Reba did not contain the whistling ending. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone.
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Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "2011 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Kurtzboy

Kurtzboy Second show for me, and it was quite the treat. It was a beautiful night in Cinci (with the exception of some rain) and it fit the show perfectly. Song by song breakdown:

Set I:
AC/DC Bag: Typical opener, full of high energy though.
Punch: I was surprised to see this one as the second song. I'd called it as the second set opener. Either way, a throughly pleasing Punch with a couple cool fakeout endings.
Bathtub Gin: You know you have a good show when this one shows up as the third song. Tasty playing from Page and Mike in particular. Wonderful solo from Trey taboot.
Taste: I have to be honest, this one doesn't do that much for me. It's too....busy. But, I still enjoyed the instrumental section with a sweet Trey solo.
Lawn Boy: Absolutely love this song. They should let Page sing lead more.
Mound: WOW! Second show and a Mound? I was pumped and shocked. Overall, they nailed the complex time/key/mood changes that have plagued this song in most of 3.0. Fantastic song.
Jibboo: Trey shined on this one with a solo that reminded me of the AC version. Pretty cool and tight return to the chorus before....
Reba: This was one of the first Phish songs I'd ever heard (first show I bought was 10/31/94). So, it was nice to have everything brought full circle. After a fairly short jam, I figured that that was the end of set one.
Fee: So, imagine my surprise when Fee started. My friend, Ellie, had been banking on this one. So, you can imagine her excitement when she saw Trey pull out the megaphone. Pretty typical Fee, until the end. After the final chorus, I saw Trey mouth something to Mike, and they started playing this pretty and ethereal melody. I was stunned. Combined with the sunset, I'm pretty sure that this was one of the prettiest moments I've ever witnessed.
BDTNL: Then, Number Line started. I love what they've been doing to this song this summer, and this one was no exception. Truly a great way to cap off set one.

Set II:
Carini: When Carini started, I immediately thought of my buddy Harry. He had decided to skip this show because he only knew 8 songs (I'm training him). This one was his favorite. Oh, the irony. Overall, nice hard-rocking Carini with a wonderful segue into Tweezer.
Tweezer: Best Tweezer of the tour so far. Mike owned his bass. Sweet little ambient section towards the end too. Blended into Free almost seamlessly. At the very least, seek this Tweezer out.
Free: You could just see this one coming. Nice, if standard Free. Had the whole crowd singing along.
Crosseyed: Another surprise. Boy, do they get funky here. They could play this song every show and I wouldn't mind. Whereas Free had everyone singing, Crosseyed had everyone dancing. The energy coming from everyone and the band (When did Fishman get so damned good?) was palpable.
Light: I like everything about this song besides the lyrics. Like BDTNL, I love where this song is going. Watch for this, BDTNL and KDF to become the next big jam vehicles. There was nice ambient esque jam that carried surprisingly into Boogie On. Somewhere this tour, Light is going to reach 20 minutes. You heard it here first.
Boogie On: Nice, funky and danceable Stevie Wonder cover. The dude next to me was pumped to hear it. I've never envied Mike so much as when he starts this song. I was hoping to hear that slow down trick that they did at Bethel, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.
Julius: Instead, we got Julius. I love it when Phish gets bluesy, and this Julius was no exception. There was a hot Trey solo and I figured that this would close out set 2.
YEM: Me and Ellie have never been more pleased to be wrong. I'd seen this one before, but she hadn't. This was the one song (besides Fee) that she wanted to hear since she first got into them. Wonderful funk groovin in this YEM, and they were the tightest that they'd been all night. Which is saying something. Spooky vocal jam followed (I've never been a big fan of vocal jams), which was perfect, except for some annoying drunk lady that actually tried to imitate Phish during the vocal jam. Of all the times to sing-a-long, this was not one of them.

Encore: The encore was pretty standard, but fun nonetheless. I enjoyed myself, and I'm in the process of begging my parents for Superball tickets.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks "Fee: ... After the final chorus, I saw Trey mouth something to Mike, and they started playing this pretty and ethereal melody. I was stunned. Combined with the sunset, I'm pretty sure that this was one of the prettiest moments I've ever witnessed."

No question about it: this jam is one of the simplest, loveliest things I've heard Phish play in years. Patient, delicate, uplifting. It's just a couple of minutes long, but those two minutes are perfect. Uneven but intermittently second set here as well. Check out the Tweezer jam: Trey's pluckin' a la the Worcester '10 Hood but in a new sex-nasty context; the result is basically several minutes of smart three-handed funk before the Ernestroid comes back in to *hurt* some motherfuckers.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by okeepaphan

okeepaphan Why does every review given have thumbs down at the end? It's literally every review from every show. Why ruin someones fun they had by basically telling them their review was bad? It was THEIR review.. not yours. Write your own if you want to thumbs down the setlist/show.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by JonBaker

JonBaker What a show to end the 3 day run with. I was really pumped for this show, other than it being at Riverbend, which is not one of my favorite venue's at all. I did like the fact that it's only a hour drive for me though. Started off with a good AC DC Bag, and it just got better and better from there. Lawn Boy was just a little bit of a let down for me, even though it was a good Lawn Boy. It's not one of my favorite tunes and I guess I wasn't ready for it to be right there, but then it picked right back up from there. I've wanted to hear Mound for a long ass time now and I finally got my wish. What a pick me up, and right to a really good Jibbo-Reba-Fee before ending with a good Backwards Down the Number Line. Fantastic start the second set with Carini, which I love, great Tweezer and Free going into a very good Crosseyed and Painless. Julius and YEM were both fantastic, and what a way to end it with Loving Cup-Tweezer Reprise. This was a great end to fantastic weekend for me. I loved the 3 day road trip and can't wait for the next one......
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Chadwell

Chadwell Disclaimer: Haven't been to a show yet this tour, but have listened to recordings of each night.

There are some shows this tour that may feature some better jams or more Phishy hijinks, but this show features the top notch playing. Intricate and beautiful stuff in here, especially the first set.

This tour has been simply unreal.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez this was a fun rocking show. the set list kind of reeks of "standard 2011," but good playing prevailed throughout...

set 1:

ac/dc>punch>: this classic one-two punch got this already gassed crowd right in the game. both songs were executed well, and they were jam packed with energy.

bathtub gin>: trey led the way on this nice jaunt through gin. they strayed a little bit off the path here, but all in all, it was a nice precise exploration of the the gin theme. page shined as well.

taste: this paired quite nicely with gin. i feel that both of these songs are about as good as you can get as far as hearing page and trey bounce off each other. this one did not disappoint as it reached a nice peak.

lawn boy: gotta love page on the cool down.

mound: always a welcome addition. for being light in the rotation, they handled the changes very well. nice version of mound.

jibboo>: despite having had seen this song in the first set a decent number of times, it still kind of surprises me when it pops up here. trey had some nice funky playing here, as he steered the band through a very inspired jam. eventually, it lands on...

reba: after augusta last fall, it was apparent that the boys no longer have to think about reba. they are back to being able to feel it. this was a great jam as the sun went down. trey was really shining on this one.

fee>: not my favorite song, but they did tack on a nice little ambient jam on the back end as the sun finally fell below the skyline. unfortunately, this jumped into...

number line: i just don't like this tune. at least they did not plant it in the meat of the 2nd set.

2nd set:

carini>: nothing gets you back in the game faster than carini. giving me hopes of revisiting some of the jammier versions from the fall, the boys drift into a nice, dark ambient jam. page sounds really nice here, before trey cuts into...

tweezer>: sure, they cut the carini jam off, but here comes tweezer...
coming into the jam, the boys were locked into one of the tightest grooves i've heard them in since their return. gordon and page are just locked in. trey sits back at first, but then he storms right in. he explores a nice "plinko" jam before he starts to build on a fine tweezer solo. this is one of the better versions they've played since their return. top 3 or 5. eventually, it hits an ambient jam, and trey storms into...

free: pretty standard version, but standard for free does include some huge mike bass bombs, and some good wailing by trey. solid version and it fit well in this slot.

cross eyed>: bam! the crowd was already on overdrive, and now, the boys blew the lid off the place. they stayed very type-1 here, but fishman laid it down, while trey came over the type and turned this song inside out. this song has not gone too far off the beaten path this summer, despite frequent play, but they have really flourished in the box that is cross eyed and painless...

light: i'm not a fan of the song, but it did fit very well here. the jam started to really take off, but then trey forced a segue into...

boogie on reggae woman: this segue was really rough. either way, boogie on brought the funk, as it always does. the jam never really took off before they drove into...

julius: not my favorite tune, but trey really worked the crowd over with some nice tension/release within this one.

yem: great version. the "composed section" was played with precision. as they entered the post tramps/improv section, they had a much more loose and jazzy feel. they explored this before closing in on a nice little funk jam. of course, the vocal jam closed her down...


loving cup>tweeprise: about as standard as it gets...

the end of the show was filled with good intentions, but some forced transitions. either way, the first set was nice and sharp, with good energy. the 2nd set was just plain rowdy. they did a nice job playing to a pretty raucous crowd, especially considering they had laid it down in clarkston and blossum the previous two nights.

1st set:
mound, jibboo>reba, bt gin>taste
2nd set:
carini>tweezer (seriously, this tweezer is nasty), yem
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by funkydanceparty

funkydanceparty The third and final Midwest show of the 1st leg finished off the weekend quite nicely, though the free-flowing and open-ended jams that were seen on Friday and Saturday did not make another appearance. Things in the first set never really seemed to lift off until 'Mound' came out to play, a very silly Gordon creation. The opening hits of 'AC/DC Bag', 'Punch You In The Eye', 'Bathtub Gin', and 'Taste', were earnestly played albeit being rather standard. Page's House came to play once again, and his new shirt shined on in the first 'Lawn Boy' since October. 'Gotta Jibboo' - always a surefire hit - came next and eventually led into the summer's first 'Reba'.. a song that many thought would have been played by now instead of halfway through tour, at the 8th show. What a worthwhile wait it has been and despite Trey's recent yet rare flubbs this summer, this 'Reba' is played flawlessly. Once the intricately constructed composition ends, the tune explodes and soars and all four guys sound amazing, but the power doesn't quite match the other 'Reba' of 2011 - New Year's Day. After another New Year's Day favorite, 'Fee', Trey cuts off an ambient jam off too early to bring a short 'Backwards Down the Number Line'. This is the second time this summer that Big Red has aborted a nice balance in sound (See Holmdel 6/1/2011 'Ghost') to bring his new little tune out.

Three times this tour both 'Carini' and 'Tweezer' have been played in the same show, and this time Phish decided to open up the second set with the dark rock anthem and the shortest version in 2011 to date. Once the transition into 'Tweezer' is complete, Trey snarls at the crowd with a high pitched sound that you will either love or hate. Whatever your opinion, it surely is a new style and keeps tradition true of a constant flow of the ever-changing 'Tweezer' jam. After a harsh landing into 'Free', Phish erupted into a short 8 minute long 'Crosseyed And Painless', interestingly the third of 2011. What was once a rare but potentially powerful fixture of 3.0 seems to be slowly sliding into a more frequent spot in Phish's rotation. A much improved 'Light' (from Bethel Woods) came out and proved it can once again hold exciting things. After a slow, yet well maintained shift into 'Boogie on Reggae Woman' and a 'Julius' who received a bump up from its encore position, Phish dove into the second 'You Enjoy Myself' of 2011. Again, Mike Gordon delivers a solid line for his other three bandmates to tiptoe their away around leading up to the first culminating peak of the song. This delicate yet fast paced style continues through the rest of the song which stands out as a big difference compared to Holmdel's Punch You in the YEM. The Stones' 'Loving Cup' and 'Tweezer Reprise' topped off the night.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Divided_Stash

Divided_Stash AC/DC Bag: good start

Punch You In The Eye: flawless version

Bathtub Gin: nice type 1 build and peak

Taste: great playing by Trey

Lawn Boy: the chairman of the boards

Mound: the first of the performances in the best year for Mound ever, strangely. Page’s solo is longer than usual, a hint of what’s to come by another member of the band at a certain festival later in the summer

Gotta Jibboo: great patience and a fantastic peak

Reba: see

Fee: beautiful extended outro that stays type 1

Backwards Down The Number Line: rager to close the first set

Carini: love this as a second set opener. Trey changes the key and starts

Tweezer: ridiculously awesome Mike action early on, while Trey is staccato-ing it up. Afterwards they start to build within the Tweezer theme and hit a great peak before breaking type 2 for like 10 seconds

Free: the typical 3.0 early second set jam killer. At least Mike gets to play some more though

Crosseyed And Painless: another disappointing less than one minute type 2 jam. It sounded like it was gonna be sick too

Light: kills the start of a high potential jam, but is a vehicle itself so maybe there’s some hope. Page leads the exit into type 2 territory and they actually stay there this time, with good reason. The jam that emerges is mellow and really cool. Fish adds some cowbell later on. Still relatively short but at least they gave it a solid couple minutes

Boogie On Reggae Woman: MIKE again. No extension

Julius: raging

You Enjoy Myself: really nice jam section with some explorational qualities while not fully departing. BASS + DRUMS YAY

Loving Cup: nice encore choice, rager

Tweezer Reprise: the ‘Prise closes it all out

Average show from 2011. Solid first set songs and type 1 builds, but the second set it somewhat disappointing to me, a type 2 jam enthusiast, as 3 usual jam monsters all get cutoff within a minute, but the fourth time is a charm in this case. This is a 6/10 show. Highlights are Gin, Reba, Carini, Tweezer, Crosseyed, Light, and YEM
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by ski2sea

ski2sea Listened to this on the LivePhish app on Saturday night while doing some long overdue cleaning.

I didn't really think this show picked up until Mound. Bag,Gin,Taste were all pretty standard. I was dancing to Jibboo, and I think this Reba is amazing. (note: I am not a big fan of 3.0 Reba) Fee and BDTNL were played very well.

Second set speaks for itself. Not a lot of super exploratory jams, but it was such a bouncy and dancey, rocking, just super high energy set.

Criminally underrated show imo. I would give it a 4.5 or 4.8
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Purple_Humpback_Whale

Purple_Humpback_Whale This is a great show that will remain underrated for years to come because of the two magnificent shows at DTE and Blossum prior.

This was my second attended show and it was a lot of fun! I drove down to Cinci from Green Bay with a couple of friends. We situated ourselves at the Hotel and headed to the venue. We were hustled out of our car by a couple cops because apparently you cant get situated once you've parked. They tried to Jedi mind us into not going to shakedown and just entering the venue. Shakedown was a fun little parking lot across the street from the venue parking.

Set one "got the show on the road" with a nice Bag and PYITE. Some good jamming in Gin and a must hear Taste. A lot of people were excited about Mound. Jibboo and Reba were nice, but the real treat is the ambient jam in the FEE.

Set two had a short but nice Carini and a niceTweezer>Free. Highlight of this set is definitely the C&P through Boogie on. Fun YEM with a nice Vocal jam to close out the set.

This was a great show and tons of fun. I'd love to make it back to Riverbend someday.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by EducateFright

EducateFright Though not a weak show by any means, this show was perhaps the weakest of my 3-show run (6/3 - 6/5). Heavy on the rock and light on the exploratory jams, with patient, sparse playing scattered throughout. They played many of my favorite tunes, including Lawn Boy (which I was kind-sorta chasing). Fee ended with a wonderful (albeit short-lived) harmonics jam. Tweezer and Light were strong, though Trey cut Light off early with a very forced transition into Boogie On.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos In my opinion...the weakest of last year's "Mid West" mini-run through Michigan and Ohio, but still a great show nonetheless. First set packs a great punch with some of the classics; AC/DC Bag, PYITE, Gin and Mound. Jibboo and Reba were perfect for this night as I was with a friend who had been chasing Reba and finally got one. Fee was really cool, I had been wanting to see Trey sing the verses through a microphone so that was special.

Second Set is where it was at, however. Carini into Tweezer was nuts. My first Carini, and it brought down the house. Tweezer erupted into a mega dance party as I remember everyone in my section going crazy when it started. Free is always an awesome feel-good song, and it definitely felt right on this night. The Crosseyed->Light->Boogie On is probably my favorite segment from this show. It was my first CE&P which made it special, and this was probably the show that first turned me onto Light. I had not been into it much until this point. Boogie On turns Riverbend into a funky funky dance party before the Phish cranks up the energy with Julius and then a spectacular YEM to close set 2. As much as I love "Loving Cup," this song has kind of worn on me. I feel like I've seen it too many times and that it's too predictable when they do play it. However, Cup into Tweezer Reprise always makes an excellent combination, and I always enjoy singing "Ohhhhh what a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz!" Over all, fantastic show and a great way to end the DTE > Blossom > Riverbend run!
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by turquOiseMountain

turquOiseMountain Very good first set. Punch, Gin, Jiboo, Reba, and even the jam on Mound were all great in this setting, watching from the lawn.

Surprising Crosseyed in the second set. Free is great with the lights.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by ParsonHooper

ParsonHooper I was at this shows last summer and it was a great show all around. They played through the sets perfectly and nailed all transitions. Starting out with a rocking Bag you knew it was gonna be a good show. It got the crowd goin and Trey played very well and built up lots of momentum. The highlight of the first set for me was Mound. This was the last Mound to still be considered somewhat rare. After this show Phish starting busting out Mounds left and right. But at this show, Mound was still quite a rarity. Another cool little perk in the first set was the outro for Fee. Phish got going on a little ambient/melodical jam for about 2.5 minutes. I have never heard them do that at the end of Fee and it was quite interesting. Page added to it with some unique synthesizer tones at the end and it melded very nicely into the first set closer, BDTNL.

The second set started with a hard rocking Carini just like the first set with Bag. It rocked the crowd and got everyone going. The Tweezer in this set was incredible. Its improvisation sections like this that make me love Trey. Then it started to get real. Crosseyed -> Light -> Boogie On > Julius followed up with a picture perfect YEM. All i can say is listen to the last songs i just mentioned. Good shit.

The encore was alright. I don't really ever wanna hear another Loving Cup again but i could deal with it that time and Tweezer Reprise was expected.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by RandomPhan

RandomPhan After the previous two nights this show wasn't much. Never really got into it during the show, seemed like a lot of going through the motions. For the most part everything is well played. Highlights in the first set were a nice bathtub gin, despite not being long. Lifted off nicely. Was happy to see Mound, and the outro to Fee was a bit extended and very pleasant.

The second set just never really took off anywhere. Nothing going on in Carini. Tweezer is my favorite part of this set, just a solid rock jam. Non of the songs went anywhere after this. YEM was building up nicely but seemed peak short.

Oh well, this weekend run was a blast and the previous 2 shows were great. This venue sucks, and unfortunately the show never really took off.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO I dig this Tweezer. There is a C and P tease at about the 9:45 mark. I enjoyed Riverbend even though the pillars/supports holding up the shed obstructed our view a bit. Uninspired 2nd set. No where near as good as Blossom on the whole.

The whole time I was at this show I kept thinking about a GD review I had read from 6/24/85 where there was a paddle boat behind the stage during Wharf Rat.

Is it bad that I wanted to be listening to Wharf Rat and watching that paddle boat?
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by axpstanz

axpstanz Liked this much more than Blossom, great setlist, great playing, even if it was mostly type I rage.

1st set hits a lull with the Taste, Lawn Boy but picks righ tup with Mound through the end of the set.

2nd set has great flow! The only exception is an oddly placed Julius. Look at that setlist! Screams rage and was totally fun.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by phishead

phishead my first show. i have been into Phish hardcore for like 6 months and they just do it for me. i thought it was a pretty good show for Phish
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by drobert420

drobert420 After a few days to reflect on this show, I have to say it was a smoker start to finish. It really had everything you'd want in a Phish show. Impressive energy from both the band and crowd, rare songs (Fee, Mound, etc), solid covers, and NO SLOW DOWNS (outside of Lawn Boy).

The second set was especially impressive as the band kept the energy level up the entire set and I truly believe the crowd made this happen. The crowd was especially engaged and the typical second set letdown never occured. No Waste's, Wadings, Show of Life's, etc. This second set is a true rocker. Light was the lowlight of the entire show and really was phenominal (for Light). Look to this Crosseyed and Painless for dancing around your living room or general fist pumping. Just awesome. No huge jam, just condensed energy. Hot stuff right here.

Can't say enough. People keep fluffing Pine Knob and Blossom and those shows were awesome in their own right, but this was my kind of show. I've seen a bunch of long DWD's, Bowie's, wild Hood's, etc. This was exactly the kind of show I was looking for and they delivered, as usual.

Definitely worth a listen for those not there.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Dressed_In_Gray

Dressed_In_Gray Mike got turned up during Boogie On and never got turned down. He was loud and booming on the Lawn all through Julius, YEM, Cup & Tweeprise. The PLM has emerged victorious in their struggle! Viva La Revolution!

Wycked show.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by GeeForjay

GeeForjay "...But that I do know that I love you...."

That is the phrase I have been trying to place.
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Mounded

Mounded The jam in Gotta Jibbo is a Trey staple. Been hearing it for years. He always reverts back to this jam - Shake Your Body by Jackson 5. Sing it and you know what I'm talking 'bout. Something like..."And you do know that I want cha....let's dance, let's shout, shake your body down to the ground", etc... I recently even heard in a Marvin Gaye jam in Got to Give It Up. As previously mentioned, Trey can stick this phucker anywheres!
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by mmbyem

mmbyem First set.... Good but not great PS>>> THERE is no such thing as a bad time at a phish show!!!! Please remember! (LOVED MOUND), not the bands fault as I was 10th row at Blossum and last night at end pav....but what I can tell you my highlights and were I found the band played well and even got us "Up high" folks moving was SET 2.....!

At set brake...I said they owe us one... come on second set...Thanks for coming through!

Any Tweezer is gonna please this fan...Hope they were having as much fun as I was and Loved it as a whole. Thanks for a great run...Keep doing your job or better yet fuck your job do what you want you have earned it!!!
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by GeeForjay

GeeForjay There is a tease that Trey has had in his arsenal for years. I distinctly recall is resonating and sticking with me during and since the Deer Creek Gumbo of 98. It rears its head when it pops up in the Jibboo around the 4:15 mark - albeit a very delicate brief tease. It's a notable song or riff from the 70's, and I wanna say George Benson, but anyways... I always find myself trying to sing/hum the remainder of the line, but just cannot place it and it just never materializes....can anyone please unstump the Booey?
, attached to 2011-06-05

Review by Fluffyfluffyhead

Fluffyfluffyhead @OKEEPAPHAN Why does every review given have thumbs down at the end? It's literally every review from every show. Why ruin someones fun they had by basically telling them their review was bad? It was THEIR review.. not yours. Write your own if you want to thumbs down the setlist/show.

There are up AND down thumbs after each review so people can "like or "dislike" every review. no big deal - just opinions.
Its just a little criticism. It builds character.
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