Jam Chart for the state of TX (54 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-10-27 Llama Dallas, TX 0:00 Debut. No recording available.
1993-03-05 Weekapaug Dallas, TX 10:00 Strong varied and experimental jamming with multiple sections. Fish earns his stripes keeping the rhythm in check while keeping pace with the mind of Trey. The return to home base after being far, far away is a thrilling rocker.
1993-03-05 JJLC Dallas, TX 9:01 Soulful Page on the B-3. Then Trey gradually rips his section up into an incendiary peak.
1994-05-06 My Friend Houston, TX 6:59 Odd (but appropriate for "My Friend") sort of outro with chanting/singing by Fish and others.
1994-05-06 Stash Houston, TX 12:23 An excellent exploratory version. It's too bad that the recently discovered recording for this show is not of the same quality as this fine "Stash."
1994-05-06 Maze Houston, TX 11:01 Page's solo is very unusual, at times sounding like an organ in a cathedral. Trey unleashes the predictably strong fire and brimstone stuff. Great Fish, too.
1994-05-06 Bowie Houston, TX 13:54 Somewhat weird, but definitely exploratory version. "Tweeprise"-like jam for a bit and other forays.
1994-05-07 SOAMelt Dallas, TX 13:34 Good solid "SOAM" with intense playing, plenty of dissonance, and an unusual ending sequence.
1994-05-07 Tweezer Dallas, TX 22:32 Tweezerfest! An excellent, improvisational "Tweezer" jam precedes a number of other great, jammed-out tunes, with frequent musical references to the underlying and all-encompassing "Tweezer" theme. -> "Mind Left Body Jam."
1994-05-07 Mind Left Body Jam Dallas, TX 3:28 -> in from the opening "Tweezer." Spirited and intense playing downshifts to some quieter transitional action, which neatly -> "Sparks."
1994-05-07 Sparks Dallas, TX 2:42 -> in from "Tweezer." The third stop in the historic Tweezerfest medley, this high energy version sounds as though it will segue to "Walk Away," but instead pulls a fast one and -> to "Makisupa."
1994-05-07 Digital Delay Loop Jam Dallas, TX 6:02 -> in from "Makisupa." "Tweezer"-like jamming emerges from the basic "DDL Jam." The Tweezerfest continues...
1994-05-07 Sweet Emotion Dallas, TX 1:27 -> in from a "DDL Jam" that sounds an awful lot like "Tweezer" at times. This brief, less-than-pristine salute to the Aerosmith classic also has moments that sound a lot like "Tweezer." No wonder it's called the Tweezerfest. A neat -> to "Walk Away" ensues.
1994-05-07 Walk Away Dallas, TX 11:29 -> in from "Sweet Emotion Jam." "Walk Away" arguably returns to "Tweezer" after about 4 minutes. Either way, it's great, improvisational playing that ultimately -> "Cannonball."
1994-05-07 Cannonball Dallas, TX 2:06 A smooth and swinging "Cannonball" jam, replete with the Breeder's anthemic riff and serviceable lyrics. Spirited jamming winds down into wonderful Page, who leads a perfect -> to "Purple Rain.
1994-05-07 HYHU Dallas, TX 5:21 Following "Purple Rain," This version is highly improvisational, and may sound more like "Tweezer" than "HYHU" to you. Ain't called the Tweezerfest for no reason!
1994-05-07 Tweeprise Dallas, TX 3:29 -> in from "HYHU Jam." Closing out the startling, unprecedented and historic 1 hour and 7 minute long Tweezerfest exploration, the band ends this magnum opus with a big exclamation point, injecting spirit and extra mustard into the always energizing "Tweezer Reprise."
1994-05-08 Stash Bee Cave, TX 11:21 A strong, mostly straightforward jam is followed by a rocking and upbeat groove and a blistering return to "Stash."
1994-05-08 Antelope Bee Cave, TX 15:47 Imagine a crazed and panic-stricken Antelope crashing through forests and fields in a desperate attempt to escape some ill-tempered multibeast. Eventually, it succeeds, living to "Run" another day. That about sums up this one.
1994-05-08 YEM Bee Cave, TX 20:40 "Theme from Shaft" quote by Trey. No B&D. Nice segue into "Halley's."
1995-10-13 Theme Fort Worth, TX 12:11 Beautifully played, straightforward version is augmented with a percussive, dissonant ending section. -> to "Wilson."
1995-10-14 Stash Austin, TX 18:10 Some cool quiet playing early on, then the jam veers away from the norm into some deep exploration. A different animal than the creatures from '93 - '94. No big peak, instead the jam dissipates with a -> to "Catapult."
1995-10-14 It's Ice Austin, TX 9:11 Features a spacey and psychedelic jam.
1995-10-14 Runaway Jim Austin, TX 9:05 Quickly gets beyond "Jim" into a driving, percussive and intense jam.
1995-10-14 Reba Austin, TX 14:54 Great "Reba" not far removed from some of 1994's finest (10/18; 10/26). Expansive and far-ranging, the band plays quietly and patiently, covering a lot of ground, and working as one to incorporate calculated, dynamic melodies, and extended passages of sustained grace.
1995-10-14 YEM Austin, TX 28:17 With Medeski, Martin & Wood! (no B&D, no VJ)
1995-10-14 SOAMule Austin, TX 12:02 Scat singing and playing by Trey in response to Page's solo. Another long Page solo. Prayer-like chanting from Mike before return to lyrics.
1997-07-25 Wolfman's Dallas, TX 15:09 Lots of good funk, then the jam starts to uncork, but cycles back to more funk. Around 11:00, the jam breaks out into some great "C&P"-like jamming before settling and > to "Maze."
1997-07-25 Maze Dallas, TX 12:24 > in from "Wolfman's Brother." Frenzied chaos run amuck.
1997-07-25 Gin Dallas, TX 21:48 A classic "Type I" jam drops into funk mode for a good 6 minutes before returning to the "Gin" theme. -> to "Makisupa."
1997-07-25 Makisupa Dallas, TX 8:39 A strong jam emerges beginning at 6:20. It's bluesy at first and then moves to a gentle, down-tempo rock jam, typical of '97 Phish, beginning around 7:27. Nice -> "AC/DC Bag."
1997-07-25 Bag Dallas, TX 11:16 -> in from "Makisupa." Similar to 8/13/96. Intense, stretched-out version where the band just keeps it going and going.
1997-07-25 CDT Dallas, TX 15:48 Bob Gullotti on second drum set. The band really stretches this version out, then at about 9:45, the jam mellows into a rhythmic and bluesy groove that eventually hints back at "CDT" before -> to "Taste."
1997-07-25 Taste Dallas, TX 10:59 Joined by the late, great Bob Gullotti, this unique rendering (unsurprisingly) finds a percussive, pulsating groove, but just as the jam is about to peak with the traditional late-'90s "Taste" outro, it instead segues seamlessly into -> "Ya Mar."
1997-07-25 Ya Mar Dallas, TX 9:56 Bob Gullotti on second drum set. -> in from "Taste." Big two-way drum solo. -> to "Ghost."
1997-07-26 LxL Austin, TX 11:40 In addition to hosting Bob Gullotti on a second drum set, the boys bust out the Funk towards the end of this version - an extremely rare style for a "Limb" jam.
1997-07-26 YEM Austin, TX 16:42 "Willie the Pimp" tease just before the segue into "Izabella." (No B&D, no VJ.)
1997-07-26 Timber Ho Austin, TX 16:47 Bob Gullotti on a second drum set. Set II opener takes the typical "Timber" jam, extends it and cools it down a bit to a more mellow groove while maintaining a good rhythmic pulse. Never loses the dark "Timber" vibe.
1998-07-24 Runaway Jim The Woodlands, TX 14:45 Around 8:00, the jam shifts into a really great upbeat and somewhat funky groove that eventually returns to "Jim."
1998-07-24 Loving Cup The Woodlands, TX 8:12 Another barnburning, first-set-closing version.
1998-07-24 Wolfman's The Woodlands, TX 22:48 Excellent, powerful version. The extended funk section includes some "Manteca"-like jamming. After a brief settle around 13:40, the jam breaks into a super, power-hose groove that rocks for several minutes before yielding to ambient space and a > to "2001."
1998-07-25 Ya Mar Austin, TX 16:35 Awesome top notch version. Following the customary Page and Trey solos, the band breaks into a low key, slighty funky, slighty ambient jam with a feel-good summer vibe. Then the jam takes on a darker but more energized tone.
1998-07-25 Wilson Austin, TX 7:15 No mere "metal Wilson", what we get here instead is several extra gallons of liquid fire unloaded, Hendrix-style, in an extended run up to the "You got me back thinking..." section and beyond before > to "Frankenstein". Explosive.
1998-07-26 YEM Dallas, TX 30:38 Very strong jam segment! (No B&D.)
1999-09-24 Wolfman's Austin, TX 18:55 Great, multi-section version, including some enchanting, melodic, and "Gin"-like hose jamming from 11:50 - 14:15 with fantastic playing by Page. From here, the jam grows delicate, spacey, and -> to "The Lizards."
1999-09-25 LxL The Woodlands, TX 12:04 Nice extended jam that has a very quiet mid section, a great peak, and strong playing by Trey.
1999-09-25 Caspian The Woodlands, TX 10:45 "Caspian" seems to reflect the band's musical direction and style at any moment in time more than most songs. This version, like 7/31/99, gives a broad sense of that tone and technique in the late pre-Hiatus period. > to "R&R."
1999-09-25 2001 The Woodlands, TX 11:10 The Borg lands and brings along some dance party, space beats. One of the biggest "2001" grooves culminates with one of Trey's great funk riffs with about 2:00 left.
2015-07-28 46 Days Del Valle, TX 4:25 "46 Days" -> "The Dogs" -> "46 Days." The first section of "46 Days" is standard, but the back end section includes a nice low-key outro jam.
2015-07-28 The Dogs Del Valle, TX 3:18 -> in from "46 Days." This version is sandwiched inside "46 Days." -> back to "46 Days."
2015-07-28 46 Days Del Valle, TX 5:15 -> in from "The Dogs" to complete this sandwich. This section has a nice chill outro jam that > to "Piper."
2015-07-29 CDT Grand Prairie, TX 14:31 Following the closing refrain, a jam develops which features some good melodic, low key playing. The energy gradually builds and really amps up in the final 2 minutes.
2018-07-31 Everything's Right Del Valle, TX 18:46 Effects-laden grime coasts on the tail end of a type I jam. Mike leads a charge to D, which goes ignored at first, but this lays the bedrock for a patient and breathtakingly happy shift towards bliss territory roughly halfway through the jam as Page and then Trey finally follow. A hose jam builds from the ether thanks to whale call and a foundational groove from Mike, eventually reaching a sustained peak with multiple releases of tension in a shower of joy over Everything that is Right with the universe. A final chorus and then dissonant noise paves the way for a > "Disease".
2018-07-31 DwD Del Valle, TX 17:02 The "yang" to Set II's opening "Everything's Right", this supersized (and supersonic) version perfectly illustrates how seemingly opposite, or contrary forces, function in compliment. As if thematically connected, the band taps into the set-opener's protracted improvisation, and works this sound in opposite, exploring any number of dark, layered passages, which evoke any number of points in Phish's career.
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