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Review by SmokeyTheBear

SmokeyTheBear What is there to say...Phish unleashed a perfect show.

13 beautiful wonderful nights at the best venue on Earth, all culminating to this. Zero song repeats throughout the entire run, what ever could the band unleash for this final 13th night?

Dogs Stole Things was a great way to open this finale of a show, a fun little number from 20 years ago. Rift I'll admit is a song that took a VERY long time to grow on me, it's not my type of song at all but after learning the song is basically The Curtain With but played differently has allowed this song to grow in likeness. Ha Ha Ha is always fun to play but as the third song of the show it was quite perplexing, something was up their sleeves. As Camel Walk grooved on and was played beautifully, the doses started to kick into full gear, just in time for some short little clean shaven guy in glasses to ask me for a "marijuana joint" and promptly shoving a 20$ bill into my hands thinking I was gonna give him some. All the red flags started firing in my head and instantly I thought "NARC DO NOT GIVE WEED OR SMOKE AT ALL HE IS A NARC" and as Crazy Sometimes geared up I literally started to feel like I was going crazy. Having the transition into a very psychedelic Saw It Again and trying to get my bearings, Sanity comes into play. A bustout I've always wanted to witness live! But as the "narc" next to me kept staring looking for his marijuana joint, the anxiety started to rise just in time for the most intense psychedelic experience of my life as they started teasing all sorts of song sound bits throughout the song. I quickly handed the 20$ back to the narc and tried to relax, and thank God Phish was done fucking with us as they went into a very bright and much needed Bouncing Around the Room. At this point the narcs brother came back who I met and talked with before the show and he vouched that his brother was cool but just awkward and never smokes and doesn't know anything like that, as the good vibes of Bouncing went on and on and the anxiety and worries of a Narc quelled, I gave him a joint to enjoy and sparked one of my own to have a nice breather. Just in time too, as Most Events Aren't Planned made it's debut and this was just the most techno funk style song ever! Was pure Phish in it's rawest, even though I later found it's a Vidya Blue song, but still! MEAP was perfect and it was a great song in a fantastic spot! Bug comes next as things are finally back to "normal" and the lyrics are truly right, it doesn't matter! I Been Around came back around since the MPP14 show with the Tweezerfest, thinking this was the final song of the night it was very fun to hear as reminisce about that epic night...and then it happened...Trey grabbed a new guitar from behind him and started jamming a little riff... for a split second I thought they were going into a pure jam ala cavern island tour...but no...IZABELLA made it's return! The fabled song in which dozens of phans proclaimed Trey wouldn't play it anymore because it's "too hard" came out of the wood works and fucked all of our faces! A huge rocking song to end the most psychedelic, mind fucking first set I've ever experienced!

Set Two rolls around, I tell to my show buddies...Simple -> YEM, that's it, 2 song set, boom! As the band strolls on stage Simple begins and becomes one of the most epic jams to ever grace our ears! 25+ minutes of pure beautiful soulful Phish rock, you couldn't ask for a better jam! As things fizzled down, Rise/Come Together came out and at the moment I was admittedly a little sour for it "ruining" my Simple-YEM 2 set prediction, but after many relistens this song as grown on me fondly and has become a HUGE favorite! A perfect song to cool things down after a huge jam with uplifting lyrics that just make you want to rise up! Starman came back afterwards from it Halloween debut and goddamn Mike! What a voice!! This song was very amazingly played and was perfect for the 1-2 cooldown before the YEM that came next! The Baker's Dozen You Enjoy Myself, 13 nights of waiting/knowing this will pop up on this night...it surely did not disappoint! With a very fun Izabella style jam for the best little tease. Loving Cup ending this epic set is always fun and helps lifts the spirits up even further! A classic ender of many epic shows.

On the Road Again was encored with a very humbled Trey who choked up a bit during the song from the grand emotions, it tugged at all of our heart strings knowing this incredible band will be back on the road again after staying with us for 2-3 weeks in a row without going anywhere else. Lawn Boy Reprise as a nice upbeat funk rock song was PERFECT to close out this 13 night run which debuted the only jammed out Lawn Boy reaching nearly 30 minutes at 29:59. Tweeprise as always perfectly ends an amazing show, encompassing the entire Baker's Dozen since they played Tweezer the first night and didn't play Reprise until this night.

Big Cypress was THE show with them playing endlessly all night long until dawn...but this...the Baker's Dozen..this was truly The Long Gig.


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