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Review by s1177375

s1177375 Compared to the rest of the tour this is a below average night and I’m not surprised because Fenway 2009 was terrible too n for some reason they do play a certain way depending on the venue that they’re at and I hate to say it it shouldn’t matter where they’re at but if there at the gorge or in Camden or anywhere in New York or Vermont or Tahoe they’re going to play better they do care where they are at Blossom too and Somewhere between Erie n Pittsburgh burgettstown n because I guess it’s Cleveland and the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and all that. Those 2 and the whole northern east coast are shined on a bit brighter in general This Boston show Though in the geographic area where they should play the best shows was well it only had a couple things worth noting I do love any long Tube and it was a good tube it was a tube over three minutes so I’m already happy I love the song Brian n Robert so I’m sentimental over that the rest of the first set was terrible Not in terms of song titles but for some reason it just didn’t work ocelot is the only song title I just hate that song No correct placement or even a jam even a 20 minute ocelot is terrible to me that made sound sacrilege but except for an OK ender I love runaway Jim and even though it was a short one that song is amazing you can’t do that wrong as long as you play it OK and it was definitely a good Rockin way to end the SEt sort of like a 46 days a rock 8 minutes like a stealing x set 1 closer Not good not bad just OK but I’ve heard amazing runaway gyms that went on for 30 minutes this one was not even in the same league then for set two To me only Mercury and Fuego Are even worth talking about now Santa is a better song than both of those two I mean listen to some of the best sans and they beat the shit out of any mercury or Faygo but tonight those are the only highlights I have a softspot for wading I heard it my first night to 2 21 03 in cinci
As the encore and they did this one long note tray just held the note for ever it seems like and I fell in love with the song but tonight was just another terrible boring version of it not as bad as Coventry where Paige cries and the band totally loses their shit but still not good at all I don’t like anything off Casbah so I’ll always remember where I was when I don’t hear the songs because I hate all of them And space doesn’t have a smell retards but you guys are believers in evolution so you are retards by definition then you really fuck us with a bug encoreNot even your they can’t make a mistake in there’s no such thing is pissing in our ears fans hate bug I mean it’s like trying to make time turns elastic into guyUte It’s never going to happen and bug will never be a good encore even if it’s saved by one of the best song chorus and one of the best set closers coil it’s like they know where we live and what we hate it so they have to throw the shit in with the light in the darkness with the sun they have to piss on us when they’re giving us the best possible H2O trey does that shit just to laugh at us Which is why I now know they hate their fans because they can play 13 shows with a 4.5 rating the donut shows they know what we want they choose to play shitty shows I am convinced that they really believe we came from monkeys and therefore the human race does not deserve good shows but I believe we are created in Jesus’ image and we deserve 4.5 every night. This tour is garbage give me 2013 2012 2000 1519 9597 9897 and 98 were good because they discovered funk 95 the band became alive as Trey put it that is the year they were born 94 they added Bluegrass 91 through 93 they experimented with really dissonance sounds like David Bowie really getting that We don’t give a fuck we’re just gonna go there creativity 98 was the best year 99 they got a little bit too slow will to dank and they stop caring but some might say it’s still the best year obviously 2000 and 2003 and four are the worst years with only a couple highlights there were definitely a few highlights in 2000 and even 2003 there was only one good show in 2004 619 Every other year had at least more than one show that was good but 2019 is turning out to be much like 2009 a Lotta new stuff all these Kasvot songs and all this ghost of the forest stuff just like all the joy stuff and trying to re-interpret the undermind stuff but with no success in 09 It did not really blossom till 2011 and maybe in 2021 will have good shows again 2017 was an amazing year I forgot about 2017 how could I forget That too was such a fucking great yearApparently it Has to be an odd number But that theory goes out the window because so is 2019 And only four shows have been truly great. And blossom and night1 Connecticut don’t quite count They are right on the 4.0 barrier but only four shows have made it past to the 4.5 ish land Considering almost every showing 2017 was 4.0 or above this year leaves us yearning for better A 3.5 show from fish might be a 5.0 from any other band but I admit I have way too high expectations for this band because they’re my favorite band I hold them to a higher level and they are not meeting it in 2019 Fenway can be totally skipped both nights in Fenway were terrible as far as I’m concerned


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