Jam Chart for Crosseyed and Painless (30 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1996-10-31 Atlanta, GA 10:00 First version, with horns, and Karl Perazzo on percussion. Tight, fierce, and ends with a percussion solo.
1996-11-02 West Palm Beach, FL 23:53 With Karl Perazzo on percussion. One of the most energetic and exciting jams in Phish's career.
1997-08-13 Burgettstown, PA 14:59 The song portion is played slower than normal. The beginning of the jam is vintage '97 funk, goes into some classic "crosseyed-esque jamming" before drifting into some spacier realms.
1999-12-31 Big Cypress, FL 20:14 This is one of the center-piece jams of one of Phish's most storied and highly-lauded sets. This one quickly hits a slow groovier jam. With a good foundation set by Gordon and Fishman, Trey and Page have ample room to explore several gorgeous and melodic passages.
2000-07-12 Noblesville, IN 14:05 Fishman kicks off the jamming courtesy of wood block hits, and a tight groove yields way to upbeat Clavinet work from Page. Around 7:00 the groove becomes sparser and begins to evolve, culminating at 9:15 where the jam gives way to a gentle ambient bed. As noted by @suprstevie, the conclusion is excellent. Fish backs out, leaving Mike, Trey, and Page to take turns adding dense creamy layers of heaven to the bliss cake. Feedback-drenched sustain tones build a patient and quiet full band effort to place a final statement on the jam. > "Caspian"
2000-09-14 Darien Center, NY 11:54 Quite the treat considering it is smoothly segued into out of a 30 minute "Drowned!" This is a nice spacier exploration of "Crosseyed." Nice interplay from all band members.
2003-07-29 Burgettstown, PA 25:50 This version is long and explorative, but it keeps rocking all the way to the 20 minute mark, after which it gets spacey. It's a very percussive jam. Even when it hits a spacier segment, the jam still moves with focus and direction. GREAT VERSION!
2009-06-21 East Troy, WI 15:04 Very nice second set opener. This one rips from start to finish. Around the 9:30 min mark, Trey and Page really catch a hold of something and blaze through the back of the jam. At 12:30, it starts to explore spacier realms that eventually lead into "Down with Disease."
2009-07-31 Morrison, CO 13:18 This one is more laid back than the one played at Alpine almost a month before. They hit a nice little '09 funk jam. Around the 10:30 minute mark they turn the corner and build to a nice climax. Also, this was the first time the "Drowned -> Crosseyed" combo was performed since 9/14/2000.
2010-10-16 North Charleston, SC 15:01 Opening a killer 2nd set in Charleston, this one is a straight-up rocker! After a blazing jam, they hit another vocal refrain before dipping into a spacier jam. Then they build back into another vocal refrain, after which they make a move for a funkier jam before hitting one final spacier passage.
2012-08-19 San Francisco, CA 16:26 After a rousing climax, for the first time in years, they take "Crosseyed" out for a walk, seamlessly downshifting, but still locked in. Trey and Gordon lead the melodic charge, creating gorgeous passages before dwindling down. Fish picks it back up before Trey starts a monster "Light". Mike teases "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons. "Crosseyed" is reprised after the great "Light" -> "Sally".
2012-08-19 San Francisco, CA 2:44 A short reprise of "Crosseyed" segues out of a hot "Sally" jam and dissolves into "Theme".
2013-07-10 Holmdel, NJ 16:06 Trey seems less interested in the typical type-I shred fest and more interested in a nice space funk jaunt. He sits back on rhythm, but his lack of presence in the lead position does not cause this jam to suffer. Gordon and Page bring a lot fresh ideas and deliver a jam that never lacks direction or focus.
2013-07-26 George, WA 17:30 The nearly 9 minutes of Type II work in this version changes directions frequently and covers a multitude of styles despite not flowing well at all times. It also hints at a -> to "Roggae" towards the end but ultimately > to "Twist" instead.
2014-10-17 Eugene, OR 16:29 Page takes the charge right out of the gate with some heavy clav work before dipping into a spacier jam. They build up into an eerie but up-tempo soundscape. Without reentering "Crosseyed" musically, Trey leads everyone back into a final vocal refrain while playing some absolutely crazy music underneath.
2014-11-01 Las Vegas, NV 11:04 This version serves as the launching pad for one of the better sequences of songs from Fall 2014. It never turns into the full on shred fest that most expect out of this song. It sits on a loose funky groove based jam with some good synth work from Page. About 2/3's of the way through, Fishman escalates the tempo before they bring things back down and actually execute a smooth transition into Light.
2016-01-17 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 15:05 The initial jamming is less rocking than most, but what it lacks in intensity, it makes up for with more melodic variation and synced-up playing. The latter part of the jam takes on a genuinely chilling tone with "Shipwreck" quotes, eerie effects, and power drill all thrown into the mix, as if to accompany the arrival of a ghostly ship on the horizon. > to "Farmhouse".
2016-06-29 Philadelphia, PA 15:31 After departing the typical jam style, this version drops briefly into some murky waters but finds its footing as Fish propels things forward, eventually leading to a feel-good conclusion and a -> to the debut of "Friends".
2016-09-04 Commerce City, CO 17:34 A thematic "Type II" gem with remarkable flow, featuring extensive melodic soloing from Trey. Achieves "Hose" status sometime in the 13 minute range and stays there until a > to "Steam".
2017-07-25 New York, NY 33:07 An astounding version which opens up with some exquisite, melodious grooving and surges to a peak that would serve as a worthy finale, but as this took place in the "jam-flavored" show, there's still lots more to come. The second half begins with some quiet, uneasy space, only for another lovely progression to emerge from the void and produce one more exclamation point. A final funky segment leads back into the song's refrain to wrap up a magnificent display of improvisation and the longest "C&P" to date.
2018-07-22 George, WA 17:52 A slower-paced, more textural jam that drops us into the ether and midway through takes on a brighter tone but retains its otherworldly feel.
2019-06-23 Columbia, MD 14:40 Pivots to a light and airy major key jam, upon which Trey steps into the spotlight and delivers some powerful and emotive soloing. Comes to a powerful close and > into an equally good "Everything's Right".
2019-12-07 North Charleston, SC 12:39 Briefly swerves into major-key goodness, then wanders into hazy synth-laden space, before Trey taps into the holiday spirit with a "Little Drummer Boy"-infused jam. The jam takes on a gnarled and heavy-metal feel, then > into "Dirt".
2019-12-07 North Charleston, SC 1:10 > from "SOAM", the band briefly jams before dropping back into "Melt" to stick the landing.
2021-08-07 Noblesville, IN 11:05 Mainly distinguished by Trey fiddling with his effects before Mike moves things into the blissful upbeat hose zone, but once they get there the band really guns the engines and builds up the jam quite nicely. Trey hits on a cool repeating note pattern, and the jam peaks well, before returning to "Crosseyed" proper, with Fish throwing in some of his own effects for fun. Dies away, then > into a nifty reprise of "What's The Use?", played the song before.
2022-02-26 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 14:31 > from "SaSS." Swinging jam with Fish keeping the tempo up throughout. Setting must be accounted for as this seems like the perfect jam for an evening on the beach. It eventually segues quite nicely -> "Waste."
2022-07-23 Bethel, NY 16:45 Leaving "Crosseyed" behind after 6:00, this version gallops into a beautifully layered jam on the back of some great work from Fish which runs through 14:00 when it tilts back towards home with sludgy electro effects until > "Miss You".
2022-09-04 Commerce City, CO 13:58 Jam breaks out of standard "Crosseyed" fare around 6:00, entering a brief passage of densely-layered synth funk counterpoint between Trey and Mike. The music ramps up into a more energetic rocking jam, buoyed by Fishman's forceful momentum. A shift to major key occurs, and the music develops into a pleasant, if somewhat restrained coda that -> "David Bowie."
2023-08-04 New York, NY 12:55 One of the fastest paced versions to date explodes -> out of "Sand" and launches a thrilling straightforward jam before taking its foot off the gas around 7:30 and downshifting into a more contemplative space.
2023-10-13 Chicago, IL 9:22 No messing around here, as Fish and Trey quickly push this jam into overdrive en route to a mean peak, then -> "Light".
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