Jam Chart for shows in the city of Saratoga Springs, NY (65 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-10-05 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 9:54 Dissonant and experimental jamming at first, followed by dependably blazing fast Trey in the latter half of the jam.
1994-07-10 Stash Saratoga Springs, NY 12:42 Multifaceted improvisational version, including a quieter section, a thrilling rebuilding of energy and dissonance, a second settled section, and a pulsing push back up over the top.
1994-07-10 My Friend Saratoga Springs, NY 7:28 Outro jam includes a "Purple Haze" tease.
1994-07-10 Mike's Saratoga Springs, NY 8:20 Following a predictably intense '94-style 1st jam, the 2nd jam begins with good exploratory play. Much like the strong version from 5/8/93, there's some great improvisational action before the -> to the sandwich meat, in this case "Low Rider."
1994-07-10 Low Rider Saratoga Springs, NY 3:30 After a heated "Mike's" jam flies past the onramp to "Simple," Trey finds a lick not unlike the War classic. Mike and band quickly pounce, and for about two minutes cruise along in a groovy, rocking "Low Rider." The ride goes squirrelly when Fish yanks the wheel, dropping into a morphing series of rhythms and tempos that split the band into four wavering entities, each keeping the melody while choosing his own speed. The "Low Rider" lurches along, slows to a near stop, then revs back up to speed and power-slides back into "Mike's."
1994-07-10 Mike's Saratoga Springs, NY 1:48 -> back to "Mike's" adds an emphatic exclamation point to this solid version.
1994-07-10 Weekapaug Saratoga Springs, NY 8:31 Settles in the middle with a cool breakdown section before re-building to an energetic finish.
1995-06-26 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 14:08 Super version with excellent stylistic variation by Trey, as well as "DEG"-like playing and a cool "Heartbreaker" tease/jam. Trey's shape-shifting play recalls the excellent versions of '90 and '91.
1995-06-26 DwD Saratoga Springs, NY 23:26 Very exploratory, wide-ranging jam that is rhythmically oriented and, like other Summer '95 jams, has a psychological edginess to it. -> to an epic "Free."
1995-06-26 Free Saratoga Springs, NY 16:16 -> in from a great "Down With Disease." Multi-movement masterpiece. Starts in typical (for 1995) style, but morphs into rhythmic, eerie and psychedelic piece. The jams then takes on a jazz-like vibe. After some quiet moments, picks up tempo and energy for a rocking, upbeat finale.
1995-06-26 YEM Saratoga Springs, NY 21:32 Excellent, intense version!
1995-06-26 Antelope Saratoga Springs, NY 11:28 Largely straightforward, but blistering hot jam with great playing by Fish and Page.
2004-06-19 Wolfman's Saratoga Springs, NY 11:36 Really a great version that gets somewhat beyond the typical format with continued improvisation before coming home.
2004-06-19 WotC Saratoga Springs, NY 20:11 Straightforward until 12:55 when the jam breaks into a nice "Type I" outro jam. This jam settles briefly, then builds into a great "Type II" jam with some melodic licks from Trey that preview the catchy riff he seizes on in the following day's "Ghost."
2004-06-19 ASIHTOS Saratoga Springs, NY 17:58 Outstanding "Type II" version. The jam probes the sea floor until finding oceanic bliss around the 9:30 mark. Trey lays back crafting rhythmic textures, while Page deploys the clavinet. What follows is a calming sense of murky haze before the jam gains momentum, ultimately returning to the song proper. > to an exceptional "Piper."
2004-06-19 Piper Saratoga Springs, NY 32:40 A multi-section improvisational super heavyweight. The jam begins with a low-key, "Piper"-like groove, settles, then builds into an angry and rocking section that eventually bursts into a "Tweeprise" Jam. From here, the jam settles into a couple of great and swinging, lower intensity grooves that -> to "Jibboo."
2004-06-19 LxL Saratoga Springs, NY 11:51 A well played version. Following the typical "Limb" peak, there is a sort of celebratory, almost euphoric power jam that is both unusual and adds extra mustard to this "Limb."
2004-06-20 Waves Saratoga Springs, NY 16:00 Although the jam between verses is standard "Waves" fare, the band moves into an excellent 7 minute plus jam following the final verse that is rhythmic and upbeat, with multiple movements and "Maze" teases.
2004-06-20 Drowned Saratoga Springs, NY 21:52 A high quality, multi-faceted jam with building intensity. The later jam segment sounds somewhat like the jam portion of "Kill Devil Falls," which wouldn't emerge for another 4 years.
2004-06-20 Seven Below Saratoga Springs, NY 19:08 The original Seven Below>Ghost combo. This one starts out very dark and brooding, and it slowly rolls into an up-tempo romp!
2004-06-20 Twist Saratoga Springs, NY 20:06 -> in from "Ghost." Excellent multi-section jam starts at 5:45, breaking into a funky, pulsing section. The jam picks up a nice swinging vibe, intensifies and grows "HOSE"-like, then ends with a brief power rocking > fade.
2009-08-16 BDTNL Saratoga Springs, NY 20:02 Exploratory "Type II" jam which starts to peel away from "BDTNL" around 6:00. Rocking at first, it grows somewhat dark and dissonant, brightens again, and ends in a repetitive and spacey groove which -> to "Twenty Years Later."
2010-06-20 Drowned Saratoga Springs, NY 13:11 Nice jam that bounces along before slowing to a more spacious sentiment that sets up nicely for a transition into "Swept Away/Steep."
2012-07-06 Tube Saratoga Springs, NY 1:35 "Tube's" funky jam smoothly -> into the Talking Heads classic "Psycho Killer".
2012-07-06 Psycho Killer Saratoga Springs, NY 2:20 A rousing performance sandwiched inside "Tube's" jam.
2012-07-06 Tube Saratoga Springs, NY 2:39 -> from "Psycho Killer" and briefly gets into a staccato clav-groove before wrapping up this crowd-pleasing sandwich.
2012-07-06 Sneakin' Sally Saratoga Springs, NY 13:02 > in from "PYITE." A great, rocking, upbeat, and multi-part jam follows the vocal jam. > to "Ghost."
2012-07-07 Gin Saratoga Springs, NY 11:50 > in from "Peaches en Regalia." Nothing like some good "Gin" on a nice summer night. This "Type I" version is 3.0-style HOSE at its best. Great nimble and directed playing by Trey later in the jam.
2012-07-07 Caspian Saratoga Springs, NY 6:17 > in from "BDTNL." Band wastes no time getting beyond typical the "Caspian" jam , instead settling on a beautifully delicate, but substantive groove that unexpectedly segues -> to "SOAMule."
2012-07-08 Party Time Saratoga Springs, NY 8:39 Really solid and extended straightforward jamming with great Page and Trey.
2012-07-08 SOAMelt Saratoga Springs, NY 11:45 One could argue that they dick around and waste several minutes in the land of "meh." But after the 8:00 mark, this one suddenly gets pretty damn solid with some good old fashioned tension and dissonance. Hell, even throw in a little chaos.
2012-07-08 KDF Saratoga Springs, NY 10:44 Intense "Type I" jamming continues after the final lyrics before dipping into some darker playing that quickly brightens before ending with a -> to "MFMF."
2012-07-08 Piper Saratoga Springs, NY 15:31 Multi-dimensional, very high quality jamming. "Piper" has come back a long way since '09. > to "Free."
2012-07-08 Hood Saratoga Springs, NY 11:22 A very well played version overall, but the ending section in particular is extremely powerful.
2013-07-05 Bowie Saratoga Springs, NY 11:33 -> in from "Cities." Very solid and interesting "Bowie" that shifts back and forth between minor and major modes several times. Upbeat jam contrasts nicely with the more "classic" 12/28/12 version.
2013-07-05 Light Saratoga Springs, NY 15:07 A chaotic atonal interlude from the standard jam gives way to a pulsating, reverberating major mode section that settles into a melodic space before -> to "Mango."
2013-07-05 46 Days Saratoga Springs, NY 9:10 The jam settles down gradually, then Trey and Fish have a little back-and-forth jam, followed by a Page/Mike back-and-forth jam which -> cleanly to "Steam."
2013-07-05 Steam Saratoga Springs, NY 10:21 Perfect segue out of "46 Days." Powerful, popular version, yet that is also controversial, given Trey's heavy reliance on the Digitech Whammy pitch shifter to call entire schools and species of whales.
2013-07-06 Tube Saratoga Springs, NY 6:43 Begins with the usual Page-led funk on the clav, settles briefly, and picks back up with Trey leading the way. Later, Trey reverts to a rhythmic role as a second, different groove is explored before the closing guitar solo. Here's to more "Tubes" like this in the future. > to "Julius".
2013-07-06 SOAMelt Saratoga Springs, NY 18:17 Very exploratory jam that contrasts sharply with the "old school" style 8/18/12 version. This one more closely resembles standouts from '96 - '04, and includes mode modulation. Messy closing section; needs practice.
2013-07-06 Carini Saratoga Springs, NY 12:08 Serious "HOSE"! Jam quickly breaks from the typically dark, throttling form into the now commonly upbeat, major mode style with good modulation of intensity. It then darkens in minor mode, lightens briefly and -> to "Architect."
2014-07-03 Gin Saratoga Springs, NY 14:34 The typical "Type I" "Gin" jam continues through 10:30, then the chording and harmonics shift into quasi "Type II" jamming (quasi because Fish never really breaks the rhythm until this "Gin" grows spacey and transitional). > to an improvisational "LxL."
2014-07-03 LxL Saratoga Springs, NY 12:55 Improvisational version which begins to peel away from the standard as Trey and Page play unusual chords and harmonies to the base "LxL" rhythm, then makes a clean "Type II" break into a rhythmic, pulsing and somewhat dark jam. > to an impressive "Winterqueen."
2014-07-04 Reba Saratoga Springs, NY 13:06 Precise, delicate, and moving, very pretty play informs subdued jamming, featuring notable full-band interaction. Trey deftly shapes his tone, and the version becomes somewhat hypnotic and enchanting, with the musicians responding one to another before driving the jam to an expansive, emphatic peak.
2014-07-04 Fuego Saratoga Springs, NY 19:31 The first improvisational "Fuego" works away from the song structure gradually, making a full break by 11:30 into some very nice, light and fluttery interplay. The intensity builds to a crescendo before smoothly sliding into "DwD."
2014-07-05 Carini Saratoga Springs, NY 10:56 The jam breaks into the now predictable major mode section in a quieter and relaxed manner, which then builds energy and power and -> to "Waves."
2014-07-05 Piper Saratoga Springs, NY 13:22 "Piper" is restored to some form of its former self, including an intro (short), bridge (short), and some good "Type I" jamming before breaking into "Type II" ground with nice rhythmic-based playing with strong Page, followed by a short Trey-led "hose" section.
2014-07-05 YEM Saratoga Springs, NY 21:01 Lots of Mike in the groovy jam segment (though there's no peak).
2016-07-01 CDT Saratoga Springs, NY 22:37 Trey powers through "Carini" like a cold front, and a perfect storm ensues with "CDT." After breezing across familiar territory, the band embarks less upon a jam than an eclectic sort of symphony. The jam floats through a calm yet unsteady passage, atmospheric and effects-laden, before disembarking in comforting bliss, swapping instruments for a spell, and sailing into > "Caspian."
2016-07-02 Fuego Saratoga Springs, NY 12:27 One of those jams that straddles the fence between "Type I" and "Type II". They never quite leave Fuego's structure, but some warm Trey interplay with Page make for a nice departure from the "Fuego" norm.
2016-07-03 SOAMule Saratoga Springs, NY 11:01 Solid Page solo > Fish on Marimba Lumina > Weird, spacey electrified bass action from Mike > klezmer, prayer-like chanting from Mike > conclusion.
2016-07-03 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 8:02 Colorful bluesy licks. "Southern" swinging lines. Page and Fish might set this "Possum's" steady, swampy shuffle, but it's Trey who dominates this dense, extremely solid version.
2016-07-03 Moma Saratoga Springs, NY 17:34 One of the longest and most improvisational "Momas" to date isn't just an extended exercise in vamping and grooving. The jam pushes further from shore at the 6 minute mark, modulates by the 9 minute mark, sails through an octave-alternating thump, and the moment doesn't end until Mike drops his bombs and Trey weaves his friends into > "Twist."
2016-07-03 Hood Saratoga Springs, NY 11:00 Ever versatile, in the past few years, "Harry Hood" has spanned the range from a centerpiece improv-heavy jam to a lilting, polished encore. Here, after really cool, rarefied, and old-school stylings, Trey works this powerful classic to an archetypal peak.
2019-07-02 DwD Saratoga Springs, NY 20:30 > from "Cool Amber and Mercury." One week later, and another monster "Disease" is played. This is a multi-layered jam with multiple themes; if you don't like where the jam goes at one point, just wait three minutes and it will go off in another direction. Trey navigates and leads the band with the ease and confidence we've come to expect. > into a cool "Scents and Subtle Sounds."
2023-08-25 Moma Saratoga Springs, NY 13:32 Extended take drops into murky funk right out of the gate and luxuriates in that space. A mode shift then brings in a more introspective minor-key vibe with notably spry Mike play. Fluid Trey soloing leads Page towards a seamless mode change towards lydian space, before Trey finds the "Moma" melody to close out the affair.
2023-08-25 Ocelot Saratoga Springs, NY 8:26 This jam takes off around six minutes in, when Trey's soaring play, Fish's fills, Mike's thundering bass and Page's impressive play all coalesce to give this version an unusually fierce ending.
2023-08-25 Sand Saratoga Springs, NY 13:19 The "We Welcome You to Munchkinland" teases from Trey start at 6:45 and don't stop as they become the theme of this bizarrely triumphant jam on the 84th Anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz's" release.
2023-08-25 A Wave of Hope Saratoga Springs, NY 22:12 The jam begins in earnest, propelled with vigor by the rhythm section while Trey and Page build layers. There is some searching midway as a slow build leads to fine peak directed noodling from Trey that eventually peters into transitional space. The band then pushes through several minutes of percussive grit before Trey takes charge again, steering them to Simple.
2023-08-25 Simple Saratoga Springs, NY 21:53 -> from an expansive "AWoH". This multi-sectioned journey initially takes off in a minor key and plants its flag there as Trey's looping and Mike's cascading high octave wash apply density and complexity. The grooves grow polyrhythmic before coalescing into a dark, intense, effects-laden attack. A seemingly composed rhythm shift then leads the band towards anthemic territory with fluid Trey playing, before yielding to an extended passage of midnight-dark ambience to close. Fantastic.
2023-08-25 CDT Saratoga Springs, NY 10:30 Less a typical "CDT" jam and more akin to the soundtrack of a slasher film as the killer gives chase to another victim. Extended, spine-tingling dissonance raises the tension to obscene levels before the usual closing section, after which it cranks up twice more to insanity and concludes with a tease of "We Welcome You to Munchkinland" for a bizarre juxtaposition which could only make sense in the weird, wonderful world of Phish. Deranged, but awesome.
2023-08-26 Golden Age Saratoga Springs, NY 13:15 A guest appearance and surprising cover selection lead to shimmering play that transcends expectations. Even in the composed section, what the estimable Derek Trucks brings to this special flood recovery benefit performance makes this version, and what follows, must-hear.
2023-08-26 Everything's Right Saratoga Springs, NY 15:42 > from "Golden Age." The first "Everything's Right" with a guest featured is must-hear. From the beginning of the song, Derek Trucks adds a layer to the song that makes it feel fuller and more whole. Around 10:00, Trey and Derek lock in after having traded licks back and forth and within a couple minutes, the jam takes on (as one might expect) a distinctly Allman Brothers' Band feel. This is most certainly a unique take on "ER."
2023-08-26 First Tube Saratoga Springs, NY 8:08 This song closing the second set is about the only thing normal about it. Part of the Derek Trucks sit-in, this standout version is unique in "First Tube" history. Derek and Trey's play is complementary as they navigate the song. Derek then takes center stage with some truly deft playing, sounding almost like he is playing with a slide. Things eventually reach a screaming, soaring peak. Must-hear version.
2023-08-26 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 10:30 With Derek Trucks, whose slide-like guitar work greatly enhances "Possum's" bluesy flavor. The jam first features DT and Trey trading lead duties before culminating with the two joining forces for a blistering conclusion.
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