Jam Chart for the state of ME (108 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1989-11-03 Bowie Portland, ME 16:43 Teases (see Setlist), including some in the middle of the jam, which is unusual. But that fits with this weird, very improvisational version. Not magical music, but if you like quirky improv, check it out.
1990-01-26 SOAMelt Portland, ME 8:15 Excellent version with solid exploratory jamming as well as simmering tension as the jam progresses.
1991-08-03 Foam Auburn, ME 8:32 Excellent early version from Amy's Farm. Delicate meanderings by Trey followed by a great full band peak foreshadow the epic version from 12/14/95 that would happen 4+ years later. Thanks to @Curtiss for unearthing this one.
1991-08-03 Reba Auburn, ME 11:39 Trey's wonderful tone in the jam proves the perfect antidote for a minor flub in the composed section. Fish drives a fiery jam, with Trey riffing through a set of wonderful ideas, delivering cool blasts of notes markedly sustained, culminating in more "DEG"-like playing.
1991-11-22 Brother Portland, ME 6:07 While it's far less dissonant than most early versions, there is some truly amazing playing by Trey in this one. Fish and Mike are also strong.
1991-11-22 Divided Portland, ME 13:30 Unusually long jam for this period. Trey is absolutely on fire in this one.
1992-07-09 Stash Portland, ME 9:23 Pounding percussion from Fish, screaming guitar from Trey, and loads of dissonance make for an excellent version.
1992-07-09 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 7:41 Forget "Jim", Trey runs away on this one, his play informing, arguably, the most blistering version to date - and, quite possibly, ever.
1993-02-03 Wedge Portland, ME 6:18 Strong debut version features a slinky and jazzy piano intro. Page solos nicely, with cool chords from Trey, who soon offers an energetic solo of his own. Page retakes control through an extended outro, which builds to a near peak. Must-hear for fans of "The Wedge."
1993-02-03 Bowie Portland, ME 12:34 1992 was kind of an off year for "Bowie." But the band starts off 1993 with an excellent well-varied ripper here. All of February 1993 was strong for "Bowie."
1993-02-03 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 9:06 "Jim" opens this historic show's second set, showcasing Page's new found sound (seriously, check it out). That aside, the version is superb, the band locked in as, within "Jim", they begin to truly toy with tension ratcheted not solely for the purpose of release.
1993-02-03 Tweezer Portland, ME 12:00 "Water/Wash Your Team in a Beehive I'm a Sent You" lyrics.
1993-02-03 YEM Portland, ME 21:12 "Water Your Team In A Beehive I'm A-sent You." And "My Girl" teasing.
1993-02-03 Possum Portland, ME 10:28 Cool jam on "You Don't Love Me" by Willie Cobbs, but more familiar as an Allman Brothers Band cover, from 5:27 - 5:55. After that, it is a crazy shred-fest, plus it's Page's first time on baby grand, which sounds awesome.
1993-05-07 Antelope Bangor, ME 10:29 Unbelievable staccato picking by Trey throughout the jam is matched by deft playing Page and Fish. A serious ripper.
1993-05-07 YEM Bangor, ME 22:05 "Mission: Impossible" teases and a "Yield Not to Temptation" jam. Vocal jam based on the "Bonanza" theme.
1993-12-30 Gin Portland, ME 10:05 Jam breaks into a quick tempo groove at about 6:45 and continues on this track until returning to "Gin" at 8:20.
1993-12-30 Mike's Portland, ME 12:44 Fantastic version which sounds light years removed from the improvisational wackiness of August '93. This "Mike's" has melodic grandeur that distinguishes it from almost any '93 siblings. The signature 2nd jam has moments of hose foreshadowing a bright future for "Mike's."
1993-12-30 Weekapaug Portland, ME 7:31 Wraps up a tremendous "Mike's Groove" with inspired "Type I" playing and a funky vocal jam. Unfinished with a > to "Purple Rain."
1993-12-30 Slave Portland, ME 9:35 Page stays on piano throughout, which adds grandeur to this version, while Trey really just adds color to the chord progression for most of the jam, enhancing its majesty. But it's over the top when Trey takes the lead.
1994-07-03 Reba Old Orchard Beach, ME 7:50 Following the first electric version of "The Old Home Place" (and only the second performance in the band's history), "Reba" isn't in Maine any longer, as the band, driven by extended, airy, and introspective play from Trey, masterfully makes for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."
1994-07-03 Over the Rainbow Old Orchard Beach, ME 1:43 After a tease from Trey, the full band shifts into an instrumental version of this classic Judy Garland tune.
1994-07-03 Reba Old Orchard Beach, ME 4:59 A true wizard, Trey works a fanastic -> to bring the band back to "Reba." More fantastic full-band play, driven, in large part, by Mike, brings this notable version to a close.
1994-07-03 Bowie Old Orchard Beach, ME 14:25 Some "MLB"-like jamming early on. Dizzying, hypnotic, and intense jam ensues.
1994-07-03 SOAMelt Old Orchard Beach, ME 16:18 Exploratory, far-ranging, and gripping version includes Hendrix teases, incredible jamming with cool funky Page on the B-3, rhythmic gyrations, power rocking, dizzying dissonance, and a thrilling, unusual conclusion.
1994-07-03 Antelope Old Orchard Beach, ME 13:01 Excellent, intense and cacophanous version where the band plays along to a 4th of July fireworks display. Released on FTA - Super Ball IX Part I.
1994-11-02 Foam Bangor, ME 10:30 From a show loaded with improvisation ("Tweezer," "Possum"), this version includes moments of uncharacteristic dissonance, and unusual chord progressions and melodic content, particularly in the build-up, which is scorching.
1994-11-02 Maze Bangor, ME 11:58 For a show filled with improvisational versions (see "Tweezer," "Possum," "Foam"), it should come as no surprise that this "Maze" is also both inspired and exploratory. It's also just insanely loaded up with tension, Tension, TENSION!
1994-11-02 Stash Bangor, ME 11:39 An unexpected and largely upbeat groove emerges from the typically chaotic jam for this time period.
1994-11-02 Tweezer Bangor, ME 31:00 Version from "A Live One." A "type II" version that is "all over the map" and "off the charts" (despite being on this one).
1994-11-02 Possum Bangor, ME 12:20 Must-Hear stormy exploratory jam with a descending melodic theme in parts, several sections that challenge the limits of standard "Possum," and "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group) teases in the intro.
1995-12-11 Bowie Portland, ME 23:12 Haunting, ghoulish and riveting version that includes a long intro. Fish kicks ass! Maybe not as exploratory as the summer '95s, but it compensates with twisted psychological tone.
1995-12-11 Taste That Surrounds Portland, ME 9:17 More of a full band jam, as the separation between Page's solo and Trey's was not clear at this stage.
1995-12-11 SOAMule Portland, ME 12:48 Vocal and guitar response by Trey is hilarious and wild. Page responds back with another long and dramatic solo; the klezmer, and more weird chanting from Mike.
1995-12-11 Hood Portland, ME 14:57 A good mix of quieter playing leads to anticipation as the build develops, then the peak delivers a celebratory release.
1997-08-16 CDT Limestone, ME 10:34 Great example of why '97 is such a pivotal year in Phistory. Here they stretch and expand the music everywhere possible without ever really getting beyond "CDT" proper.
1997-08-16 Theme Limestone, ME 12:22 The band covers a lot of varied musical territory in this "Type I" version that includes a "What's The Use" tease.
1997-08-16 Ghost Limestone, ME 16:39 Mellow big bass funk groove, no climax. [A nice gradual transition from the heavy funk to more open, upbeat play, which grows dissonant before latching onto a great rocking, powerful and percussive groove.]
1997-08-16 Wolfman's Limestone, ME 18:50 Awesome, improvisational version that gets well beyond standard "Wolfman's." At 8:50, the jam breaks out of funk mode and starts to explore, masterfully linking several sections with great, inspired music before -> to a cool "Simple."
1997-08-16 Simple Limestone, ME 10:39 -> in from a fantastic "Wolfman's Brother." A bit quirky, this mellow "Simple" jam includes a jam on the "Theme from the Odd Couple," turns bluesy, and -> to "My Soul."
1997-08-16 Jam Limestone, ME 2:48 A stand-alone jam, sort of spacey, sort of funky follows "My Soul" and -> to "Slave To The Traffic Light"
1997-08-16 Halley's Limestone, ME 12:28 A kind of grunge-like jam develops, with additional vocal refrain at about 10:00. The jam then departs "Halley's" altogether and develops into a swirly, minor key, bluesy Fish and Mike led exploration. "On Your Way Down" tease leads directly to a -> to "Cities."
1997-08-16 Cities Limestone, ME 13:30 Another SUPER SLOW, funky version from '97. Segues out of "Halley's Comet." The tempo picks up at about 8:40, and the funk comes on even thicker. Gets more rocking and bluesy before -> to "Llama."
1997-08-16 Llama Limestone, ME 6:44 -> in from "Cities." Great Page and a nasty, growling and extended Trey section. -> to "Lawn Boy."
1997-08-16 LxL Limestone, ME 15:48 The boys really stretch the jam out on this one nicely, and the playing is excellent. They also tack on a nice extended ending (was played near the end of day 1 of the Great Went) before transitioning to "Funky Bitch."
1997-08-17 Tweezer Limestone, ME 18:33 Space Funk. "Cities"-like jam and "Simple" teases.
1997-08-17 Taste Limestone, ME 10:47 Powerhouse version from the Great Went. Riveting Page solo, skillful Trey solo, and spiraling crescendo finale.
1997-08-17 DwD Limestone, ME 27:07 A paramount, must-hear version that includes multiple stages of funk, rock, and space funk, and concludes with an incredible Mike and Trey duet which -> to an equally transcendent "Bathtub Gin."
1997-08-17 Gin Limestone, ME 15:22 -> in from a great "DwD." One of the most beloved Phish jams of all-time, and exhibit "A" for "Hose" jamming. The progression modulates to include a minor chord and combines with Trey's soaring lead play to produce a truly inspiring improvisation. Unfinished > "Uncle Pen".
1997-08-17 2001 Limestone, ME 22:52 Mike and Trey take time to paint, then come back and light the earth on fire. Last five minutes could conjure the dead into a dance competition.
1997-08-17 Hood Limestone, ME 15:30 Inspired by the first ever "Hood" glowstick war, Trey leads this fan favorite melodic jam to a thrilling peak.
1997-08-17 Buffalo Bill Limestone, ME 5:32 Jammed out a bit, with an extended Trey solo and a sweet drawn out transition starting at about 4:18, which at first sounds like "Boogie On" (not played since 1988, or 969 shows), but instead -> to "NICU."
1997-08-17 SOAMule Limestone, ME 9:45 Page solo with others playing along > breaks into a funky jazzy jam > beautiful Page/Trey duet/jam joined by Mike and Fish -> Digital Delay Loop jam with "London Bridge Is Falling Down" teases -> "Mule" conclusion.
1997-08-17 Digital Delay Loop Jam Limestone, ME 3:50 -> in from "SOAMule." The "DDL" Jam is just part of an incredibly improvisational "Mule."
1997-08-17 SOAMule Limestone, ME 1:19 -> in from "Digital Delay Loop" Jam to end this incredible "Mule."
1997-08-17 Caspian Limestone, ME 11:23 Straightforward but extended, well played and hard rocking version closes Set III, Day 2 of the Great Went.
1998-08-15 Divided Limestone, ME 16:34 Musically, 1998 falls somewhere between the crisp, hard rocking sound of the mid-90's and the subtle, layered grooves of 1999 and 2000. This excellent version provides glimpses of both.
1998-08-15 Gumbo Limestone, ME 13:31 "Manteca"-like jamming to start, then, slowly, a "Tweezer Reprise" jam develops, and once it peaks, it breaks down into a fun danceable jam with a nice segue into "Sanity".
1998-08-15 Tweezer Limestone, ME 15:59 Brief appearance by the MOOG.
1998-08-15 LxL Limestone, ME 11:30 1998 was also a strong year for "Limb." This Lemonwheel version is a case in point with a '98 style diminuendo ending.
1998-08-15 Loving Cup Limestone, ME 7:56 They just kill it to close the third set!
1998-08-16 Possum Limestone, ME 15:25 This extended jam is vintage '98 Phish sound, with technically astute, but patient playing, and with contributions by all band members. None of the frenetic, guitar dominated fury of '92 - '95. But also lacking any real improvisational elements.
1998-08-16 DwD Limestone, ME 18:37 Around 12:00, the jam breaks from the standard into 6 minutes of heavy funk-based jamming. > to "Piper."
1998-08-16 Ghost Limestone, ME 18:16 Relaxing cerebral massage with glow sticks and a "Foxy Voodoo" outro. [The jam here is ripe with iconic and lush '98-style ambient grooving. The most purely ambient of all versions, the band later molded "Ghost" to match its musical focus.]
1998-08-16 2001 Limestone, ME 18:17 First jam is cohesive funkiness and a clinic on full brand improv. "Crosseyed" and "Super Bad" with Trey on fire throughout. One of the greats.
1998-08-16 Wilson Limestone, ME 7:57 Unique ambient interlude ripe with feedback before BLAT BOOM and then continues after until > "Mango".
1998-08-16 Jam Limestone, ME 7:22 -> in from "Hood." A spacey jam follows "Harry" to accompany fireworks marking the conclusion of the Lemonwheel Festival. Fish plays the trombone for a portion of the jam, which -> to "Baby Elephant Walk" (last performed 12/1/92).
1999-12-07 Halley's Portland, ME 27:56 An excellent, rollicking, and very upbeat jam develops immediately. Quiets down slightly at about 16:00, but regains momentum and a different vibe around 20:30. At 24:10, the jam finally slows down, taking a blissful few minutes to transition to "Coil." Includes a "Gotta Jibboo" tease.
1999-12-07 Gin Portland, ME 16:48 Fantastic groove-based "Gin." The jam quickly leaves "Gin" behind (at 6:50), breaking into a groove that paints a beautiful, serene, and otherworldly landscape. Page's deft use of effects adds to the scenery. A very unique "Gin."
1999-12-08 DwD Portland, ME 15:09 An upbeat groove develops away from the standard that has an almost an "Gin"-like vibe to it before returning to "DwD."
1999-12-08 Ya Mar Portland, ME 14:24 A nice percussive, somewhat dark, jam emerges that is unusual in its sentiment.
1999-12-08 Antelope Portland, ME 14:50 Per @sandyfr "Closing a strong first set, this Antelope starts with some classic siren loops, before moving beyond the standard fare around 9:00, gradually losing any form of sensible key. The music morphs into an atonal wall of filthy harsh noise, as the alien mix of shoegaze and free jazz create a swirling tornado of cacophony."
1999-12-08 Sand Portland, ME 17:16 Explosive trance.
1999-12-08 Piper Portland, ME 19:31 The jam downshifts from typically high energy "Piper" fare to a subdued, low key groove with spacey Page effects.
1999-12-08 YEM Portland, ME 21:23 "Tweeprise" VJ! (No B&D.)
2003-08-02 Ya Mar Limestone, ME 17:09 Second song of the IT festival is a surprise jamming vehicle. Departs "Ya Mar" proper altogether at about 6:00 and launches into a fabulous, improvisational journey with several movements. Not quite brooding, it's no upbeat calypso party either. Great segue -> into "Runaway Jim." Only exploratory post-Hiatus version (so far).
2003-08-02 Reba Limestone, ME 18:31 An outstanding version for any era, the IT "Reba" towers above its peers from '03 - '04. Pulling away from typical "Reba" jamming at 8:45, the play breaks into warm-hearted major mode at 11:10 and continues for several minutes, before cleanly working its way back home to a spirited finale.
2003-08-02 BOAF Limestone, ME 13:54 Some debate whether or not this jam goes beyond "Type I." Fishman keeps the rhythm in check throughout, but Trey explores a lot of directions in this quality jam.
2003-08-02 Meatstick Limestone, ME 8:11 Outro gets slightly removed from the norm and has a unique ending.
2003-08-02 LxL Limestone, ME 11:12 No sloppy playing in this solid, mostly straightforward 2.0 version. It does have a cool little settle before the final peak.
2003-08-02 DwD Limestone, ME 22:22 Improvisational version from the IT Festival includes a fair amount of haunting and chilling effects-laden playing from Trey and Page before -> "NICU."
2003-08-02 Waves Limestone, ME 20:54 While average at first, the jam eventually dissolves into 10 minutes of haunting, pulsing space that is highly improvisational. A soundscape more than music that, when combined with Kuroda's lights, must have been other worldly.
2003-08-02 Jam Limestone, ME 0:00 See Waves Jamming Chart.
2003-08-02 R&R Limestone, ME 17:31 Intense straightforward playing breaks into a punchy and 2.0-style funky jam at 10:00 that continues until a -> to "Seven Below."
2003-08-02 Seven Below Limestone, ME 12:54 For being relatively short, this one really covers a lot of ground! Not to mention, nifty segue out of "Rock and Roll" and into "Scents and Subtle Sounds."
2003-08-02 Scents and Subtle Sounds Limestone, ME 8:36 -> in from "Seven Below." A nice straightforward version of "S&SS" is sandwiched between nice fat slices of "Seven Below." -> back to "Seven Below."
2003-08-02 Seven Below Limestone, ME 5:25 -> in from "Scents And Subtle Sounds." The intensity builds following the return to "Seven Below," then a great and lower intensity groove emerges that -> to "Spread It Round."
2003-08-03 CDT Limestone, ME 24:05 A masterful jam of improvisation from the IT festival. Departs from "CDT" and morphs into a rhythmic, scaled down pulsing groove. Returns briefly to "CDT" before more exploration. Concludes with an acelerated tempo.
2003-08-03 Weekapaug Limestone, ME 13:20 The jam swiftly breaks away from the standard into a mildly dark, rocking and rhythmic groove, which the boys ride for nearly 6 minutes before swinging the ship for home waters.
2003-08-03 Ghost Limestone, ME 31:47 Keep out of the reach of children...there is a sense that IT could happen at any moment. [Excellent, celebratory "Ghost" jamming through 19:00, when the jam grows dissonant, angry, and effects-laden, then resurfaces to a rocking section and winds down.]
2003-08-03 Pebbles and Marbles Limestone, ME 11:26 Shorter than some of its 2.0 brethren, but no less powerful.
2003-08-03 YEM Limestone, ME 22:29 Strong version with a short VJ that segues into "Chariots of Fire."
2003-08-03 46 Days Limestone, ME 38:30 Haunting, thrumming, mind blowing, and masterful. The band wastes little time departing from "46 Days" and descends into an underworld soundscape filled with all sorts of chilling effects, eerie sounds and more. After nearly 20 minutes of deep exploration, the band resurfaces with 15 minutes of (appropriately) low intensity, more musically oriented improvisation, and ultimately finishes off "46 Days" in the closing minutes.
2010-10-19 JJLC Augusta, ME 8:04 Spirited piano action from Page is matched by electric and rocking playing by Trey.
2010-10-19 Light Augusta, ME 14:28 Magnificent and varied throughout touching on at least four or five different jam styles highlighted by an outstanding "calypso" stanza.
2010-10-19 Reba Augusta, ME 15:51 Awesome "Reba." Trey works atop a really cool beat, which, at times, seems to stop and then start, a special sort of space carved by Mike's bass. Excellent effects work to enhance the jam, as the band plays exceptionally well as one. Trey nudges the band into a spacey and protracted legroom, which the band explores with aplomb before Fish breaks for "Manteca." Super guitar brings this version to a close.
2013-07-03 Theme Bangor, ME 9:39 A clean bridge!!! The jam that follows is melodic, varied, and interesting. Trey makes good use of the "allotted" jam space.
2013-07-03 Golden Age Bangor, ME 14:14 Laid-back and funky jamming abounds in this one (including a "Manteca" tease). > to "Twist."
2013-07-03 BDTNL Bangor, ME 8:12 Excellent "Type I" version with great variation and playing by Trey, and no flat notes taboot!
2013-07-03 Antelope Bangor, ME 12:33 Jam starts out predictably enough, then surprisingly breaks into an upbeat major mode groove. Old school peak.
2019-06-25 Gin Bangor, ME 14:12 Fish picks up the pace early with an insistent beat and the jam seems poised to peak around 8 minutes but instead enters a brief transitional period and then gets funky for a spell before wrapping typically.
2019-06-25 LxL Bangor, ME 10:21 The jam begins quietly, then drops into minor mode with more rocking play. The music quickly shifts back to inspired, soaring play which sounds similar but slightly different than "LxL" and concludes with a quality peak.
2019-06-25 DwD Bangor, ME 19:23 This version is Mike-led from the very beginning. He and Page take the reins early, creating a cool, textured sound. By the 9:00 mark, a full band jam has emerged, which morphs into a funky, dance-party jam. Fantastic play from Trey punctuates the jam as it > into "Play By Play."
2019-06-25 Simple Bangor, ME 19:32 The typical outro dissipates into spacious twilight and then very gradually heats up while retaining its late-night feel as Trey's riffs get more rocking en route to a peak. A funky staccato section caps the jam before > "Piper".
2019-06-26 KDF Bangor, ME 11:06 Fairly intense but inbounds playing continues until 6:45 brings a shift to a warmer, more relaxed zone which gives Page and Mike space to step up before Trey brings things back to a rocking finish.
2019-06-26 Fuego Bangor, ME 17:18 Sprite and airy play dominates until, following the 13:00 mark, the band revisits the song's primary melody (nice and growly) and descends into a welcome, if not quite warm, passage of controlled, near-chaotic play. Trey augments his tone and leans into his effects, with Mike sounding off (any number of possible teases) before the four, as if rehearsed, line up their -> into a world-class "Cities."
2019-06-26 Cities Bangor, ME 12:50 -> out of a superb "Fuego". Gets deliciously, almost heavy-metal sludgy dark right out of the gate, Mike and Fish really powering this gruesomeness. Fish snaps into a wickedly danceable beat which the band rides for all it's worth (nearly swerving into "Sand" at one point), before they swing into a new key and pull out a sick -> into "The Final Hurrah". A wonderful jam.
2022-07-16 DwD Bangor, ME 30:31 Old meets new. > from a strong Sigma Oasis, the band erupts, "DWD" exploring myriad sonic territories. Better off dancing about architecture than writing about this one. Just drop out. Or tune in. > a perfectly placed "WTU?"
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