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Review by Wormtown97

Wormtown97 My entry into the Mann Center for the Performing Arts was well anticipated. After 2 solid summers of unforgettable jams @ Fairmount Park, I was eager to get the wife and I up to the venue and into our seats. Mike's side orchestra right- row A. A primo spot...

Over the Benjie & through the traffic on 476 W, we finally made into the park, stashed the car & headed in around 7 pm. The anticipation & adrenaline to see Phish was making me go crazy, but I was well at ease, ready to rage with the boys. We made it to our chairs, I grabbed two beers & made it back to kiss the lady on the cheek.

Then, lights hit.

Wilson set us off on a Gamehenge based saga, screaming shenanigans with Big Red as the the band wove tightly in and our of this heddy rock based tune. Seguing into the 2nd Funky Bitch of 2016, the crowd was very welcoming of this sizzling blues song, with some heavy soloing by Trey and spot on vocals by Cactus, himself.

We rolled right out the rock from "Wilson" into the blues from "Funky Bitch"...so what was next on the palate? How about some NEW funk?
NMINML proved to be the third batter. This brought with it a huge vat of excitement leaving many wondering if this would top the 2015 rendition that went way beyond anyone's expectations (and gave birth to the NMINML NYE 2015 version...). It brought the funk but did not bring the type II, but still a good slot with the sun starting to move in the night.

As the band closed up the funk tune No Man, "Roggae" took over in such an amazing show of type I gnar shred that has come to prove itself over and over with this tune. The few renditions of Roggae I have been lucky to see live have had a very compelling type I jam tacked onto the end of the tune & this one is no different. Definitely listen to it! Nellie Kane brings us to the 5th type of genre (if you will) that this show featured- Bluegrass, keeping the palate fresh!

This "Gumbo" isn't a hose by any means but it is a sizzling slow, drippy, funk based, reggae version that has to be heard. Another way Phish has been spreading set lists over huge ranges, this "Gumbo" was one of the more special one's I've seen, like that previous "Roggae". BOAF was upbeat and answered the cries of the past Gumbo that rolled slow, bringing the set back up to it's dancing shoes.

"Sleep Again" was the first I've ever heard of it, and I have to admit it's been in my head since 6/28, almost a month later. I sing it every where I go and I have listened back a few times. Thank you for this bust out. Moving into new music, Phish brought out "Things People Do" which is a new Blue Grass tune they wrote for the new album. I liked it, as I love all Phish B-grass & am excited they are still writing these kind of songs!

LXL>SOAM seemed like a set capper while I was busy dancing, but as soon as SOAM was over I had to pick my face up off the floor. The first SOAM since Dicks 2015, the jam was grueling, evil and dank. Definitely worth some re-listens especially for the memories of being shocked by what came next! The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony>Suzy made the whole night for me!! I have been chasing this tandem for SO long & it finally happened. Of course my wife has no idea whats going on, except for Suzy, but I made sure she knew this was a great pair that I have been waiting for :) great first set full of Phishy goodness.

Set I- 4.0/5

Quick beer run & food (which the mann has some great options, their kale salad was delicious) and we are back off to the races!

Fuego once again opening set II in Philly with tons of expectations, which I learned in my experiences to leave at the door, did in fact glow slightly with a nice jam. It definitely is not on par with the past two fuegos that Philly received in prior years which was sort of let down. To three-peat a tune and leave it as is, wasn't the best decision IMO, especially as a 2nd set opener, but it still packed a hard punch, reminding us Phans that Phish does what they do thanks to Us ....>Runaway Jim ( I prefer 1st set unless heddy type II) > Gotta Jibboo had me smiling, as Trey laid on some really nice type I lines that soar above a tight trio of keys, bass and skins.

Breath and Burning has been the MVP of the new tunes in terms of jams & I see it being a spring board for many shows to come. This version is one of those just with a little bit shorter length. It isn't as huge as the Magnaball B&B but it does pack some type II territory that actually leads us into a > of pretty standard version "Timber(Jerry)". Slave comes out the gates and it is a version to listen back to, as the band makes nods to the Philly Zoo and traffic lights in the city. A extended YEM closes set II with trampolines, lumina treys & vocal jams for all.

Encore: Bob Dylan's Quinn the Eskimo put a perfect stamp on the evening to send us off. I also collected a ton of space cash.

highlights: Roggae, Gumbo, Sleep Again, SOAM, Oh Kee Pa>Suzy. B&B, Slave, YEM


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