Jam Chart for Tube (54 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1990-09-13 New York, NY 3:15 Debut. Like other 1990 versions, the jam includes some building tension which is largely absent in later versions and does not include a guitar solo to end the jam.
1991-10-24 Prescott, AZ 3:08 First version to include the customary guitar solo to end the jam.
1992-11-20 Albany, NY 3:24 Strong early version with nice organ work by Page. "Buried Alive" tease from Trey.
1997-12-07 Dayton, OH 12:36 The first "Tube" to break out of the box begins with sweet funk in the first jam, while the jam reprise drops into some space, builds back up to more funk, and coasts into the -> to "Slave". A fan-favorite.
1997-12-13 Albany, NY 8:42 Lots of funk in this very good version. Page leads the way with his clav and piano work.
1997-12-29 New York, NY 10:50 Absolutely locked-in version with seamless interplay, breakdown solos by Trey, Page, and Mike, and "I Feel the Earth Move" teasing. One of the greats.
1998-04-02 Uniondale, NY 8:00 Island Tour opener. Mike's bass lines keep this funky jam fresh, while Page transitions from the clav to the organ and piano. Also includes a guitar breakdown.
1998-07-16 George, WA 9:53 Slow grooving at the Gorge combining funk and ambience. > to "Slave". Released on Live Bait Volume 9.
1998-07-21 Phoenix, AZ 9:06 The Cosmic Tube. Funk jam with a reprise of the jam section. Spacey outro. Released on From the Archives-Superball IX.
1998-07-29 Maryland Heights, MO 10:00 Excellent jam combining funk and ambience, making this version a good representation of the band's sound at this time. > to "Kung".
1998-11-02 West Valley City, UT 14:00 A good mix of funk and ambient elements in the first jam, but the jam reprise is where the band really shows their jamming acumen. Beginning with a darker/ambient feel, Trey gradually increases the intensity and leads the group into some jubilant jamming before the -> to "Drowned".
1999-07-03 Atlanta, GA 7:56 Very melodic playing from Mike. Includes a nice theme from Trey midway through the jam.
1999-07-17 Volney, NY 7:00 Trey takes the melody while Mike punctuates the funk groove with great slapping.
1999-09-18 Chula Vista, CA 10:29 A laid-back jam with Mike in the driver's seat featuring some staccato playing from Trey and Page.
1999-10-07 Uniondale, NY 6:54 Wah-groove and clav early on and then Trey takes the lead while Page lays down layers on the organ.
1999-12-13 Providence, RI 6:40 Trey sits back while Page and Mike take the lead before ending the jam with some great lead work.
1999-12-31 Big Cypress, FL 9:23 Great lead work from Trey and some nice fills from Fishman in this one from Big Cypress.
2000-07-12 Noblesville, IN 7:38 Begins with Trey on the mini keyboard before he locks into a melody on the guitar.
2000-09-15 Hershey, PA 17:36 This incredible jam begins with fast-paced funk, while the jam reprise moves into type 2 territory with a space groove before reaching a rocking climax. > into "When the Circus Comes". Longest Tube to date.
2000-09-22 Rosemont, IL 9:22 The last Tube before the hiatus begins with Trey using effects while the rest of the band grooves along. Picks up steam in the second half of the jam and ends with Trey playing similar lines on the keyboard that he played on guitar earlier in the jam.
2003-02-22 Cincinnati, OH 11:31 Great interplay between Page and Trey and an extended guitar-led jam. > to "Bathtub Gin".
2003-12-30 Miami, FL 12:48 Start-stop jamming before Trey takes the lead in a rocking jam. Eventually veers into an eerie "type 2" jam and segues into "L.A. Woman." This version is unfinished and was completed at the following show.
2004-06-24 Noblesville, IN 12:40 Extended rocking groove held together by Mike and Fish with Page and Trey adding texture and melody over top.
2009-06-18 Burgettstown, PA 7:15 A great 3.0 version with an extended clav solo from Page while Trey compliments him with funky rhythm playing and bent notes. Trey then takes the lead into the upper register. Later in the jam, Trey returns to rhythm playing and Page gets down on the MOOG.
2009-08-01 Morrison, CO 5:39 Aggressive clav playing from Page while Trey plays an assortment of rhythmic riffs and Mike holds the tight groove together.
2012-06-15 Atlantic City, NJ 6:33 Strong 3.0 version with start-stop jamming and fantastic playing from Mike as per usual. Spacey outro into "Cities".
2012-07-06 Saratoga Springs, NY 1:35 "Tube's" funky jam smoothly -> into the Talking Heads classic "Psycho Killer".
2012-07-06 Saratoga Springs, NY 2:39 -> from "Psycho Killer" and briefly gets into a staccato clav-groove before wrapping up this crowd-pleasing sandwich.
2013-07-06 Saratoga Springs, NY 6:43 Begins with the usual Page-led funk on the clav, settles briefly, and picks back up with Trey leading the way. Later, Trey reverts to a rhythmic role as a second, different groove is explored before the closing guitar solo. Here's to more "Tubes" like this in the future. > to "Julius".
2014-07-08 Philadelphia, PA 6:07 Mike gets down on this right away, Trey picks up quickly, and the whole jam locks in for several minutes.
2016-07-23 Chula Vista, CA 9:18 "Did they jam out Tube?" YES. Witness the beginning of a new era of abundant "Tube" jams with this version, which, at the time, was one of the most improvisational versions to date, as it moves from funk to a hard-rocking groove with a big peak.
2016-09-04 Commerce City, CO 8:15 "Tube" gets its second big ride of 2016 here, and while this version does not detour from the jam format like Chula Vista's, fans of the song will surely be satisfied by this funky romp.
2016-10-14 North Charleston, SC 6:22 The band pivots from the typical funk vamp and reaches a rocking conclusion led by Trey in this verison.
2016-10-19 Nashville, TN 6:40 "Tube" continued its '16 comeback campaign with this sweet version featuring active back and forth between Page and Trey and a Moog-filled climax.
2017-07-26 New York, NY 14:34 A wonderful Set One-ending surprise, this fabulous multi-part "Tube" features a groove not unlike "The Very Long Fuse", syrupy effects-laden rocking out, clavinet-driven gnarled funkiness, and warm, lovely major-key jamming, before neatly returning to the "Tube" theme.
2017-09-01 Commerce City, CO 10:00 Breaking directly to work through a wacky passage echo-rich and colored with wild effects, Trey eventually picks up a bright, spirited line, and leads the band through fun and impassioned major-mode play. An unusual period of quiet and contemplative calm follows, which slowly gives rise to a return of the song proper.
2017-12-28 New York, NY 8:06 Page's signature '17 synthesizer, Trey's new organ tone, and Mike's bass effects all enhance this jam's texture which energizes and peaks with Trey out front.
2018-10-16 Albany, NY 10:27 Page digs into his bag of tricks at 4:15, layering synthesizers on top of the groove, and later Trey takes charge as the jam becomes more rocking and peaks.
2018-10-28 Rosemont, IL 10:57 The jam first shifts away from the typical into upbeat major key play, cohering around Trey's staccato riffs, and then moves into a very cool darker segment which is infused with "I'm a Man" and leads into the last verse.
2018-11-03 Las Vegas, NV 10:50 Funk smoothly transitions to a warm major-key groove at 4:30 which comes together nicely from 7:45 - 8:15 with Trey employing delayed auto-wah tones at the peak, and then drops just as easily back into "Tube" at 9:00 to conclude.
2018-12-30 New York, NY 6:04 Abandons funk for a spacey groove with plenty of synthesizer and twinkling staccato notes and then makes a surprise -> "Weekapaug."
2018-12-30 New York, NY 1:36 -> from "Weekapaug" into the breakdown to wrap up another strong 2018 "Tube."
2019-02-22 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 8:59 A quality jam with an uncommonly subdued tone seems to momentarily wind down at 5:15 before launching into another round of synth-groove and builds to a rocking finale capped by strong Trey leads.
2019-06-11 St. Louis, MO 9:39 After an appropriately funky opening, things relax a bit with Mike making his presence known melodically and Page supplying the now-ubiquitous samples of "The Final Hurrah" while Trey lays back. Later Trey reasserts himself with some striking soloing as the energy picks up towards the jam's conclusion.
2019-06-22 Columbia, MD 8:38 A smooth modulation to major around 4:30 paves the way for the band to ride a wave of feel-good vibes to a clean peak with Trey's ringing leads out front.
2019-12-01 Uniondale, NY 10:49 Totally tubular, Trey, around 4:40, hits upon groove, absolutely chill and pitch-perfect smooth (check out the audience's reaction) before leaning into his effects, matched by Page, who, on point, creates sounds which slowly ebb and flow, arriving in huge, bend-but-never-breaking waves. Page jumps to his concert piano, Trey (in sound) follows suit, and the jam lifts off with the band slowly building to a sustained and euphoric peak.
2020-02-22 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 11:58 Save for a few moments, Fish's drumming mostly stays close to the "Tube" structure throughout, but the jam around him changes quite a bit. Trey's play is impressive, ranging from spirited to contemplative, never landing on one theme for too long. Many "Tube" jams are compact and keep one theme; this version is wide-ranging and vast.
2021-09-04 Commerce City, CO 9:47 At first minimalist and downbeat until Trey starts his solo backed by synth waves from Page, after which the jam really opens up for a majorly exuberant finale.
2021-10-23 Chula Vista, CA 15:20 Precisely at 5:15 the jam flips to major forming an upbeat "Weekapaug"-esque groove, and Trey slips in the first of three "NICU" teases. After some transition riffing at 7:00, the next segment launches with Moog waves from Page and beautifully coalesces into a fully-baked bliss jam from 8:00 - 10:00. Then, another round of minor funk (w/"NICU" tease) gets heavier with delays and leads into the last verse and one final "NICU" tease > "Slave".
2022-05-31 Charleston, SC 9:54 A dense mind-scrambler of synths, impactful bass, and multi-toned guitar (including the "bullfrog"), then becomes even more frazzled before the final break. The most substantial "Tube" jam in the encore to date, and just about as good of a jam in any encore period.
2022-08-07 Atlantic City, NJ 12:07 Jam begins in its normal uber-funk space with Page pounding the clavinet and Trey outlining with simple but pointed lead guitar playing. The band then hooks up on a riff that leads them into a more contemplative, dark space. The music then shifts into a breezy major key groove very appropriate for the setting. Another shift towards minor key occurs, and the music morphs into a rocking jam that executes a great segue back into the blues shuffle portion of the song.
2023-04-15 Seattle, WA 11:25 Showing up in the second set for only the second time since 2010, this "Tube" is a late-in-the-show surprise. Nimble playing from Trey highlights while Fish controls the tempo like the master he is. Things get whipped into a frenzy before eventually navigating back into the "Tube" riff to wrap things up. > "Wading in the Velvet Sea".
2023-07-14 Alpharetta, GA 12:41 Comfortable in his pocket, Trey abandons caution and strikes any number of notes. Tapping grace and "YPC" licks and offset by pointed Page, full-band perfection incites classic effects-laden Phish whose tube builds to break at 11:17. Wonderful stuff.
2024-04-20 Las Vegas, NV 9:42 A subtler and more introspective take on improvisation than the consistently exciting groove fest "Tube" tends to bring, the band here sonically 'dims the lights' briefly before building melodically to the more familiar peak and return.
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