Jam Chart for Timber (Jerry the Mule) (35 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1987-04-29 Burlington, VT 7:15 Debut. First version includes a four minute jam before the final verse with that familiar dark vibe to it.
1987-08-29 South Burlington, VT 9:36 Strong early version. Some serious Trey raging on this one.
1987-09-02 Burlington, VT 8:22 Fierce playing by Trey on this intense version. Don't be fooled by the early date - this is an awesome version.
1987-11-19 Burlington, VT 7:20 Soaring guitar soloing by Trey. Recording quality is quite good for the period.
1988-02-07 Burlington, VT 7:48 Frenetic high-paced playing by all. Fish is great keeping chaos in check.
1988-06-15 Burlington, VT 8:58 With a slowed tempo, this "mellow" version still packs all dissonance, albeit more patiently.
1988-07-30 Telluride, CO 11:19 Band jams out in customary fashion, then breaks into a second, more upbeat jam coming out of the first groove. An excellent recording of this is available from LivePhish on the Colorado '88 release.
1989-12-08 Poultney, VT 6:23 An unbelievable amount of tension and dissonance packed into a demented six-plus minutes of Phish.
1990-06-16 Townshend, VT 6:46 Incredible Trey. And Page's keys lend added menace to this tense and harrowing early masterpiece. This Mule bites with a vengeance!
1992-12-30 Springfield, MA 5:17 -> in from "David Bowie." The only performance between 1990 and 1995 is sandwiched inside a solid "Bowie." This fine "Timber" packs the usual Trey shredding, great Fish and strong Page and Mike. > to "Bowie."
1995-11-25 Hampton, VA 8:03 Set II opener. Stretched-out, multi-faceted psychedelic jam that includes "Mind Left Body"-like jamming from 2:47 - 3:21. Jam has an eerie, quiet, mid section, then regains power. Extremely dissonant. Transition to "Kung."
1995-11-29 Nashville, TN 8:31 Set II opener. Unusual intro. Intense with ferocious percussion. Page jumps to the B-3 briefly to provide an unusual and chilling effect. Multiple movements in this incredible, jarring jam that will rattle your skull. > to "Sparkle."
1995-12-04 Amherst, MA 7:04 Set II opener. Another typically strong '95 version that will fry your brain. Dissonance reigns supreme. > to "Sparkle."
1995-12-09 Albany, NY 7:00 Set II opener. Overshadowed by the huge "YEM" later in the set, this version is dark and twisted, an impressive and musical "wall" of sound, but is also very well played.
1995-12-14 Binghamton, NY 4:58 Awesome -> in from a serious "Tweezer", the jam is typical high quality '95 "Timber" fare, followed by another fantastic -> back to "Tweezer."
1995-12-28 Worcester, MA 7:38 Set II opener. The jam has an even more dark and ominous feel than most versions. Fish's playing is fantastic.
1996-08-12 Noblesville, IN 7:39 Set II opener. Excellent Deer Creek version with nice Fish and Page contributions. Transition to "Sparkle" once again.
1997-07-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 8:15 An extremely well-played version kicks off the second set of very popular and highly rated show.
1997-07-26 Austin, TX 16:47 Bob Gullotti on a second drum set. Set II opener takes the typical "Timber" jam, extends it and cools it down a bit to a more mellow groove while maintaining a good rhythmic pulse. Never loses the dark "Timber" vibe.
1997-11-16 Denver, CO 16:17 Long intro to this big Set II opener featuring a jam that begins in typical "Timber" style, then shifts to delicate and serene major mode playing in the final minutes. Unfinished with a -> to "Simple."
1997-11-28 Worcester, MA 12:47 Although it sticks with the "Timber" theme throughout, this is an excellent, well-played version. High quality SBD available on the "Spreadsheet."
1997-12-07 Dayton, OH 9:12 "Timber" opens Set II for the 5th consecutive time in as many appearances. This excellent version has a slightly less dark and somber vibe than most and is an almost upbeat, contemplative piece.
1997-12-09 State College, PA 7:44 Segue -> in from a 30 minute "Simple," this version restores the jam to its typical place of darkness, and has an almost '95 psychedelic feel to it, with Fish kicking the percussion into heavier action.
1998-11-28 Worcester, MA 9:38 Much different than its '95 and '97 brethren, the jam in this version has that '98 swirly, ethereal tone, and Trey's guitar is far less shrill and dominant than in most earlier versions. Very well-played, especially by Page.
1999-07-17 Volney, NY 9:58 Even further removed from the typical "Timber" jam than the '98 offering, this version is quite subdued and passively brooding. It gains momentum and power, but has none of the fury of earlier years. A high quality version nonetheless.
2000-07-14 Columbus, OH 8:07 More similar to pre-'97 versions with driving percussion and intense guitar work. A raging storm.
2000-09-30 Las Vegas, NV 7:49 Big contrast to the 7/14/00 version as this jam has a more eerie, morose sentiment. An ominous cloud.
2003-07-29 Burgettstown, PA 7:45 Great segue -> in from "Fee." This is one angry mule! Packs all the rage of the earliest versions. At 5:25, almost breaks free from "Timber" proper, but shortly returns to the fold.
2004-06-24 Noblesville, IN 9:29 A stormy and intense version in which Trey and Fish take the mule for an extended ride.
2009-11-27 Albany, NY 6:49 Shorter, yes, but it's well-played and packs a lot of the punch that older versions did. This is what "Timber" is supposed to sound like.
2011-06-15 Alpharetta, GA 6:40 The band powers through this version with added verve and tenacity. Trey's intense playing is particularly on-point, the jam arriving at a bona fide peak before boiling over and cooling down.
2017-07-21 New York, NY 8:29 Unusual take. Unlike 11/16/97, which also features play that begins in traditional "Timber" style - before shifting to major mode play - here (just after the 4:00 mark) the move is neither delicate nor serene but, rather, is driven and forceful, so providing the foundation for the version's spirited conclusion.
2018-07-28 Inglewood, CA 7:31 One of the best versions in some time. > from "Suzy Greenberg," Trey, around the three-thirty mark, works a warm and melodic "Mountain Jam" tease, his play effortless and breezy - a perfect take given his tone. Page sounds grand on his concert G, and Fish's propulsive beat, offset with perfect fills, whips the version through powerhouse play, with Mike anchoring a jam which bends, but doesn't quite break. Trey drops those epic "Timber" licks and the song concludes properly -> some sonic soul shaking vamping.
2022-07-22 Bethel, NY 8:37 Before there was "Plasma," Phish explored similar sonic terrain via "Timber," a soulful cover with dark undertones, rich and dynamic Fish, a tune affording space for Trey to deliver some of his most devilish licks. No surprise, then, that following one of 22's most inventive opening sequences, the "science" here so applies, a version arguably featuring the best "Timber" full-band improvisation since... Well, who cares: Just tune in for some of the Finest in the Nation.
2023-08-01 New York, NY 9:24 Stretching out "Timber" in one of the the longest versions the band played since returning in 2009 is a great indicator they are feeling comfortable four shows into 2023's MSG residency. The jam stays true to the song for a while before taking on a decidedly Allman Brothers Band feel. Very fun version.
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