Jam Chart for Magilla (22 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1990-09-13 New York, NY 6:40 Jazzy, extended, and inspired, all four members equally contribute to ensure a memorable debut.
1990-09-22 Amherst, MA 5:46 Mike dominates this version which features a swinging vibe, a "Chariots of Fire" tease, in addition to strong playing (and solos) from Trey and Page.
1990-10-04 Durham, NH 5:25 An early misstep seems to put a little extra pep in Page's playing, most notably his solo. But not before Trey takes a truly cool line and runs through a series of descending chords to create a jam "Foam"-like in sound and spirit.
1990-10-08 Washington, DC 6:51 Odd and awesome early version which, in addition to great jazz-inflected soloing by Trey, Page and Mike, also features somewhat dark, almost dissonant jamming before the ending.
1990-11-03 Boulder, CO 5:39 Great, high energy and fun version with strong solos by Trey, Page and Mike.
1991-02-19 Washington, DC 5:20 Page-written, Trey-driven. Or so it often seems. Here, Trey works in a "Theme from the Flintstones" tease before easing through a series of slashing, jazzy chords, and a bright, melodic line. Fish solos, making for a great outro. "Fire" follows to cap off this cool encore.
1991-04-06 Olympia, WA 4:15 "Magilla" in inverse, with Page in the lead-off solo position and Trey adding fills. The two swap roles, and fantastic playing ensues. Everyone is on point, and everyone solos. Sunny. Bright.
1991-05-12 Burlington, VT 5:20 Dave Grippo on saxophone. Horns and jazz go hand in hand, and so horns with "Magilla" are a logical and terrific way to add colorful texture to the soundscape. Here, Grippo provides a new twist on this "standard," inspiring strong playing by all.
1991-05-17 Providence, RI 5:11 Carl Gerhard on trumpet. The sound of a trumpet is qualitatively different than saxophone, but both sound terrific with "Magilla." Fun "Flintstones Theme" teasing by Gerhard is icing on the cake, and Fish has some great action too.
1991-07-14 Townshend, VT 5:24 Giant Country Horns. This fun version includes great Page soloing with strong Mike backing, then Dave Grippo leads the horn section. And Fish seems to love the jazz drumming action. Other horn versions not included on this chart: 1991 - 2/8, 4/16, 5/16, 7/19, 7/25, 11/20; 1994 4/15, 5/4.
1991-10-04 Madison, WI 4:15 Page opts for his organ to employ cool, spacey effects. A cosmic, studio sort of sound, which greatly enhances the jam. Trey modifies his tone, accordingly. Page reverts to a more traditional sound and solos ensue before the band makes a nice > into "David Bowie."
1991-11-12 Athens, GA 4:09 Cool version with Trey's solo featuring a theme similar to "All Things Reconsidered," earlier teased. Laid-back and breezy full-band playing.
1991-12-06 Middlebury, VT 3:16 Super, compact, and tease-filled (see "show notes"), Page powers through this fun, dynamic version, which modulates nicely before a > into "The Landlady." A really great version, and a really great pairing.
1992-03-27 Charlotte, NC 3:58 > from "Dinner and a Movie," Trey takes a cool line and really plays up the melody. Page takes over, his solo unique and varied, a sound awash in waves.
1993-03-25 Santa Cruz, CA 3:52 A strong, surprise version (the first in 114 shows), Trey glides through a "Stash" tease, and, true to the era, incorporates somewhat experimental playing, featuring a great shuffling, percussive sound. Page's first "Magilla" on acoustic piano is definitely worth hearing, it sounds fantastic.
1994-04-04 Burlington, VT 4:32 Incredible, fantastic version. While the Giant Country Horns add an undeniable boost to this powerhouse version, it is Jon Fishman who fuels this colorful rendition, arguably more notable for its scuttling, shuffling beat than the addition of trumpet, sax, or trombone. The version you take to your desert island.
1994-04-11 Durham, NH 4:03 More scuttling and scuffling from Fish. Great Mike. Page playing with great intensity. And Trey modifies his tone; he really shapes and bends his notes. Collectively, a wholly rocking, as opposed to jazzy, vibe.
1997-02-26 Stuttgart, Germany 1:20 -> in from an awesome jazz "Jam" in the midst of an extended and excellent "SOAMule." -> back to "Mule" to conclude.
1997-07-10 Marseilles, France 7:06 Just an incredibly cool -> from "Julius." Page sets the tone, with Trey laying way back, and Fish and Mike offbeat and on point. A building sort of jam dissolves into a great bass solo. And this into a super percussive bit of music with an extended, fun conclusion. A fan favorite. And for good reason.
1997-07-21 Virginia Beach, VA 5:47 Summer 97's brilliant Creature Double Feature. -> from "Wolfman's Brother," the intro features Trey's signature sound, before a more traditional "Magilla" takes shape. True to that summer's form, the version veers into more exploratory ground, with Trey trading solos with Page and lending a funky effect to Mike's playing.
1998-08-01 East Troy, WI 2:31 -> from "2001," sprightly, airy playing appropriately informs this "Magilla," which just as quickly breaks for "2001." Which, even more quickly, breaks for "Tweezer."
2000-07-04 Camden, NJ 3:56 A surprise version emerges from "Saw it Again," with Page on his keyboard before breaking for his acoustic piano. The traditional sound emerges, with Trey particularly strong, plus drum and bass breakdowns.
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