Jam Chart for Germany (22 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1996-07-21 Tweezer Nüremberg, Germany 11:39 Powerful version. In the final two minutes (the coda), Trey plays in a "staccato" or so-called "plinko" way.
1996-07-23 DwD Hamburg, Germany 15:19 Starts to break away from the standard at about 8:00 into a driving, rhythmic jam which gets out there nicely. Returns to "DwD" only in the final minute, with a > to "McGrupp." Much more exploratory than most '96 versions excl. 11/27/96.
1996-07-23 McGrupp Hamburg, Germany 10:05 The jam section has a nice swinging vibe at first, with the others quietly supporting Page. Trey and Fish kick it up a few notches, then there's a sweet little salsa jam which sounds very much like "The Landlady." This fun little jam seems to magically segue back into "McGrupp" proper and the customary closing section. Great version.
1996-07-23 Runaway Jim Hamburg, Germany 8:49 > "2001", check out the fun, "Euro" clapping running through the intro. Surprisingly, the jam assumes a slightly darker sentiment, which runs counter to "Jim's" usual plucky, upbeat tone. Fish is super, as is Trey, and play almost seems to veer into "CHYMK" before brightening, Trey leading the band into the song's customarily strong conclusion.
1996-07-23 Mike's Hamburg, Germany 16:53 Single jam version which organically moves away from standard fare at around 8:50 and grows dim, quiet and probing. Eventually, the play morphs back into powerful, tense "Mike's" jamming, settles, and transitions to "Hydrogen" without the customary closing chords.
1997-02-16 Bowie Cologne, Germany 14:25 Very intense jam. While mostly "Type I," solid Fish percussion pushes it beyond here and there.
1997-02-25 Caspian Munich, Germany 9:06 > in from "DwD." Great, full band, rocked out jam section is followed by a "Coil"-like Page piano solo coda.
1997-02-26 Ha Ha Ha Stuttgart, Germany 3:33 The usual wacky stuff one would expect, but this version also has a nice 2-minute Trey and Mike-led jam which emerges on the back end of the song proper.
1997-02-26 YEM Stuttgart, Germany 24:40 "Get On The Good Foot" teases. Nice segue into "Kung."
1997-02-26 SOAMule Stuttgart, Germany 6:39 Page > Trey guitar/vocal > whole band jazz jam with "Take the 'A' Train" tease from Mike -> "Magila" > klezmer > chanting and conclusion.
1997-02-26 Jam Stuttgart, Germany 4:11 > in from "SOAMule." A whole band jazz jam with a "Take The 'A' Train" tease comes in the middle of an excellent, extended "Mule" and -> to "Magilla."
1997-02-26 Magilla Stuttgart, Germany 1:20 -> in from an awesome jazz "Jam" in the midst of an extended and excellent "SOAMule." -> back to "Mule" to conclude.
1997-02-26 SOAMule Stuttgart, Germany 2:58 -> in from "Magilla" to conclude an excellent and jazz-infused "Mule."
1997-03-01 Wolfman's Hamburg, Germany 13:51 Game changing version launches "Wolfman's" as a jamming vehicle. The improvisational jam works through several sections of serious funk, gains rocking legs around 12:00, before more funk and a masterful -> to "JJLC."
1997-03-01 JJLC Hamburg, Germany 12:12 Great -> in from "Wolfman's Brother." Strong modulation of intensity in this stellar version. Huge peak at the end of Page's section is followed by near silent soloing by Trey, which gradually builds to a roaring, bluesy crescendo.
1997-03-01 Possum Hamburg, Germany 9:43 Heavy metal jamming in the intro and more in the jam itself.
1997-03-01 Mike's Hamburg, Germany 13:52 Some funky sounds and good variation away from the standard underpin the 1st jam. The 2nd jam breaks into an easy going groove and features some crazed lyrical and musical references to the Doors and Pink Floyd, including quotes of "The End," Peace Frog," and "Careful With That Axe, Eugene."
1997-03-01 Weekapaug Hamburg, Germany 8:07 Amusing lyrical improvisation from Trey, as he parodies the Doors' classic "The End", followed by "CYHMK" teases in the jam and a "CYHMK"-like ending. (This version is on "Slip Stitch and Pass.")
1997-06-21 Twist Scheeßel, Germany 18:17 The jam breaks to funk early, returns to "Twist," then a very good funky-blues jam develops which gets energized and upbeat. A quieter, spacey section follows before a return to the funk-blues jam and > to "Cavern."
1997-06-22 Taste St. Goarshausen, Koblenz, Germany 9:57 First of many very strong '97 "standard" versions. Lots of "NICU"/"Norwegian Wood" theming. Quality sbd recording on the "Spreadsheet."
1997-07-03 Taste Nüremberg, Germany 10:54 Trey shreds this one, and adds a lot of "wah" effects in the middle section. Great band-wide interplay at the peak.
1997-07-03 Ghost Nüremberg, Germany 29:43 Flowing, passionate, near symphonic excursion with a "Ghost" vocal reprise. [Heavy funk turns quiet and introspective, builds energy, then follows a mildly dark, funky path before brightening into percussive, rocking jamming with "Ghost" vocals.]
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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