Jam Chart for shows in the city of Berkeley, CA (29 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-08-28 Maze Berkeley, CA 10:20 Page has a stirring solo, then Trey goes ballistic with the others joining the mayhem. Watch out! This dog bites!
1993-08-28 Fluffhead Berkeley, CA 14:01 Celebrating the conclusion of an incredible and historic month, this "Fluffhead" bristles with energy and verve. Who Do? We Do! features some great interplay, and all four musicians are in sync throughout. Page's Clod solo is a classic, with Trey cooly strumming along in support. Close inspection will reveal subtle scat singing by Trey during Bundle of Joy, while the blow out Arrival is peppered with strong playing by all four.
1993-08-28 Stash Berkeley, CA 13:32 Another killer, improvisational, and multiple movement version from the strongest month of arguably, the peak year for "Stash."
1993-08-28 Antelope Berkeley, CA 16:08 More incredible August '93 improvisation, with this version containing five distinct, magnificent jam sections, a Brady Bunch theme tease, and Secret Language.
1993-08-28 It's Ice Berkeley, CA 9:26 Random Note, All Fall Down, and Oom Pah Pah signals included in this jam.
1993-08-28 YEM Berkeley, CA 12:36 "YEM" -> to a HUGE "Oye Como Va" jam.
1993-08-28 Oye Como Va Berkeley, CA 2:16 -> in from "YEM." Huge "Oye Como Va" jam occurs just prior to the "YEM" bass and drum section.
1993-08-28 YEM Berkeley, CA 7:56 -> back to "YEM" from "Oye Como Va." Nice -> from the vocal jam into "Contact."
2010-08-05 DwD Berkeley, CA 14:52 A pulsing and driving jam settles down into a snappy, rhythmic and curiously enchanting section that > "Free."
2010-08-06 Cities Berkeley, CA 11:04 Some incredible playing by Mike and Page in this extended version that gets into a spell-binding, enchanting groove. A fantastic version that transitions (oddly and arguably abruptly) to "Moma Dance."
2010-08-06 R&R Berkeley, CA 14:29 Great, multi-faceted jam with solid band interplay.
2010-08-06 Mike's Berkeley, CA 8:07 Calling this jam straightforward would be missing the point. The jam is intense and powerful, with strong playing by Page and Trey. The jam actually bears similarity to the excellent crop of groove-based jams in "Mike's" versions from '00.
2010-08-06 Simple Berkeley, CA 15:30 Intensely melodic, gorgeous, charming version that gets repetitious and nearly transcendent.
2010-08-07 Foam Berkeley, CA 9:03 > in from "AC/DC Bag." Like the old days. A very fine version. Great collective playing during the build-up.
2010-08-07 Light Berkeley, CA 17:13 Outstanding and textured play throughout the entire jam, which also includes an amazing ebb and flow of intensity. Must-hear
2010-08-07 Suzy Berkeley, CA 10:42 Band adds a nice 4 plus minute jam to the back end of "Suzy." Trey teases "Living After Midnight." > to "Slave."
2010-08-07 Slave Berkeley, CA 11:34 Ends Set II of a great show, following a jammed-out "Suzy." Beautifully played with a long, gradual build. Like 11/14/97, it's the ride, not the destination that matters most here.
2023-04-17 Tweezer Berkeley, CA 43:39 Continuing along its 30 year trajectory of functioning as a great excuse to jam, the Greek Tweezer is another historic version that not only overflows with ideas in showcasing the band's commitment to excellence, but also swells and soars with (at times) wonderfully weird improvisation, brimming with dynamic reverence for proximity to the burning shore.
2023-04-17 Simple Berkeley, CA 19:09 -> from another MASSIVE, must-hear Bay Area "Tweezer". The tempo is slow at first, then picks up as effects from multiple band members are toyed with. A change at 11:15 sends the jam to a gloriously rollicking place. The play from Trey is anthemic as the band takes a proverbial victory lap after dropping an hour of seriously impressive improv. The joy from the stage is audible. Things eventually wind down before > "Rock and Roll".
2023-04-18 Seven Below Berkeley, CA 11:08 What comes first: The effects or the melody? Tough to say, with Trey, these days. Nevertheless, deft musicianship is on full display - and here, especially, in a song seemingly constructed to showcase the band’s myriad strengths. Lovely, lilting - and, in many ways, Fish-driven version. Seriously, though: Check the change at 6:21. It's amazing.
2023-04-18 Gin Berkeley, CA 23:18 Big, anthemic version finds the band four decades deep, exploring several memorable themes, and moving confidently between sections. Making use of a revitalized palette of instruments and effects, they channel a sound that is both familiar and fresh; exploratory and seemingly effortless, bookended by multiple peaks. Page shines on piano. Super clean return and > to "555".
2023-04-18 555 Berkeley, CA 8:27 > from a huge, must-hear "Bathtub Gin", and the band was clearly not done jamming. This extended version never strays too far from the song, but shouldn't be missed by fans of the song.
2023-04-18 Don't Doubt Me Berkeley, CA 11:48 The first set-opening "Don't Doubt Me" kicks off a heavily jammed set. This jam traverses an effects-laden soundscape before giving way to a light, ethereal jam to end things before > "Kill Devil Falls".
2023-04-18 KDF Berkeley, CA 13:39 An appearance of the dial tone opens the door to exploration and the jam first makes a quick detour with Trey playing wah rhythm chords while Page comes to the forefront, but before long it morphs into a more conventional upbeat jam. This eventually peters out and something a bit more discordant and unpredictable emerges in the final minutes before > "Fuego".
2023-04-18 Fuego Berkeley, CA 21:34 Rough start after a somewhat awkward transition. The band omit a section of the composition early on and forget some lyrics before launching into the jam. As is often the case, they make up for stumbles with transcendent improvisation and here they truly dive deep. After cascading peaks and some vocal levitation, they descend into the ambient abyss. Slowly resurfacing on surging waves of bliss that lift and float towards a tantalizing sonic perfection, it's not long before Mike grabs the helm and submerges the band once again as play takes a darker, more driven turn. The music churns until a theme recalling part of "Mercury" emerges briefly before > "Light".
2023-04-19 Bag Berkeley, CA 13:37 Strong version that features great Trey from the jump. Fish dominates, though, his offbeat, cerebral play warranting multiple listens, and informing the version's primary direction. Cool play arrives when, late, Page switches up his sound and runs through his rig. Play cools before the jam truly breaks, but a welcome return to classic form - or, hopefully, a sign of things to come.
2023-04-19 Runaway Jim Berkeley, CA 13:56 The jam initially begins in standard "Jim" territory before a Mike-led tonal shift signals new directions. Fishman's inspired melodic drumming retains a familiar vibe, as the rest of the band shifts through several moods in seamless fashion. This gradually escalates towards a lushly-textured minor key romp before wrapping up with the traditional "Jim" ending.
2023-04-19 Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 Berkeley, CA 15:12 While not "Hydrogen," the version functions similarly; what has now become familiar, airy play, a welcome transition from "Mike's" strong, driven, punch. What follows is a wonderful, psychedelic, excursion. Fish fans would do well to tune in around 6:25. What follows is remarkable as the improvisation itself transitions, Trey picking up Fish's pattern, or call for action, with the version quickly assuming darker over- and undertones.
2023-04-19 Set Your Soul Free Berkeley, CA 21:08 After some standard outro riffing, the jam quickly hones in on a more focused vein as it traverses a few intermediate phases before landing on a fiery psychedelic zone with a recurring descending motif. Around 15:00 the groove thickens with churning bass, synths, and twinkling octave-upped guitar over top a splashy beat and ends > "WTU?".
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