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Review by Psylo_Bryan

Psylo_Bryan This was my favorite show of the three nights Raleigh > MPP I just did. And one of my favorite all time shows to date. It was a mixture of the weather, vibes, and of course the music. Everything seemed to go so smooth. The flow of the entire show from top to bottom was great, there wasn't any moment I was sort of like hmm okay odd choice but I'm down (maybe at the start of Rise/Come Together but we know how that turned out). The first set playing from the band was phenomenal and then we got to the jam of the Rise/Come Together. I think the band initially started the song because they may get cut off because of the lightning that was going on. This song usually is very very short. First time they jammed it out like this. So they kept it going and pushed it and played off the storm. Psychedelic and hose action. They were listening very well and weaving patterns around while we had mother nature doing the same behind us. It was truly a moment. The last several minutes of the jam took off and lifted off into a territory we all know too well. Trey soaring behind the drone of the band while they push and back into to the riff of the song and finish with with a high note of Rise, Come Together!

It was raining but not too bad. I typically go to the bathroom and get a beer during setbreak, but I actually didn't have to go. It think I sweat it all out in the lot before hand. So I waited in anticipation for a second set that hopefully the storm kept cool enough to let them ride it through. We got something nobody expected. A BBFCFM that had a different spin on it, more punk rock arrangement. And I know some people don't like the band messing around with classics (Maze, Llama) but to me that shows them experimenting and having fun you know. What bands do that almost 40 years into their career? Not to mention it keeps it interesting for them also. Imagine Playing Maze Im taking a wild guess here 5 times a year every year just about, its cool to switch it up and it keeps them and us on our toes. Anyways I loved how they handled the creature from mars while red heat lightning was going on in the background. Seemed like the Mind Flayer was hovering in the background and then they go into "Carini" as lightning, heat lightning, and light rain is going on. Truly something to witness. I was in heaven. I love weather in general and to see Phish somewhat play off of that was so incredible. I kept thinking back to the 97 show at Walnut with the first set closing "Taste" you can hear crackling in the recording from the lightning. Summer shows down east man! So the entire set up to the Shine A Light to me was just pure psychedelic, bliss, minor funk, space groovin weaving in and out. It's a show you put on from the start and don't skip a song. It's not too often I feel that way, but this tour they've been producing every night. My favorite part of the night was the Ruby Waves > Beneath A Sea Of Stars Part 1 > Piper....that was just incredible. The Ruby Waves jam got super intense. Some people don't realize the jam in Rube Waves starts super early. IT started around 2:40 into the song. They get right to it around 3:30 into it. Listening so well together its amazing. Trey this tour has been finding these riffs and melody's and really staying on them vs finding something and hopping off quick when another member finds it. Mike and Trey have been going together more this tour than I have ever heard since 3.0 era. Around 8 min or so the band hops into hose territory and starts to go deep. This is my favorite part of this show. Page came in with some intense synth/space sounds while trey is using octave bending delays, fishman just lightly in the background making it for a very quiet psychedelic point in the show, everyone was locked in no one yelling and they were all just droning out. Everyone making weird sounds, Mike using his drill, fishman hitting very very lightly. Page just enveloping us in his sounds, I was locked in. When you thought they might be going into something else they held that space and you could hear a pin drop. These un earthly sounds coming from everyone conjuring the upside down or another dimension. It was nuts. Imagine all of that going on with heat lightning in the background. I can't say enough about how the weather effected this show, at least for me. The segue into Sea of Stars was perfect. It honestly felt like a Drums/Space > Dark Star moment... I love Treys playing on this song so much, reminds me a lot of Jerry. That's what got me into the scene (like many) and I think a lot of folks feel the same. Now by the time they went into the song the rain had stopped and there weren't any heat lighting and then "Were all here together and the weather's fine" lyric was perfect. Just a beautiful moment. Then we go into Piper... a Song I could get at every show and be happy. I won't go into full breakdown mode but this is definitely a version worth checking out 100%. They all listened and played exceptional on the jam portion.

The 4th quarter was phenomenal. Light > Shine a Light was the first time that's happened. Great way to reflect the show. Then we get the first Strange Design to encore which i love that song so much I was so happy. As soon as Heavy Things came on I was stoked even though it's not my favorite song but because I knew there would be another one after that and this has nice groove to it, not to mention we did have rain come down on us maybe that's what they were going with. Into the funk party that is Sneakin Sally! Didn't go for a long walk but it sure did groove and everyone was pleased to hear the opening riffs of that familiar but more rare tune these days! Sending off with Wilson was a great way to walk out to lot feeling overwhelmed and joyous by what just happened. The rain was gone (come on perfect spot for Harpua :) we were with friends. Everything was good and I had two more shows the next days at MPP, the place i've been to almost more than any (MSG holds number 1 spot)

Definitely will be listening to this show for the rest of my life. Thank you once again Phish and this community! (Twitter @psylobryan)


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