This show featured the Phish debut of The Ocean. Moma Dance and DWD were unfinished. Trey teased The Rover at the start of DWD. DWD, Crosseyed, and Weekapaug contained Shipwreck quotes. Crosseyed also contained an I Don't Live Today quote from Fish. Trey teased Your Pet Cat in Weekapaug.

Photo by Rene Huemer © Phish From the Road

Shipwreck and The Rover quotes in Down with Disease, Shipwreck and I Don't Live Today quotes in Crosseyed and Painless, Shipwreck and Your Pet Cat quotes in Weekapaug Groove
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2016 Mexico"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2016-01-17

Review by n00b100

n00b100 I have a funny feeling that the merits (or lack thereof) of the first two Mexico shows are going to be debated from now until the cows come home, so it's rather nice to get a show that will most likely not have to suffer from as much debate as to how good it is. Set 1 has some quite nice moments - a welcome (if rusty) The Curtain (With), The Landlady making its second appearance in 793 shows, and a great second half that includes a slower and more deliberate Classic Gin that lets Trey be a bit more mellow in his soloing and a milkshake-thick Moma Dance that includes a surprising vocal jam from Fish and devolves into BEK-type funkiness before a surprising move into a wild Saw It Again to close. But, as always (well, other than shows like 1/16/16), Set 2 is what's gonna draw the most attention, and this is a pretty damn good Set 2.

You knew it was gonna be either Disease or Tweezer that kicked off this set, and DWD gets the call this time around, and this is a hell of a DWD for sure. Mike initiates the move to a new key this time around, and they build to a very warm and inviting jam space, Trey building up ambient noise...and then, as this beautiful late-90s-esque groove rolls forward, Page starts firing off samples from Shipwreck, making me think they'd segue into it instead. But that's not what they have in mind, as Trey starts trilling and then takes over with some soloing as the samples continue to fly (wonder how someone with a head full of acid was taking that), until the jam suddenly turns more muscular and classic rock, Trey heading to chords and Mike really taking a star turn and Fish as rock-solid as you could hope for, and they build up to an intense peak. This is pure feel-good music, and will probably be considered the signature of the jam of the run (although I sure do hope we don't get a lot of "Mexico Disease" jokes).

Roggae comes in next, via something of a shaky transition, but the version that we get is well worth it (moving from delicate spaciness to a great Trey solo), and then they make a fine call with C&P. C&P devolves into a minor key stew like it often does, they nearly return to home base, and then the jam collapses on itself, making you think it might be over...until Page goes back to the Shipwreck samples and Fish, who knows a good jam in progress when he hears one, kicks back into gear and keeps the jam alive 12/30/12 Carini style. Trey fires off Echoplex-laden chords and another spacey and weird groove emerges, some of the deepest and darkest music we've heard in a bit, elfish notes and rumbling bass flying everywhere and Page breaking out The Haunted House samples to really add to the atmosphere. Mike brings in the drill, and they really build up a torrid horror show...

...and then they start up Farmhouse, and the set is ruined forever.

Nah, just kidding. Farmhouse is a fine landing pad from that level of gnarliness, and they kick right into a tight Mike's Song distinguished by Trey playing "out of tune" 10/26/13 style, then Bug (which is Bug), and finally a cool Weekapaug Groove that slides into a darker and mellower zone (perfect for Page to fire off one more Shipwreck sample) before blasting off back to home base. A really patient and detailed Slave closes out the set proper, and The Ocean (somehow totally obvious and totally unexpected all at once) makes for a hell of a close to the run.

Final thoughts: throw this one right in the middle of Fall 2013, and nobody would think different. A really strong close to Phish's Tropical Adventure 2016.
, attached to 2016-01-17

Review by pwesson

pwesson Every time I go to a show, I always have zero expectations. I just want to see if they can blow my mind...which they always do. I want to walk away and say, "That was a good time" or "That was a great time!" or "I had the time of my life!!!"

I got tired of comparing one show to another. I got tired of saying, "That was the best show I've ever seen." To be perfectly honest, there is really no way of comparing. I've been doing this for over 20 years now.

Some people are stuck in the 90s and are convinced Phish is no longer that good. Others think the opposite. Many think a show sucks simply because they threw a few slow songs in there. Or because they didn't hear the songs that they felt should have been played.

Remember: It's a journey. Your emotions take the ride with you.

The truth is, they've never disappointed me. They've always found a way to take it to another level. The break down that barrier between the stage and the fans. It wasn't always how well they played, or the set list they performed. Sometimes it was the crowd or the energy or all the little things that manifest in the moment to create the "experience."

That's where they've never failed me. "The Experience" It's everything rolled into a single package. So, that being said, taking "The Experience" to a tropical beach at an all inclusive resort where food and drinks are unlimited with the best service staff I've ever encountered. Well, that just set a new standard because I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE. While there will be many set lists that blow this out of the water or even a show with energy through the roof, my "Experience" may never exceed this.

I had no idea what a dream vacation would be like until this. Now that is is over, I feel complete. As for the future, I'm confident they will still find a way to paste an smile on my face with an everlasting memory.

Thank You Phish and everyone who is a part of it. Even more, thank you Mexico and all of your beautiful people. You are the hardest working people I've ever known.
, attached to 2016-01-17

Review by Forbiedog2000

Forbiedog2000 Wow! After 2 days of raging hard and taking it all in...I thought my dancing legs could take no more on this final day! Was I ever wrong! The never miss a Sunday show still holds true. The energy Sunday night was unreal. Everyone was just smiling and crying that they had to leave. There were many gals dressed up like a Mexican Cousin of sorts all week-end so it was nice to see them get this tune. The only song I have never heard has been The Landlady so I was happy to rage with the OCean folks for this song! Bathtub Gin in the Ocean was hysterical as everyone was splashing like they were in the bathtub! I wear a Funky Bitch hat so this song was making me dance, dance, dance! The Saw It Again made many folks happy.
The 2nd set was great except I could of skipped the Farmhouse and the Bug sneaking in my Mike's Groove...not digging that but lots of folks love Bug. The Ocean was a perfect ending to this perfect night. None of us wanted to leave....the show went by super fast...and that is when you know it was ..amazing! THank you Phish. Please make sure we get tokens for the next 2 years ....we all deserve 1st go at tickets for the next 2 runs! Yes...there will be 2 more years of this!
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