Reba did not contain the whistling ending and featured You Sexy Thing quotes from Fish. Trey teased What's The Use? and You Sexy Thing in Taste. Golden Age contained Reba whistling and teasing. Fee featured Trey on megaphone. Trey forgot some of the lyrics of Fee and told the crowd after the song, "We'd like to end the show now with something we remember all the words to." He then began 2001, encouraging the fans to help them out. 2001 contained You Sexy Thing, Tweezer Reprise, Petrichor, and Rhapsody in Blue teases.
Jam Chart Versions
quote in Reba, What's the Use? and teases in Taste, Reba tease in Golden Age, , Tweezer Reprise, Petrichor, and Rhapsody in Blue teases in Also Sprach Zarathustra
Debut Years (Average: 1999)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by MJ_Calleys

MJ_Calleys As an Also Sprach head, I want to adress that specifically.

Being played in an encore with a looming curfew in 15 minutes you would have expected and quick romp through the song with little foreplay or tension. The tickling tension is what makes or breaks great 2001s.

In this case there is a short build to the first two full movements, but then they drop into a patient "island tour ish" full on funk dance party for a little while. This builds to them only playing the front half of the central movement.

Then they drop into the sexy thing and tweeprise reprises but it's really only trey and a little of the others, the underlying flow is still 2001.

Then they perfectly drop back into 2001 and then execute both sides of the central movement, perfectly. Five full 2001 main themes, funk dance party plus hijinks; in an encore!

I was absolutely losing it.

Thank you for this wonderful gift.
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by Phabio

Phabio Was couchtouring last night. When they started playing the opening notes to sexy thing I started having BD flashbacks – knew the show was gonna be a heater.

Hot take: Many may not agree with this but I loved the first set more than the second. This section: (Petrichor > Most Events Aren't Planned, Vultures, Reba, Sand) is solid gold. Brilliant compositions, amazing jams (MEAP in particular) and then the treat of vultures followed by Reba (blissful slow jam) and Sand (rockin').

Second set starts out with Taste, one of my all-time favs, and the band is really gelling together on this one. Golden Age > Twist > Waves is the highlight of set 2, with a really monster jam late in Golden Age.

Then of course, not to be outdone we get treated to a mango song, a hilarious sexy thing reprise (and don't forget the almost Reba reprise in Golden Age).

Then a hilariously flubbed Fee, and a rip roaring '01 to send everyone out into the night. Great Sunday show.
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by mhester

mhester Trey did indeed perform the whistling part of Reba, it just didn't occur until later that usual.

The flubbed words in the Fee performance led to the classic Trey line, "Now we'll play something I definitely remember the words to," followed by the instrumental Also Sprach Zarathustra, which included wonderful teases of both You Sexy Thing and Tweezer (which, following the Tweeprise 2nd song 1st set, made it a Threeprise).
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay This was the only night of Phish's stop in Alpharetta I was able to attend. I don't know how nights 1 & 2 sounded, but if they were anything like this show, then this 3-night run must've been the stuff of legend.

If I was forced to make a complaint about this show, maybe it'd be because of the placement of Petrichor in the first set. While it was performed effortlessly, I think the crowd wasn't fully settled in for it yet....perhaps it would've made a bigger impact if it was later/darker in the show, after the audience chatter died down a little bit.

Other than that, tonight was one bulls-eye after another. I lost track of how many times my seat neighbors and I were high-fiving one another, it was such a joyous experience. And don't get me started on that sick "Sand" jam to close out the first set, lol....
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by hseamons

hseamons Wow, just when I thought nothing could surpass the focused intensity of the BGCA run, this Alpharetta show takes Summer '18 tour to a whole new level. There is some exemplary playing here that demonstrate how Phish, a whole nine years strong into 3.0 with a historically epic Baker's Dozen stand under their belt, can still bring the heat and exceed expectations. It seems every year this band is still reminding us that they have not retreated to a boring nostalgia act with nowhere else to take us. 8/5/18 is a very special show of that kind that has everything we love about Phish: a totally unique and surprising setlist, classic Phish antics and teases, some powerhouse Type 1 and Type 2 jams, and a profound feeling of fresh, inspired playing and FLOW. Given their quite extensive body of work at this point, many shows these days are grab bags of Phish classics, bustouts, and extended jamming—but then there are those more rare gems of shows that take us on a remarkable journey, where each song is a stepping stone to greater "show-construction" fulfillment and musical enlightenment. Old standards become revitalized in terms of how they are placed and executed, and the basic elements of the Phish experience are transmuted into solid gold. Night three of the extra hot Alpharetta run—a Sunday show, no less—encapsulates why Phish remains one of the top jam band acts of our time.
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by 46Blaze

46Blaze Well, what's left to say? Unpredictability was the theme of the weekend. Case in point: Tweeprise as the second song of the night. Vultures, Taste, Mango - they brought out the big guns, and those tough compositions made the deep jams resonate even more powerfully. And that's not even to mention all the teases and antics. What a treat this weekend was! Unfortunately this was the only run I'm able to attend this year, but I'll be tuning in at every opportunity. Phish on, guys!

P.S. How about Music from Big Pink for Halloween?
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by bark_obama

bark_obama - I have to admit I never liked the actual song YST but Phish plays it pretty well IMO

- That followed by Tweezer Reprise > What's the Use? is an opening that no sane person can complain about.

- The rest of the first set continues to impress throughout. MEAP is a treat every time. Trey was resurrecting the dead with his fretwork on Reba and Sand.

- Personally I thought the 2nd set was a little busy despite a killer Gin to end the frame. It's not the kind of monster Gin you can sit down with a Guinness and enjoy, but for a Type 1 jam it's really quite excellent. I like all the other songs but I think Twist>Waves>Fuego was too many cooks stirring the pot. Just pick two of them and let the songs breathe more but that's just my opinion. I enjoyed the YST ending but I don't agree with that it was a "reprise" more of a quote within the Bathtub Gin ending.

- Fee was rough but fun and the 2001 was lovely. When Trey asked the crowd to sing along, I belted out every word loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by s1177375

s1177375 Most random setlist ever. I love the curveball idea as a tour theme cuz it throws all us phans of. No dwd set 2 opener. No tweezer reprise encore instead number 2 slot. I am loving these wierd sets. This 3 run in GA gets the cake as best of the tour thus far anyways. The piper and chalkdust were great last night and the soul planet meandered a bit too much. Not real focused but still a great jam. More is a great encore song...sorta the stay wasting time of dmb for phish. A leaves u wanting more lyrics song....i like show of life for the same reason in encore spot. But tonites is my all time favorite encore. Piano solos are the way to close a show. That or wading in the velvet sea ... Night one is hard to beat. For me its a toss up even night 2 was amazing but night 1 was best. First tube and bouncing were of course set 1 opener curveballs but this curveball is even better. Ghost tweezer and carini are my fav jams from night 1. Piper and chalkdust night 2. Feugo reba and golden age for this show. Petrichor is too composed to say its my favorite jam of the guyute or fluffhead. doesnt have the yem room for improvisation as much but it is my favorite of the newer songs...mercury a close growing on me. This tour is getting better as it goes along!!! I keep hoping for a true curveball. An all animal setlist or the self title song to all phish studio albums show....except junta. No song called junta. So the encore can b that entire album that would kick ass. Fee is a fun encore that is also a curveball and with the loudspeaker mega cool. We love you guys! So much fun these curveball shows. Keep us guessing till the next one.... Merriweather ill b there!
, attached to 2018-08-05

Review by SikeMo

SikeMo Folks, it's time to wake up. I picked this show to scrutinize because of the good reviews and the setlist looked like it might be a heater. Also, I attended two shows from this tour and have listened to a few more. The playing from this show and most of this tour is bordering on horrible. While I had fun at the shows I attended, there were few truly impressive Phish moments other than the typical shock of bust-outs.

Listening to this show, the energy level is low, the playing (Trey) is extremely sloppy, and the jamming is unimaginative. If you're going to just wade through the songs and improvise the composed sections, maybe it's time to stop playing them. On top of that, no one is really playing in time with each other anymore. The band's metronome is off. I could provide specific examples, but it's nearly every song. Petrichor and Taste, in particular, were completely unlistenable. Yes, the bust-out factor (setlist composition, etc) is high here, but it's nothing other than cute at this point. Nearly every second set opener has a jam that leads into a predictable key shift to the relative major and a 'bliss jam'. Same thing, every night, over and over. It makes me think of Coventry.

You'll have to pardon my criticism, but the love just isn't there for me right now. As a long time fan (24 years now), I'm a bit disappointed. I'm not sure what the solution is. Maybe it's just rehearsing. Maybe it's reducing the mind boggling number of songs that they play to cover three to four nights worth of shows per tour. I would much rather have my face melted with repeats than listen to them stumble through this slop. Also, write down the setlists before the show. The agonizing pauses between songs ruin the vibe. Time for another hiatus? IDK
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