This show marked the debut of Carini and the Phish debut of Soul Shakedown Party. Carini contained a YEM tease. This show was officially released as part of the Amsterdam box set.
You Enjoy Myself tease in Carini
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "1997 Winter European Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Tapes of this show provided a wakeup call for stateside fans during the runup to the summer '97 US tour, and it holds up twelve years later. The opening set is a fleet, energetic, standard-excellent hour-plus. Set II goes from strength to strength: strong wide-ranging Disease, fierce Carini, powerful Taste, and a hair-raising Disease Reprise, all connected by loose-limbed, patient segues. If Halloween '96 was the genesis of Phish's funk style, the spring '97 tour provided a lab environment for the band to try out its newfound shaggy minimalism. The playing here is funky, attentive, and finely detailed - a small-venue rethinking of the band's big arena sound, recentered on the rhythm section. The new style flowered on 3/1, but this is a classic transitional show; those second-set segue arrows are no joke, and there's some tasty dark meat on those bones. One of the must-hear Europe shows, though the 7/1 and 7/2 Amsterdam engagements represent a quantum leap beyond even this one.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by kevinAreHollo

kevinAreHollo I'd like to petition adding this Divided Sky to the jamming chart. It's concise but completely explosive. Trey destroys the last two minutes, leading to a thrilling machine-gun style peak that raises hairs on end. For the late 90's, a time when this tune was often just a standard (but beautiful) technical workout, this is as good as it gets.

@bertoletdown @Lemuria
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by yemenzo

yemenzo The dwd> carini> taste> dwd is a monster but that carini is an all time best imo
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by Themockingbird

Themockingbird I have a tape edition of this show and the jam following Carini is called The Webbler which goes into Taste. This is classic Phish show of the musical virtuosos' that they are.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads This review is based upon the recording found within the Amsterdam box set. As the Notes note, the Soul Shakedown Party opener was a Phish debut. It's often clamoured for in the current age, and who can blame anyone who does: it's a Bob Marley tune, Phish does it justice, and it has a breezy mood that would perfectly suit a first set outdoors in the summer, IMO. This show, obviously, finds it indoors, but Phish would proceed to pretty much blow the doors off of the Paradiso this evening. This Divided Sky is highly acclaimed, and I personally enjoy the brief "pause," or rather, the relatively quiet crowd reaction to the pause--perhaps out of Nederlanders' lesser familiarity with the Phish repertoire, or maybe the shushers finally got their way. In any event, Trey closes the pause quickly, and we get a "shredding" (as the kids say) D. Sky. I always love Guyute. I would say this a standard or "average-great" version, but I have a soft spot for it. I had to review the Song History for Timber (Jerry) to pinpoint its debut, which much to my surprise (shows how much I know!) occurred early on in Phishtory, to wit, '87. This version 10 years later does not reach the macrocosmical expansiveness of some versions from the Fall of '97 and elsewhere up to the current day, but it features some groovy and tense jamming that resolves before a > into Billy Breathes. Phish is known for their jamming I think above all, but they are truly great songwriters, along with their respective collaborators (lyricists, most integrally, and in this case, Tom Marshall), and some of their slower-paced songs resonate most emotionally with me. Trey bringing out Eliza at Magnaball last year (his daughter whom he named the song after--her nickname was (is?) Billy) really gives some perspective to the magniloquent beauty contained in this short yet essential song. Relistening to the Llama, Gin > Golgi closing run just proves how on Phish can be--and usually are!

The second set of this show, as with many shows, is where the most compelling improvisation takes place. Followers of Kevin Shapiro's From the Archives broadcasts had already heard the heralded Down with Disease -> Carini -> Taste -> Down with Disease sequence in soundboard quality, but this remastered edition is really spectacular. Coil to open is its usual mesmerizing self, replete with piano outro by Page legitimately segue-ing into DWD. Phish take an approach with the DWD jam that reminds me of '95, but in hindsight I can't help but notice how it anticipates the watershed event of 3/1/97 and the stylistic turn towards funk that would become the theme of 1997. Carini is debuted, and has many fascinating qualities for a phanatic: this debut version's verses feature a piano riff that recalls Manteca, to my ears; more shredding follows, echoing the effervescence of the first set's Divided Sky but with the additional friendly menace of Carini's minor key; then a loopy section with Trey making use of his Boomerang phrase sampler; that finally winds down (or up?) into a blissed-out section to conclude the jam and segue into Taste. Taste is typically masterful--really one of my favorite Phish compositions, and a real showcase for Fish's drumming prowess--and builds into a peak before the Phish from Vermont return to DWD for a quick reprise of that tune's ripping coda. Suzy > Caspian, E: Monkey > Top is nothing to sneeze at, but the previous approximate hour of music is really where this show is at for me. I rated this show 5 out of 5 stars primarily because of the stylistic smorgasbord of jamming on display, but also because 2/17/97 has an X factor of connectedness in the interplay and listening between the four men we know and love that notches it high on my shows listened to. I think the choice to present the 3 '97 Amsterdam shows together for the box set was inspired, and I'm torn as to whether I can prefer any one of the 3 or even this show over the two-night run from July 1st & 2nd or vice versa, but you get a lot of bang for your buck whatever's your pleasure!
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1 is perfectly fine - note the Gin here is more or less what Gin is in 3.0 now, give or take the occasional massive version - but Set II is truly fabulous and well worth the archival treatment. A nice opening Coil gives way to a delicate proto-ambient noise that resolves into the fabled fog of noise that heralds Disease (and proof that there's a *ton* of ->s into DWD out there). Disease charges forward at its pre-3.0 (or even pre-97) freight-train speed, nearly makes a move into major-key land (you could bet your bottom dollar the band would've explored that space in 2015), then find themselves in a stomping and gnarly jam space as Page flashes on the keys and Fish really goes into showoff mode. The band lopes along in this dirt-nasty '70s funk space for a few minutes (Christ, what it must have been like for a Phish fan that only knew the band from NYE '95 to hear this for the first time...), then makes an unexpected move into the debut of Carini via a particularly nasty segue. And this debut of Carini is an absolutely gigantic version, probably 1.0's truest match for the big-time Carinis of 2012-13. The band moves into an upbeat zone almost right out of the gates, with Fish and Trey doing some, um, "harmonizing", then absolutely explode into a ferocious off-to-the-races jam like it's an Antelope from 1995 or something, Page absolutely clattering away on piano as Mike works double-time on the bass and Trey fires off some gruesome riffs. Then, without warning, Page goes into his "alien notes" bag of tricks and the band snaps into a new almost *vicious* segment, clanking and clattering and almost Mind Left Body-ish in its descending wah-wahed chords from Trey at points. This segment dies away with a screech of feedback (like it's 1994 or something) and a drumroll from Fish heralds some sympathetic organ/guitar melding, a beautiful little dip into the pool Divided Sky swims in, and a build to a wonderful peak that segues very sweetly into Taste, a perfectly good version that ends in brilliant fashion as Trey gets that idea of his and whips out the DWD riff to lead the band brilliantly back into a Reprise that caps off 47 absolutely superb minutes of music. Europe '97 is where Phish really put a stamp on their reconstitution from Big Loud Rockin', Maaaaaan to Laid Back Funkers, Brah, and this is the deepest show of that very important tour.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ 2/17/97

An especially extraordinary show, 2/17/97 is the first of three from the Paradiso that comprise the Amsterdam box set. This show is absolutely killer top to bottom, produces exemplary versions of nearly all songs, includes a couple of stellar debuts, and features the type of long-form, experimental band-based jamming that Phish really refined in Europe ‘97. By all means an archetypical example of what makes a fantastic fucking Phish show, this concert deserves to be revisited on its 25th anniversary (as well as on pretty much any other day of the year).

Setlist Thoughts
⁃ As a huge Bob Marley fan, I love the Soul Shakedown Party debut to get this show on the road. The vocals are spot on here, and the laidback reggae groove loosens up the band for a phenomenal Divided Sky. The quiet section is serenely delicate, especially during Trey’s pause, but Jesus Christ does this take off. Though ‘97 is arguably beyond this song’s prime, this version is one of the GOATs in my opinion.
⁃ Right into Wilson, we get some fun audience participation that fees especially communal surrounded by the walls of the smaller Paradiso. The band drags out a cacophonous, lingering moment before Trey’s vocal drum fill takes us to a quick outro and > My Soul.
⁃ One of many ‘97 tunes that worked its way into the wheelhouse, this second-ever My Soul lends way for Trey and Page to really shine.
⁃ Guyute carries the torch and keeps Set I nice and fiery. Trey and Fishman are really on one here.
Amsterdam features two Timbers, and while this one is less of a highlight than that from 7/1/97, we still get some awesome mule here. I particularly love the short-lived play in major territory.
⁃ Billy Breathes gives us the first real breather since the middle of Divided Sky. Though it’s notoriously difficult to find a live version of this tune that lives up to the sheer emotional grip displayed in the studio, the band plays it out nicely and Trey gets a well phrased solo in.
⁃ Llama picks things right back up for a bit more spice and then heads into Bathtub Gin. Like Timber, this Gin lives in the shadow of its 7/1 cousin IMO. Nevertheless, we still get some nice meat out of this tune before wrapping up Set 1 with a popping Golgi Apparatus.
⁃ Squirming Coil comes out to open Set 2, and Page does a fantastic job on the outro. The band lets this bit flood over into the pre-DwD slop.
⁃ Down With Disease kicks off a crazy jam session with some juiced up Type I energy. A drawn out simmer down brings us into halftime with a lot of band interplay. Fishman fills are especially tight.
- Trey leads the charge and takes the band right into their greatest debut of all time: Carini. This one starts out nice and slow, featuring the original "piece of ass" lyrics. Pretty immediately after the lyrics end, we enter a wild stallion Type II jam that grows continuously in uncontrollable energy until almost the 11-minute mark when Fishman switches up the beat. With Trey's effects swirling in the background, Page starts some eighth-note descension that becomes the backbone of the jam for a bit. Perhaps my favorite part of the night, the band syncs up for some awesome start/stop hits that become unpredictable to the blind listener. From here, the band melts into an ethereal space. Page's organ sounds sort of like End of Session until Fishman brings in the YEM hi hats to let Page piano solo for a moment. Finally, the band comes together for a beautiful, half-light half-dark outro jam that bleeds into Taste. One of the most iconic jams in all of Phishtory.
- Though this Taste is (in my opinion) not the greatest that some people claim it to be, it is definitely well played by everyone in the band. Probably the best part though is Trey's signal to segue back to the unfinished DwD. The rest of the guys quickly pick up on the cue and come back in ablaze to bring this behemoth jam to a close.
- Suzy Greenberg features some amazing Page work and a lot of funky wah riffing on Trey's end. The dissonant build into the final verse is awesome.
- Set II wraps up with a powerful Type I Prince Caspian. The fakeout fadeaway finish into the final segment of the song hits especially hard after everything the band has left on the stage thus far.
- Sleeping Monkey and Rocky Top make up a gripping encore that sort of defines these two as encore songs in my mind. The emotional->ripping finishing touch is a perfect way to cap off this absolute gem of a show.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by TweezerWaves

TweezerWaves This is one of my favorite shows to listen to. Phish brings the heat from start to finish. The first set makes me think of early-90s Phish in how each song is insanely energetic and well-played. This Divided Sky is one of my favorite live versions to listen back to as the pause is brief and the jam is ferocious. Guyute is also played well to my ears and the evil part just rips. Trey does some really nice work during the Timber jam with Mike and Fish absolutely crushing the beat as they always do during this song. Bathtub Gin doesn’t get as crazy or awesome as the other version from the Amsterdam box set, but this version is excellent with Trey really digging into his solo. Soul Shakedown Party, Wilson, and Llama are fierce and fit into the flow of the set very well.

This second set is perfect to me. It touches on a little bit of everything Phish does well. I like how the coil opener melts into DWD, and it’s on from there. The segue into Carini and the song portion of Carini is slow and pure evil. A couple notable moments of this set to me is the connection between Fish and Trey that you can hear at about 4 minutes into Carini and during the segue from Taste into DWD ending. In both instances, Trey starts to lead the band in a new direction by hitting a fast-paced riff in Carini and melding the Taste solo into DWD. Fish immediately picks up on this each time Trey initiates the change and alters his drumming to fit the guitar riff immediately. Mike and Page dominate during the song portion of Carini as both sound very trancelike and evil making me feel like I’m alone walking down a back alley with my friend who has a knife. The YEM tease in Carini shows just how on top of that jam Fishman was. Trey shines during Taste, and Prince Caspian serves as a Hood or Slave in this spot with a soaring, reflective, and feel good Trey solo that closes this set much better than I expected it to. 5 stars for the whole show.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by Campster

Campster Next up - Amsterdam '97 in February.

Set I is solid.

Soul Shakedown is always fun (and usually foreshadows greatness!!)

Divided Sky is a nice version for sure. Definitely worth a listen if you like that tune.

Wilson is rocking.

My Soul kinda sucks, but that's just cuz I don't like the song and they played it so damn much in this era.

Guyute is pretty strong and I am a fan of the song.

Timber(Jerry) is great, such an awesome song and this version is pretty good.

Billy Breathes is a nice ballad. Some people don't like it, but I think it's damn beautiful and I'll take it in the ballad slot.

Llama is firey and good fun.

Bathtub Gin isn't overly exploratory, but this version is still tons of fun at around 13 minutes or so.

Golgi is a nice set closer.

Overall it's a pretty in the box set, but has some good song selection. Nothing you absolutely need to grab though.

Set II on the other hand is a legendary performance.

Squirming Coil opens up in the weirdest placement! I love this song, and they eventually climb back to their instruments in the cool outro jam to drop into Disease.

Disease is a monster. They crush the tune and melodic jamming section with aplomb. This baby starts to get down and dirty and the funky jamming is super raw. It's a total monster and the jam is amazing with an absolute gold medal -> Carini.

Carini is rough around the edges (hey it's the debut!), but this jam is transcendent. It hits so many spaces from upbeat to speed funk to effects laden craziness. It's all great, but the last 4 minutes or so is mana from heaven. It's why we do this. It's why Phish is unparalleled. 100% full band glory. -> Taste with another perfect segue.

Taste is by the books, but serves as a table setter for the giddy return into DWD. Fire, absolute fire.

Well that was about as good as it gets.

Suzy>Caspian, Monkey>Rocky Top are an afterthought and provide a nice way to just come down after that amazing performance.

If you haven't heard this show by now, shame on you. If you have, give it another listen right now! 5/5
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by zsmith0307

zsmith0307 Best show of the tour so far.

The first set has standard playing, but a very fun setlist. Definitely an above average Divided Sky, and Bathtub Gin reminds me of a 3.0 version with a very solid type-I peak.

Set 2 is one of the better sets of the tour. As everyone has mentioned, the fireworks occur in the DWD->Carini->Taste->DWD section. In particular, the end of the Carini jam contains some of the more beautiful Phish jamming you'll ever hear. Where was this the last few nights? Some might be dismayed by the Caspian set ender, but they were nailing this song night in and night out this tour.

Get set I if you like the setlist, but you'd be a fool to not hear set II.
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, MONDAY 02/17/1997
Amsterdam, Netherlands
SET 1:

Soul Shakedown Party[1] Awesome debut >

Divided Sky: Spirited version in the two hole, nice.

Wilson: Standard. >

My Soul: Standard.

Guyute: Standard.

Timber (Jerry the Mule) Standard >

Billy Breathes: Standard.

Llama: Standard.

Bathtub Gin: Nice jam. Has a bit of Machine Gun Trey. >

Golgi Apparatus: Standard.

SET 2: The Squirming Coil: Trey is pretty sloppy right before the The muscles flex the mother's ring part. ->

Down with Disease: I like the choppy, bluesy groove in the midst of this one, definitely adds some unique flavor to this jam. Things get fairly funky and weird in the last 90 seconds or so. The segue into Carini is exceptional! Would recommend. ->

Carini[2] I have always been fascinated by this debut. It’s arguably the greatest version they ever played, and they did it the first time they played it. As soon as the lyrics are over it immediately springs into a high velocity jam and stays in the same vein more or less for seven minutes. At about 10:45 though Fish directs them into the next segment which becomes heavy metal, hard core thrashing about type stuff. At the mid 15 minute mark things slow way down. One minute later it sounds like the nirvana section of YEM. By the early 18’s, something is growing organically here – a very dynamic duo from Page and Trey. God, it’s some of the prettiest music I have ever heard considering it was made in the moment and not in some studio somewhere. This is incredible and makes water come out of my eyes every time. This is just incredible cathartic. The definition of hose. Awesome segue into Taste. Would highly recommend this version, easy all timer and my favorite Carini ever. ->

Taste: Smokes! Some serious machine gun Trey! Instead of finishing this one though Trey gets a bit of ADD and segues them beautifully back into the Disease climax. Wow! Would recommend this Taste. ->

Down with Disease – They crush the ending, very cool. >

Suzy Greenberg: Standard. >

Prince Caspian: Standard.


Sleeping Monkey: Standard. >

Rocky Top: Standard.

Summary: Really good show. The first set not delivering anything too memorable does hold back from the overall score though. 4.1/5

Replay Value: Down with Disease, Carini, Taste

[1] Phish debut.
[2] Debut.

This show marked the debut of Carini and the Phish debut of Soul Shakedown Party. Carini contained a YEM tease. This show was officially released as part of the Amsterdam box set.
Down with Disease, Carini, Taste, Down with Disease
You Enjoy Myself tease in Carini
, attached to 1997-02-17

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat Not trying to be a contrarian, but this has gotta be the most overrated show on the .net!

It's not bad or anything, just that it's in rarified air at 4.6+. It's simply not good enough for that. Full-set segues are noteworthy and generally awesome. Granted. But the transitions aren't particularly clean or creative. The Taste > DWD, in particular, is a spastic. And Prince Caspian as a show closer? They get a pass for that??

I think this show's score is a product of (a) being in Amsterdam, and (b) being 1997. I'd love to see the score if it were listed as having happened in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1996 instead of Amsterdam in 1997.

3 stars!
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