Jam Chart for Taste (39 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1995-06-07 Boise, ID 6:28 Debut. Jam section features the same spiraling Trey and Page musicianship, but the lyrics, vocalist, and ending would remain a work in progress for another year. "The Fog That Surrounds" and "Taste That Surrounds" are both very similar (related) songs performed in 1995 as the band tinkered with the format for "Taste." See the song history for "Taste" on this site for more information.
1996-07-03 Trento, Italy 11:36 With Carlos Santana and Karl Perazzo. Exteded jam with Trey and Carlos taking turns on lead guitar. -> to "Llama."
1996-10-27 North Charleston, SC 7:31 First version with a "Norwegian Wood" (the Beatles) tease, although this one did not signify the end of the jam section. In the future, much debate would ensue over the chordal riff signaling the song's conclusion - "NICU" (which this riff MOST CLEARLY RESEMBLES part of the melody of), "Norwegian Wood," and later, "What's The Use" all entering the discussion.
1996-12-02 Phoenix, AZ 10:19 Strong '96 version with fantastic Trey playing as well predictably strong Page work. Big peak at the ending.
1997-02-17 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6:38 Straightforward "Taste" version is part of a much larger "DwD" -> "Carini" -> "Taste" -> "DwD" song and jamming combination.
1997-06-22 St. Goarshausen, Koblenz, Germany 9:57 First of many very strong '97 "standard" versions. Lots of "NICU"/"Norwegian Wood" theming. Quality sbd recording on the "Spreadsheet."
1997-07-03 Nüremberg, Germany 10:54 Trey shreds this one, and adds a lot of "wah" effects in the middle section. Great band-wide interplay at the peak.
1997-07-09 Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 10:00 Powerful Page solo. Like 7/3/97, very good Trey/Page interplay, similar to a good "LxL". And strong Trey. One of the first versions where the "NICU" riff appears immediately preceding the closing sequence.
1997-07-22 Raleigh, NC 9:53 Played during a thunder and lightning storm of Biblical proportion that prematurely ended Set I, you can hear the thunder crackling in the background. Clearly the storm electrified the band, and if you are a Page fan, this is a must-hear, incredibly intense version.
1997-07-25 Dallas, TX 10:59 Joined by the late, great Bob Gullotti, this unique rendering (unsurprisingly) finds a percussive, pulsating groove, but just as the jam is about to peak with the traditional late-'90s "Taste" outro, it instead segues seamlessly into -> "Ya Mar."
1997-07-29 Phoenix, AZ 11:04 -> in from "Twist." Pretty intense section towards the end of Trey's solo where the whole band is just hammering away. Great Mike on this one.
1997-08-03 George, WA 11:58 Around 6:30, this version comes very close to breaking free of "Taste" altogether into free form improvisation. Fantastic peak and finale.
1997-08-09 East Troy, WI 10:03 -> in from "Ghost." Powerful version in which the whole band keeps rocking full tilt throughout the slot where Trey customarily takes the lead. Fish is the hidden gem holding rhythm in check while Trey and Page frenetically spiral up and up the scales.
1997-08-17 Limestone, ME 10:47 Powerhouse version from the Great Went. Riveting Page solo, skillful Trey solo, and spiraling crescendo finale.
1997-11-19 Champaign, IL 10:09 "DEG" tease from Trey. Another strong '97 version. Maybe not up there with the incredible batch from the Summer, but Trey's solo is patient, very gradually building up the intensity from a relaxed base. Page is rock solid.
1997-11-26 Hartford, CT 12:02 Unbelievable playing by Trey and the others as the band builds to a HUGE peak and then drives up over another. 7/22/97 is (literally) electrifying; 8/3/97 is unusually improvisational. This version is just phenomenal, with masterful contributions by all band members.
1997-12-12 Albany, NY 11:11 The Chairman of the Boards leads the way, but Big Red is no slouch either.
1997-12-30 New York, NY 10:23 -> in from an historic "Sneakin' Sally." Strong version, but quite different from most of the Fall '97 versions. Here, Trey solos beautifully, but Page's role seems far more restrained. There is far less of a full band build towards the end than musical support for Trey's incredible soloing. To some ears, the best "Taste" ever. To others, it's too one dimensional.
1998-04-04 Providence, RI 10:55 Mike doesn't get a lot of mention on this chart, but he is really rock solid here, underpinning the harmonic base off of which Trey and Page shine. Still, this version doesn't have quite the "extra mustard" of many '97 versions.
1998-11-08 Chicago, IL 10:31 Trey is excellent in this version, almost making it on par with the top versions from '97.
1998-12-28 New York, NY 11:27 Page has a magnificent solo, and then Trey waits for several measures before starting his solo. Very good band interplay during the build up. There is a cool little spacey cycle (just some long-held notes, to be fair) after the coda.
1999-07-03 Atlanta, GA 10:43 Enchanting. Page's solo features some unusual stylings and cool chord progressions. Trey's solo is a fairly simple, yet stunningly melodic, and includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease and playing vaguely reminiscent to "Faht". Different from the higher octane '97s, but definitely must-hear.
1999-07-17 Volney, NY 12:25 -> in from "Have Mercy." Similar to, but more stretched out than 7/3/99. Yet it doesn't have quite the melodic bliss.
1999-07-21 Burgettstown, PA 12:37 Extended, unhurried and skillful soloing by Trey. Only very gradually does the band notch up the intensity.
1999-09-22 Las Cruces, NM 11:34 Delicately but very deftly performed. Great teaming by Trey and Page in this graceful version.
1999-12-05 Rochester, NY 12:55 The closest thing to a "jammed out" version of "Taste" (before 2017), as the band stretches Trey's solo out into a very extended and mellow groove, before returning to more familiar ground.
2000-05-23 New York, NY 10:12 A different version with a relaxed, toned-down feel throughout, but it is also deftly played with near precision.
2000-06-28 Holmdel, NJ 11:22 Fish adeptly intensifies the percussive effects to compliment Trey's very spirited soloing.
2000-09-18 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:54 Page's solo is excellent, but also atypically unhurried and gentle. Trey matches this sentiment initially, before the whole band cranks it up for the show capping finale.
2003-02-14 Inglewood, CA 10:26 -> in from "Fee." Cool, somewhat mellow, and very different solo by Trey. But the band brings the heat back at the finish.
2003-02-25 Philadelphia, PA 12:04 Excellent Page solo. Then Trey deploys some unusual plucking and strumming techniques (9:00 - 10:20 or so) towards the end of his solo. Strong version.
2003-07-12 George, WA 11:18 Intense, high energy version where the boys seem to add some extra gusto to the jam.
2003-07-21 Noblesville, IN 11:14 The energy and power start to build at the end of Trey's solo, then he settles everyone back down for a bit before rallying the band into an overdrive finale.
2003-07-26 Atlanta, GA 12:15 Trey has a long solo where the others ratchet-down the volume to near zero. Then, Fish kicks into gear, bringing the pulse and power back on. Full throttle finish.
2009-11-18 Detroit, MI 9:37 A damn fine version for any era. Has the four essential ingredients for a strong version: 1) dynamic, virtuosic Page solo; 2) thoughtfully-crafted Trey solo; 3) soaring and spiraling crescendo finale; and 4) stellar rhythmic and harmonic foundation from Fish and Mike.
2011-08-05 George, WA 9:07 Perhaps overshadowed by epic versions of "Roggae" and "Rock And Roll," this is nonetheless an excellent "Taste." Trey has some great moments throughout, and of course Page, but do yourself a favor while enjoying this and pay attention to Mike - he is locked-in and rock solid.
2012-06-07 Worcester, MA 8:38 -> in from a excellent "Carini." Page is great in this version, which is also features Trey playing both a "Norwegian Wood" tease early in his solo, as well as the "NICU" riff signaling the concluding section. > to a strong "Ghost."
2013-08-04 San Francisco, CA 8:20 Fish stands tall here, although musicianship is strong across the board in this quality version.
2017-08-02 New York, NY 18:30 "Taste" gets its first true jam, and it's a doozy, too. Darker-than-usual jamming leads to a lovely shift to major-key blissfulness, Trey's chord playing giving the jam some real warmth. The music shifts to more powerful, if still low-key rocking out, Page's piano at the forefront, then builds to a superb finish. Dies out and > into a superb "Wingsuit".
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