Soul Shakedown Party was preceded by a Chalk Dust Torture Reprise tease from Trey. Frankenstein featured Page on keytar and was followed by a brief Lawn Boy tease from Page. Fee featured Trey on the megaphone. Light contained Frankie Says teases and Ghost contained Crosseyed and Painless quotes. Meatstick had fans dancing on stage and Trey saying that "from now on we're doing it by initials. We hope you enjoyed H. Things and C. E. & Painless, and right now we'd like to do the dance for you now. This is called 'T.F. The Meatstick'". The lyrics of Meatstick were then changed to "T.F. The Meatstick."
Jam Chart Versions
Frankie Says tease in Light, Crosseyed and Painless tease in Ghost, Chalk Dust Torture Reprise and Lawn Boy teases
Debut Years (Average: 1998)

This show was part of the "2012 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by RobesPierre

RobesPierre listening to light now... what a jam... great, this tour trey is finally taking his time and not killing every jam right as it gets cool.

also a note to the editors of this set list... light contained a extended "frankie says" tease from mike and shortly after that a brief simpsons tease from mike.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Roofless_Sheds

Roofless_Sheds THE BEST FEE.

Seriously. Flawless composition, and the most goosebump-inducing piece of post-Fee improv I've ever heard. 100% MUST HEAR.

All of Set 1 was outstanding, one of the best of summer tour, and Set 2 was a baller all the way through the end of 46 Days.

The perfect cap on a perfect hot-as-hell four-night midsummer Midwestern Phish run. My pick for the show of the four that holds up best on tape, though the first night of DC was phenomenal and hilarious in person.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by mseklecki

mseklecki Im sorry to be a negative nancy, but i cant take a reviewer seriously if he/she chooses Light to go potty. That song, though not my favorite, has been a vehicle for top-teir jamming this tour and last summers. I guess when i did drugs just hearing certain songs (no matter what Phish did with them) would get me off, but now it usually takes some exploratory wizardry born of risk-taking whole band interactions to take me to that special place.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Cybro73

Cybro73 Thish was the high light of our mid-west run, another velvet underground song:lonesome buffalo bill. Then 3 songs everyone I was with were dying to hear due to recent soundchecks: dirt, vultures & meat. Frankenstein completely jammed as always and my personal fav to end the set: squirming coil (played perfectly). Not to mention the Fee!
2nd set was to be the icing on the cake; c&p was excellent>NO QUARTER (been waiting for this, and it was worth it), light is getting very good, super funky Ghost, Farmhouse was beautiful, the next 2 songs rocked the f out, Joy was prob the best I've heard yet, and the Julius was the loudest I've ever heard Phish play.
Would have loved a YEM encore, but i'll take Meatstick anytime I can get it.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by ______wheremymindshouldbe

______wheremymindshouldbe I prayed for a No Quarter on my frist phish run! (deer creek
& alpine valley) C&P>No Quarter>Light simply changed my life!
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by KramkonG

KramkonG Love me some Frankenstein and keytar...that 46 Days was tits as well.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten One of the best, if not THE best first set of the tour. Great song selection. The second sets starts with a bang and finishes with well played versions of songs that I'm sure many wish were relegated to the first set. Oh well. Gotta love it.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 Also this was reply to glowstick campfire

Yes it was an amazing stretch but any that gets mad cuz they play 5 farmhouses is pretending to be way cooler than they are...

especially when the five songs are some of the better songs from farmhouse too

who gets mad when they play gotta jibboo? sick jam with loop guitar? Dirt is always great Farmhouse is a classic remember this song debut in 97' ... and is about the place where all this magic happens... Back on the train is always fun with good jamming and the fifth one heavy things is always fun and can give trey a chance to rip a happy song too

over all I just hate when people knock the songs.

hey everyone there are good versions of farmhouse and waste and then there are bad versions but dont hear some bad versions and hate on a slow song forever? look for the good versions of songs and be positive!

My only complaint is that they put 3 slower songs out of 4 in the second set but after a first set so amazing... who even cares great show great times!!!

glad you had an epic time and yea dont listen to kids that just whine about slower songs, not every show is supposed to be drop down balls to the walls intense lol
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 That first set was unreal! The second set was still good but ended a bit slower but oh well what a show starting with 3 major rarities in a row.

Something I noticed between the 2 creeks and 2 alpines each night featured a velvet underground cover

Night 1 creek : Cool it Down
Night 2 creek: Sweet Jane
Night 3 alpine: Rock and Roll
Night 4 alpine: Lonesome Cowboy bill

pretty cool
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by glowstickcampfire

glowstickcampfire Everything about this show was amazing. The venue wasn't overcrowded, the moon and the clouds were gorgeous, and, to me the song selection passed a message perfectly in tune with what I needed. This show delivered. I felt like the entire day was a series of small miracles which confirms I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The whole night was an extended orgasm.

Seriously, for anyone who was upset at five Farmhouse songs just remember hiatus and how painful it was. This show, this TOUR, all in all should have no complaints. We are lucky to have our boys.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Weissabi

Weissabi So here is what happened.

Everyone was hot off of the previous night, it was a generally great time, always a treat at Alpine which is a must-experience venue in the middle of nowhere.

When the town has only 34 cabs, you're gonna have a bad time getting a ride there. We made sure this night to plan ahead to get there before the show started. Alpine has become hilarious with their undercover security. Specifically, make sure to watch out for middle aged males with still wrinkled tie-dye t-shirts tucked into jeans with aviator glasses. They're not there for the same reason you are.

So to the show.

I for one had an AWESOME time. Shakedown was the right opener. It seemed like the venue was not at capacity, because it wasn't. I have seen so many bands there over the years, it was noticeably free with room.

Everything was enjoyable with sun and cold brew until it really picked up with Meat. Everything started with Meat.

They didn't look back from there. If you haven't been to alpine, it is a great outdoor venue in the middle of rural Wisconsin on a somewhat steep hill outdoor amphitheater with seats under cover close to the stage. Destination venue. I think the thin crowd felt pretty loose when cactus started sassing out the bass in meat during sundown. I really loved when the song ended, and the MP3 audio catches a Leon saying "thanks for the parking lot jam."

Page decided to whip out the keytar for Frankenstein which was a good segue into everything that was about to happen. Fee is a must hear, super smooth. I think 2/3 of the crowd were shrugging their shoulders in sync with the beat, hands spread out to absorb the waves.

Maze... some of us never got out of that maze. Outside in such brisk, clean air, with a $10 Fat Tire,... so nice.

By this time we were Page side within 10 yards of the fence that kept out the lawn seats from the pavilion. My buddy and I thought that it was strange that the area so close to the stage was so open, then we realized we were mountain goats on a 45% grade hill and made due which is why no one else was there.

In any case, the second set came on hard with a Talking Heads cover into a Led Zeppelin cover. The transition was beautiful. If you were there, you know how quiet, dark, and blue it got on the grassy knoll during the transition into No Quarter. I think most people snapped out of it when they heard the first heavy guitar chord of No Quarter - "oh yeah, whoa. Here we are then."

Light followed and took us for a ride into Ghost. We were all smiles at that point, the first chords of ghost began on our our 45% dance grade, and some phan behind me asked me if I was okay if phish played Ghost next.

Good ghost, into a great "Back on the Train" mid-set. Farmhouse provided a good moment of reflection, and the rest of the set ended out well, though no real breakouts. Joy had a lot of people happy and reflecting on the weekend.

Meatstick was a sick closer. We knew it was coming from the first muted chord. I think the crowd was feeling loose and wanted something fun, and they delivered. Not a super heady show, but just really fun. Trey pulled up a bunch of people from the crowd onto the stage to do the Meatstick dance, I can only image they had the time of their lives. Alpine is a varied, grassy, steep hill that I'm sure the band sees as contours of the crowd height. Certainly left with a smile.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by TheOceanSings

TheOceanSings Talk about one hell of a night. This was my first time back to Alpine since my very first Phish show and I think that this has been my favorite show so far (12 under my belt so far, Chaifitz will be 13).

I would like to add is anyone going to mention A Song I Heard? This is my all time favorite Phish song! I love all of Undermind, but A Song I Heard is definitely my favorite. This was my first one and I was ecstatic. Part of the way into night four I did not think of anything that could make me happier and instantly stopped thinking about all of the other songs on my summer hopes and dreams list.

Before becoming a Phish phan my favorite band was Led Zepplin. So when No Quarter started I almost died. My boyfriend looked me in the eyes and warned me not to lose my mind. I could barely keep my head on though. I have already listened to this show a good 50 plus times.

Of course, Thank you for that amazing Coil!

There are still songs left on my wish list, but this night made me so happy that I am willing to save all of them for next summer :)

P.S. I am kind of sad that I was not in my seat for Meatstick (I love being on the lawn). I was on the end of my row pretty close to the front and part of me wonders if I could have been on stage too. I made my boyfriend practice Meatsticking with me before we left because it is a common song for us. I will keep practicing in my bedroom in the meantime...
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by phearless

phearless @AlumniBlues420 Yes, there is a Lawn Boy tease after Frankenstein. It's as clear as day.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 Someone please back me up.... after frankenstein during the dead time between frankenstein and fee, page plays the beginning few notes of lawnboy???
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Frizz

Frizz Both sets were damn rad in my book.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by 1withefluff

1withefluff If you like phish, then you'll love this 4 day midwest run. creativity, jamming, and excellent song choices throughout the weekend. Talk about bliss. Thanks, phish.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Phishfool

Phishfool I have not missed an alpine show since 96' never disappointed!! I love alpine, miss the old school shakedowns but the music never lets me down! I could tell the hole bands was having so much fun and happy to be back. I could just go on and on about my favorite parts and tease things, but I always love cross eyed that was sick and I love it when try messed up and started laughing at the beginning of fee... And ya one of the better first sets I seen in awhile. And I got to shake mikes hand in the lot in the golf cart that made my day so thanks mike, try, page, and fish you make me so happy
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by TerrapinTrip

TerrapinTrip I am a bit late to reviewing this show, but after seeing the Saturday Alpine show of this Summer 2019 tour (my 7th show - unless you count the five TAB shows and one MGB show I have seen), I decided I am going to go through all the shows I have been to. Well, here it goes:

I went to this show with my older brother, and two friends, and this everyone's first show. I remember that as this was my first show ever at Alpine, I was very excited and dropped some lucy before even getting to our spot in the parking lot. By the time we started walking through security I was feeling pretty great and was ready to start dancing. Security was pretty chill and I remember they didn't even check my cargo pockets in my shorts that I had hid some bud in.

Once the music started, I was diggin the reggae vibes of Soul Shakedown and get blown away by the Vultures. The baseline on Gotta Jibboo always gets me going and I was groovin' to it, but it was Dirt that really got me early in the set. As I had only really been listening to studio Phish, Dirt was my favorite song at the time and I was super pumped that they busted it out. It was played very sweetly, and was a nice break from the heavy jamming on the previous songs. The rest of the set was great, my mind was blown by the Frankenstein keytar madness. The set closing Squirming Coil was really lovely though, especially Page's piano work. Squirming Coil is another favorite of mine and the piano solo at the end really got me.

The C&P was a lot of fun, and the transition into No Quarter was really seamless. From what I can remember, the entire lawn section was raining glowsticks during No Quarter and it was syncing perfectly with the music. The Light and Ghost were good, but it was the Back on the Train into Farmhouse that got me dancing in the middle of the set. I was really happy with the set-ending combo of Heavy Things into Joy into Julius. Joy was another of my favorites at the time, and so I had gotten all three of the songs I wanted most during my first show. I also remember laughing my ass off during Meatstick when Trey brought all the audience members up onto the stage.

Even though the show was great and the crowd around us was pretty cool, not too many chompers, the fireworks out in the lot for the upcoming 4th were really fun. They were going off everywhere as my group was chillin and waiting to get out of the lot. All in all, it was a killer first show and Alpine has been my favorite venue since. Hope anyone else who attended has a great time as well, it seems like most people did.

Much love.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by sroldan

sroldan how hasn't anyone talked about the 46 Days? It wasn't the lengthiest, but it was packed with a punch right off the bat.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by User_23220_

User_23220_ Out of both Alpine shows, this night was my jam. Loved every minute of it. Thank you, Phish.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by zeroman

zeroman Alpine is always a blast regardless...but Phish brought the party this time. Great end to one of the better Midwest runs we've seen in a while.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by RobesPierre

RobesPierre listening to light now... what a jam... great, this tour trey is finally taking his time and not killing every jam right as it gets cool.

also a note to the editors of this set list... light contained a extended "frankie says" tease from mike and shortly after that a brief simpsons tease from mike.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by antelope22

antelope22 If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure I heard a pyite tease right before crosseyed started......unless that was just me hearing things...........
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Purple_Humpback_Whale

Purple_Humpback_Whale Fantastic show, I had a great time!
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by NoQuarter420

NoQuarter420 ^2 Lawnboy Teased by Page inbetween Frankenstein and Fee.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 Frankenstein has a Lawn Boy Tease from Page
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 Note to editor... After Frankenstein Page teases the first 2 or 3 notes of the beginning of lawnboy then stops... diff tease
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by railgin

railgin The author has removed all of the text from their comment
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by NateDogg

NateDogg I am late to the party here but during Meatstick were they not saying, "Ooohhh, out in Waukesha, Ooohh, out in Waukesha!?!"

i would say yes!

I am a tenderfoot with all of this. Only my third show on Sunday. What a blast! Was at Alpine both nights. Sunday was extra special!
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Phishsx78

Phishsx78 Amazing show!!! Wow
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by Phishsx78

Phishsx78 Amazing show!!! Wow
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by tat2727

tat2727 This show was above average and much better than saturday's show. The show didn't really start til Vultures, when they played Dirt I pissed myself with excitement, and everyone freaked out when they broke out Meat (sense we basically get it once a year) Personally, I was more than satisfied b/c meat and dirt were the top 2 on my wish list and got them in the same 30 min, but the whole first set i give a 9, Access Me (its an unspoken deal we have with 3.0, "we will play your sign requests, and break out some new covers and gems but we get to play songs from 'Joy' and 'Undermind' ") was just like a lil break to chill before a rockin Frank and a really good jam in Fee. Maze was above average and Page really killed the solo of Coil for what seemed like a full min of cheers and applause (Page looked like he felt loved) to end the first set.

Set 2

2 great covers out the gate, no quarter was just awesome. Light was my bathroom break, ghost was quite funky (btw a pretty ghoulish night with 3 mentions of ghosts i e Vultures, Meat, Ghost also 5 Farmhouse songs) I wish they played something besides meatstick for the encore but hey, they played meat. I went home happy.
, attached to 2012-07-01

Review by aybesea

aybesea 1st set is pretty much throwaway, but the second set is outstanding. Jams, jams & more jams!
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