Jam Chart for the state of FL (131 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-02-22 Bowie Tallahassee, FL 12:13 Yet another rock solid "Bowie" from February 1993. Great melodic variation by Trey.
1993-02-23 Stash Orlando, FL 9:47 Unusual, exploratory ending section (beginning at 8:00) with rhythmic variation and a different vibe. -> to "Lizards."
1993-02-23 Weekapaug Orlando, FL 2:01 Another strong Spring '93 version that bookends the debut of "Nellie Kane" -- the second half is particularly hot, and -> "HYHU."
1993-02-23 Nellie Kane Orlando, FL 2:40 -> in from "Weekapaug." The debut of this Hot Rize bluegrass classic is sandwiched in a typically strong '93 "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-02-23 Weekapaug Orlando, FL 2:10 -> in from the debut of "Nellie Kane" to conclude a strong '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-02-26 SOAMelt Tampa, FL 9:01 Machine Gun Trey takes out the audience in this largely straightforward, but blistering hot version. Fish rocks too.
1993-02-27 Antelope Gainesville, FL 10:55 Insane intensity and tension. This one is smoking hot and Fish goes ballistic.
1993-02-27 Stash Gainesville, FL 11:31 Breaks away from the standard jam at 8:20 into a quiet but tension filled section. Returns home to wrap up.
1993-02-27 Weekapaug Gainesville, FL 7:34 After four minutes of standard but white hot "Weekapaug" jamming, Page and Trey drop into a sparser section with "Alumni Blues"-like riffing, before bringing back the main "Groove" and finishing on a high note.
1993-08-02 Gin Tampa, FL 11:02 After very few performances from Summer '92 - July '93, this "Gin" blows open the doors to serious improvisation, including tempo shifts, a "Sleeping Monkey"-like jam, then some great free-form jamming. -> to "Makisupa."
1993-08-02 Mike's Tampa, FL 8:34 Straightforward version until just before the customary closing chords would end the song and "Hydrogen" might begin, in that where "Simple" eventually would start-up, the band launches into what old tapes called a "Heavy Metal Jam," which features Joe Rooney screaming on vocals (and then that jam segues into "Sparks").
1993-08-02 Antelope Tampa, FL 10:59 Sick jam with dissonance, rhythmic gyrations and soaring tension, plus a "Makisupa Reprise" jam in the "Rocco" section.
1993-08-03 Stash Miami, FL 10:37 Being that it's August '93, you can expect some quality improvisation. This one has some twisted meanderings and a deranged little section near the end.
1993-08-03 YEM Miami, FL 20:49 Awesome B&D!
1994-04-29 YEM Clearwater, FL 18:12 Crazy, very strange version. (No B&D or VJ.) Nice segue into "FEFY."
1994-04-29 FEFY Clearwater, FL 6:30 Though not perfect, Trey gets paid by the note in this one, including during its mighty peak and conclusion.
1994-04-29 SOAMelt Clearwater, FL 10:24 Excellent variation in the playing, including a nice quiet section, dissonance, pounding, and an amusing section with the band members all yelling "Yee Haw!!" No real ending but instead a > to "Sanity."
1994-04-29 Fee Clearwater, FL 5:45 All band members play a flurry of notes several times before the > to "Uncle Pen."
1994-04-29 Mike's Clearwater, FL 10:20 A typically fiery, intense '94 1st jam breaks into great rhythmic, medium intensity playing, which mellows into some super melodic Trey-led jamming with hints of "MLB." Collapsing to drums, the jamming returns to "Mike's" proper to conclude.
1994-04-30 Stash Orlando, FL 11:00 Every version of "Stash" from April '94 is on this chart and with good reason. This one mutates and thrashes nicely.
1994-04-30 Bowie Orlando, FL 18:35 > in from "Wilson." Cool little jam on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in intro. Some "DDJ"-like musing, an unusually quiet but probing early section, and then a gnarly, dissonant build, all making this final April '94 performance another strong one.
1994-04-30 Hood Orlando, FL 12:00 Jam opens with a great "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" tease followed by light, fluttery playing before a knockout punch ending.
1994-04-30 McGrupp Orlando, FL 9:05 A lilting, musical intro features melodic Trey and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" teasing, a fun theme throughout this show. A loose, easy vibe dominates the composed section. Page's fast clip solo, which sparkles, is anchored by great Mike and colored by thoughtful and deliberate work from Trey. A fiery conclusion > to an excellent "Possum."
1994-04-30 Possum Orlando, FL 11:21 Several teases in the jam (see Setlist), but they fit in really well, as if part of the jam, not funny little add ons. Then the jam takes off in typically blistering '94 style. Fish rocks this one hard, and the others are no slouches either.
1994-10-20 SOAMelt St. Petersburg, FL 8:00 "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "SOAM." The jam itself is decent, dissonant, and moderately exploratory.
1994-10-20 Kung St. Petersburg, FL 2:00 -> in from "SOAM," -> back to "SOAM."
1994-10-20 SOAMelt St. Petersburg, FL 2:33 -> in from "Kung" to complete this "SOAM" sandwich.
1994-10-20 Maze St. Petersburg, FL 12:27 -> in from "Lengthwise." Page shines for an extended section starting at 3:15 through 5:00, where the jam goes from near silence to a more predictable jam. Fish's driving play keeps things at a breakneck speed. The jam ends with soaring licks from Trey.
1994-10-20 Hood St. Petersburg, FL 19:48 The first seriously "Type II" "Hood" includes some very experimental jamming. Parts of this exploration are mildly dissonant and very un-"Hood"-like, while other sections are quite spectacular. The "Type I" ending is first rate.
1994-10-21 Antelope Sunrise, FL 13:04 Chaotic and crazed version with a number of short but discrete exploratory departures.
1994-10-21 Weekapaug Sunrise, FL 7:16 High-quality "Type I" action followed by a "CYHMK" jam to close.
1994-10-22 SOAMelt Orlando, FL 11:24 Very good, multi-section jam, including some percussive rocking, un-"SOAM"-like jamming, and great Page.
1994-10-22 Bowie Orlando, FL 13:21 Another strong fall '94 version, arguably the peak period in "Bowie's" storied performance history.
1994-10-22 Tweezer Orlando, FL 11:03 Though short, this is an excellent, powerful version that ends in an unusually fierce way.
1994-10-23 Maze Gainesville, FL 11:20 Standard (strong) Page. But the tension and dissonance elevate through the ceiling during Trey's section. Sick Fish.
1994-10-23 YEM Gainesville, FL 2:11 "YEM" -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening, then -> back to "YEM." "Another One Bites The Dust" jam; "Mission: Impossible" tease from Trey.
1994-10-23 Vibration of Life Gainesville, FL 1:20 -> in from the opening segment of "YEM." "VOL" performed in the quiet portion of the "YEM" opening. -> back to "YEM."
1994-10-23 YEM Gainesville, FL 19:20 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to continue the "YEM" opening segment.
1994-10-23 Hood Gainesville, FL 14:48 This "Hood" from A Live One seems to peak, then breaks at 11:25 into a section combining '94 space, moderate dissonance, and loads of tension. When this oblique resolves back to normal "Hood" at 13:30, it's pure '94 bliss.
1995-11-12 Reba Gainesville, FL 14:32 An interesting and somewhat atypical 1995 "Reba." Really terrific playing from Mike and Fish informs a jam that, while not quite ambient, seems more aimless than recent versions. This, however, functions to make the conclusion that much more powerful, as the band, pushed by Trey, coalesces to play with great power before arriving at the "note."
1995-11-12 Tweezer Gainesville, FL 18:41 Very curious, "Free"-like jam. Trey finds a very cool theme to repeat for a minute or two as well.
1995-11-12 Slave Gainesville, FL 11:28 Just solid all around. Trey leads brilliantly, Page jumps to the 88s earlier than usual, and the rhythm guys punctuate the dynamic with an exclamation point. Great sounding Aud, or Aud/SBD matrix on the spreadsheet.
1995-11-12 Possum Gainesville, FL 12:28 Fantastic version and one of the most improvisational ever. Includes a Simpson's signal, a "Dixie" tease, Trey scatting, a "Woody The Woodpecker Theme" tease, a "Johnny B. Goode" tease, AND a wild and exploratory jam.
1995-11-14 Maze Orlando, FL 12:40 Insanely intense Trey section with a strong psychedelic edginess to it.
1995-11-14 Stash Orlando, FL 15:32 "Stash" -> "Manteca" -> "Stash" -> "Dog Faced Boy" -> "Stash". Many would rank this combination among the Top 10 Phish jams ever, and with good reason. This magnum opus is a stunning, thrilling masterpiece.
1995-11-14 Manteca Orlando, FL 1:46 -> in from "Stash." Nice little side trip to "Manteca" in the midst of this phenomenal "Stash." -> back to "Stash."
1995-11-14 Stash Orlando, FL 12:27 -> in from "Manteca." This epic "Stash" continues. This section includes some cool grooving on "Esther" before growing intense and incendiary, and then settling down and -> to "Dog Faced Boy."
1995-11-14 Dog Faced Boy Orlando, FL 2:52 -> in from "Stash." A haunting version of "DFB" adds a psychological twist as this epic "Stash" begins to head home. -> back to "Stash."
1995-11-14 Stash Orlando, FL 6:05 -> in from "Dog Faced Boy." A blistering cacophony follows "DFB," before this monumental "Stash" arrives home on familiar, but unsettling ground. This entire "Stash" sequence is absolutely MUST-HEAR for any serious fan.
1995-11-14 YEM Orlando, FL 11:01 "Low Rider" teases, -> to "Immigrant Song" jam!!
1995-11-14 Immigrant Song Orlando, FL 0:46 -> in from "YEM." Brief jamming to the Led Zeppelin classic before -> back to the "YEM" jam.
1995-11-14 YEM Orlando, FL 8:12 -> in from "Immigrant Song" to return to this solid "YEM" jam.
1995-11-15 SOAMule Tampa, FL 12:12 Page solo > Trey singing scat and playing guitar with great audience reaction > Page solo > klezmer > prayer-like chanting from Mike > ending.
1995-11-15 Mike's Tampa, FL 18:38 A multi-section "Mike's" begins with a rocking, somewhat dissonant opening section. In the 2nd part, Trey nicely decides to stay on guitar, and the jamming here is both intense and rocking, but also melodic. Finally around 14:00, the jam settles into a quieter, spacey section, but as Trey adds Leslie-infused touches, things end on a hopeful and upbeat vibe.
1995-11-15 Weekapaug Tampa, FL 11:31 The jam includes an engaging, funky percussive section and an extended, intense buildup to the peak.
1995-11-16 Jam West Palm Beach, FL 3:02 A short background jam with Trey on percussion while he discusses the debut of the band/audience chess match.
1996-10-29 Mike's Tallahassee, FL 18:39 With Karl Perazzo on percussion. The 2nd jam lives up to its accolades, but honestly, the 1st jam, even with Perazzo's strong presence is a bit plodding. But that 2nd jam, wow! It's literally a synthesis of Phish styles past, present and future. Combining '95-style arena rock with '96 percussion/keyboards and '97 funk, the building hose-filled jam including "MLB"-like moments is 100% Grade A Phish.
1996-10-29 Wedge Tallahassee, FL 4:59 Guest percussionist Karl Perazzo lends added pop to this powerful pre-"Remain in Light" version.
1996-11-02 Ya Mar West Palm Beach, FL 9:33 Karl Perazzo on percussion. Great version with a "tropical" feel.
1996-11-02 Fee West Palm Beach, FL 5:35 Karl Perazzo on percussion. -> to "Taste."
1996-11-02 C&P West Palm Beach, FL 23:53 With Karl Perazzo on percussion. One of the most energetic and exciting jams in Phish's career.
1996-11-02 Antelope West Palm Beach, FL 13:40 Karl Perazzo on percussion. -> in from a 20+ minute "C&P." Straightforward but an intense and spirited version.
1996-11-02 Hood West Palm Beach, FL 14:20 Karl Perazzo on percussion. Wonderfully celebratory "Hood" in which Trey hits on a cool riff at 9:45 and Page is rock solid.
1996-11-02 Funky Bitch West Palm Beach, FL 8:18 Extended improvisational version with Karl Perazzo.
1996-11-03 Tweezer Gainesville, FL 16:49 Karl f'ing Perazzo! Page is really awesome in this version, too.
1999-12-30 Light Up Big Cypress, FL 10:07 A wonderful compact jam that starts with some dark energy but soon enough taps into classic '99 sounds and soars into the stratosphere. Welcome to Big Cypress.
1999-12-30 LxL Big Cypress, FL 11:15 The wild Big Cypress version showcases some cool staccato playing (see also "Plinko") in the middle and an unusual jamming style, while still staying pretty close to the normal theme.
1999-12-30 Wilson Big Cypress, FL 6:44 Though the band starts in a metal chug similar to other versions in the era, Mike is in a much more exploratory mood than normal, bringing the band briefly into a major key, and later initiating several interesting rhythmic exchanges.
1999-12-30 Tweezer Big Cypress, FL 16:50 A stunning, gorgeous jam.
1999-12-30 Mike's Big Cypress, FL 15:27 "Immigrant Song" teasing early on sets the tone for this dark, angry wall of sound. A single jam segment, but it's heavy duty stuff, filled with spacey effects and a driving, seemingly accelerating Mike and Fish-led groove.
1999-12-31 Tube Big Cypress, FL 9:23 Great lead work from Trey and some nice fills from Fishman in this one from Big Cypress.
1999-12-31 SOAMelt Big Cypress, FL 20:01 Multi-section, improvisational groove-based jam, including typically dark "SOAM" grooving, funky upbeat major mode jamming, and a -> to "Catapult." Vastly different from 7/15/99.
1999-12-31 Catapult Big Cypress, FL 1:17 -> in from an excellent "SOAM."
1999-12-31 DwD Big Cypress, FL 23:41 Laid back but joyful millennial celebratory groove. This is feel good music. Unfinished with -> to "Llama."
1999-12-31 Gin Big Cypress, FL 15:47 A very different "Gin" begins with extended vocal jamming through 9:25, then shifts to an enchanting groove.
1999-12-31 Twist Big Cypress, FL 13:15 A tranquil ambient groove emerges with delay loops and an eerie Page solo on the Fender-Rhodes. -> to "Prince Caspian."
1999-12-31 R&R Big Cypress, FL 30:23 This wide-ranging, 30-minute monster from Cypress starts off in an excellent bluesy groove, before quieting down to a percussive, groovy, organ-led cowbell movement with anthemic riffing from Trey. The jam then coasts along at a low simmer, with very quiet, introspective playing and massive bass bombs, before exploding into an epic, earth-shattering firestorm of a conclusion at 26:00.
1999-12-31 YEM Big Cypress, FL 22:22 Crowd-assisted CHEESECAKE VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-12-31 C&P Big Cypress, FL 20:14 This is one of the center-piece jams of one of Phish's most storied and highly-lauded sets. This one quickly hits a slow groovier jam. With a good foundation set by Gordon and Fishman, Trey and Page have ample room to explore several gorgeous and melodic passages.
1999-12-31 Sand Big Cypress, FL 26:16 The masterpiece of the '99-'00 style "Sands" from the early morning at Big Cypress. A dark groove develops with all sorts of eerie effects added to the mix. Trey's lead work is scintillating and gives the jam an ominous feel as it builds to a devilish peak and then transitions to the hypnotic second movement replete with looped minimalist elements which continue into -> "Quadrophonic Toppling". A must-hear jam from the band's ambient era.
1999-12-31 Quadrophonic Toppling Big Cypress, FL 10:11 Debut begins with the deployment of Mike's Siket Disc vocal sample in the midst of the meditative, ambient jam which emerged from "Sand". Guitar and keyboard delay loops are eventually joined by a fuller arrangement but the volume never rises above a reverent hush.
1999-12-31 Slave Big Cypress, FL 15:11 The longest "Type I" version. If you like a slow, really stretched out "Slave," this one is for you. But the peak is nothing remarkable, in fact it sort of collapses under its own weight.
1999-12-31 After Midnight Big Cypress, FL 20:01 -> in from "Drowned." A patient, sparse, and well-textured groove-based jam.
1999-12-31 Piper Big Cypress, FL 19:03 New millennium Swamp Worm (it was played about 4:00 AM on 1/1/00) opens with all guns blazing before settling down with a Mike and Page led groove including "Bug" teases from Page.
1999-12-31 Roses Big Cypress, FL 35:03 Launches into phenomenally intense improv almost from the start as it embarks on an at-times-breathtaking journey. Eventually grows dissonant before briefly regaining its feel-good vibe.
1999-12-31 2001 Big Cypress, FL 13:40 35th song in the second set is the infamous "Hood" fake out. Breakdown at 5:40 is sicknasty and Trey sounds as fresh as he did in 1983. Second jam features a reggae filth groove.
1999-12-31 Meatstick Big Cypress, FL 8:44 Closes out the Big Cypress festival with a short ambient outro.
2003-12-28 Tweezer Miami, FL 13:33 Very soulful, steady, patient, David Gilmour-esque solo from Trey. Jam peaks a bit before slowly cooling off.
2003-12-28 Frankie Says Miami, FL 11:39 A beautiful but darkish jam develops on the back end of "Frankie Says" proper. The energy builds nicely, then recedes back to quiet space before > to a solid "Llama."
2003-12-28 Llama Miami, FL 6:03 > in from an extended "Frankie Says." Some awesome Page here and a cool and different Trey section.
2003-12-28 Jibboo Miami, FL 13:04 This one has everything to love about a good "Gotta Jibboo" jam - gorgeous Page/Trey interplay, a nice steady climb to the heavens, a massive peak that just plateaus and stays at the happy place, and whale call Trey delivers the icing on the cake. Sizable celebratory hose peaking towards the back half of the jam.
2003-12-28 Suzy Miami, FL 5:36 Jarring, near heavy metal-like "Jam" breaks out after the second verse of "Suzy." Gnarly and raw, it eventually mellows into space before transitioning to "Theme From The Bottom."
2003-12-28 Jam Miami, FL 13:38 -> in from Suzy Greenberg. A jarring, near heavy metal-like "Jam" breaks out after the second verse of "Suzy." Gnarly and raw, it eventually mellows into space before transitioning to "Theme From The Bottom."
2003-12-28 Theme Miami, FL 9:49 > in from a jammed out "Suzy G." The boys rock this one pretty hard, but it's different, well played, and interesting.
2003-12-28 Hood Miami, FL 13:36 Jam has a nice rocking section beginning about 7:50, returns to "Hood" and peaks with great struming by Trey.
2003-12-29 Piper Miami, FL 15:08 A quality jam develops, then the band returns to the refrain to close, adding on an "old" coda of sorts.
2003-12-29 LxL Miami, FL 9:40 Multiple peaks and a high powered crescendo ending to this sold version.
2003-12-29 Boogie On Miami, FL 7:04 -> in from "Twist." Short, but definitely gets beyond "Boogie On" into a nice groove before -> to "Ghost."
2003-12-29 Free Miami, FL 11:36 -> in from "Ghost." Jam starts in customary manner, but then features an excellent bass and guitar duet/jam.
2003-12-29 Divided Miami, FL 17:43 A moving version with some great, quieter moments before cycling up for a big conclusion.
2003-12-30 2001 Miami, FL 8:34 Lots of teases and some serious funk goodness. Oh and a full "P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)" breakdown jam that absolutely rules.
2003-12-30 Tube Miami, FL 12:48 Start-stop jamming before Trey takes the lead in a rocking jam. Eventually veers into an eerie "type 2" jam and segues into "L.A. Woman." This version is unfinished and was completed at the following show.
2003-12-30 L.A. Woman Miami, FL 4:04 -> in from "Tube." Debut of this Doors' classic and part of a thematic sequence. > to "BOAF."
2003-12-30 BOAF Miami, FL 10:17 Unusual and very good version that is bookended "L.A. Woman." "Birds" itself has a lengthy "L.A. Woman" tease, a crescendo semi-finish, and then segues back to "L.A. Woman."
2003-12-30 L.A. Woman Miami, FL 2:56 > in from "BOAF." Continues the "L.A. Woman"-type jamming. -> to "Makisupa."
2003-12-30 Makisupa Miami, FL 2:10 A short version that precedes the "P-Funk Medley." It comes to a full stop, as Trey banters about Fish singing "Touch Me" and then invites P-Funk on stage.
2003-12-30 Makisupa Miami, FL 1:23 "Makisupa" is reprised after P-Funk leaves the stage. Fish sings a line from "Touch Me."
2003-12-30 DwD Miami, FL 16:16 A nice and very different low intensity, melodic Trey-led jam emerges that is almost delicate before rebuilding to conclude.
2003-12-31 Weekapaug Miami, FL 11:50 Following an "Auld Lang Syne" tease, the breakdown section begins at about 4:00 and is percussive and rocking, with "Jungle Boogie" vocal quotes from Trey as well as teases. The return to "Weekapaug" is intense, mildly dissonant, and includes a "Divided Sky" tease.
2003-12-31 Stash Miami, FL 22:20 Excellent and very improvisational version that gets far, far removed from "Stash" before finally coming home. Multiple sections, including quiet rhythmic stuff, effects-laden space, and some great upbeat jamming.
2003-12-31 Runaway Jim Miami, FL 22:14 Serious improvisation here with multiple sections, most fairly intense, but also including some quieter ones.
2009-12-28 Makisupa Miami, FL 8:49 Fun version. Alt-lyrics abound (relatively speaking), and Mike responds in kind, his standout play driving sparse, interesting improv, featuring mini-solos from Trey, then Page, with Fish terrifically on- and then offbeat. Notable for its highly musical low-end, a tripped-out > breaks for "Harry Hood," which, for several measures, maintains "Makisupa's" thumping structure.
2009-12-29 Tweezer Miami, FL 16:35 "Manteca"-like jam into space.
2009-12-29 Heavy Things Miami, FL 9:11 Featuring far more by way of "fingers" than feet, Trey's nimble, direct attack drives this surprising, late-set jam, notable for its happy, carefree, vibe, welcome concentration of extra notes, and a few shreddy "peaks plus an ambient outro > "2001".
2009-12-30 BOTT Miami, FL 17:05 The surprise "Type II" jamming vehicle from a stellar second set of the '09 NYE run. This train leaves the station at about 6:15 for 11 minutes of quality, wide-ranging exploration. > to "Velvet Sea."
2009-12-30 Antelope Miami, FL 9:36 Short but sweet 3.0 version with multiple "Boogie On Reggae Woman" teases and riffs throughout.
2009-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 14:15 Subsonic (wow Gordo!) quantum-tunneling rock drill with an "Auld Lang Syne" jam that finds its way to the dentists office. [Great Mike early-on gradually builds to a nice peak. Then the jam shifts to a solid, snappy section replete with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and more, and -> to "NO2."]
2014-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 16:35 A tall and tasty tropical sun splashed sugar rimmed whipped cream topped boat drink shared with old familiar friends provides the expected results. ["Ghost" jamming turns blissful, settles into serene, quieter musing, energizes and returns to "Ghost" before finally turning funky and spacey and > to a strong "Theme."]
2014-12-31 Theme Miami, FL 12:49 A fresh and varied take on the typical "Theme" jam leads into a stop-start section that turns percussive before "The Birds" stylings lead the attack with a smooth -> Cities.
2014-12-31 Cities Miami, FL 10:35 -> from "Theme", this "Cities" jam starts with some nice staccato work from Trey, passes through a Manteca-like section, and settles into the 3.0 Type II bliss zone.
2014-12-31 Martian Monster Miami, FL 8:11 This excellent version focuses less on samples and vocal manipulation, while integrating a more nuanced sense of dynamics. At around 6:00, the band creates a brooding psychedelic mood, which culminates with guitar loops sounding triumphantly over the bass bomb-enriched, final chord repetition. Once again, "Martian Monster" closes out a highly regarded, hose-heavy set.
2014-12-31 Tweezer Miami, FL 17:08 Beautifully-interactive melodic jam that soars for quite awhile!
2015-01-01 Twenty Years Later Miami, FL 9:56 A plus outro with more varied guitar and organ riffing from Trey and Page that pulses into > "Winterqueen".
2015-01-01 Winterqueen Miami, FL 7:47 Nice chord strumming and other melodic variation by Trey in a fiery and crescendo-oriented jam.
2015-01-02 Mike's Miami, FL 10:06 Similar to 8/6/10 and many of the '00 versions, in which the jam is really more about a groove than it is Trey rehashing the basic "Mike's" jam melody for the 400 and umpteenth time. Both Mike and Fish play with ferocious intensity in this solid version.
2015-01-02 46 Days Miami, FL 9:50 At 5:40, the jam breaks into dark, funky groove with Page working the B-3. Great teaming by all four as each adds color to a solid version.
2015-01-02 Weekapaug Miami, FL 16:31 Very atypical jam section with Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on guitar, and fierce work from Page and Fish.
2015-01-03 Divided Miami, FL 15:29 An inspired jam which features strong soloing by Trey, great teaming with Page, and very solid Fish, whose fills and creative accents gradually power up as the jam intensity rises.
2015-01-03 DwD Miami, FL 25:46 The band makes a breathtaking, powerful statement with this improvisational and multi-section juggernaut. The now common 3.0 "Hose" style is enhanced by a swinging vibe and serious power rocking, bookended by great percussive funk.
2015-01-03 Sneakin' Sally Miami, FL 9:51 -> in from "Light". A minute-long vocal jam pushes into a more upbeat, rocking section led by Trey and Fish, before settling in murkier waters that lead to > Sand.
2016-10-16 Piper Jacksonville, FL 18:17 After rolling through solid in-bounds territory, the jam fractures into several sections, including "Woo"-like stop/start play, some nice upbeat playing with a swinging vibe, and a return to more rocking action with "C&P" vocal quotes, before settling to percussive transition space.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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