Jam Chart for Netherlands (22 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1996-07-12 Jam Amsterdam, Netherlands 0:47 An interactive jam in which the band plays chords yelled out by the audience to a ska groove.
1996-07-12 Suzy Amsterdam, Netherlands 5:47 Caps the second set of one of Phish's most maligned (misunderstood?) shows. Accounts suggest the band, following an unfinished "Suzy" (every song in the set is either unfinished, or has missing lyrics), leaves Fish onstage to maintain a "slow, hypnotic, beat." Maybe so / Maybe not. (Seems like Fish sat on-stage between sets One and Two.) Regardless, an unusual beat begins near the 2:00 mark, after which Trey lays way back, Page moves front and center, and a strange, atypical jam ensues before the band "breaks" for Set Three.
1997-02-17 DwD Amsterdam, Netherlands 18:25 Inspiring, upbeat jam develops some filthy, funky legs before -> to the astounding debut of "Carini," which -> "Taste" -> "DwD" (the closing section). Viewed as a single piece, it's 47 minutes of incredible, must-hear jamming.
1997-02-17 Carini Amsterdam, Netherlands 21:25 Debut is a masterpiece of improvisation, the centerpiece of a "DwD"->"Carini"->"Taste"->"DwD" suite. A mix of upbeat jamming, raging psychedelic rock, rhythmic stop/starts, quiet space, and more. Absolutely must-hear.
1997-02-17 Taste Amsterdam, Netherlands 6:38 Straightforward "Taste" version is part of a much larger "DwD" -> "Carini" -> "Taste" -> "DwD" song and jamming combination.
1997-02-17 DwD Amsterdam, Netherlands 1:24 Closing section of this epic "DwD" -> "Carini" -> "Taste" -> "DwD" combination.
1997-07-01 Ghost Amsterdam, Netherlands 20:31 Melodious "Back of the Worm" madness. [Funk flows to "Back of the Worm" jamming, then opens to serene and melodic grooving, which eventually grows funky and percussive again. Helluva show opener!]
1997-07-01 Ya Mar Amsterdam, Netherlands 9:43 Worm banter. Great short jam and drum solo. Page rocks!
1997-07-01 LxL Amsterdam, Netherlands 11:33 Two weeks into its life, the band has got this song nearly nailed. This version is very well played and includes a delicate, almost silent coda that leads to a -> to "Ain't Love Funny."
1997-07-01 Reba Amsterdam, Netherlands 17:08 After an ugly composed section, the jam moves from a familiar, quiet sentiment to become both melodic and spacey, with great effects from Page offset by playing upon his acoustic. Trey solos thoughtfully and deliberately, the jam both driven and breezy, a great groove driven upwards towards a "Slave"-like build.
1997-07-01 Jam Amsterdam, Netherlands 2:31 Fish kicks off Set II of a storied show playing the piano, solo, and is joined by the others while he switches to his drum set.
1997-07-01 Timber Ho Amsterdam, Netherlands 8:15 An extremely well-played version kicks off the second set of very popular and highly rated show.
1997-07-01 Gin Amsterdam, Netherlands 14:27 Really great version that begins with an old-school (pre-August '93) style "Gin" jam, then morphs into a dark and growly power jam with a "Little Drummer Boy" tease. Gets mellow and funky at the end and -> to a HUGE "Cities."
1997-07-01 Cities Amsterdam, Netherlands 9:33 A super slow tempo, groovy straightforward "Cities" -> to an incredible "Jam."
1997-07-01 Jam Amsterdam, Netherlands 14:49 -> in from "Cities." Super slow and groovy. Jam breaks down into an extended, meandering groove that patiently and sedately coasts along. Includes "Worm" banter, "When The Saints Go Marching In" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" teases, and gradually builds some energy and pulse towards the end.
1997-07-02 Maze Amsterdam, Netherlands 13:24 -> in from "Simple." Page deploys multiple keyboard weapons, and then it just gets blistering hot.
1997-07-02 Weekapaug Amsterdam, Netherlands 13:09 This set-closing version takes a funky and gooey ride through the sewers of Amsterdam.
1997-07-02 Stash Amsterdam, Netherlands 30:23 Unusual intro with delay effects. The jam breaks from standard at about 15:07 into a rocking groove which then morphs into a melodic, upbeat groove capped with a bass solo. Dissolves into dissonant space and -> to "Llama."
1997-07-02 Llama Amsterdam, Netherlands 6:01 -> in from "Stash." Incredibly funky Page section and an intense Trey section. No final refrain as the music cycles down, then rebuilds into a dark, ominous "Wormtown" Jam played to the melody of Steve Miller's "Swingtown," but changing lyrics to "Wormtown." Lots of Trey and Fish "Worm" banter. -> to "Velvet Sea."
1997-07-02 Wormtown Amsterdam, Netherlands 7:00 -> in from "Llama." A dark, ominous jam develops that is played to the melody of Steve Miller's "Swingtown," but changing lyrics to "Wormtown." Lots of Trey and Fish "Worm" banter. -> to "Velvet Sea."
1997-07-02 Velvet Sea Amsterdam, Netherlands 7:29 Slow, syrupy, yet anything but saccharine, a dizzy, patient performance perfectly encapsulates an important side of the band's Euro '97 sound. Triumphant, yet melancholy, fans of the song, or Trey, generally, could do worse than to start, and end, here. A masterpiece.
1997-07-02 Free Amsterdam, Netherlands 11:03 More of the modern "Free" jam, with a great bass-led breakdown and some good delay/resume action.
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