass.
2004-04-15 Las Vegas, NV 13:48 Sloppy intro, but the first jam segment (1:55-4:25) is excellent. The main jam absolutely erupts and burns as hotly as "Moma" ever has.
2004-06-17 Brooklyn, NY 14:50 Strong but typical jam cools off gradually beginning around 9:20 and a cool, choppy jam emerges, that many fans may love. Transitions pleasantly but not magnificently into -> "Free".
2011-07-01 Watkins Glen, NY 9:25 Powerful, extended jam segment with the crowd singing the melody line together with the band at the end.
2014-10-29 San Francisco, CA 7:30 "We Are the Champions" sandwich to celebrate the hometown San Francisco Giants' World Series win from moments earlier.
2015-08-14 Raleigh, NC 8:05 Version features an atypical jam segment which modulates to major mode, giving the jam more of a feel good sense, and less the typically rocking style.
2016-01-17 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 8:30 One of the few recent renditions of "Moma" that (fittingly) sails to new seas. There's some especially spry, melodic playing in the opening segment that gives way to a punchy, funky jam led by the rhythm section (with Mike Meatballs) in support of Trey's adept use of his MuTron *and* Echoplex and Page's expert use of his clav. Unfinished and -> "Saw It Again."
2016-07-03 Saratoga Springs, NY 17:34 One of the longest and most improvisational "Momas" to date isn't just an extended exercise in vamping and grooving. The jam pushes further from shore at the 6 minute mark, modulates by the 9 minute mark, sails through an octave-alternating thump, and the moment doesn't end until Mike drops his bombs and Trey weaves his friends into > "Twist."
2017-07-22 New York, NY 17:30 Trey quickly strays from his typical "Moma" solo but the jam retains its usual character until around 9:20 when he introduces a brief darker-tinged passage. Strong group play continues as the mood shifts again, this time to a wonderful major-key zone with strong accompaniment from Mike and Page, and intensifies briefly before exiting with a > to a jammed "Breath and Burning".
2018-07-17 Stateline, NV 13:18 This cool version has an unusually improvisational outro which builds tension and peaks before flipping back to typical "Moma" to conclude.
2021-08-15 Atlantic City, NJ 14:06 Adventurous first-set jam loosens up after 8 minutes with Trey's throaty tone engaged and then soon heads for warm and delicate waters.
2021-10-16 San Francisco, CA 11:32 The first "Moma" to serve as set-closer fills the role admirably with an atypically hard-driving, intense outro over shouts of "Monkey Man" from Fish.
2021-10-24 Inglewood, CA 10:28 Page moves to the Wurlitzer roughly 7 minutes in and this signals the band to mellow out. Effects dominate guitar and bass while Fishman contributes wood block hits leading to deeply introspective space. An airy shift to bliss key is accentuated by Mike's use of the Eventide H9000 rack harmonizer. -> "Simple."
2022-04-20 New York, NY 12:13 A strange design, this unfinished version features smooth, relaxed play from Trey (pre-vocals) and typically great Fish. While never quite abandoning the song, proper, Trey's impassioned play, notable for a wonderful array of effects, runs for some time before > for "Leaves."
2022-08-12 East Troy, WI 17:53 Trey's frenetic playing before the song proper ends indicates this won't be a typical "Moma". The tempo slows momentarily before culminating in a classic latter-day peak. The last minute sees Trey meander his way back to the "Moma" riff which allows the band to finish the song.
2022-09-03 Commerce City, CO 13:26 Departing fairly quickly from the song structure, "Moma" here takes at first a slightly contemplative turn with Mike leading and Page on piano. Trey begins to assert himself with some rhythmic effects play that eventually gives way to more aggressive, snarling leads from the frontman culminating in a fist-pumping rock peak that fades to "No Quarter".
2022-12-30 New York, NY 11:10 Loose intro with Trey entering on lead vocals sans Fish, while the outro bends the usual structure by downshifting into a more group-oriented jam before gaining intensity and peaking with some snarling guitar leads.
2023-08-25 Saratoga Springs, NY 13:32 Extended take drops into murky funk right out of the gate and luxuriates in that space. A mode shift then brings in a more introspective minor-key vibe with notably spry Mike play. Fluid Trey soloing leads Page towards a seamless mode change towards lydian space, before Trey finds the "Moma" melody to close out the affair.
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