Jam Chart for Seven Below (19 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2002-12-31 New York, NY 7:40 Debut performance and part of NYE spectacle.
2003-02-16 Las Vegas, NV 9:32 -> in from "DwD." A short but very good "Seven Below" -> back to "DwD."
2003-02-20 Rosemont, IL 21:10 This is our first real taste of seven below. Gordon gets nasty in the middle section, and the rest of the band matches him in the funk department.
2003-07-13 George, WA 21:10 A very exploratory version. It gets really far out there before returning to a rocking jam that eventually gives way to the Seven Below theme. Also, it features a "Third Stone From the Sun" tease.
2003-08-02 Limestone, ME 12:54 For being relatively short, this one really covers a lot of ground! Not to mention, nifty segue out of "Rock and Roll" and into "Scents and Subtle Sounds."
2003-08-02 Limestone, ME 5:25 -> in from "Scents And Subtle Sounds." The intensity builds following the return to "Seven Below," then a great and lower intensity groove emerges that -> to "Spread It Round."
2004-06-20 Saratoga Springs, NY 19:08 The original Seven Below>Ghost combo. This one starts out very dark and brooding, and it slowly rolls into an up-tempo romp!
2004-06-25 East Troy, WI 27:04 The longest version of "Seven Below" is arguably not the best version, but it has some very engaging improvsation. While the boys are ambitious, they never really catch onto a theme, so it seems a bit unfocused at times. If you want a better, albight shorter, '04 "Seven Below," check out the 6/20/04 SPAC version.
2009-11-28 Albany, NY 24:30 Probably the King of "Seven Below"s! Initially, the jam sounds reminiscent of a mid-90's "Bathtub Gin" jam. Around the 7:50 mark, they briefly bring it back to the "Seven Below" theme. After that, they delve into darker realms, moving seamlessly for the next 20 minutes between dark and triumphant passages of music. Eventually, this one gives way to a "Ghost" that is loaded with "Seven Below" teases. If anyone asks what jam from '09 they have to hear, tell them to reach for Albany's" 7 Below->Ghost" first!
2010-12-27 Worcester, MA 9:22 Like the IT version, this one goes an awfully long way in a relatively short amount of time! Gordon leads the band on a nice funky walk that eventually finds its way into a brilliant lead by Trey. Eventually, he lets this one roll right into the most up-beat introduction to "What's the Use" ever, before dipping fully into the dark depths of this tune.
2013-08-02 San Francisco, CA 13:45 A few flubs in the intro don't detract from this very energetic version from the first post-7/31/13 show, which incorporates three different calls for "woos" around some plinko-esque jamming and a good old-fashioned raveup at the end. Winds back into the regular -7 ending, then > into Theme.
2014-10-27 San Francisco, CA 10:04 This concise version does not stray far from the basic framework, but Page and Trey play off each other before building to a rousing climax. After the climax, this jam settles back into the Seven Below theme.
2015-08-02 Tuscaloosa, AL 10:26 One of the more interesting "Type I" renderings of this song that you will find. Trey sprinkles enough of his new summer toy, the Mutron peddle, to spice this one up. Page, Fish, and Mike stay pretty close to home, providing a great foundation for Trey to be more than adventurous on his solo. From the middle section, they ease seamlessly back into the main theme of the song.
2016-09-02 Commerce City, CO 8:56 Trey plays some soaring notes throughout and builds to a pretty good peak, then leads the band into a dissonant and murky swamp from which "BOAF" emerges. A lot going on here despite the length.
2017-01-13 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 11:17 Awesome, melodic play from Trey, and we're only 2:40 in. The jam continues to impress, with Trey in total control, his precise, cerebral work matched by Mike, who also takes some seriously strong runs. Fish, of course, is great. There's super synth from Page. And Trey (7:00) introduces an incredibly cool theme, which the band shapes to its seemingly logical conclusion, ending a dulcet "suite" before > for "Golgi Apparatus."
2017-07-21 New York, NY 13:02 Drops into a darker zone right out of the composed section, with Trey's fine guitar work and Page's synths leading the charge. Mike helps keep the jam at a low boil, before Trey makes the call for major key and they move to a blissful jam space, if a bit more restrained than previous jams from this tour. They build to a nice peak as Trey sustains one note before heading to Allman Brothers land, then they wind to a close on a bed of synths and > into "Billy Breathes".
2018-12-31 New York, NY 17:41 Quickly takes on a more assertive and slightly darker tone with Trey and Page employing a variety of sounds to color the jam before reverting to major at 7:00 with some light and airy play. This section gradually intensifies and gets more rocking as it progresses, ending with a thick, locked-in groove and some "woos" before > "Twist".
2021-10-28 Las Vegas, NV 16:50 Skirts around the edges but stays mostly within the framework through 12 minutes, after which the jam briefly settles delicately before a rising wave of hard-rock takes over, a sound further explored in the following > "If 6 Was 9".
2023-04-18 Berkeley, CA 11:08 What comes first: The effects or the melody? Tough to say, with Trey, these days. Nevertheless, deft musicianship is on full display - and here, especially, in a song seemingly constructed to showcase the band’s myriad strengths. Lovely, lilting - and, in many ways, Fish-driven version. Seriously, though: Check the change at 6:21. It's amazing.
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