Jam Chart for Carini (42 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1997-02-17 Amsterdam, Netherlands 21:25 Debut is a masterpiece of improvisation, the centerpiece of a "DwD"->"Carini"->"Taste"->"DwD" suite. A mix of upbeat jamming, raging psychedelic rock, rhythmic stop/starts, quiet space, and more. Absolutely must-hear.
1998-12-28 New York, NY 15:58 Multifaceted mind melter. Starts in typical brain-frying, hard-rocking mode, then paints an eerie, outer-space-like soundscape with chilling effects, and finally shifts into a rocking/bluesy groove.
2000-06-14 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 8:31 Jam begins in customary skull rattling mode, but then breaks into a nice groove laid down by Mike and Fish.
2000-09-14 Darien Center, NY 10:21 Liquid metallic space rage.
2010-08-10 Telluride, CO 8:36 A very dark version, but one that also gets away from "Carini" proper. A nice funky Mike-led groove breaks first, but then turns chilling, ominous, and spacey, and includes a "One Of These Days" (Pink Floyd) quote from Fish, and an "Echoes" (Pink Floyd) tease from Page. > to "Free."
2010-10-12 Broomfield, CO 8:26 Continuing a 3.0 pattern, the jam starts in typical "Carini" mode before breaking into a distinct, upbeat jam, then becoming spacey with a nice > to "David Bowie."
2010-10-22 Providence, RI 8:01 -> in from "R&R." The Shapeshifter version. Don't be fooled by the timing, this version is all over the map with improvisation, changing forms multiple times within minutes. -> "My Problem Right There."
2011-09-14 Essex Junction, VT 11:04 Starting off in a driving, typically ear-splitting mode, the jam shifts into an upbeat, non-raging sentiment. (Part of this jam sounds somewhat similar to the "A Love Supreme"-like jamming in the 6/3/11 "DwD"). Trey adds some nice soloing, and Page some great effects. Gets spacey with > to "DwD."
2011-12-28 New York, NY 9:08 Psychedelic raging at first, with Fish screaming in the background repeatedly. Mode shift into some more serene space with some really nice subtle playing, before a great -> to "Tweezer."
2012-06-07 Worcester, MA 11:47 Deploying an array of instruments and effects, including the theremin and bass effects, the band uses these tools to create a lush, densely textured and largely upbeat jam which -> to "Taste."
2012-08-31 Commerce City, CO 13:51 Mode shift away from "Carini" at about 6:30 into multi-faceted, rhythmic and increasingly powerful jam.
2012-12-30 New York, NY 14:43 Righteous, improvisational version bucks the recent trend of mode-shifting to an upbeat groove, instead sticking to dark and eerie themes that evoke a Pink Floyd-like sentiment. Very exploratory, must-hear material.
2013-07-06 Saratoga Springs, NY 12:08 Serious "HOSE"! Jam quickly breaks from the typically dark, throttling form into the now commonly upbeat, major mode style with good modulation of intensity. It then darkens in minor mode, lightens briefly and -> to "Architect."
2013-09-01 Commerce City, CO 12:23 A good "Carini" with the now familiar mode shift mid jam. However, the band seems to grapple with where to take the jam from about 6:24 - 9:30, until gaining some good traction and a nice upbeat groove in the final minutes.
2013-10-18 Hampton, VA 16:06 Fantastic, multi-section version in which Page is clearly the superstar, on the B-3 and teaming with Mike early, jumping to piano for some melodic "HOSE" with Trey, and downshifting to great funk action with Mike.
2013-10-25 Worcester, MA 9:49 Solid jam that retains a dark sentiment throughout, and is also infused with great staccato, funk, and rhythmic playing.
2013-10-31 Atlantic City, NJ 18:41 Serious heavyweight version kicks off with rhythmic and swirling playing. The jam brightens for a stretch, then IT builds and builds as the "HOSE" is turned on. Finally the jam recedes delicately as the spigot is turned to "off."
2013-12-29 New York, NY 15:16 > in from "DwD" (only the 2nd time ever). A very good exploratory jam that retains a largely dark sentiment throughout, features great playing by Mike and Page, and concludes with brief "Woo" jamming.
2014-07-05 Saratoga Springs, NY 10:56 The jam breaks into the now predictable major mode section in a quieter and relaxed manner, which then builds energy and power and -> to "Waves."
2014-07-26 Columbia, MD 13:20 Similar to the version from 10/22/10, this "Carini" shifts and changes form again and again and again. Just when they seem to settle on a groove, it's morphed anew.
2014-08-30 Commerce City, CO 11:37 The typically dissonant "Type I" jam shifts predictably to upbeat major mode fare, but then moves on to some solid and swinging less intense strumming action.
2016-06-25 Chicago, IL 11:12 Makes the familiar major-key pivot mid-jam and from there develops into an uplifting, well-textured groove.
2017-07-16 Chicago, IL 20:35 After some typical "Carini" riffing, the jam simmers for a while as a low-key groove unfolds. When Trey becomes more active, the mood brightens and his melodic soloing leads to a peak with some Allman Bros. style licks thrown in along the way. Post-peak there is some pretty Page/Trey interplay and a gradual > to "Twenty Years Later".
2017-07-26 New York, NY 16:02 A terrific "Type II" venture with multiple parts woven smoothly together. Inspiring major-key play gets its due early on and is contrasted nicely by a mysterious theme which takes hold in the latter part of the jam. Ends with a -> to "Mr. Completely" initiated by Fish.
2017-09-01 Commerce City, CO 21:20 Typically stormy, tense playing gradually mellows to some spacey grooving. Picking up a warmer vibe, the intensity slowly builds to a rocking, but not bliss-filled peak, with strong Mike and Fish. The energy eventually dissipates to percussive transitional space.
2018-07-24 San Francisco, CA 14:39 Quickly moves from the song proper into a Mike-driven snappy groove with Trey adding some Echoplex-y color and Fish playing around with the rhythm at times. Switches up on a dime into a energetic "Golden Age"-reminiscent beat, Page adding a calypso vibe and Trey adding sparse but lovely accompaniment, then morphs into triumphant hose. Dies away after a massive peak and > into "Maze".
2018-08-03 Alpharetta, GA 20:24 After a stereotypically dark "Carini" jam, a happy groove quickly develops thanks to strong Trey-Mike interplay. An extended passage of very quiet and mellow jamming follows, eventually rising in energy roughly halfway through the jam as Trey goes whale call and Page switches focus to piano. The first intense peak washes over, coursing on the back of Fishman's ride and intense whale call. Three short minutes of peaking wind down to ambient space, only to be propelled straight back up thanks to Mike and Page directing the jam into a new key. A quiet-yet-plinko jam develops as the energy builds on Fish's polyrhythmic snare and cymbal work. Flirting with darkness for some time, the jam eventually yields to murk, grime, and effects-laden darkness before finally winding down to Trey-based loops and Page on the organ.
2018-08-31 Commerce City, CO 18:56 A statement jam from Trey who takes the reins and solos extensively en route to a euphoric peak.
2019-12-29 New York, NY 13:20 After coursing through typical "Carini" territory, the jam breaks beyond at 7:30 into a pulsing, probing phase with cool effects by Page. The intensity ratchets up, then transitions to lighter, warmer exploration, which mellows and resolves to "BOTT."
2020-02-22 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 13:11 > from a huge "Waves." The jam stays in familiar, dark territory until the 8:00 minute mark where Trey begins to branch out and the rest of the band follows suit. What ensues is an effect-laden, swirling, full-band jam, which eventually melts into > "Chalk Dust Torture."
2021-07-30 Pelham, AL 24:59 The first of several strong outings for "Carini" in Summer '21 and the longest version to date is chock-full of melodious interplay in all stages and features key elements that would reappear as signature sounds of the tour - namely Trey's octave down throaty tone and quickfire delay riffs. At 19:30 Trey pushes for a more familiar peaking section but it pays off handsomely thanks to some expertly delivered trills.
2021-08-15 Atlantic City, NJ 15:14 Mike's inventive playing combined with some heavy effects from Trey kick this jam off. It doesn't take long for all four members to jell and lock in. Trey hearkens back to days of old with some longer, sustained notes which lead to a laid-back, beachy jam perfect for the setting of the show. By the 12:00 mark, the tempo picks back up for a Page-led, synth-heavy party. > "Set Your Soul Free."
2021-08-28 George, WA 13:41 Opening a show for the second time in just over three weeks, this is one of the most sublime openers in recent Phish history. Trey takes the lead as he was wont to do in Summer '21. Fish's relentless drumming ensures the jam never loses a step. By the end of the jam, the band is fully locked in and it's only the first song of the show! > "Maze."
2021-09-03 Commerce City, CO 21:47 A real superb tour for "Carini" arguably peaks at Dick's with this Set 1 closer, which moves from major-key fare to a powerful and ferocious rockout egged on by the rhythm section to a twinkling Moment of Bliss to aliens-descending strangeness to a triumphant finale to (once again) "Carini" proper to finish up. A magnificent jam from the fantastic Dick's 2021 run.
2021-10-16 San Francisco, CA 18:41 This massive version shows up in the Encore, and anyone who decided to leave early truly missed out. Trey's nimble playing and Page flourishing on the piano kick this jam off. By 11:15, it turns into an effects-fest, with Fish laying down a cool texture for the exploration. The band eventually works its way back to the song proper to, officially, close the show out.
2021-10-31 Las Vegas, NV 12:25 Religions could be founded around the eternal question, "shall thy lumpy head be happy or angry this evening?" This gracious offering promptly responds with fleet-footed and upbeat major key jamming that shows adept and confident peak building. A massive wash of heavenly synth tones blasts from the PA at the 8 minute mark; this pleases his lumpiness, who then gets angry at its departure and turns for darker pastures. After the many moods of the great drum tech is expressed, -> "Lonely Trip."
2022-02-25 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 20:00 This full-band jam takes a couple different turns before a dream-like last five minutes featuring some delicate, ethereal play. Interplay between Trey and Page on the piano takes center stage before the jam comes to a growling end.
2022-04-20 New York, NY 18:41 Opening a show for the third time in eight months, Trey/the band clearly feel comfortable with this rocking show setting the tone for the first set. There's an interesting contrast from the hard-rocking intensity of the song proper and the bliss that follows. After not playing for two months, the band is ready to jam. Trey leads with nimble playing throughout and the rest of the band follows suit in yet another solid Carini opener.
2023-07-16 Alpharetta, GA 15:57 Laid back but never languid, the improvisation is breezy at first. Shaped by Trey's plucky tone and sustain that leaves room late for Page to shine on piano. The jam gives us an arm raising peak before dropping into a deep trench of groove where the band mines one final chunk of filth before returning to "Carini".
2023-07-26 Philadelphia, PA 22:41 A slow brood early leads to a now familiar and welcomed progression that could signal fulfillment, but here it's the front half of a jam that takes a turn down grittier paths and explores chunkier rhythmic space. Accelerating through synth laden territories, Trey's leads and Fishman's drumming race to what feels like a rocking finish, but instead the band hits a stride that carries them over another peak into a smooth landing that > "Joy".
2023-08-02 New York, NY 16:10 Unhurried but focused improvisation leads to play that is linear, moving confidently through several sections with purpose. More celebratory than exploratory, bordering on hymnal at times. Triumphant. The outro takes a brief turn towards the dark before fading to "Piper".
2023-08-31 Commerce City, CO 19:30 This version was dedicated to "Frenchie" (a fan who had passed away earlier in the year) by Trey. It honors him by going almost 20 minutes as the first song of a four-day run; the band wasted no time getting to jamming. The lack of rust after having played SPAC the weekend prior is evident as this is a fun, laid-back jam that seems, at times, effortless. Strong play from Fishman keeps this jam going when Trey may have had other ideas. Trey does eventually wind his way back to the song proper before > "Halley's Comet."
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