Jam Chart for Twist (52 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1997-06-14 Dublin, Ireland 9:36 Debut. Straightforward jam structure, but includes a nice funky Page-led section beginning about 6:00.
1997-06-20 Prague, Czech Republic 13:18 A straightforward, but funkified jam breaks around 8:00 into a low key, funky jam that at times sounds similar to Santana's "Oye Como Va" before returning to "Twist." The "Oye Como Va" connection would solidify with time.
1997-06-21 Schee├čel, Germany 18:17 The jam breaks to funk early, returns to "Twist," then a very good funky-blues jam develops which gets energized and upbeat. A quieter, spacey section follows before a return to the funk-blues jam and > to "Cavern."
1997-07-05 Como, Italy 13:49 The jam starts to break from the standard around 5:45 and by 7:25 has morphed into a good funky groove from which a jam on Deee Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart" emerges. Settles and > to "Piper."
1997-07-29 Phoenix, AZ 18:27 Exploratory version with some variations on the "Twist" theme through 9:10, when the jam breaks away. After some brief engine grinding, a dark, dissonant section emerges, before eventually brightening and -> to "Taste."
1997-08-03 George, WA 11:54 A good, rocking and bluesy jam develops at 7:30 and continues until -> to "Jesus Just Left Chicago."
1997-11-14 West Valley City, UT 15:58 > in from "Piper." The jam starts off typically, but soon morphs into a swirling and dissonant beast. An extended Trey solo follows this section and > to an epic "Slave To The Traffic Light."
1997-11-23 Winston-Salem, NC 10:21 Excellent version which develops its own groove with a somewhat dark undertone.
1998-04-02 Uniondale, NY 18:34 Exceptional, multi-section version. The jam breaks away from "Twist" at 6:30 into a serene and lush ambient soundscape. At 13:10, an effects-laden darkness overtakes and continues until a > to "Sleeping Monkey."
1999-07-12 Mansfield, MA 11:52 The jam breaks into a nice rocking major mode groove from 8:00 - 10:00 before returning to "Twist."
1999-12-05 Rochester, NY 11:58 Wild improv in this excellent, thrilling set closer that peaks well.
1999-12-31 Big Cypress, FL 13:15 A tranquil ambient groove emerges with delay loops and an eerie Page solo on the Fender-Rhodes. -> to "Prince Caspian."
2000-06-14 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 18:01 MUST-HEAR 2-part "Twist." Part I ("Twist" 18:01) departs into a beautiful and peaceful groove at 5:30. The tension builds, then recedes back to serene bliss before returning to "Twist." Part II ("Jam" 16:20) begins with eerie and spacey effects, then gradually builds into an intergalactic groove that gets better and better and -> to "Walk Away."
2000-07-04 Camden, NJ 17:21 A powerful and somewhat ominous groove-based jam emerges from the standard. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.
2003-02-24 East Rutherford, NJ 18:57 An excellent, improvisational jam with a sinister sentiment enhanced by effects develops from the standard.
2003-07-18 East Troy, WI 14:25 A spacey jam strenghtened by chilling effects gains some momentum and eventually finds its way home.
2003-07-30 Camden, NJ 22:52 Very improvisational and thrilling jam with excellent dynamic modulation. The intensity builds and ebbs repeatedly, and at times has an "On Broadway"-like vibe. It ends with an upbeat sentiment that gradually dwindles.
2003-11-29 Philadelphia, PA 17:17 Excellent jam which breaks from "Twist" around 7:30 into some good major mode action, then grows a bit spacey and dissonant before morphing into a really nice rocking groove. Towards the end, it gets angry and dissonant and -> to "Simple."
2004-04-16 Las Vegas, NV 23:58 Exploratory and multi-faceted jam emerges around 8:00 after some nice variations on the "Twist" theme. Intense, the jam includes power rocking, distortion and effects, and builds to a furious peak before returning to "Twist."
2004-06-20 Saratoga Springs, NY 20:06 -> in from "Ghost." Excellent multi-section jam starts at 5:45, breaking into a funky, pulsing section. The jam picks up a nice swinging vibe, intensifies and grows "HOSE"-like, then ends with a brief power rocking > fade.
2004-08-14 Coventry, VT 16:36 A decent jam develops which has an underlying Mike and Fish fueled groove that continues almost throughout. Trey at times uses a lot of distortion, and his seeming lack of direction gives the jam a disjointed feel. Great -> to "The Wedge."
2009-03-08 Hampton, VA 8:53 Some downright filthy and nasty "Type I" playing by Mike and Trey (2:50 - 5:45) settles, then breaks at 6:00 into some serene major mode playing before growing dissonant, spacey and -> to "2001."
2009-06-19 Noblesville, IN 9:29 A settled section follows the standard jam, which leads to some "CYHMK"-like jamming, then some free form improvisation before returning to "Twist" to conclude.
2012-06-22 Cincinnati, OH 14:13 At 6:15, the jam breaks from "Twist," taking on a haunting, spectral tone that grows increasingly powerful. The jam settles briefly, then gains energy and gets more upbeat, launching into a "Heaven On Their Minds" jam (from Jesus Christ Superstar), before winding down and > to "Halley's Comet."
2012-08-29 Oklahoma City, OK 8:29 The jam breaks away from "Twist" at 4:45 into a peaceful major mode movement which continues until the final minute.
2013-10-18 Hampton, VA 11:42 At 7:10, the jam breaks into a nice groove that turns 3.0-style ambient and subtle and > to "Free."
2013-10-23 Glens Falls, NY 13:58 The "Twist" jam itself includes some nice playing by Mike and Page. Then at 6:30 the jam breaks into some mellifluous, semi-"HOSE," which settles down into thoughtful space before rebuilding energy and then cyling down to end.
2013-11-01 Atlantic City, NJ 21:02 The jam breaks away at 6:15, growing melodic and upbeat. Mike adds some great bass effects before a euphoric groove emerges. Then a fun "Under Pressure" jam develops, followed by beautiful low-key jamming.
2014-10-28 San Francisco, CA 14:30 Excellent jam which veers away at 8:00 into a beautiful but contemplative Page and Trey-led foray of deep introspection. Wish they would jam like this more often!
2014-11-01 Las Vegas, NV 11:13 While never departing "Twist" proper, this version includes "Lengthwise" and "Manteca" quotes, several "Manteca" teases, solid "Type I" play, and a cerebral ending transition.
2015-07-24 Mountain View, CA 16:45 The beginning of the jam while structurally standard has a decidedly different timbre, as Trey and Mike deploy a gnarly and raw tone. At 9:00, the jam breaks free into the now familiar major mode Phish bliss style typical of the last few years.
2015-07-31 Atlanta, GA 10:25 Another great version which quickly departs the typical jam, shifts to major mode with serene and delicate play, and gradually builds power.
2015-08-12 Philadelphia, PA 20:08 Continuing a run of excellent renditions of "Twist", this exceptional version starts in more typical "Twist" jam territory before some more delicate playing is laid on a bed of bombs and loops. Like the Shoreline rendition, the band circles back to the main theme briefly before veering back off into a darker, fuzzier, mine-field of Mike before Fishman pushes Trey and Page towards nirvana and eventually the main theme once more. Must hear!
2015-08-23 Watkins Glen, NY 7:45 Though short, this "Twist" isn't lacking in creativity. As @n00b100 points out, the jam almost immediately pulls itself apart, leads to a Trey-Mike duet of sorts, and moves into a Chilling Thrilling Drive-In space that swings into a "My Soul"-esque take on the main riff, before a heavy metal theme morphs into "Immigrant Song" for a moment and segues -> Weekapaug.
2015-12-31 New York, NY 16:17 The final "Twist" of the year clinches its title for "Jamming Song of 2015". Like the Shoreline and Mann versions, after a relatively straightforward first jam, the band comes back home to the opening riff before taking off again. After some probing and warping and abstracting of the riff, things grow darker and sparser, before Fishman steps on the accelerator after the 11 minute mark, Trey goes Pink Floyd, Mike Meatballs, and Page plays Cap'n Crunch, leading to a Tweezer Reprise-like peak.
2016-06-24 Chicago, IL 15:13 After a strong, dark, but-not-atyplical-for-"Twist" groove, the jam melts into a thumping "Ghost"-like zone before taking off for peppier, happier pastures via a "Weekapaug"-like groove (and tease) before Mike's bombs wind down yet another excellent rendition.
2016-10-18 Nashville, TN 15:48 This "Twist" gets Weir'd from the beginning as the (new) band continues getting their sea legs, but once things get rolling, they stay Weir'd throughout in the best way possible. Not the deepest version ever, but must-hear nonetheless.
2016-12-31 New York, NY 11:37 -> from Carini and with crunching power chords, this "Twist" initially wades in familiar waters with its emphasis on the upbeat bluesy song structure. Midway through, the band enters a slightly different movement that is more apt to trills and melody, not too dissimilar from a good "Gin." From here, the band strolls down a multifarious valley constructed on the infinite possibilities of Phish. A 3.0 "hose" climax awaits before > to "Piper."
2017-01-13 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 9:53 Floating in on the waves of a powerful "Prince Caspian" -> and staying in G, the echoing "Twist" intro leads to a tropical and topical "Tequila" jam before sliding seamlessly into "Seven Below."
2017-07-23 New York, NY 15:59 Page's synthesizer gets a workout in this jam which goes from pleasant major key playing to boisterous rocking before returning home to close.
2017-12-28 New York, NY 16:20 Nifty > out of "NMINML". Pushes its way to a really lovely major-key jam with Trey stepping up to the forefront, then gets gruffer and nastier thanks to Mike before collapsing into a stomping synth-laden finale and > into "Everything's Right".
2018-07-22 George, WA 13:05 Mike takes point on this deliciously spacey and gnarly jam, replete with fun "Heartbreaker" and "Crosseyed" teases. Dies away into a contemplative jam with a repeating theme from Mike and some lovely electric piano work from Page. > into "Waves".
2018-11-01 Las Vegas, NV 12:38 The typical "Twist" jam features good variation and dynamics modulation. Things begin to peel away around 5:20, with a mode change. Following some brief, upbeat playing, the jam begins to rock, as well as further explore. Unexpectedly at around 9:35, Trey and others add moaning, vocal chanting to mix, which combines well with Page's circus-like organ playing. The vocals here are a big plus, providing an element of surprise to a quality, improvisational jam.
2019-06-12 St. Louis, MO 14:27 What begins as a relaxed and conversational groove shifts noticeably after 5 minutes growing eventually into a rhythm section powered freight train as Trey's melodic lines thicken becoming path clearing guitar blasts that lead to peak and return.
2019-12-31 New York, NY 11:32 A massive runaway freight train that builds up power from out of the verses (thanks to Mike's muscular basslines) and then picks up the pace at Fish's urging, with Trey hitting on a cool repeating chord pattern, before exploding into a flash of improvisational pyrotechnics. Some real heavy duty jamming in this NYE "Twist".
2021-08-01 Alpharetta, GA 11:14 > from a world-class "Tweezer," the band isn't content to relent, or cool, using "Twist" to slowly build one facet of one of the summer's finest sets. Fish dominates, but with restraint, offering both a solid foundation and fills that amaze and delight. Trey's delicate, pseudo-mystical play weaves in and out of rolling, scattershot percussion, as if set, before finding a mesmerizing melodic line, to charm a snake. Page - again on his piano - adds a touch of grace beneath long blasts of sustain, with Mike, in typical fashion, working to blend it all together before wisely breaking for "Piper."
2021-08-08 Noblesville, IN 3:30 The start of a wild segue/jam sequence, as right out of the song proper Trey -> directly into "Makisupa Policeman".
2021-08-08 Noblesville, IN 0:56 Trey sharply swerves out of "Makisupa Policeman" back into "Twist", which the band briefly plays before -> back into "Makisupa Policeman".
2021-08-08 Noblesville, IN 1:25 -> out of the "Makisupa Policeman" jam. An amusingly anticlimactic end to a really strong and weird piece of music from a really strong and weird show.
2021-10-19 Eugene, OR 14:32 Up front, the jam winds to cerebral and introspective space as Mike's bass drives an ambient wash, until Mike decisively locks in to F and the rest of the band starts constructing a thick groove. Intense patience ensues as the band refrains from peaking but instead opts to let the jam bloom. Around 12:15, the effects get angular and electronic - almost dissonant - for 90 seconds until Trey "Twist"s the band back to the outro riff.
2022-02-26 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 13:06 Pivots smoothly into a nice warm Page-driven upbeat jam, with some really lovely trilling from Trey, then picks up the pace at Fish's urging and hits an anthemic zone before a surprising -> into a very good "Your Pet Cat".
2022-07-23 Bethel, NY 12:57 The celebratory yin to the set's preceding yang in the form of a wickedly dense "SYSF", this jam starts off pretty mellow and gets slightly more askew with a descending pattern at 7:00 and shortly thereafter starts the climb to the mountaintop and later erupts with an exaltation of "Still Waiting" at the summit.
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