Jam Chart for shows in the city of Watkins Glen, NY (30 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2011-07-01 Moma Watkins Glen, NY 9:25 Powerful, extended jam segment with the crowd singing the melody line together with the band at the end.
2011-07-01 Wolfman's Watkins Glen, NY 11:45 Basically "Type I," but there is some fantastic Page/Trey/Mike interplay mid-jam before Trey leads a full-throttle ending.
2011-07-01 Jam Watkins Glen, NY 3:25 Sort of an evil sounding jam with occasional laughing by Fish and Trey opens Set II and > to "C&P."
2011-07-01 Simple Watkins Glen, NY 14:20 A straightforward but delicately played "Simple" fades away, leading to 6 minutes of '99-esque space.
2011-07-02 McGrupp Watkins Glen, NY 9:31 Strong vocals and snappy playing by Mike in the composed section give way to a great Page-led jam. Backed by the band, and with some inspired contributions from Trey, a nice little "McGrupp" jam emerges, which rises and swirls into the customary closing.
2011-07-02 Golden Age Watkins Glen, NY 13:07 Staccato funk jam before delays/effects creep in, foreshadowing the "Storage Jam" to come later in the night. > to "Prince Caspian."
2011-07-02 Tweezer Watkins Glen, NY 11:09 Unusually staccato-esque, repetitive jam, with some "elephant-like" noises from Trey thrown in.
2011-07-03 Wilson Watkins Glen, NY 7:31 The whole band is much looser than normal when they break into the solo, sounding more like a prodding "Carini" jam than "Wilson". Mike is especially eager to push the band into new harmonic (and inharmonic) territories, and the other members accept his challenge with expertly-tuned ears, adeptly following his unpredictable turns on the bass, and delivering a "Wilson" unlike any other version before or after. > to an equally inspired "Mound".
2011-07-03 Mound Watkins Glen, NY 8:01 Great version which includes an unusual straightforward outro jam.
2011-07-03 ASIHTOS Watkins Glen, NY 10:15 Stunning exploratory "Type II" version. The jam departs "ASIHTOS" at 4:00 and arrives in a desert haze where the band proceeds to lose itself in a mirage-filled dream, wandering deliriously until emerging in heavenly bliss at 7:00. Led by Mike, this serene music patiently morphs into ambient space, and gradually fades to silence with no return to "ASIHTOS."
2011-07-03 Reba Watkins Glen, NY 16:07 Great Trey and Mike from the jump, the jamming soulful and melodic. Awesome Page accents characteristically strong Fish, as the jam morphs into extended "Dave's Energy Guide" teasing. The band then crafts an atypical, and totally welcome groove. A pretty powerful build seems to break convention, with the whistling section dissolving into goofy antics which bleed into the noise informing the > into "David Bowie."
2011-07-03 No Quarter Watkins Glen, NY 9:32 Strong, effects-laden playing that pushes a psychedelic edge to match the dark heaviness in the song's lyrics. Firm and confident playing leads to a satisfying peak; a prototypical type I "No Quarter." Fans of this version should also check out 8/17/11.
2015-08-21 Simple Watkins Glen, NY 11:08 The Magnaball-opening "Simple" wastes no time in getting the festivities underway. After some standard jamming in the typical chord progression, the band opts not to resolve to F and instead stays in B-flat, churning out a fuzzy, pulsating groove led by the rhythm section.
2015-08-21 Gin Watkins Glen, NY 22:50 Exceptional version including diverse jam segments. Hard-edged rocking, murky funk, and melodic "hose" all feature in this top-shelf "Gin".
2015-08-21 CDT Watkins Glen, NY 18:15 Yet another "CDT" boasting a post-refrain jam, and yet again does Phish deliver the goods. The jam starts off sparsely and rebuilds to a low-key, part melodic, part hard-edged passage with a "WTU?" tease before > Ghost.
2015-08-21 NMINML Watkins Glen, NY 11:45 Doubles down on the Mann version with two separate rock-oriented jams, occasionally hinting at the climax of "CYHMK." Returns to the "NMINML" ending twice, then dissolves into an ambient fog and -> neatly into "Slave."
2015-08-22 Antelope Watkins Glen, NY 10:57 With an exception or two (11/30/94, 8/11/04), "Antelope" always begins and ends the same way. What's in between separates the great from the typical. This version nicely strays from the ranch from 4:50 - 6:15, and includes a nasty, gnarly and tension-loaded push to the peak.
2015-08-22 46 Days Watkins Glen, NY 14:15 The jam moves beyond the rocking norm to some dark probing, before gradually shifting to serene and introspective exploration. After swelling to a modest peak, the jam -> to "BDTNL."
2015-08-22 Tweezer Watkins Glen, NY 17:39 Fierce, punchy version that soars from the get-go, with Trey employing killer effects. The jam then plateaus, and then launches into melodic, major key mode for a while before dissolving into Caspian.
2015-08-22 Caspian Watkins Glen, NY 16:10 The jam that emerges from this "Caspian" at around 6:00 is superb and must-hear Phish. Whether you think of this as a "Tweezer" or "Caspian" jam is a pedestrian concern; just enjoy this band kicking asses in its 33rd year!!
2015-08-22 Blaze On Watkins Glen, NY 16:01 At the 7:45 mark, Trey's chording shifts this top-notch "Blaze On" from straight ahead bopping to deep melodic exploration for five minutes, when suddenly the band flips a switch and begins a psychedelic horror show filled with off-kilter intervals and eerie effects that last until the jam somehow careens swiftly into (and leaves explosive residue on) -> "Possum".
2015-08-22 Cities Watkins Glen, NY 7:22 Another strong and typically funky "Cities" -> "Mind Left Body Jam" sandwich.
2015-08-22 Mind Left Body Jam Watkins Glen, NY 0:58 -> in from "Cities." Last heard in 1998, 17 years earlier, this throwback recalls great moments throughout the band's history.
2015-08-22 Cities Watkins Glen, NY 0:57 > in from "Mind Left Body Jam." Concluding section sets up a nice transition to a solid "Light."
2015-08-22 Light Watkins Glen, NY 15:57 Particularly delicate playing from Trey in the first jam which is broken off by Fish in thunderous fashion. Second jam features calypso rhythms reminiscent of the Augusta version.
2015-08-23 Maze Watkins Glen, NY 9:30 Trey's comping during Page's solo really adds good tension, then his shortish but intense solo puts this version in the "win" category.
2015-08-23 Stash Watkins Glen, NY 12:21 Some good and varied playing, in addition to a warming modulation to major mode provide the differentiation that make this version well worth checking out.
2015-08-23 Martian Monster Watkins Glen, NY 8:32 Although the first half of this version is played in a now predictable manner, the second half breaks orbit and heads into the Exosphere, nearly achieving true outer space exploration. Trey's heavy use of effects play a decisive role, as the band seems more intent on jamming this "Martian Monster" than focusing on funk or comic relief. This strong version eventually drones-out, and slides neatly into "DWD."
2015-08-23 WTU? Watkins Glen, NY 5:26 -> in from "Scents & Subtle Sounds." Dies away to a near hush at the 2 minute mark, then wonderfully explodes back to life. The Kent '94 "Hood" version of "WTU?," and proof that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.
2015-08-23 Twist Watkins Glen, NY 7:45 Though short, this "Twist" isn't lacking in creativity. As @n00b100 points out, the jam almost immediately pulls itself apart, leads to a Trey-Mike duet of sorts, and moves into a Chilling Thrilling Drive-In space that swings into a "My Soul"-esque take on the main riff, before a heavy metal theme morphs into "Immigrant Song" for a moment and segues -> Weekapaug.
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