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Welcome to the 75th installment of Mystery Jam Monday here at As usual, we will be playing for an MP3 download, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. The rules haven't changed: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). The hint will come on Tuesday and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck...

Tuesday Hint: Again, no hint needed this week...

Wednesday Answer: Congrats to Phurk for correctly ID'ing a tough Mystery Jam: the 8/17/93 "YEM." The Blog will be back on Monday with another Mystery Jam for your listening pleasure.


, comment by cMags13
cMags13 2/16/03 Piper?
, comment by noltrain
noltrain Llama...11/19/97
, comment by angry_pirate
angry_pirate Julius
, comment by Jackaroe
Jackaroe Strong Frankenstein teases....I'm going out on a limb and guessing the Merry Pranksters segment of 8/14/97. I was there and recall mainly funk, but I do recall some jamming when the big Frankenstein dude came out on stage.
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose 10-1-00 Guy Forget

, comment by Phart_Door
Phart_Door Wild random guess that is 99.9% likely to be wrong: 6/6/96 YEM
, comment by Purple_Humpback_Whale
Purple_Humpback_Whale this is a good one
, comment by squalie
squalie 6/18/94 YEM
, comment by ledzepmaster
ledzepmaster Feels like a gin....
, comment by forbin1
forbin1 Just a guess...12/12/97 Piper?
, comment by skud13
skud13 7-20-98 Drowned
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose Does sound like a YEM..
, comment by Phish686
Phish686 Sounds like a '94/'95 YEM
, comment by Ourayphan
Ourayphan Piper> Guy Forget 10/1/00 Phx.
, comment by conradjohansen
conradjohansen 11/17/94 YEM
, comment by zasdertultun
zasdertultun YEM 7/15/99?
, comment by jcmarckx
jcmarckx I'm guessing a Gin from 95ish, maybe 94?
, comment by WayIFeel
WayIFeel Possibly YEM 2/26/97
, comment by markhood
markhood 6-16-94 YEM
, comment by triplepete07
triplepete07 YEM 2/22/93
, comment by fluffhead42
fluffhead42 I have a feeling its earlier than this, but I'm going with:
Birds of a Feather from 11/11/1998.
, comment by jedikass
jedikass Antelope 8-2-09
, comment by phishead
phishead piper, idk when though
, comment by mikh2wg
mikh2wg Sounds like the 8-14-93 antelope to me
, comment by Shmendrick
Shmendrick I'm at work and away from my own computer so I can't listen to my own database. But I hear elements of Spooky, so I'm taking a stab.

YEM 3/14/93 Gunnison, CO
, comment by MJZ1974
MJZ1974 4-3-93 Antelope?
, comment by phlyphishing
phlyphishing Listened to this recently but not sure if this is it- YEM 5/5/93
, comment by Phurk
Phurk 1993/08/17 YEM
, comment by Phurk
Phurk sorry guys im pretty sure bout that one.
, comment by sirhotpants
sirhotpants ANTELOPE!

No idea when. December '95.
, comment by FunkyCFunkyDo
FunkyCFunkyDo I am fairly certain the MJM is from this past weekend's Moon shows. Maybe it is the jam out of 2001?
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 @Phurk said:
sorry guys im pretty sure bout that one.
Confirmed it is the 8/17/93 YEM. First few notes had me thinking about the 8/13/93 show even though I knew it wasn't that show. The guy who always wins, RabelyNugs, had advised me a few months ago to listen, or relisten, to all of August '93, which I have for the most part, but I didn't get this one. I guess he was busy today otherwise I imagine he would have gotten this one in a flash.
, comment by Mike_Thong
Mike_Thong Pretty sure this is from when trey sat in with Pork Tornado, 4/1/01 this is the jam out of Twinkle Twinkle. Pretty sure on this one, sorry.
, comment by StickyFingers
StickyFingers 12/12/1997 Antelope
, comment by phearless
phearless I heard this and immediately thought birds of a feather, no idea when though.. either way it's a BADASS mystery jam!
, comment by Potato_Sacks
Potato_Sacks 12/31/2002 Piper?
, comment by Jackaroe
Jackaroe 8/17/93 YEM, agreed.

Much props to the MJM this week, made me listen to a few different jams and obviously through everyone for a loop. Hard to imagine you ever getting one through Tuesday without being identified. Maybe try one of those '98-'00 DWD jams that all sound the same?
, comment by HarborSeal
HarborSeal 8/17/93, yup.

What a thrilling little jam! Explosive, thrilling, ridiculously good jam, a standout jam even from the hallowed month of 8/93... or to quote Charlie Dirksen, "B-/B."
, comment by AngelMarie
AngelMarie i was thinking Birds of a Feather....but I guess since no hint is necessary...I should know what it is...
, comment by TimberJeremy
TimberJeremy definitely an older jam, my first thoughts were an a 93 or 94 antelope
, comment by TREYPHACE
TREYPHACE i could see this being a weekapaug
, comment by Laidig
Laidig seems like Maze to me, but i couldn't tell you a date...
, comment by Bouch
Bouch Frankenstein 1994ish?
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