Jam Chart for shows in the city of Big Cypress, FL (22 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1999-12-30 Light Up Big Cypress, FL 10:07 A wonderful compact jam that starts with some dark energy but soon enough taps into classic '99 sounds and soars into the stratosphere. Welcome to Big Cypress.
1999-12-30 LxL Big Cypress, FL 11:15 The wild Big Cypress version showcases some cool staccato playing (see also "Plinko") in the middle and an unusual jamming style, while still staying pretty close to the normal theme.
1999-12-30 Wilson Big Cypress, FL 6:44 Though the band starts in a metal chug similar to other versions in the era, Mike is in a much more exploratory mood than normal, bringing the band briefly into a major key, and later initiating several interesting rhythmic exchanges.
1999-12-30 Tweezer Big Cypress, FL 16:50 A stunning, gorgeous jam.
1999-12-30 Mike's Big Cypress, FL 15:27 "Immigrant Song" teasing early on sets the tone for this dark, angry wall of sound. A single jam segment, but it's heavy duty stuff, filled with spacey effects and a driving, seemingly accelerating Mike and Fish-led groove.
1999-12-31 Tube Big Cypress, FL 9:23 Great lead work from Trey and some nice fills from Fishman in this one from Big Cypress.
1999-12-31 SOAMelt Big Cypress, FL 20:01 Multi-section, improvisational groove-based jam, including typically dark "SOAM" grooving, funky upbeat major mode jamming, and a -> to "Catapult." Vastly different from 7/15/99.
1999-12-31 Catapult Big Cypress, FL 1:17 -> in from an excellent "SOAM."
1999-12-31 DwD Big Cypress, FL 23:41 Laid back but joyful millennial celebratory groove. This is feel good music. Unfinished with -> to "Llama."
1999-12-31 Gin Big Cypress, FL 15:47 A very different "Gin" begins with extended vocal jamming through 9:25, then shifts to an enchanting groove.
1999-12-31 Twist Big Cypress, FL 13:15 A tranquil ambient groove emerges with delay loops and an eerie Page solo on the Fender-Rhodes. -> to "Prince Caspian."
1999-12-31 R&R Big Cypress, FL 30:23 This wide-ranging, 30-minute monster from Cypress starts off in an excellent bluesy groove, before quieting down to a percussive, groovy, organ-led cowbell movement with anthemic riffing from Trey. The jam then coasts along at a low simmer, with very quiet, introspective playing and massive bass bombs, before exploding into an epic, earth-shattering firestorm of a conclusion at 26:00.
1999-12-31 YEM Big Cypress, FL 22:22 Crowd-assisted CHEESECAKE VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-12-31 C&P Big Cypress, FL 20:14 This is one of the center-piece jams of one of Phish's most storied and highly-lauded sets. This one quickly hits a slow groovier jam. With a good foundation set by Gordon and Fishman, Trey and Page have ample room to explore several gorgeous and melodic passages.
1999-12-31 Sand Big Cypress, FL 26:16 The masterpiece of the '99-'00 style "Sands" from the early morning at Big Cypress. A dark groove develops with all sorts of eerie effects added to the mix. Trey's lead work is scintillating and gives the jam an ominous feel as it builds to a devilish peak and then transitions to the hypnotic second movement replete with looped minimalist elements which continue into -> "Quadrophonic Toppling". A must-hear jam from the band's ambient era.
1999-12-31 Quadrophonic Toppling Big Cypress, FL 10:11 Debut begins with the deployment of Mike's Siket Disc vocal sample in the midst of the meditative, ambient jam which emerged from "Sand". Guitar and keyboard delay loops are eventually joined by a fuller arrangement but the volume never rises above a reverent hush.
1999-12-31 Slave Big Cypress, FL 15:11 The longest "Type I" version. If you like a slow, really stretched out "Slave," this one is for you. But the peak is nothing remarkable, in fact it sort of collapses under its own weight.
1999-12-31 After Midnight Big Cypress, FL 20:01 -> in from "Drowned." A patient, sparse, and well-textured groove-based jam.
1999-12-31 Piper Big Cypress, FL 19:03 New millennium Swamp Worm (it was played about 4:00 AM on 1/1/00) opens with all guns blazing before settling down with a Mike and Page led groove including "Bug" teases from Page.
1999-12-31 Roses Big Cypress, FL 35:03 Launches into phenomenally intense improv almost from the start as it embarks on an at-times-breathtaking journey. Eventually grows dissonant before briefly regaining its feel-good vibe.
1999-12-31 2001 Big Cypress, FL 13:40 35th song in the second set is the infamous "Hood" fake out. Breakdown at 5:40 is sicknasty and Trey sounds as fresh as he did in 1983. Second jam features a reggae filth groove.
1999-12-31 Meatstick Big Cypress, FL 8:44 Closes out the Big Cypress festival with a short ambient outro.
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