Jam Chart for Maze (48 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1992-03-06 Portsmouth, NH 7:21 Debut is played at a slower tempo than later versions, and Page's solo features the piano rather than the B-3.
1992-08-29 Mountain View, CA 8:02 Great, rapid-fire playing by Page is followed a shortish but demonstrative display of Trey's machine gun-like guitar skills.
1992-12-10 Kalamazoo, MI 9:48 Strong early version. Page whips things into a frenzy before Machine Gun Trey blows the roof off.
1993-08-17 Kansas City, KS 10:39 After some cool whispering/mumbling by Trey in the intro section, the jam starts off with a strong, Page B-3 solo, which turns into a little jam of its own, with solid support from the others. Page cranks it up into the usual high energy frenzy, leading to a smooth handoff to Trey. From there, we get a reminder of why he earned the nickname "Machine Gun" as an apt prefix to Trey. The play towards the end is locked in, with all four bandmates in sync as the froth begins to boil. Great early version.
1993-08-24 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:34 Not the jarring dissonance of later versions, but Trey plays like a demon possessed here.
1993-08-28 Berkeley, CA 10:20 Page has a stirring solo, then Trey goes ballistic with the others joining the mayhem. Watch out! This dog bites!
1994-05-06 Houston, TX 11:01 Page's solo is very unusual, at times sounding like an organ in a cathedral. Trey unleashes the predictably strong fire and brimstone stuff. Great Fish, too.
1994-05-12 Tucson, AZ 10:53 > in from "Fee." Ghostly and diabolical. All kinds of wailing screams from Trey's guitar push this one over the top.
1994-06-16 Minneapolis, MN 11:45 -> in from "Fee." You gotta love it when Fish screams "Yes!!" several times as they are pounding their way through this ripper.
1994-10-20 St. Petersburg, FL 12:27 -> in from "Lengthwise." Page shines for an extended section starting at 3:15 through 5:00, where the jam goes from near silence to a more predictable jam. Fish's driving play keeps things at a breakneck speed. The jam ends with soaring licks from Trey.
1994-10-23 Gainesville, FL 11:20 Standard (strong) Page. But the tension and dissonance elevate through the ceiling during Trey's section. Sick Fish.
1994-11-02 Bangor, ME 11:58 For a show filled with improvisational versions (see "Tweezer," "Possum," "Foam"), it should come as no surprise that this "Maze" is also both inspired and exploratory. It's also just insanely loaded up with tension, Tension, TENSION!
1994-11-14 Grand Rapids, MI 11:44 Fish gets the intensity so cranked up during Page's turn that Trey only needs a match to blow this one up. Instead, he adds the flame thrower.
1994-12-31 Boston, MA 16:33 Spacey intro with a "Digital Delay Loop" section to lead off. Intense Page. Extended Trey section is really more of a full band jam than as typically presented. Eventually gets back to "Maze" proper for a red hot finish.
1995-06-25 Philadelphia, PA 13:42 Awesome Page, and with a "Taps" tease by Trey. Suffice it to say that this is one HELL of a way to start a 2nd set.
1995-07-01 Mansfield, MA 13:29 > in from "Wilson." Trey wastes no time easing into this one. More like a scene from the Clint Eastwood movie "High Plains Drifter": Paint the town red and Burn It Down!
1995-11-14 Orlando, FL 12:40 Insanely intense Trey section with a strong psychedelic edginess to it.
1995-12-02 New Haven, CT 11:27 > in from "2001." Hard to believe one of the all-time hose versions of "Tweezer" comes two songs after the boys detonate this cluster bomb.
1995-12-17 Lake Placid, NY 12:38 While typically dissonant and tension filled, there is rich melodic variation from Trey compared to "standard" versions, and his yelling and screaming at one point adds to the mind-numbing aspect of this beast.
1996-10-18 Pittsburgh, PA 11:57 Words do not adequately describe how demented, sick, insane, twisted, tension-filled, and incredibly dissonant this version is. It's a fantastic masterpiece! Go hear it Now! (get the sbd download from the SPAC FTA release on the "spreadsheet").
1996-11-08 Champaign, IL 11:46 > in from "2001." Mean, nasty guitar licks from Trey before the whole band ratchets up the intensity into a cataclysmic inferno of percussive violence and gut-ripping tension.
1996-11-29 Daly City, CA 12:26 There is a really powerful psychedelic aspect to these '96 versions, and this one is a fine example.
1997-02-23 Cortemaggiore, Italy 12:40 Solid Page with some dissonant chords. In Trey's section, there are a couple of false peaks which add to the tension.
1997-07-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands 13:24 -> in from "Simple." Page deploys multiple keyboard weapons, and then it just gets blistering hot.
1997-07-25 Dallas, TX 12:24 > in from "Wolfman's Brother." Frenzied chaos run amuck.
1997-08-11 Noblesville, IN 16:25 -> in from "Makisupa." Many of the later '90s versions are extended, but don't carry nearly the same punch as those from the '93 - '96 era. Not here though, this one is like getting teeth extracted, one by one and without novocaine: long and painful.
1997-12-06 Auburn Hills, MI 15:02 > in from "Fee." Modulation by Page with a crescendo pop gets this version cranked up, and then Trey adds some downright creepy effects to put this one into the mind melting category.
1997-12-11 Rochester, NY 15:01 -> from DWD, the second in a trifecta of excellent Mazes from December 1997. Page delivers meaty play in the first half of the jam. The tension that follows builds primarily from the push and pull between the speed and adrenaline of the rhythm section led by Fish, and Trey's guitar lines which seem at times to lag and then race to keep up before the final photo finish.
1997-12-31 New York, NY 17:22 > in from "Tweezer." Despite its duration, at various points this version seems to lose its bearing, especially from 13:10 on. But it's well worth checking out. Includes a "Birdland" tease and is unfinished with a > to "Prince Caspian."
1998-04-05 Providence, RI 8:05 Instead of Trey's solo, the band opts to -> to "Shafty."
1998-07-06 Prague, Czech Republic 11:50 In addition to this being a blistering hot version, at 9:30 the entire band stops on dime in the middle of Trey's solo, Trey thanks the audience, and at 10:00, the band resumes right where it left off.
1998-07-28 Bonner Springs, KS 13:48 > in from "Contact." Great Page section where there's a lot of back and forth between Page and Trey. Trey's turn is not as dissonant as many of the versions here, but he shreds it up pretty impressively.
1998-08-11 Burgettstown, PA 15:26 Obviously, Trey is playing the dissonance/tension card, but it's really Mike, Page and Fish in the background during Trey's solo who twist this extended version into the abyss.
1999-06-30 Bonner Springs, KS 14:40 "Bathtub Gin" tease from Trey. Excellent version, and at the end, Page, Trey and Fish enter into a mock duel with several reprises of the "Maze" signature lick.
2000-07-07 Burgettstown, PA 9:16 Like 4/5/98, there is a -> to "Shafty," but here it's in the middle of Trey's solo, and then there is a -> back to "Maze."
2000-07-07 Burgettstown, PA 3:12 -> in from "Shafty" to complete this cool and unusual version of "Maze."
2003-01-04 Hampton, VA 12:05 A really excellent Page section. Trey starts out tame, but by the end his guitar sounds like a jet engine or rocket ship cycling up for lift off.
2003-02-26 Worcester, MA 16:06 Trey's section includes an extended, gradual build up beginning at about 9:30 that is essentially a jam on its own. Eventually cycles back for the customarily intense ending. Also includes a "Summertime" (Gershwin) tease from Page.
2003-07-12 George, WA 17:37 An exploratory jam develops, very unusual for "Maze." At about 10:45, the jam starts to break away into something well beyond the norm. Pulsing, angry and mean, this foray eventually works back to the expected, fiery conclusion.
2003-12-02 Boston, MA 16:53 > in from "Cities." Technically "Type I," yes. But this is one of the most unusual, cool versions ever performed, starting with Page's section, and continuing into Trey's. You gotta hear this one!
2012-08-25 Atlanta, GA 9:35 The boys whip things into a frenzy like the old days.
2013-08-03 San Francisco, CA 9:19 A spirited Page section is followed by some rapid-fire playing by Trey in this quality 3.0 version.
2013-10-27 Hartford, CT 9:43 Fish, Page and Mike really crank the tension up during Trey's solo, combining for a fiery peak to this "Maze."
2015-07-22 Bend, OR 9:23 Page, with good backing from Trey, whips the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Then Trey is solid, but Page wins, hands down.
2015-08-23 Watkins Glen, NY 9:30 Trey's comping during Page's solo really adds good tension, then his shortish but intense solo puts this version in the "win" category.
2016-07-19 San Francisco, CA 8:34 Trey returns to his roots and takes the leading role in this high energy version. First, he plays along noticeably during Page's solo, adding extra tension. Then during his solo, Trey manages to whip it up several notches more than has been customary these past few years. More like this one, please.
2018-08-04 Alpharetta, GA 9:56 Page delivers on his end and Trey suitably ups the ante, bringing the jam to a head with a strong tension-building solo.
2022-06-04 Noblesville, IN 10:02 Debut of the slow arrangement (a la "Llama"). It remains to be seen if we will be graced with another rendition or if this was a one-time entrapment.
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