Glide was humorously introduced by Trey as “Whoomp! There it Is,” referencing a then-popular dance club song by Tag Team. My Sweet One, Ginseng Sullivan, and Dog Faced Boy were performed acoustic and without microphones. Ginseng also featured Fish on washboard. Fish teased The Wedge in Tweezer.

The Wedge tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1994 Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by dscott

dscott This is a mighty fine show! Demand The Sloth is a punchy pairing to start the proceedings, and Divided Sky is a stately rendition - complete with subtle "blast off" synth effects adding drama to the pause. Glide is notable for the "Whoomp There It Is" banter before the final vocal refrain. Tight lil' Peaches, solid but uneventful Melt. Fluffhead is crisp.

Assertive versions of It's Ice and McGrupp give way to badass 14-minute Tweezer that hints at MLB / Prudence territory during an edgy melodic section. Slave has a great near-silent cooldown before building to a typically screaming finale. Sleeping Monkey recaps the "Whoomp" banter, and it's a fun way to top off a typically strong Spring '94 Phish show.
, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by Dino_Spumoni

Dino_Spumoni I think Jamie's review is supposed to be on the 6/24/94 page.
, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by jlucas4

jlucas4 ^^^

What show are you talking about?
, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by Northernghost

Northernghost I was at this show twenty fucking six years ago today (damn). It was my second show and I thought I had prepared well since my first acid soaked show at the Commodore nine months prior. I was wrong.
I had obsessively listened to everything I could get my hands on. Which turned out to be a lot. Nevertheless the boys treated me to a magnificently unexpected experience. Everything from the humour, Greasy Fezique for chrissakes to the absolute commitment of laying it the fuck down every time they sang or touched their instruments. Mike-less acoustic performances (with emotion solos!), and majestic electric jams.
The first hint that we were going to have a really, really good night was when they turned on the smoke machine 15 minutes before showtime so we could all light up and just blend. So goddamned civilized you know?
Anyway the show.
Demand. Totally unexpected and one my favourite weird Phish tunes I was floored. Then out of nowhere comes this golem of a song The Sloth. Played with utter conviction and completely flawlessly it was the first time I’d heard it. Damn.
Then (oh bliss) Divided Sky in all its glory and grace. Things are going really well. Then Peaches! A song off of my favourite Zappa album! Split open and melt, a repeat from my first show. It took me away then and it took me away now.
And then...
My one and only Fluffhead.
What else is there really there to say?
Then the acoustic hijinx. My Sweet One, Ginseng Sullivan, and Dog Faced Boy. This brings me to one of the things that is absolutely lost to the scene. When they were performing unamplified, if anyone obstructed the sound with Yeehaw‘s or woo woos they were unapologetically shushed until they shut the fuck up and let the rest of us hear what the boys were doing. I really, really miss it.
All three songs were performed with such warmth and humour I was in tears with the biggest smile on my face I’d ever had. Hearing Fishman introduced as Greasy Fezique killed me.
Crazy ass heavy metal set closer Axilla II, I’ve heard many Axilla’s only time I’ve heard part II.
Down With Disease Single version! No jamming but so much fucking fun. Then, and I have to say this, one of my all-time favourite Phish tunes, Bouncing. Right off the bat, no pause, no break, no hesitation. The beat and the bass and then the lovely, lovely harmonies building up to one of those crazy Trey triplet climaxes that never cease to amaze me.
Then, it’s ice. What can I say, the way the whole band interacts on this track every fucking time they play it is crazy. I love how much piano is played in this period, Paige lays it the fuck down and challenges the whole band. It was so beautiful I could hardly stand it.
And then we come to the purely Phishy weirdness that is Gamehendge. McGrupp and all his pathos. I have to say, it really appealed to the mushrooms that were having just so much fun in my system.
An absolutely insane series of peaks and valleys specifically tailored to my state of mind. These cats knew what I wanted and needed. Finally tailing off in an absolutely magnificent bit like a broken clock slowly ticking off it’s last bit of energy. I was helpless.
A cool down with Lifeboy, I love this song. Paige’s piano work is just so beautiful, I was so happy to be where I was in the moment that was happening.
Rift to get up back to speed, and then, Slave.
My first Slave to the Traffic Light.
I... I don’t really know where to go go here... it was, almost total silence when they started the build and... what can I fucking say? There were tears, there was laughter, there was joy and there was, amazingly, a building certainty, that it was going to finally, work the fuck out.
Then, just to make goddamn sure… Back to Tweezer and yet another, another fucking peak to end off on.
And then they brush us off, told us we were OK, gave us a smile and played Sleeping Monkey. Fishman doing his falsetto and making us all collapse with laughter, and then Paige and Trey being as Beatle-y as can be bringing us all to our knees. It was fucking perfect.
26 years ago, and they bring me to my knees every single fucking time. Thanks for all the bliss Jon, Mike, Paige and Trey, you made my life better.
, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by Rollings

Rollings My first show. Capacity at The Vogue is 1150 making this their second smallest crowd of the year. (Ottawa was #1)
This show has it all - 1st set has a Demand > Sloth opener, Peaches > SOAM, and a positively perfect Fluffhead. The 2nd set is just pure bliss. I was enthralled. There's a soundboard of the 2nd set that circulates but the Robert Ward tapes are where it's at if you ask me - pure, crispy goodness.
, attached to 1994-05-22

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

This was my second time seeing Phish at the Murat Theatre. I was so enthralled by my first show there in `93, I decided that for this show I was gonna do it right. I got up at 5:00 a.m. to go camp out at Ticketmaster for some good seats. Low and behold, we were first in line and managed to get second row, center stage.
We drove up early to hang out outside the venue, and there was actually a little lot scene in the parking lot. I remember a bunch of people trying to get tickets outside. This was a much different scene than the year before. We had a little caravan of two cars going up and we got separated.
Thus, I was walking around looking for the other driver, my friend Dave. I walked around singing "McGrupp" to myself as I tried to find the rest of friends. We eventually met up and went in the show. It was nice to later on hear the band play "McGrupp" sandwiched in a crazy second set.
My memories of this concert are the most vivid of any shows I saw in the early nineties. Being second row center in such an incredible place with an incredible band burned a lasting impression in my mind. The first set was great and we were all rocking out down in front. The security was pretty tight so we had lots of room. My favorite part of the set was the "Paul and Silas" > "Horn". I was just starting to get into bluegrass at this time.
The second set went way above and beyond my expectations. The "Demand" > "Antelope" was smoking. The jam in "Antelope" had many peaks and valleys, one of the peaks being the "DWD" jam. The "Curtain" > "McGrupp" > "Simple" > "Sanity" blew me away. Having seen the Columbus show a couple of nights prior, I knew when that they went into "Simple" things were going to get crazy!
I am a big fan of the earlier versions of "Simple". The old versions of that song are choppier and not as melodic, but I liked the intensity it had.
Then came "Sanity". I had been wanting to hear a "Sanity" ever since I had got a copy of Ian's Farm 1989 that stayed in the twenty tape rotation for years, and it was very well received.
Soon after came one of my most memorable Phish experiences, the little acoustic set. I was literally at the band's feet during this part. I remember that I could of grabbed the band's toes had I wanted too. During "Cavern", Trey was singing the alternate lyrics, which are hilarious. I said to myself, "Is he just freestylin' these lyrics or what"? Later I found out
they were the original lyrics. I thought "Disease" was the encore, but then they came out for "Rocky Top"!
All in all, it was a fabulous experience. So when the Trey Band came back to the Murat in `99, I just had to go! And they didn't let me down.
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