This show featured a setlist with all songs featuring a number in their name in descending order including the Phish debut of If 6 Was 9 and several bustouts: 1999 (last played July 26, 2017, or 130 shows), Five Years (last played October 31, 2016, or 147 shows), Two Versions of Me (last played November 27, 2009, or 435 shows), and NO2 (last played September 6, 2015, or 192 shows). Trey teased L.A. Woman in Also Sprach Zarathustra and Seven Below in First Tube. Page teased Frankenstein in 1999. In place of the usual number of days lived, Grind featured the band singing the setlist ended by noting that the songs added up to “4,680 digits.”
L.A. Woman tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Seven Below tease in First Tube, Frankenstein tease in 1999
Debut Years (Average: 2003)

This show was part of the "2021 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by SawItAgaaain

SawItAgaaain I lost count of the number of times I smiled on the couch for this one.

This was an actual dream come true. I remember years ago, bored in a meeting, doodling out a numbers-based setlist.
They beat me at my own game. Breakouts, deep jams out of time and space, and a slow wink the whole show. Phish at their best and most genuine selves. Give it a top-to-bottom listen.
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj absolutely incredible show. the energy at MGM was through the roof from the opening ambience of 2001. the first set is just bananas. back to back rager jams in 2001 and 1999 (!!! i thought they'd never play this again--what a thrill to see it). going type two basically every opportunity including two major explorations during 46 days and 20YL. pretty much a perfect phish set if you ask me.

second set was incredible as well, but perhaps not quite to the heights of the first (which is very fine after a first set like that). it seemed they never quiiite found their footing during -7, but there was still a lot of interesting stuff in there, a lot of it a bit more "Evil Phish"-y which is always a good thing. If 6 Was 9 was a fantastic surprise cover, and they jammed the heck of out it. Five Years another awesome call that i kinda figured i would never see phish play live after missing halloween 16. happy to be proven wrong once again.

the next section of the set, to me, felt like an exclamation point on the previous songs. the Two Versions of Me was nice to hear and very cool how it went into N02. Army of One is a nice song, and My Sweet One is very fun. and then first tube, which i figured would rage as usual--but instead it seemed like they accidentally found themselves in a deep type 2 situation. just when they had me thinking the set was going to be jukebox til the end... once again i was proven wrong. extremely wild First Tube which did not include the classic trey guitar-lift, presumably because Zero followed it.

numberline for the encore--we all knew it was coming and you know what, they earned it. great performance of the tune as well. and of course the adjusted grind was the cherry on top of an incredibly well executed gag show.

i wonder what this means for the upcoming shows, especially halloween show itself. will do four shows with different themes? was this a random idea they had and the next two shows will be normal and then a halloween gag? phish is wild man. just happy to be along for the ride.
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by Laudanum

Laudanum This show will make your fur rise. It'll give you chills.

The French have a name for this effect (of course they do). They call it frisson, and this show will engender it like nothing else.

One of the causes science (science!) offers for this feeling is the unexpected: the unexpected note, the unexpected phrase, the unexpected song. And man, if that doesn't begin to get a handle on what happened last night, nothing does. Hell, it might shed some light on this whole tour.

It doesn't matter much if you've seen the setlist before listening or not. If you're any kind of Phish fan at all, when the band drops out of the thick blues sludge at the end of 7 Below and lands on the telltale opening of If 6 Was 9, you're going to have an electric epiphany. An aesthetic skingasm. Because you won't be ready for it, and that's the type of show this is.

That's the type of tour this is.

By the end of the show, maybe, you've figured things out, and you expect the Zero, expect the Number Line. But that's another type of frisson: the type that stems from seeing a difficult piece completed with aplomb. Closure in a profound way. This show gets you coming and going, again like nothing else.

The band is art-ing at a higher level than at any other time this century. There is no "gimmick" to this show or any other show this tour (see the Forum). Only self-imposed limitations and unexpected choices.

And therein, sometimes, lies the art.
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by Shafiq

Shafiq Just a quick comment. This is fall tour ‘21 so you should just listen to the entire show. But if you’re trying to cherry-pick, If 6 Was 9 and First Tube are the standout above all moments. I6W9 feels appropriate after all this time and the band does it justice with a type 2 journey. First Tube settles into a jam with some Seven Below teases before finding its way to Zero to end the number counting portion of the show.

A gag show to start Vegas? What are the next three nights going to bring then?
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by bobbyluv

bobbyluv Phish just keeps finding ways to top themselves.

Set 1 was a monster.

2001>1999 was 30+ minutes of complete dance party.
First 555 to get the treatment.
I think only the 3rd Twenty Years Later that went Type II. Had a wicked jam in it to close the set.

But the highlight to me was the Seven Below>If 6 Was 9
Always dreamed of Phish playing this Hendrix classic. Guess we’re not getting Jimi’s Axis for Halloween.

Hard to fathom the band being able to keep this up the remainder of the run, but 2021 is some special Phish
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by Hanananas

Hanananas WHAT A SHOW
My first show since 12/28/19. My 10th overall show. Best show hands down I have ever seen. The dude I went with - his 29th - best he's ever seen. A guy standing behind me - his 100th show! - the best he's ever seen.
So yeah, this show will go down as an all time great show and I can't believe I was there to witness it.
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam What a fun show! Phish playing with the numbers gag and it led to a fine setlist with bustouts and fun all over- first set had deep jams - I6W9 was so awesome, a show highlight - this show has that phish charm. 2021 is really shaping out to be an incredible year. Inventive Phish here tonight! Cant wait for the next 3 days!!
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by richardpumpington

richardpumpington Was so awesome even shut up the chompers next to me during the first set. First set was quite nice! Great flow. One to remember. Never forget.

Had tendies at set break which were the firemost. Better than most west coast tendies I’ve tried.

Found a new crew second set and totally dug it. Worth listening to front to back. Can’t see what happens the next 3 nights.
, attached to 2021-10-28

Review by bradenwright

bradenwright I hated this show!!! I can't believe it's rated the highest of the weekend. I've seen about 90 shows and it's in my bottom 3-5. I see Phish for the jams / funny grooves. This show was a gimmick and had almost none of that. 2001, 555, 46 days are good songs, that fit the mold but they were all early and none are version I need to go listen to again. First song is way too early for 2001, which ruined that song.

Best song of the weekend was the 26 min ghost on Sunday. That 1 song was better than the entire show. Seriously I can't believe people like this show I left the show more angry than disappointed. Probably my least favorite Phish show! 10/31 was incredible
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