Jam Chart for Piper (67 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1997-06-14 Dublin, Ireland 4:58 Debut in Dublin. Many '97 - '99 versions follow this format, that involves (1) a long, harmonic, building intro, (2) a high energy lyrics and "Type I" jamming section, and (3) a short settling coda, but no exploratory jamming or improvisation.
1997-12-06 Auburn Hills, MI 14:20 -> in from "Twist." First Piper to really break out into improvisation. Jam is raging at first, mellows briefly, and then gathers fresh steam. There is no closing coda section (which would become more customary).
1997-12-12 Albany, NY 18:57 -> in from "Saw It Again." Very improvisational version that modulates back and forth between hard rocking bursts and quiet, pensive moments. Includes a "BOAF" tease and beautiful space before > into "Swept Away."
1998-04-03 Uniondale, NY 16:14 After a gorgeous building intro, this version is somewhat unique in that the jam follows the ending coda that was common in early versions of "Piper." The jam itself is restrained and contemplative, based somewhat on the ending coda.
1998-07-06 Prague, Czech Republic 19:49 Relentless, punishing, and hard rocking jamming place this "Piper" squarely in the same company as the 11/19/97 "Wolfman's Brother" and 12/29/97 "DwD." Like those monsters, this one eventually settles down. -> to "Makisupa."
1998-08-08 Columbia, MD 15:43 Not your typically pumped up "Piper," this awesome jam, driven by Mike and Page, is spacious but has real legs. "Sparks"-like tease at about 14:30. A fan favorite.
1998-11-04 Denver, CO 17:40 A nice building intro leads to a hard rocking straightforward "Piper" jam until 13:40, when the jam mellows into a nice low-key and rhythmic groove with delay loops. > to "2001."
1999-07-18 Volney, NY 25:02 After a long patient intro, this "Piper" rages until about 14:00 when the jam shifts to a funky, multi-faceted rhythmic groove. This version has much more exploratory jamming than most '99 "Pipers," which tend to focus on a single layered groove. Cool Fishman percussion at the end leads to a -> to "Prince Caspian."
1999-09-17 Mountain View, CA 15:27 The typically high energy "Piper" jam settles down after 12:00 into a low key, blues-tinged exploration, with quiet, looping space bombs from Trey, and great Mike/Page grooving.
1999-10-02 Minneapolis, MN 21:58 After rocking pretty intensely, this version mellows into a "Manteca"-like jam for a stretch that also sounds similar to the jam from "BOAF." Eventually devolves into space before > to "YEM."
1999-12-08 Portland, ME 19:31 The jam downshifts from typically high energy "Piper" fare to a subdued, low key groove with spacey Page effects.
1999-12-13 Providence, RI 19:11 High energy version with intense "Type I" jamming between verses. A propulsive, rhythmic jam follows.
1999-12-31 Big Cypress, FL 19:03 New millennium Swamp Worm (it was played about 4:00 AM on 1/1/00) opens with all guns blazing before settling down with a Mike and Page led groove including "Bug" teases from Page.
2000-06-10 Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 21:03 Beginning with a style and sound so typical of '00, the band then twists this jam into a bleak, nightmarish soundscape. From there, it breaks into a decent groove before finally succumbing to space.
2000-07-06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 15:41 This one breaks very quickly out of standard raging "Piper" mode into a classic '00, Mike and Page led groove-based jam.
2000-07-08 East Troy, WI 14:49 Super-charged "Type I" bridge jam between verses leads to pulsing groove typical of many '00 "Pipers." Great segue into "Rock and Roll."
2000-07-12 Noblesville, IN 13:18 A typically high octane '00 version with an insanely intense jam between verses settles into quick tempo, intense groove. Things gradually settle down, followed by some quieter play with good Mike/Fish teaming and spacey effects from Page and Trey.
2000-09-11 Mansfield, MA 23:16 Ferocious initial jamming leads to a repetitive and funky exploration with a Mike/Fish-led groove similar to "Sand."
2000-09-15 Hershey, PA 20:08 Fishman's tempo driven percussion work moves this dark other-worldly spacious jam along.
2000-09-23 Rosemont, IL 19:13 After 10:00, Fish leads a quick step foray with spacey effects and sounds compliments of Page and Trey. A nice pulsing groove emerges after 15:00 with delicate musing from Trey, Mike and Page. This good version suffers from poor recording quality; a soundboard release would be welcome.
2000-09-27 Englewood, CO 17:26 Very cool and well-played jam from this relatively unknown show. An excellent space funk groove!
2000-10-05 Irvine, CA 16:03 Good quality groove-based jam with nice modulation of intensity.
2002-12-31 New York, NY 14:55 Phish ended the Hiatus with this unusually placed set opener. Listen to the crowd's excitement and roars of approval as the band returns to the stage. Trey leads the boys in this fiery, and (appropriately) upbeat version, which features a "Low Rider" tease, a jam segment between verses, as well as the ending coda which was uncommon by this date.
2003-02-16 Las Vegas, NV 19:51 Short intro leads to up-tempo, rhythm driven, melodic jam. This is a favorite version for many fans, for reasons that will be obvious when you check this version out. Fishman's snappy work propels this funky jam.
2003-03-01 Greensboro, NC 17:02 Twisted Worm! This version is many "Pipers" rolled into one. The jam is like a roller coaster with ups and downs in intensity and rhythm. Just a great groove that ebbs and rises and is partially based on Santana's "Oye Como Va."
2003-07-09 Mountain View, CA 19:14 An excellent version. Like 3/1/03, the jam has one basic, propulsive groove. However there are a variety of dynamic and timbre shifts layered over this driving jam that finally cycles down into a subdued ending.
2003-07-19 East Troy, WI 22:40 A spectacular and awe-inspiring exploration. The first of 3 phenomenal summer '03 versions. Must-hear.
2003-07-26 Atlanta, GA 21:07 Another big and quality work of improvisation from a year of strong "Pipers." Incredible really. This version has multiple movements that weave together quite well, as well as a "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" tease.
2003-07-31 Camden, NJ 21:45 The third big, powerful, and highly improvisational "Piper" from summer '03. This one has some beautiful, yet eerie and unsettling space in the middle before a full throttle finish.
2003-12-02 Boston, MA 15:27 Dissonant high power jam in this 20th Anniversary show version.
2003-12-29 Miami, FL 15:08 A quality jam develops, then the band returns to the refrain to close, adding on an "old" coda of sorts.
2004-06-19 Saratoga Springs, NY 32:40 A multi-section improvisational super heavyweight. The jam begins with a low-key, "Piper"-like groove, settles, then builds into an angry and rocking section that eventually bursts into a "Tweeprise" Jam. From here, the jam settles into a couple of great and swinging, lower intensity grooves that -> to "Jibboo."
2004-06-26 East Troy, WI 16:13 A snappy, somewhat dissonant but rocking groove develops and gets out there. Page and Fish are excellent.
2004-08-12 Camden, NJ 12:28 A really nice, mellow and low-key movement beyond standard "Piper" develops, energizes, and > to "Sneakin' Sally."
2004-08-15 Coventry, VT 9:25 Blistering, fierce, machine-gun Trey, akin at times to Hendrix at his best!
2009-06-21 East Troy, WI 12:50 Page gets the jam section off to a great start, then Trey zeroes in on a nice blues riff. Taking turns playing off this riff, Trey and Page team up nicely, before the jam eventually dissolves into familiar '09 transition space.
2009-08-14 Hartford, CT 13:02 Once past 3 minutes of somewhat unpleasant string bending from Trey, the jam becomes quite improvisational and multi-faceted with some great Mike and Page contributions, including a "Spill The Wine" Page tease.
2009-10-30 Indio, CA 11:03 One of the best (short) versions ever, certainly for "3.0." Several distinct movements in the jam and all band members contribute well. "She Saved My Soul"-like vocal jam towards the end.
2010-08-09 Telluride, CO 13:32 This is a really strong Piper by most standards, but especially by 2010 standards. They careen through the song at a breakneck pace, build tension, and explode, and the jam ends in a semi-ambient space.
2010-10-20 Utica, NY 9:33 Good jam in this version, part of a "SOAM-Have Mercy-Piper-SOAM" sandwich. "BOAF" tease.
2011-09-04 Commerce City, CO 11:55 Another excellent version for any era, some hear a tease (but not musical quote) of "Roadrunner" (Modern Lovers) in it. Others just hear siiiiiick jamming.
2011-12-30 New York, NY 15:16 A rhythmic, swirling, and improvisational jam develops with nice work by Page. Becomes serene and dreamy towards the conclusion and transition to "Twist." Really an excellent version.
2012-07-08 Saratoga Springs, NY 15:31 Multi-dimensional, very high quality jamming. "Piper" has come back a long way since '09. > to "Free."
2013-07-20 Chicago, IL 10:16 The Chairman of the Boards takes command on the B-3 in this propulsive and rocking version which packs a lot in 10 min.
2014-07-05 Saratoga Springs, NY 13:22 "Piper" is restored to some form of its former self, including an intro (short), bridge (short), and some good "Type I" jamming before breaking into "Type II" ground with nice rhythmic-based playing with strong Page, followed by a short Trey-led "hose" section.
2014-07-30 Portsmouth, VA 12:25 The jam at first breaks into a rocking, percussive section with Page leading on the B-3. Then Trey grabs the reins briefly, before the jam settles and rebuilds, growing melodic at the end.
2014-10-25 Chula Vista, CA 9:23 A very nice compact version which still manages to include some form of intro, bridge, second refrain, and a darkish and pulsating jam which has a '99 - '00 quality to it.
2014-11-02 Las Vegas, NV 13:25 A solid and "complete" version, breaking first to some growly, echo-filled play, which settles to a rhythmic foundation for Page and Trey to play off. At 7:45, the jam brightens in tone, but remains low intensity, then mellows further with quiet musings led by Page.
2015-08-15 Columbia, MD 15:48 -> in from "Steam." Solid and varied "Type I" playing through 8:40, when the jam quiets and takes on a groovy but dark and probing sense. The energy builds to a spirited, rocking peak, then neatly -> to "Tweezer."
2016-06-25 Chicago, IL 8:27 With super short intro, bridge and "Piper" jam sections, this densely compact version packs more punch than the duration suggests. The gnarly, anti-bliss jamming is driven by Mike and Fish, and sounds more like the big summer '03 versions than anything more recent. Great -> to "Steam."
2016-09-04 Commerce City, CO 19:07 You aren't crazy if you hear this highly improvisational sequence as "Piper" -> "Drums" -> "Jam." Following strong but typical playing, the jam breaks into unprecedented, Fish-led drumming and percussion, with all four on various percussion instruments. A brief but impressive jam emerges from the percussion session and includes "C&P" quotes.
2016-10-16 Jacksonville, FL 18:17 After rolling through solid in-bounds territory, the jam fractures into several sections, including "Woo"-like stop/start play, some nice upbeat playing with a swinging vibe, and a return to more rocking action with "C&P" vocal quotes, before settling to percussive transition space.
2016-10-29 Las Vegas, NV 14:31 The customary "Piper" jam is melodic, rocking, and somewhat different from the typical, trilling shred-fest of years past. Around 7:00, the jam takes on a percussive aspect that grows increasingly powerful. Following great Fender-Rhodes action from Page, things settle, then blast into a spirited, celebratory conclusion.
2017-08-01 New York, NY 13:05 A typically upbeat, rocking "Piper" jam more or less through 7 minutes then shifts into a raw and funky groove recalling a style of jamming commonly found in its "2.0" brethren. Gets more out there after 10 minutes and takes on a darker tone with "46 Days" quotes and lots of bass effects.
2018-08-04 Alpharetta, GA 13:56 Cool jam, with a longer than (lately) intro (or at least it feels that way). While not riffing "Manteca" in its customary phrasing and/or meter, the band toys with this sound for some time, before Page and Trey yield to Mike, who, in effect, propels the version, which cools and > into "Possum".
2018-08-12 Columbia, MD 12:21 The type I portion of the jam is enhanced by watery Leslie vibrations, which paves the way in short order for a brief bliss passage. This in turn pushes for a slightly darker, minor-key effects-laden jam that seamlessly -> back to a "Tweezer Reprise" jam.
2019-09-01 Commerce City, CO 15:32 Beginning with a slower tempo, this "Piper" gradually builds to normal speed. The jam peels away from customary, becoming mildly dissonant and atonal, before shifting to a warmer, more upbeat sentiment. The jam then becomes energized, pulsing, and rocking. Around 11:00 the music shifts again, with quieter musings and percussive drive which suggest a big peak, but > to "Tweezer" instead.
2019-12-28 New York, NY 10:30 The jam develops an upbeat, celebratory sentiment, with strong contributions from Fish and Page. The intensity continues to build and build, to a furious peak, before finally cycling down to quiet transition space.
2021-08-01 Alpharetta, GA 11:02 The third jam in a superb three-jam sequence with "Tweezer" and "Twist", this "Piper" quickly strips down to a fierce quicksilver take on the usual "Piper" jam, with Trey adding some color with his effects pedals and Page going to the synths for some extra flavor. Picks up speed as Trey switches keys and Fish holds down the tempo, then comes neatly to a stop and > into "Farmhouse".
2021-08-15 Atlantic City, NJ 10:54 Yet another modern era jam whose length tells you nothing about its quality. Trey's goopy effects, Page on electric piano, Mike doing work, Fish switching out of his usual "Piper" beat into something heavier and more powerful - it all comes together in wickedly downbeat fashion. A hidden gem from the Summer tour, and the neat -> into a reprise of "Carini" is the icing on the cake.
2021-10-15 Sacramento, CA 13:12 > from "Billy Breathes". Fish's playing stands out early in the jam as he is utterly relentless. Trey plays a soaring melody around 9:05 to shift the jam in a new direction; Fish's relentless play remains unfazed. Around 12:00, the jam downshifts and eventually > into "Ghost".
2021-10-23 Chula Vista, CA 17:55 Excellent -> out of "Sand". A driving, almost composed jam segment emerges from "Piper" proper, Trey hitting on a particularly catchy 70s-esque riff and Fish kicking into third gear. The beat switches up and Page moves to his synths as a new sound emerges, Trey going to his effects to really add substance to the on-stage roux. Fish picks up the pace again and the band moves into a hard-driving rockout, and then a cloud of ambient noise settles over the stage as the jam dies away and Fish hammers on his kit. But rather than end the jam, the band deepens and thickens the ambient cloud, everyone firing off whatever effects they can, Mike going to the drill to add some ear-splitting nastiness. Extraordinarily reminiscent of one of the more wicked improvisations from IT. A true Monster Jam.
2022-04-23 New York, NY 11:26 Winds slowly and gently out of "Caspian" before revving up to its usual modern era tempo. Immediately moves into minor-key late night mode, then swerves into something more upbeat and bouncy, delves into an atypical "Dave's Energy Guide" tease that the band jams on for a little bit, then slows down into molasses-thick funkiness to close. Packs a lot of punch into eleven and a half minutes.
2022-06-01 Charleston, SC 13:42 > from "Egg in a Hole". A familiar propulsive jam develops, with the music initially coalescing around a repeated minor key motif from Trey. Fishman and Mike's driving rhythms provide a bedrock for Trey and Page to dole out a bevy of varying textures. The jam threatens to fall apart but comes back alive via a "Manteca" tease. This then morphs into a peaky, psychedelic hard rocking jam before executing a rickety > "Prince Caspian."
2022-07-19 Philadelphia, PA 13:59 Jam begins in typical "Piper" fashion with strong interplay between the four band members. A subtle modulation occurs a little after the 5 minute mark, and the music grows more psychedelic. Mike and Fish lay down a mighty foundation, as Trey and Page's melodic coloring become more vibrant and textured. The jam then gradually grows in intensity, eventually leading to a powerful Trey-led guitar peak. > "Tweezer" to close out the set's preceding "Tweezerfest" shenanigans.
2022-09-01 Commerce City, CO 12:33 "Piper" gets the call as set-closer for the first time and the band let's it rip with a hard-charging jam that barrels ahead ferociously from start to finish.
2023-09-02 Commerce City, CO 13:51 Set closing shot of pure serotonin. The band sustains serious momentum, propelling themselves melodically over Fishman's driven play, tacking only briefly to gather steam before opening the hose and unleashing a spray of blissful, Trey led peaks.
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