Jam Chart for shows in the city of Portland, ME (28 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1989-11-03 Bowie Portland, ME 16:43 Teases (see Setlist), including some in the middle of the jam, which is unusual. But that fits with this weird, very improvisational version. Not magical music, but if you like quirky improv, check it out.
1990-01-26 SOAMelt Portland, ME 8:15 Excellent version with solid exploratory jamming as well as simmering tension as the jam progresses.
1991-11-22 Brother Portland, ME 6:07 While it's far less dissonant than most early versions, there is some truly amazing playing by Trey in this one. Fish and Mike are also strong.
1991-11-22 Divided Portland, ME 13:30 Unusually long jam for this period. Trey is absolutely on fire in this one.
1992-07-09 Stash Portland, ME 9:23 Pounding percussion from Fish, screaming guitar from Trey, and loads of dissonance make for an excellent version.
1992-07-09 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 7:41 Forget "Jim", Trey runs away on this one, his play informing, arguably, the most blistering version to date - and, quite possibly, ever.
1993-02-03 Wedge Portland, ME 6:18 Strong debut version features a slinky and jazzy piano intro. Page solos nicely, with cool chords from Trey, who soon offers an energetic solo of his own. Page retakes control through an extended outro, which builds to a near peak. Must-hear for fans of "The Wedge."
1993-02-03 Bowie Portland, ME 12:34 1992 was kind of an off year for "Bowie." But the band starts off 1993 with an excellent well-varied ripper here. All of February 1993 was strong for "Bowie."
1993-02-03 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 9:06 "Jim" opens this historic show's second set, showcasing Page's new found sound (seriously, check it out). That aside, the version is superb, the band locked in as, within "Jim", they begin to truly toy with tension ratcheted not solely for the purpose of release.
1993-02-03 Tweezer Portland, ME 12:00 "Water/Wash Your Team in a Beehive I'm a Sent You" lyrics.
1993-02-03 YEM Portland, ME 21:12 "Water Your Team In A Beehive I'm A-sent You." And "My Girl" teasing.
1993-02-03 Possum Portland, ME 10:28 Cool jam on "You Don't Love Me" by Willie Cobbs, but more familiar as an Allman Brothers Band cover, from 5:27 - 5:55. After that, it is a crazy shred-fest, plus it's Page's first time on baby grand, which sounds awesome.
1993-12-30 Gin Portland, ME 10:05 Jam breaks into a quick tempo groove at about 6:45 and continues on this track until returning to "Gin" at 8:20.
1993-12-30 Mike's Portland, ME 12:44 Fantastic version which sounds light years removed from the improvisational wackiness of August '93. This "Mike's" has melodic grandeur that distinguishes it from almost any '93 siblings. The signature 2nd jam has moments of hose foreshadowing a bright future for "Mike's."
1993-12-30 Weekapaug Portland, ME 7:31 Wraps up a tremendous "Mike's Groove" with inspired "Type I" playing and a funky vocal jam. Unfinished with a > to "Purple Rain."
1993-12-30 Slave Portland, ME 9:35 Page stays on piano throughout, which adds grandeur to this version, while Trey really just adds color to the chord progression for most of the jam, enhancing its majesty. But it's over the top when Trey takes the lead.
1995-12-11 Bowie Portland, ME 23:12 Haunting, ghoulish and riveting version that includes a long intro. Fish kicks ass! Maybe not as exploratory as the summer '95s, but it compensates with twisted psychological tone.
1995-12-11 Taste That Surrounds Portland, ME 9:17 More of a full band jam, as the separation between Page's solo and Trey's was not clear at this stage.
1995-12-11 SOAMule Portland, ME 12:48 Vocal and guitar response by Trey is hilarious and wild. Page responds back with another long and dramatic solo; the klezmer, and more weird chanting from Mike.
1995-12-11 Hood Portland, ME 14:57 A good mix of quieter playing leads to anticipation as the build develops, then the peak delivers a celebratory release.
1999-12-07 Halley's Portland, ME 27:56 An excellent, rollicking, and very upbeat jam develops immediately. Quiets down slightly at about 16:00, but regains momentum and a different vibe around 20:30. At 24:10, the jam finally slows down, taking a blissful few minutes to transition to "Coil." Includes a "Gotta Jibboo" tease.
1999-12-07 Gin Portland, ME 16:48 Fantastic groove-based "Gin." The jam quickly leaves "Gin" behind (at 6:50), breaking into a groove that paints a beautiful, serene, and otherworldly landscape. Page's deft use of effects adds to the scenery. A very unique "Gin."
1999-12-08 DwD Portland, ME 15:09 An upbeat groove develops away from the standard that has an almost an "Gin"-like vibe to it before returning to "DwD."
1999-12-08 Ya Mar Portland, ME 14:24 A nice percussive, somewhat dark, jam emerges that is unusual in its sentiment.
1999-12-08 Antelope Portland, ME 14:50 Per @sandyfr "Closing a strong first set, this Antelope starts with some classic siren loops, before moving beyond the standard fare around 9:00, gradually losing any form of sensible key. The music morphs into an atonal wall of filthy harsh noise, as the alien mix of shoegaze and free jazz create a swirling tornado of cacophony."
1999-12-08 Sand Portland, ME 17:16 Explosive trance.
1999-12-08 Piper Portland, ME 19:31 The jam downshifts from typically high energy "Piper" fare to a subdued, low key groove with spacey Page effects.
1999-12-08 YEM Portland, ME 21:23 "Tweeprise" VJ! (No B&D.)
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