Jam Chart for the state of CO (242 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1988-07-30 Timber Ho Telluride, CO 11:19 Band jams out in customary fashion, then breaks into a second, more upbeat jam coming out of the first groove. An excellent recording of this is available from LivePhish on the Colorado '88 release.
1988-07-30 Antelope Telluride, CO 10:47 Sweet Mike in a straightforward jam, then hilarious Trey banter near the conclusion referencing Fish's mysterious and unexpected absence earlier in the show. Excellent quality recording available from Live Phish for $0.99.
1988-08-03 Mike's Telluride, CO 12:17 Another very improvisational early version with jamming that goes all over the place. Perhaps a bit noodly at first, after 6:55 the quality improves markedly. Mike is also notable for excellent play throughout. Recall that this was just 4 guys in an empty bar in Telluride, CO.
1988-08-05 YEM Telluride, CO 17:29 Colorado '88 version. Excellent segue into "Cities."
1988-08-05 Cities Telluride, CO 4:44 "Dave's Energy Guide" ("DEG") is played towards the end of the song before a brief return to "Cities." "DEG" would be played within "Cities" again on 8/22/88, 9/8/88, 9/13/88, and 3/1/89 in a similar manner.
1988-08-05 DEG Telluride, CO 1:25 -> in from "Cities" and -> back to "Cities."
1988-08-05 Cities Telluride, CO 0:37 -> in from "DEG." Returns to "Cities" briefly to conclude.
1990-04-22 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 18:09 "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Gumbo" teases, very good B&D section.
1990-04-22 Esther Colorado Springs, CO 9:06 A fun and playful intro yields to strong and spirited playing. Trey's solo is particularly melodic, and great full-band syncopation (highlighted by some notable percussion) rounds out this excellent version.
1990-10-30 Possum Crested Butte, CO 8:56 A very cool section with Trey and Page in a sort of call and response. Then a blazing hot build up to blow the lid off.
1990-10-30 Llama Crested Butte, CO 4:40 > in from "Reba." First recorded version is played at a slightly slower tempo. Format includes the now customary Page and Trey sections and has additional vocal refrains at the ending.
1990-10-31 Possum Colorado Springs, CO 9:00 Serious kick-ass, blistering and ripping jam. Straightforward, but so what? Archival release from Live Phish.
1990-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 15:52 Mike repeatedly teases "Wilson's" opening notes in the jam. Tease of "Night in Tunisia" in the vocal jam.
1990-10-31 Reba Colorado Springs, CO 10:16 While compact, Trey uncovers an absolutely infectious groove, and, predictably, an incredible jam ensues. Unpredictably, however, the band arrives at the "note" absent Fish's tomming, with the version abruptly soaring into space.
1990-10-31 Runaway Jim Colorado Springs, CO 6:22 > a strong "Jim," this super, early version, showcases the song's potential - not as a jamming heavyweight, but how "Jim" was played for the better part of four years" A versatile, fiery, "turn-it-up" number, which also functions to illustrate the band's considerable, and emerging, full-band musicianship.
1990-10-31 Tweezer Colorado Springs, CO 9:15 Impressive, though short, early version with "Heartbreaker" teases.
1990-11-02 Possum Boulder, CO 0:51 "Possum" -> "Buried Alive" -> "Possum." Great song pairing and an excellent, improvisational, and fiery jam.
1990-11-02 Buried Alive Boulder, CO 1:48 -> in from "Possum." "Buried Alive" is played in the intro. Awesome combination and one of the best "Possums" ever. -> back to "Possum."
1990-11-02 Possum Boulder, CO 9:35 -> in from "Buried Alive," which is played in the intro. The jam in this "Possum" is awesome, and the "Buried Alive" sandwich is just the icing on the cake.
1990-11-02 YEM Boulder, CO 17:30 Very good pre-'91 jam segment.
1990-11-02 Bowie Boulder, CO 15:10 Tease-fest intro (see Setlist). The jam itself is pretty ripping and gets beyond "Bowie" with great tension building, nasty guitar licks from Trey, and teases or little jams on "Rocky Mountain Way," "DEG," "Fluffhead," and "Wipe Out." Released on Live Bait 6.
1990-11-03 Magilla Boulder, CO 5:39 Great, high energy and fun version with strong solos by Trey, Page and Mike.
1990-11-04 Hood Fort Collins, CO 10:27 This is a terrific compact "Hood" with crisp, sharp playing, good interplay, and strong Trey. Great sbd recording too.
1991-03-16 SOAMelt Breckenridge, CO 7:54 Unusual jam in which Trey plays a series of descending melodies, then ascending, descending, etc. Good dissonance too.
1991-03-17 Esther Aspen, CO 9:26 Cool intro. This leads to a really "chilled out" and relaxed vibe, with Trey's solo particularly nuanced, strikingkly hushed, and patient. Near reverent. Super Page and strong percussion lead to a fiery close.
1991-03-22 Antelope Steamboat Springs, CO 9:42 Really good and unsual vocal jam in the intro, followed by a pugnacious jam with sick Mike and Trey.
1991-03-23 Possum Steamboat Springs, CO 8:21 Great jam with some cool, repeated licks that Trey lays out, and with Page on the B-3 for much of the jam.
1991-10-28 Bowie Telluride, CO 12:37 -> in from "Fee." Hits a melodic, major mode groove briefly before descending back into darkness.
1991-10-30 Jam Boulder, CO 4:32 Fish plays or tries to play guitar, and the others join in with Trey presumably on drums in this stand-alone jam which kicks off the encore and > to "HYHU." This ghoulish sounding jam seems appropriate given the impending Halloween holiday.
1991-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 16:27 Siiiiiiick jam segment.
1991-10-31 Bowie Colorado Springs, CO 13:52 A hilarious intro with elements of "Wait." Doesn't take long for Trey to get hooked on a repetitive melodic theme, but once the band tires of it, semi-dissonant "type II" improv ensues, though an "Oom Pah Pah" signal puts a stop to it and they return to a traditional "Bowie" jam.
1992-04-03 Possum Avon, CO 10:39 This is an excellent and far-ranging jam for a "Possum." Not "Type II" or anything, but Trey mixes it up quite a bit.
1992-04-04 Antelope Boulder, CO 13:02 Unusual and improvisational jam works its way back to blistering standard "Antelope" fare.
1992-04-05 Possum Boulder, CO 12:33 Brief full band "Landlady" jam, plus teases and signals (see Setlist), and Mike sings "Crossroads." Awesome jam.
1992-04-06 Mike's Gunnison, CO 7:00 In the first section, Trey opts for a more melodic jam, which become very rocking and driving. Fish and Trey add exclamation to this sentiment in the brief 2nd jam.
1992-04-07 It's Ice Durango, CO 8:45 Page on the B-3 again. Great Mike. > to "Fee."
1992-04-07 SOAMelt Durango, CO 7:42 Great version if you want to hear how Mike plays "SOAM," because the recording boosts his sound (mostly at Page's expense). The jam has some really cool and unusual Trey early on before he lets it rip.
1992-04-07 YEM Durango, CO 17:51 Roger/"My Girl" VJ.
1993-03-09 Tweezer Colorado Springs, CO 13:50 "Julius"-like repeated riff from Trey (no joke) beginning around 6:43 for a minute. Very cool version. "Buried Alive" tease from Trey.
1993-03-09 Reba Colorado Springs, CO 15:27 A bizarre composed section usually bodes of cool things to come, which, in this particular instance, arrives in the form of a series of subtle effects from Trey, who then begins to play atop a very chill yet musical beat driven by Mike and Fish. Again, the band moves as one, and the playing gains a sort of restrained momentum, with the build informed by huge notes and more direct playing from Trey, who works to augment his tone to trill before creating a period of wonderful sustain.
1993-03-09 Weekapaug Colorado Springs, CO 8:39 Typical for Spring '93, the jam includes a breakdown section, and this one features great interplay between all four, a gradual and mildly dissonant return to "Weekapaug," and a trill-filled, predictably strong peak.
1993-03-12 Bowie Vail, CO 12:46 Vicious, mean-spirited, dissonant, ripping guitar work, "outside-the-box" deviations, and teases taboot. All the ingredients are here for a classic '93 "Bowie."
1993-03-13 Wilson Boulder, CO 7:29 Long, musically oriented intro with Trey repeating a melancholic riff and a sweet little jam in the pre "Blat, Boom...!" section with Mike hinting at "Getting In Tune" by the Who.
1993-03-13 Antelope Boulder, CO 11:12 Great rythmic-oriented jamming. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
1993-03-13 Mike's Boulder, CO 7:47 The 1st jam has some good variation away from the standard, while the 2nd jam is typical for 1993, somewhat crazed and chaotic, but also way out there and well removed from boiler plate "Mike's."
1993-03-13 Weekapaug Boulder, CO 10:06 "My Girl" teasing/jamming by Trey leads to an excellent Page piano solo midway through, which rebuilds in great form to a soaring "Weekapaug" finale.
1993-03-14 Stash Gunnison, CO 10:10 Departs "Stash" entirely at 6:55 into an intense, high power jam that eventually (about 9:30) gets back to "Stash."
1993-03-14 Bowie Gunnison, CO 11:12 Another sick one or, a great "Bowie" with incredible tension, varied jamming and an angry disposition. More twisted = More better.
1993-03-14 YEM Gunnison, CO 14:23 Teasefest including a -> to "Spooky."
1993-03-14 Spooky Gunnison, CO 1:09 -> in from "YEM." A "Spooky" jam is sandwiched in this "YEM" along with many other teases. -> back to "YEM."
1993-03-14 YEM Gunnison, CO 8:43 -> in from "Spooky," sandwiched in this "YEM." INSANE VJ! Teases include "Mystery Achievement," "We Will Rock You," Welcome to the Machine."
1993-08-20 It's Ice Morrison, CO 8:13 Nice work by Page on this version (released on Live Bait Vol. 6).
1993-08-20 Wedge Morrison, CO 5:43 Classic version popularized by its official release (Live Bait Vol. 6). Excellent full-band play featuring strong Mike and dynamic modulation. Textbook.
1993-08-20 Antelope Morrison, CO 15:14 Very improvisational version with several good twists and turns including a jam on "CYHMK."
1993-08-20 Slave Morrison, CO 9:33 Almost an eerie quiet early in the jam with mostly Page, Mike and Fish gently musing. Gradually Trey brings in the melody, and there is a near linear sequence of intensity building as the chord progression repeats itself.
1993-08-20 SOAMelt Morrison, CO 11:05 Similar to 8/14/93 in that it's not wildly exploratory for August '93, but it's expertly played with flourishes of improvisation.
1993-08-20 YEM Morrison, CO 21:04 What I'd call an "average-great" version for the mid-'90s.
1994-06-10 Bowie Morrison, CO 11:15 Typically strong '94 "Bowie" that gets mean, nasty and thrashing as it progresses.
1994-06-10 Tweezer Morrison, CO 15 A short, but magnificent version, though controversial, as some remain deaf to its majesty.
1994-06-10 Possum Morrison, CO 10:40 Awesome pump-it-up jam. Excellent musical variation from 3:55 - 4:30, then it's off to the "Possum" party.
1994-06-11 YEM Morrison, CO 20:14 Paradigmatic, normal-lengthed "YEM." Sublimely perfect, melodious, gorgeous jam. Trey is on a mission from the start of the jam segment!
1994-06-11 Stash Morrison, CO 9:35 "As spirited, kinetic, and vigorous as Stash gets. Incendiary peaks by Trey, anchored by booming, seismic Mike/Fish rhythms akin to those in 12.2.95 Tweezer." Thanks @FunkyCFunkyDo!
1994-06-11 Antelope Morrison, CO 10:36 Intense, gripping and high energy version from a show loaded with standout performances ("YEM," "SOAM," "Stash," etc.).
1994-06-11 Fluffhead Morrison, CO 13:34 Phish's primal, animal spirit is very present in this bad-ass version from Red Rocks. Like much of this well-regarded show, the performance is punctual, precise, and crackling with raw energy. Maybe there's a minor issue or two in The Chase, but beyond that, this one is tight. Check out Mike and Trey in Clod. Bundle of Joy is incredibly tense, and Trey and Fish's visceral screaming at the beginning of Arrival knocks this great version out of the park.
1994-06-11 SOAMelt Morrison, CO 8:49 Very intense, hard rocking version with incredible tension. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
1995-06-09 Antelope Morrison, CO 10:32 Unusual jam. Sort of off-key. Sort of evil. Dissonant and anti-melodic. No real peak; it just fades into "Rocco."
1995-06-09 SOAMelt Morrison, CO 13:19 Improvisational playing in several sections tests the rhythmic and melodic standards for "SOAM" in this solid version.
1995-06-10 Mike's Morrison, CO 20:02 The 1st jam segment (to 7:20) is loaded with tension and moderate dissonance. The 2nd jam begins with sounds akin to "Simple," but gradually descends into a murky caldron of eerie and spacey improvisation. At 14:00, the jam begins to emerge from the underworld with low key play, a rhythmic pulse, and growing, dissonant energy, before finally returning to "Mike's" proper to wrap up.
1995-06-10 Weekapaug Morrison, CO 11:33 Some "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to a quieter improvisational section which pushes the bounds of "Weekapaug" proper. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
1996-08-04 SOAMule Morrison, CO 12:21 Page solo, followed by Trey on guitar, then the rest of the band join in leading to the klezmer, chanting and finish.
1996-08-05 DwD Morrison, CO 16:52 Great early funk jam starts at 12:00 with Page on the clavinet and Trey on the mini percussion kit. -> to "It's Ice."
1996-08-05 It's Ice Morrison, CO 8:28 Not too long, but a pretty unusual and cool jam.
1996-08-05 Halley's Morrison, CO 8:13 The band rocks out the typical outro jam a little longer than usual, then Page cranks up the theremin for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."
1996-08-05 Mike's Morrison, CO 13:37 An intense and hard rocking 1st jam with spiraling tension is followed by an equally powerful, but different 2nd jam. No mini kit action here as Trey is clearly out in front guiding this powerhouse jam.
1996-08-06 Tweezer Morrison, CO 16:55 Imperfect "Norwegian Wood" teasing from Trey.
1996-08-07 Stash Morrison, CO 12:42 Jam shifts to major mode at about 8:08, continuing until about 9:30, for some upbeat jamming.
1996-08-07 Ya Mar Morrison, CO 9:30 Lots of Trey banter during the jam, including his warning about the notorious Red Rocks giant iguana.
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 8:21 "Runaway Jim" -> "Gypsy Queen" (Santana) -> "Runaway Jim." The jam also has some good rhythmic exploration beyond the segue to "Gypsy Queen."
1996-08-07 Gypsy Queen Morrison, CO 5:43 -> in from "Runaway Jim." Lots of good Santana-like rocking in this section which -> back to "Runaway Jim" to conclude.
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 1:07 -> in from "Gypsy Queen" to wrap up this solid "Runaway Jim."
1996-08-07 Possum Morrison, CO 12:02 Extended section of dissonant jamming (6:25 - 9:50) eventually returns to more familiar "Possum" habitat.
1997-11-16 Farmhouse Denver, CO 5:26 Debut features Page deploying the now familiar watery keyboard effects he would use for most of the '90s, while Trey briefly shows off his Hendrix-esque skills in a culminating trill.
1997-11-16 Timber Ho Denver, CO 16:17 Long intro to this big Set II opener featuring a jam that begins in typical "Timber" style, then shifts to delicate and serene major mode playing in the final minutes. Unfinished with a -> to "Simple."
1997-11-16 Hood Denver, CO 17:55 A remarkable version in which the band repeatedly tests the "Type I" boundary after 12:30, with Page in particular altering the harmonic underpinning several times. Closes with a truly magnificent peak and > to "Izabella."
1997-11-16 Bowie Denver, CO 17:32 Nice old fashioned "Bowie" that breaks free in a few spots and is flush with tension and dissonance.
1997-11-17 Tweezer Denver, CO 16:00 Very popular version, but check out the highlighted versions in this table if this version does IT for you (especially those in fall 1997).
1997-11-17 Ghost Denver, CO 21:20 Raging space funk. [The expected funk breaks into fantastic and towering blissful play, then shifts to great rocking and funk-driven jamming which gradually mellows. A fan favorite "Ghost."]
1997-11-17 JBG Denver, CO 17:04 After concluding the song proper, the band launches into a high-quality jam which retains Fall 97's tone and timbre but is also a bit of a throwback to an earlier era with its spiraling, "DEG"-laced opening segment. The second half finds a space more emblematic of the tour with Trey's ethereal wah chord washes and eventually calms down, landing delicately -> "JJLC".
1997-11-17 JJLC Denver, CO 14:05 -> in from "Johnny B. Goode." Page rocks the 88s, then Trey leads the band in a blistering, intense blues fest.
1997-11-17 YEM Denver, CO 21:29 A great, unconvential YEM to be sure... but still probably the most overrated YEM in history.
1998-11-04 Ya Mar Denver, CO 9:35 A cool little jam develops with Trey plucking staccato notes, Fish rocking the wood blocks, and Mike playing way up high.
1998-11-04 Frankie Says Denver, CO 10:20 A somewhat dark and low intensity groove with a swirling sense and cool effects from Page develops as the typical "Frankie Says" concludes and -> to "David Bowie."
1998-11-04 Runaway Jim Denver, CO 11:32 Unusual, somewhat ineffable version, which features more by way of wide-open spaces than compact, in-your-face jamming. Trey's 1998 style and tone is clearly on display, and the band does eventually coalesce to enter a bit more by way of a rocking, extended jam (listen for Page's interesting, and varied, contributions) which, in time, > for "Moma Dance".
1998-11-04 Piper Denver, CO 17:40 A nice building intro leads to a hard rocking straightforward "Piper" jam until 13:40, when the jam mellows into a nice low-key and rhythmic groove with delay loops. > to "2001."
2000-09-27 My Friend Englewood, CO 6:55 Nice serene Page-led outro jam.
2000-09-27 Piper Englewood, CO 17:26 Very cool and well-played jam from this relatively unknown show. An excellent space funk groove!
2000-09-27 Gumbo Englewood, CO 14:08 Jam builds around the "Gumbo" riff before settling into a more subtle and subdued groove.
2000-09-27 Mango Englewood, CO 9:25 > in from "Ghost." Similar to 5/22/00 where the band extends the ending by several minutes, but sticks to "The Mango Song" melody.
2000-09-27 Brother Englewood, CO 6:04 Almost exactly 9 years since its debut, this version harkens back to the old style of intense, chaotic, and electrified jamming. A little swirling '00-style sound manages to creep into the mix. Great Mike and a great version!
2003-02-18 Moma Denver, CO 11:34 Average, somewhat slower than usual version gives way to a hazy jam with a very "2.0" feel. There are "DEG" teases just after 9:00, which are the highlight. Unfinished, peters out somewhat blandly and -> "LxL."
2003-02-18 LxL Denver, CO 13:29 After the initial jam, this version gets very serene but is still rhythmic. It then turns a bit dark with a shift to minor key that resolves back to major key and an upbeat sentiment, ultimately building to a great peak.
2003-02-18 YEM Denver, CO 22:45 "YEM" -> to a "Lion Sleeps Tonight" VJ!
2003-02-18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Denver, CO 2:12 -> in from "YEM." A capella version serves as the vocal jam for "YEM."
2009-07-30 Stash Morrison, CO 17:35 Extended major mode groove (9:53 - 14:53) establishes this good Red Rocks version as the first noteworthy 3.0 "Stash."
2009-07-30 Wolfman's Morrison, CO 11:26 > in from "Ghost." Different early part of the jam where Trey and Page hit on a riff that they pursue along with staccato playing. The release section has a "Louis Louis" (the Kingsmen) vibe to it.
2009-07-31 C&P Morrison, CO 13:18 This one is more laid back than the one played at Alpine almost a month before. They hit a nice little '09 funk jam. Around the 10:30 minute mark they turn the corner and build to a nice climax. Also, this was the first time the "Drowned -> Crosseyed" combo was performed since 9/14/2000.
2009-07-31 Tweezer Morrison, CO 12:25 Diverse, tight, melodic jams.
2009-07-31 BDTNL Morrison, CO 7:24 The jam has an interesting section from 4:05 - 5:10 where Trey deviates from the standard melody line.
2009-08-01 Tube Morrison, CO 5:39 Aggressive clav playing from Page while Trey plays an assortment of rhythmic riffs and Mike holds the tight groove together.
2009-08-01 Antelope Morrison, CO 12:21 Serious tension, dissonance, and rhythmic change-ups combine to distinguish this very good version from most 3.0 ones.
2009-08-01 R&R Morrison, CO 13:43 Breaks into some great stop/start jamming. Fish keeps it crisp and clean.
2009-08-01 DwD Morrison, CO 15:22 "LA Woman" teases and an excellent moving jam with rhythmic shifts and Page on multiple keyboard instruments.
2009-08-02 Boogie On Morrison, CO 16:30 Dynamic and improvisational version that includes a "Twist"-esque jam and "Oye Como Va" tease from Page. The sentiment is very positive and upbeat (again). Must-hear for any 3.0 nay sayers.
2009-08-02 YEM Morrison, CO 17:54 Fantastic -> into an excellent "Undermind" with Bill Kreutzman.
2009-08-02 2001 Morrison, CO 7:12 The addition of Bill Kreutzmann leads to one of the funkiest versions of the 3.0 era. The second jam will punch you in the face.
2010-08-09 Sand Telluride, CO 12:09 This version opened the floodgates for the modern "Sand" resurgence as Mike improvised his bass line rather than sticking to the fixed groove, adding another element of improvisation. Trey's uncompressed growl and Mike's playing through the envelope filter in the first half of the jam add cool textures. Short outro jam and a > into "Backwards Down the Number Line."
2010-08-09 Caspian Telluride, CO 8:21 > in from "BDTNL." Some really beautiful playing by Trey initially, then the band shifts into a slightly dissonant and spacey foray with a > to "Tweezer."
2010-08-09 Boogie On Telluride, CO 8:23 Segues out of "Tweezer". Manteca tease from Page in the "plinko" jam with some footbell action from Mike.
2010-08-09 Piper Telluride, CO 13:32 This is a really strong Piper by most standards, but especially by 2010 standards. They careen through the song at a breakneck pace, build tension, and explode, and the jam ends in a semi-ambient space.
2010-08-10 Carini Telluride, CO 8:36 A very dark version, but one that also gets away from "Carini" proper. A nice funky Mike-led groove breaks first, but then turns chilling, ominous, and spacey, and includes a "One Of These Days" (Pink Floyd) quote from Fish, and an "Echoes" (Pink Floyd) tease from Page. > to "Free."
2010-10-10 Ghost Broomfield, CO 15:22 An amorphous tendril of haphazard dissonance takes root in some electrified chocolate pudding finally allowing it to take a look around at the complexities of its own general lack of structure. [Strong straightforward version with extended "Ghost" jamming and solid play by all four, especially Fish. The jam gradually builds to a glorious peak and a nice fade-out.]
2010-10-10 Fee Broomfield, CO 6:40 Sirens over a rolling outro with nice contributions from Mike and Page. > to "Makisupa Policeman."
2010-10-12 46 Days Broomfield, CO 8:16 A fiery version all around with a rocking outro based around a great riff from Trey.
2010-10-12 Carini Broomfield, CO 8:26 Continuing a 3.0 pattern, the jam starts in typical "Carini" mode before breaking into a distinct, upbeat jam, then becoming spacey with a nice > to "David Bowie."
2011-09-02 Steam Commerce City, CO 10:30 Great segue out of "Simple." Page shines early on, then Trey takes over and delivers a ferocious solo. Must hear.
2011-09-02 Slave Commerce City, CO 9:58 Trey sustains a single note for 1:08. Debatable whether or not this effort "works," but it's certainly unusual and worth checking out. Decide for yourself!
2011-09-03 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 11:37 Great growly playing by Trey at first, some 3.0 funk from Page, before a spirited, high power build up to conclude.
2011-09-03 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 14:30 "Green-Eyed Lady" teases in the intro composed section by Page, and Fish teases the "Golden Age" drum line in what is a magnificently melodic jam that is quite stunning in parts. Brief hints of "Lovelight" and "Jessica." It's excellent from the very start of the jam, too. Must. Fucking. Hear.
2011-09-03 KDF Commerce City, CO 11:03 A smoking "Type I" version that keeps on rocking after the final lyrics and concludes with a spacey outro jam that > to "2001."
2011-09-04 BOTT Commerce City, CO 8:35 Like other strong recent versions, has the energy building jam much like "Possum" does. Version also includes a "Sneakin' Sally" tease and has a unique ending.
2011-09-04 Gin Commerce City, CO 13:47 A nicely played "Type I" jam shifts to a funky breakdown jam at 8:40, then works back to "Gin" with a strong peak.
2011-09-04 CDT Commerce City, CO 8:40 Great version with some atypical jamming, loaded with tension. Strays from the typical jam several times and returns.
2011-09-04 Piper Commerce City, CO 11:55 Another excellent version for any era, some hear a tease (but not musical quote) of "Roadrunner" (Modern Lovers) in it. Others just hear siiiiiick jamming.
2011-09-04 Roggae Commerce City, CO 7:59 > in from an inspired "Hood." A high powered, joyfully played jam continues the "feel good" from "Hood." > to "Ghost."
2012-08-31 Carini Commerce City, CO 13:51 Mode shift away from "Carini" at about 6:30 into multi-faceted, rhythmic and increasingly powerful jam.
2012-08-31 Undermind Commerce City, CO 15:09 Outstanding and extremely cohesive "Type II" jam displays patience and purpose as each proceeding segment is developed and segued seemlessly into the next. Mode shifts into bliss around 9:00 and a transcendent build commences with ever uplifting and growing power until peaking at 13:38. Quite an extraordinary "U" to round out the "F-U-C-K Y-O-U" set.
2012-08-31 Runaway Jim Commerce City, CO 19:09 A very improvisational version and the first exploratory "Jim" to open Set II since 7/3/00. Most, but not all of the sections have a mildly dark tone which counter-balance the several very upbeat jams elsewhere in this historic show.
2012-08-31 Farmhouse Commerce City, CO 10:54 Both sections of this historic version from the "F-Y-F" show deserve your attention. "Farmhouse" proper has an excellent straightforward jam, including rocking play similar to the 2/24/03 version, and an extended sustained note from Trey akin to what one might hear in a "Slave" or "Hood" jam. The ambient outro jam begins with an introspective sentiment before morphing into techno-rock abstraction.
2012-08-31 CDT Commerce City, CO 18:29 An exploratory outro jam begins in a snappy, rhythmic bent, then mode shifts to serene bliss. > to "Emotional Rescue."
2012-09-01 Golden Age Commerce City, CO 13:08 The band wastes no time in hooking up on a mid-tempo groove with a slightly mysterious feel at the start of this jam. From there, it gradually gains intensity, and becomes a bit more rocking as Trey quickens his playing. Ends with a > to an exceptional "Prince Caspian." One of the many strong jams from the monumental 2012 Dick's run.
2012-09-01 Caspian Commerce City, CO 11:14 > in from "Golden Age." A beautifully played "Caspian" jam leads to an exploratory breakaway jam. Must-hear with a > to an equally must-hear "Light."
2012-09-01 Light Commerce City, CO 23:56 In football you often hear the phrase "a tale of two halves" and this certainly applies to the infamous "Dick's Light." While the first half of the jam is wrought with pitch effects and a meandering flow, the second is pure fire. It is easily the most identified version in the song's history and worthy of great praise whether the first half lowers your opinion of its ordering in this list or not.
2012-09-02 Sand Commerce City, CO 23:55 In the most improvisational "Sand" played by Phish up to this date, the band launches into a multifaceted jam after a typically groovy first segment. Initially ambient with a siren loop, this jam gains intensity as it moves through a serene groove into a thrilling peak. Throw in a funkified return to the "Sand" theme and a slick -> into "Ghost," and you've got yourself a must-hear jam.
2013-08-30 Stash Commerce City, CO 11:56 Some very cool and unusual percussion in the jam, which breaks into major mode, then returns with good intensity.
2013-08-30 LxL Commerce City, CO 8:01 Fish asserts himself strongly, a key element to a quality "Type I" "LxL," and Trey and Page mix it up very nicely.
2013-08-30 Sand Commerce City, CO 15:18 > from "PYITE". Type II version that breaks form around 7:30 and continues on through sections of upbeat melodic playing, rock, and funk. All in all, another strong "Dick's Sand".
2013-08-31 Gin Commerce City, CO 13:01 A very good "Type I" "Gin," thus related to other strong "Type I" versions like 8/17/97, 11/20/98, 9/12/99, and 6/23/00.
2013-08-31 CDT Commerce City, CO 22:51 A very good quality, multi-sectional jam in this extended "CDT," and Fish is spectacular throughout. The jam ranges far, but also meanders at times; it also includes some "Woo!" audience interaction, like the "Tahoe Tweezer."
2013-09-01 It's Ice Commerce City, CO 8:25 Page leads a solid full band jam on the B-3. And compared to 7/14/13, the transition back to "Ice" is clean.
2013-09-01 Carini Commerce City, CO 12:23 A good "Carini" with the now familiar mode shift mid jam. However, the band seems to grapple with where to take the jam from about 6:24 - 9:30, until gaining some good traction and a nice upbeat groove in the final minutes.
2013-09-01 Caspian Commerce City, CO 6:16 A very good "Caspian." At first, Trey uses a "watery" effect with his guitar that sounds very '95. Then the jam breaks into a great rocking and upbeat groove that > to "Piper."
2014-08-29 No Quarter Commerce City, CO 7:37 Closes out the "Lushington" gag. Whale call dominates the very strong and satisfying peak. Clean playing from the entire band effort that builds cleanly. Compact, but in no way short. Fans of this version should also check out 10/26/13.
2014-08-29 46 Days Commerce City, CO 9:39 A nice low-key and increasingly funky jam develops on the back end of "46 Days" proper.
2014-08-29 Simple Commerce City, CO 21:50 The Rhythm Department gets the credit for propelling this jam beyond the standard and into a rocking and increasingly euphoric groove that recalls several standout '96 versions. Then Fish, Page and Mike drive the jam into a funky and rhythmic realm.
2014-08-30 DwD Commerce City, CO 14:53 The typical "DwD" jam includes high energy and dissonant moments. Then the jam settles down and shifts into some soothing and cerebral grooving which -> to "What's The Use."
2014-08-30 WTU? Commerce City, CO 4:50 Dramatic -> out of "DwD."
2014-08-30 Carini Commerce City, CO 11:37 The typically dissonant "Type I" jam shifts predictably to upbeat major mode fare, but then moves on to some solid and swinging less intense strumming action.
2014-08-30 Slave Commerce City, CO 9:01 Some great Trey/Mike counterpoint early, then Trey plucks away quite nicely. As the energy builds, Trey adeptly strums chords before launching the final peaking section.
2014-08-31 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 11:58 Some great and varied "Type I" jamming, including melodic playing by Trey, "Manteca"-like jamming from Page, and a cool Mike-led quiet section that builds anticipation for the peak.
2014-08-31 CDT Commerce City, CO 13:48 One of those improvisational jams that seems to mode-shift and otherwise evolve and morph constantly. If you like the "Train Ride to Peaksville" type jam, you may want to pass on this.
2014-08-31 Sand Commerce City, CO 14:26 After teasing "Tweezer" at the conclusion of the first jam segment, the music takes on a darkish tone and features staccato funk that becomes increasingly abstract until a > to "Piper."
2014-08-31 Mike's Commerce City, CO 9:12 The jam immediately breaks into rhythmic and percussive funk-infused groove, very different from the typical "Mike's" jam. While Trey and Page add good color, Fish and Mike are the real stars here, driving the basic groove. Near the end, Trey adds some "Manteca"-like melodies, and the jam then concludes. A cool, unique rendering for any era, especially 3.0.
2015-09-04 Gin Commerce City, CO 11:05 Quickly picks up steam and builds into a flowing Type I jam with a sizable peak.
2015-09-04 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:23 Following the final refrain, a shortish but solid, percussive and initially driving jam begins to diminish, seemingly poised to explore further, but > to "Antelope" instead.
2015-09-04 Blaze On Commerce City, CO 14:30 For the second straight time, "Blaze On" ventures into the unknown. Seven minutes in, Trey's alternative chording sends the jam off into a warped version of the central two chord theme, and the Mu-Tron and Clavinet begin their space duel. After an off-kilter build in intensity and a switch to the B-3, the jam takes on a "Light" flavor before fizzling out into the aptly titled > "Golden Age".
2015-09-04 Golden Age Commerce City, CO 16:02 An intriguing version which drops into some contemplative space and eventually gains upbeat energy without ever totally taking off.
2015-09-05 Roggae Commerce City, CO 9:06 Another great version, but this one is quite different from MPP '15. Here, Trey deploys guitar effects, creating a very different tone to this rocking jam. The peak is solid as well, and many may prefer this style to the more traditional MPP one. Nice to have so many great versions to choose from.
2015-09-05 CDT Commerce City, CO 16:22 For the fifth straight year at Dick's, Phish delivers a chart-worthy performance of "Chalk Dust Torture". After some "BOAF"-like tomfoolery in the composed section, another post-refrain jam develops. This one is notable more for the excellent tone and effects employed than sheer melodic fluidity, and enters an interesting space that melts beautifully into -> "Twist".
2015-09-05 Mercury Commerce City, CO 11:56 Tight, full-band play spells "Mercury's" zenith to date. Like laser-beams, Mike issues forth the first sounds from Fish's solo, which informs Trey's play, who reciprocates the sentiment, inciting an airy, yet funky groove. This sparkling, disco-ball vibe bleeds into a bit of space, before the band departs for "Light."
2015-09-06 DwD Commerce City, CO 17:43 Moving beyond the typical "DwD" gyrations, the jam briefly turns atonal and dissonant, before Trey hits upon a soothing but uplifting theme/progression, which builds to an exultant peak. Although this jam format isn't novel, this proven formula in this instance pays off handsomely.
2015-09-06 Slave Commerce City, CO 10:21 Again, a touching Mike/Trey duet of sorts at first. Page and Fish jump in to add color and accent. Approaching the peak, Trey plays several sustained notes that work quite well. And the final peak is fittingly powerful.
2016-09-02 NMINML Commerce City, CO 15:32 Fiery pre-choral jamming oozes into a prolonged and focused jam zone throbbing with psychedelic intensity (an approach not yet taken through this point in the song's history). Trey in particular is exuding a verve and tenacity wholly controlled, yet chaotic sonically.
2016-09-02 Wedge Commerce City, CO 8:06 Swinging "Dick's" version with great trilling, "Stash" teasing, and inspired contributions from all four musicians.
2016-09-02 46 Days Commerce City, CO 8:54 Trey restrains his playing at the outset, giving the jam a more deliberate pace and also providing space for additional band interplay. What results is a gripping, edgier take which makes the final ratchet up all the sweeter.
2016-09-02 Seven Below Commerce City, CO 8:56 Trey plays some soaring notes throughout and builds to a pretty good peak, then leads the band into a dissonant and murky swamp from which "BOAF" emerges. A lot going on here despite the length.
2016-09-02 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 16:56 Great intro with Trey using a wah pedal to create a cool swelling effect and the jam builds to a coordinated peak with piercing guitar and pounding drums before > to "Jim".
2016-09-02 Suzy Commerce City, CO 7:27 Some great back and forth between the Chairman of the Boards and Fish and Trey on percussion results in an even more energized than typical version.
2016-09-03 DwD Commerce City, CO 12:47 Fierce, first-set jamming features fiery Trey and really fantastic Fish. The band explores a murky, yet musical calm, before rebuilding intensity replete with Trey evincing a fist-pumping return to the final refrain/traditional finish.
2016-09-03 Blaze On Commerce City, CO 11:19 For the second year in a row, "Blaze On" gets taken for a walk at Dick's. This year's jam has a more laid back, unhurried feel to it, with nice delay work by Trey that builds before segueing nicely into -> "Simple."
2016-09-03 Simple Commerce City, CO 15:48 For the second time in three years, the Dick's "Simple" is a real treat. Some great melodic delay work and alien noises from Trey provide a backdrop to interwoven melodies from Page and Mike (who also drops some bombs of approval), and Fish finds a fun marching beat to lead the way.
2016-09-03 Coil Commerce City, CO 10:44 Mike's thundering basslines throughout the jam convince everyone, Page included, to leave the stage to let him finish off this beautiful and unique show-closing version.
2016-09-04 Tube Commerce City, CO 8:15 "Tube" gets its second big ride of 2016 here, and while this version does not detour from the jam format like Chula Vista's, fans of the song will surely be satisfied by this funky romp.
2016-09-04 C&P Commerce City, CO 17:34 A thematic "Type II" gem with remarkable flow, featuring extensive melodic soloing from Trey. Achieves "Hose" status sometime in the 13 minute range and stays there until a > to "Steam".
2016-09-04 Steam Commerce City, CO 9:31 > out of "C&P". Trey works "C&P" teases into some killer between-verse soloing, then hits on some wonderfully and warm riffs. Fantastic version that -> into a tremendous "Piper".
2016-09-04 Piper Commerce City, CO 19:07 You aren't crazy if you hear this highly improvisational sequence as "Piper" -> "Drums" -> "Jam." Following strong but typical playing, the jam breaks into unprecedented, Fish-led drumming and percussion, with all four on various percussion instruments. A brief but impressive jam emerges from the percussion session and includes "C&P" quotes.
2016-09-04 Light Commerce City, CO 14:24 Anchoring an hourlong improvisational journey during the last set of summer tour, the sixth Dick's "Light" grows brighter than ever, passing through a quieter space, a patient build, and a celebratory peak, replete with "C&P" quotes and a unique, haunting outro.
2017-09-01 Blaze On Commerce City, CO 13:29 Strong soloing finds Trey augmenting his tone, before crunchy soloing peels apart in favor of deft delay atop a soft bed of effects. Page then runs point, with Fish's cool, patterned drumming eventually giving way to a passage of swirling calm. Intensity builds via strong and spacey full-band play, featuring notable bass. Trey breaks free and works the version to a peak and the song's closing refrain.
2017-09-01 Theme Commerce City, CO 9:20 Fluid jam, with Trey running through an airy, lilting line, his play accented by colorful fills from Page. After shaping his tone and working the version to a peak, Trey > for a fresh "Free", further toying with his effects, and working his Korg Kaoss Pad a bit like an instrument. Cool combo.
2017-09-01 Tube Commerce City, CO 10:00 Breaking directly to work through a wacky passage echo-rich and colored with wild effects, Trey eventually picks up a bright, spirited line, and leads the band through fun and impassioned major-mode play. An unusual period of quiet and contemplative calm follows, which slowly gives rise to a return of the song proper.
2017-09-01 NMINML Commerce City, CO 23:46 Awash in 2017's signature synth and Trey's latest effects, an example, here, of space down to a science. As Page explores his keyboards, Trey sheds the guitar and uses a new device to create a hushed, astral plane. Back on guitar, Trey guides the musicians, who together shape a celebratory peak.
2017-09-01 Carini Commerce City, CO 21:20 Typically stormy, tense playing gradually mellows to some spacey grooving. Picking up a warmer vibe, the intensity slowly builds to a rocking, but not bliss-filled peak, with strong Mike and Fish. The energy eventually dissipates to percussive transitional space.
2017-09-02 Simple Commerce City, CO 13:32 After running through familiar ground, the jam gets rocking, then gradually settles down into some lower intensity grooving, including some nice Page/Trey interplay. Lacking a peak or other point of punctuation, the jam seemingly winds down over several minutes.
2017-09-02 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 11:56 A nice jam, which is really driven by an uptempo, percussive, Fish and Mike led groove. Trey and Page add color and effects, including some spacey synth, before turning the corner and coming home for a solid finishing peak.
2017-09-03 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:03 Breaking quickly for instrumental playing, the jam gets down and dirty, with spacey Trey and Page effects, layered over a solid bass and drum foundation. Although it never strays too far from home, this one is no typical stroll in the park.
2017-09-03 DwD Commerce City, CO 20:50 The jam is propelled atop minor mode loops into deep space, before touching down on a new world. The hatch swings open, and for a brief moment the scene is serene. Suddenly, the jam is transported at warp speed into the deep unknown, where electromagnetic thunder echoes from the Modulus, the Voyager opens transient portals through space-time, and the Languedoc transmits patterns into the spectral void in search of signs of life. Alas, we're surrounded only by the beeps of industrial robots as darkness sets in. But the >"Light" grows brighter...
2017-09-03 Possum Commerce City, CO 12:03 > from "2001", the version smacks of 1991. Approaching the jam quite differently, Trey's solo is awesome and strange, dissonant and improvisational. Melodic play and playful teasing gives way to a sound off-kilter, which slowly swells to inform a steady block of tension. This, then, builds to burst in classic "Possum" fashion.
2018-08-31 Hood Commerce City, CO 13:13 Placed in the first set of a two-set show for the first time in 3.0, this jam combines an engaging "Type II" segment with a well-executed traditional build and soaring peak.
2018-08-31 NMINML Commerce City, CO 12:26 Tight, structured play breaks to, in a way, display 2018's sound in a nifty ten- (or something) minute package. Effects-driven Trey; swirling Page; utterly tripped-out Mike; and fun Fish swap sounds before Trey steers the jam through a passage of "noise rock" into the now customary "fresh" take on the closing vocal refrain.
2018-08-31 Carini Commerce City, CO 18:56 A statement jam from Trey who takes the reins and solos extensively en route to a euphoric peak.
2018-08-31 Light Commerce City, CO 17:26 Historic (the first "Light" to close a second set), the version caps an incredible evening of music. > from a hot "Mercury", the band refuses to cool, working through complex, patterned passages, some symphonic, others psychedelic in nature. Worth multiple listens, locking in on each musician provides a truly wonderful experience. In tremendous, show-closing fashion, play eventually brightens as Trey patiently builds the jam to a euphoric, and protracted, release.
2018-09-01 DwD Commerce City, CO 16:03 Mike lays it on thick in this potent first set affair that breaks out into a great groove which Trey later steers to a peak and a smooth return to the closing riff.
2018-09-01 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 11:24 Patient, pulsating, and plucky, the jam, while "restrained," possesses an infectious sort of verve, anchored by Mike's groove, which the others fill with perfect, almost "sequential" flourishes. A fun, build-to-not-quite-break free version, capped with a soaring little peak before a tight return to the song's conclusion.
2018-09-01 Set Your Soul Free Commerce City, CO 17:10 Page's synthesizers usher in a characteristically '17-'18 mellow ambience, which Trey pushes to murk with more characteristic-for-2018 fast Leslie rotary. Mike and Page shift the jam to type bliss pastures; Page switches to piano, and a patient build of tension floats this jam towards a bliss peak. Trey accentuates the ascent with reverse delay and octave up effects, and Fishmam with ride-based syncopation. Mike builds up one final heavy and danceable groove to give focus and cohesion to the back half of this jam, which Trey and Mike wind down to quiet effects-laden ambience.
2018-09-02 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:47 364 Days later, the band delivers yet another strong Dick's version, continuing what is now an unmistakable tradition (see: 8/29/14; 9/4/15; 9/2/16; and 9/3/17). Mike's play is great, and Fish settles in nicely, riding his cymbals, the musicians establishing a theme that will carry through great versions of "Tweezer" and "Golden Age". Trey's play in particular impresses, as he shears distinct blocks of sound as means to offer up great melodic / harmonic variation. Strong soloing bleeds to the first of two truly memorable ->.
2018-09-02 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 14:25 An atypical (very improvisational) intro that heads into the jam segment about a minute early is just the start of a melodically-blessed version in which each band member is inspired and contributes mightily to a stellar version with heavy Manteca teases into Golden Age.
2018-09-02 Golden Age Commerce City, CO 15:27 Nice -> from "Tweezer". This jam is funky throughout and brightens into a bouncy, feel-good groove as it comes down the home stretch.
2019-08-30 Everything's Right Commerce City, CO 17:24 A jam so laid-back, one could be forgiven for thinking this was played on a beach instead of a mile above sea level. The jam features sparkling play from Page. "ER" serves as the first half of a fantastic 1-2 punch before > a big-time "Mercury".
2019-08-30 Mercury Commerce City, CO 23:50 > from a strong set-opening "Everything's Right", this version features over fifteen minutes of quality jamming after the song proper. Trey's play is inspired throughout, he leads the band in and out of multiple sections as the jam traverses many soundscapes. A standout version with excellent jamming, which eventually dissolves > "Shade".
2019-08-31 Ghost Commerce City, CO 16:15 Thumping electro-synth groove dominates this inventive jam full of fresh sounds and focused play.
2019-08-31 Weekapaug Commerce City, CO 9:24 A typically spirited jam starts getting stranger as it approaches 6:00, becoming uncommonly tense and off-kilter, and then quiets down with a hypnotizing synth and percussion breakdown as it wanders unfinished -> into "46 Days".
2019-09-01 Wolfman's Commerce City, CO 14:22 Initially uncertain, the band practices prudence as myriad ideas (rhythmically, tonally, and texturally) are thrown into the fray without clear direction or heading. At 7:45, Page and Trey slide the jam cleanly into F, where a textured and detailed bliss jam oozes and bounces in dynamic. Trey fades a sustained note into foley so Page can step up to the organ (with the assistance of swirl and crunch) and remind us all of why he is the Chairman Of The Boards. Around the 11 minute mark, whale call Trey joins Mike and Fish's rhythmic bounce. Finally at 13:00, after just over 5 minutes of continued type II jamming, Trey winds the band back into the classic outro riff.
2019-09-01 Piper Commerce City, CO 15:32 Beginning with a slower tempo, this "Piper" gradually builds to normal speed. The jam peels away from customary, becoming mildly dissonant and atonal, before shifting to a warmer, more upbeat sentiment. The jam then becomes energized, pulsing, and rocking. Around 11:00 the music shifts again, with quieter musings and percussive drive which suggest a big peak, but > to "Tweezer" instead.
2021-09-03 Carini Commerce City, CO 21:47 A real superb tour for "Carini" arguably peaks at Dick's with this Set 1 closer, which moves from major-key fare to a powerful and ferocious rockout egged on by the rhythm section to a twinkling Moment of Bliss to aliens-descending strangeness to a triumphant finale to (once again) "Carini" proper to finish up. A magnificent jam from the fantastic Dick's 2021 run.
2021-09-03 CDT Commerce City, CO 20:15 Moves into a sparse and low-key jam space with Trey going to his bag of tricks and Page neatly accompanying him on electric piano, while Fish absolutely hammers the skins in a way you don't hear in other jams this tour. The band luxuriates in this delightful jam before Trey hits on some chords akin to "Blaze On", Page goes to the synths, and the jam picks up the pace before galloping to the finish line. Twenty minutes long and feels like twelve, a hallmark of Summer 2021.
2021-09-04 Tube Commerce City, CO 9:47 At first minimalist and downbeat until Trey starts his solo backed by synth waves from Page, after which the jam really opens up for a majorly exuberant finale.
2021-09-04 Everything's Right Commerce City, CO 24:40 A tale of two jams - the surprisingly downbeat late-night groove in the first half distinguished by Trey's effects and Page's captivating piano and synths playing, and a more typically Phish-y uplifting heavy-duty rockout in the second half. Really great jamlet at the end, too, with Trey playing some galloping chords and Mike doing some fine work. A really wonderful jam.
2021-09-05 Sand Commerce City, CO 13:57 This isn't your typical "Sand" jam, as the start of it wouldn't be out of place at the beginning of a "Tube" jam. Things mellow out later, then get to a murky outer-space place. The most impressive thing about this jam is Jon Fishman's refusal to quit; he is fantastic throughout. > a must-hear "Sigma Oasis."
2021-09-05 Sigma Oasis Commerce City, CO 15:05 "Sigma Oasis" makes its jam vehicle debut as the second half of a surprise first set 1-2 punch with "Sand", settling into a lower-key late-night groove reminiscent of the prior show's "Everything's Right" before morphing into something even more wicked thanks to Trey and Mike's effects and then slowly morphing into "All of These Dreams".
2021-09-05 Set Your Soul Free Commerce City, CO 18:58 Pivots to low-boil major key effects-laden jamming out of the usual "SYSF" jam, moves to a more robust zone with Trey taking over with some nice soloing, then finishes with an insistent driving groove, with Fishman outstanding all throughout.
2021-09-05 Simple Commerce City, CO 8:38 Launches a tremendously fun segment and lays down the musical bones that carry through to -> "Catapult", back to "Simple", and later "Meatstick".
2021-09-05 Catapult Commerce City, CO 2:29 Emerges -> from a "Simple" jam and digs into a deep, industrial groove, making this one of the more musically robust appearances to date. Then -> back to "Simple" for more of the same.
2021-09-05 Simple Commerce City, CO 3:42 -> from "Catapult" as the off-kilter robo-funk continues until > "Meatstick".
2021-09-05 Meatstick Commerce City, CO 8:44 > from a "Simple/Catapult/Simple" sandwich and recalls the machinelike groove heard in that jam with stops and starts, dial-tone Trey, and quotes of "Lonely Trip" and "Catapult".
2022-09-01 Ruby Waves Commerce City, CO 17:06 The band is locked in early and gives us a series of scorching, rolling peaks that modulate and are eventually capped off by soaring trilling from Trey. The jam then downshifts into a not quite ambient section that maintains its forward momentum, growing more hypnotic as play gradually accelerates towards another peak and a clean return to end the song.
2022-09-01 Don't Doubt Me Commerce City, CO 12:42 In its second outing since the Halloween debut, this "Sci-Fi Soldiers" track shakes off its liquid handcuffs and stretches into a Trey led melodic journey that manages to provide a lot of ear candy in just under 13 minutes.
2022-09-01 Piper Commerce City, CO 12:33 "Piper" gets the call as set-closer for the first time and the band let's it rip with a hard-charging jam that barrels ahead ferociously from start to finish.
2022-09-03 WotC Commerce City, CO 16:21 Another version that breaks form with grime out of the gate and then develops a "There is a Mountain" theme before dipping back into the muck at 11:30. From there the jam eventually winds its way into uplifting territory once again for an exuberant peak.
2022-09-03 KDF Commerce City, CO 15:32 In the longest version since Lakewood 2015 (since surpassed by 7/23/23), the band treats us to a buffet of '22 sounds. Coming out of the gate with a rollicking, fast-paced jam that transitions through discrete sections as Trey toys with his tone, play brightens with outstanding contributions from Mike and Page. Fishman seems to anticipate each melodic turn that Trey takes as the jam builds intensity and takes on a sharper edge. The last couple minutes serve as transitional space highlighted with washes from Page on the Moog before finally giving way to "Sigma Oasis".
2022-09-03 Moma Commerce City, CO 13:26 Departing fairly quickly from the song structure, "Moma" here takes at first a slightly contemplative turn with Mike leading and Page on piano. Trey begins to assert himself with some rhythmic effects play that eventually gives way to more aggressive, snarling leads from the frontman culminating in a fist-pumping rock peak that fades to "No Quarter".
2022-09-03 2001 Commerce City, CO 8:55 > from "No Quarter". Extra flourishes from Trey indicate this version may not be a typical "2001". Trey's play ranges from plucky and upbeat to blissful and melodic. This is a neat version that should be heard for its uniqueness. > "Melt".
2022-09-03 SOAMelt Commerce City, CO 13:01 Sheets of sound seethe and engulf the listener in a sonic maelstrom that pulses and threatens total dissolution without yet finally releasing its tenuous grasp on the song proper. A chilling, thrilling excursion that must be experienced as much as heard.
2022-09-04 Fuego Commerce City, CO 14:31 Solid composed section provides few surprises, but after an especially fiery peak, the jam becomes an extended, laid back and breezy meditation flavored with hints of "Meatstick" (or is it "Fire on the Mountain"?). Never quite achieving full band tease status, the jam nevertheless serves as reminder that this is indeed "Fuego" played at the foot of the Rockies at a place called "Dick's".
2022-09-04 C&P Commerce City, CO 13:58 Jam breaks out of standard "Crosseyed" fare around 6:00, entering a brief passage of densely-layered synth funk counterpoint between Trey and Mike. The music ramps up into a more energetic rocking jam, buoyed by Fishman's forceful momentum. A shift to major key occurs, and the music develops into a pleasant, if somewhat restrained coda that -> "David Bowie."
2023-08-31 Carini Commerce City, CO 19:30 This version was dedicated to "Frenchie" (a fan who had passed away earlier in the year) by Trey. It honors him by going almost 20 minutes as the first song of a four-day run; the band wasted no time getting to jamming. The lack of rust after having played SPAC the weekend prior is evident as this is a fun, laid-back jam that seems, at times, effortless. Strong play from Fishman keeps this jam going when Trey may have had other ideas. Trey does eventually wind his way back to the song proper before > "Halley's Comet."
2023-09-01 Halfway to the Moon Commerce City, CO 7:42 In contrast to Trey's typical whammy-oriented soloing in "Halfway", this version's outro finds Trey opting for thoughtfully melodic and fleet-fingered soloing, which in turn inspires a fully fleshed-out melodic conversation between himself, Page and Mike. Gorgeous.
2023-09-01 Sand Commerce City, CO 23:28 Another year at Dick's produces yet another monster version of "Sand." Strong play from Mike and Page kicks this jam off in fun fashion. Ideas are thrown out from each band member, with nothing ever sticking for too long. If a portion of this jam doesn't hook you, just give it two minutes and the next section will. Trey finds some lilting riffs towards the end, and then the whole band locks into a rocking, fun jam before meandering back to the familiar territory of the song proper, briefly jamming the outro. > "NMINML".
2023-09-01 SOAMelt Commerce City, CO 16:34 Making a rare encore appearance, "Melt" again provides a space for the more sinister spirits of improvisation to brood and bend reality, pushing the limits of musicality in a truly alarming jam that is both anxious and angular. Listen especially for Mike to ratchet up the tension in the last few minutes. This extended finale is frightening and fantastic.
2023-09-02 Fluffhead Commerce City, CO 21:12 Regardless of your preferred moniker for the current era of Phish, in 2023 one need look no further than these charts to find a handful of technically clean and improvisational modern versions of "Fluffhead". Here the post Arrival jam inaugurated by Mike forcing a modulation takes us to spaces that are in turn contemplative and celebratory. An excellent melodic back and forth between Page and Trey eventually leads to a return to "Fluff" and a show opening peak that set the tone for a special night at Dick's.
2023-09-02 Bag Commerce City, CO 12:15 Breaking the straightforward confines of "Bag" proper, the band launches into a peppy, candy-coated groove in G. This steady platform stays the course, with Trey's inspired melodic phrasing occasionally abstracting into more effects-colored textures. A brief wind-down concludes the affair, which then leads to a swift -> "Chalk Dust Torture". "
2023-09-02 46 Days Commerce City, CO 13:51 A surprising but smooth segue out of new song "Ether Edge" begins this wild version of the perennial Dick's favorite. Fishman's heavy attack provides the base on which the band bangs out a percussive stomp of rhythmic interplay. Trey engages with snarl early on, setting an aggressive tone before lightening things up, turning on the melody machine, and leading the band over a groove laden double-peak that > to "The Howling". Exceptional.
2023-09-02 The Howling Commerce City, CO 12:36 Transcends the song's always crowd-pleasing funky dance-party mode to become an uplifting hymn with Trey intoning "The Howling" like an affirming chant. > "Piper".
2023-09-02 Piper Commerce City, CO 13:51 Set closing shot of pure serotonin. The band sustains serious momentum, propelling themselves melodically over Fishman's driven play, tacking only briefly to gather steam before opening the hose and unleashing a spray of blissful, Trey led peaks.
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