Jam Chart for Gumbo (32 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1990-09-28 Poughkeepsie, NY 4:19 Debut. Drawn-out intro, and it ends kinda suddenly midst the jam. Work in progress.
1991-07-21 Parksville, NY 6:36 With the Giant Country Horns, this widely-circulated Arrowhead Ranch version is must hear.
1993-04-16 Louisville, KY 4:12 Short jam, but a dramatic, extended ending with screaming. Highly entertaining for a short version.
1994-06-16 Minneapolis, MN 4:53 First version with the honky-tonk, Page-solo coda. (They'd reworked the song before its 1994 debut.)
1997-07-29 Phoenix, AZ 13:30 The first jammed out "Gumbo" features a funky jam with Trey laying it down on his wah pedal. The jam begins to get spacey while Trey starts high pitched noodling out of a which a 4 chord descending pattern (not MLB) develops, with some beautiful work by Page (which sadly doesn't last long).
1997-08-08 Tinley Park, IL 15:29 Not a funk fest like most '97 "Gumbos." Trey-led soloing over a funky groove leads to a more rock and roll jam with a repetitive riff from Trey.
1997-08-13 Burgettstown, PA 19:22 The longest version to date starts off with a loose funk groove that develops into an air tight polyrhythmic groove which Trey eventually starts to solo on top off before fading out into "The Horse."
1997-11-14 West Valley City, UT 11:04 Quickly breaks down into a Mike-led "cow funk" jam, that eventually dissipates into quiet ambiance and delay loops. Welcome to Fall '97.
1997-11-26 Hartford, CT 12:11 Funky jam has nice interplay between band members. Stacatto-ey at times with some "Manteca" teases. At 8:00 Mike starts a theme that they play around with for a couple minutes before Trey takes over with a solo that leads into My Soul.
1997-12-03 Philadelphia, PA 9:39 A badass "type II" (and dark) groove develops before dissolving into space, out of which 2001 begins.
1998-07-17 George, WA 11:44 Slow funk groove with "Manteca" teases. Last few minutes is funky Trey solo and it finishes off with one slow chord.
1998-08-03 Noblesville, IN 16:43 Funky super groove with a lot of "Manteca" teases. Very melodic Trey before an awesome "Manteca" ending. Page rage throughout. One of the strongest versions ever.
1998-08-15 Limestone, ME 13:31 "Manteca"-like jamming to start, then, slowly, a "Tweezer Reprise" jam develops, and once it peaks, it breaks down into a fun danceable jam with a nice segue into "Sanity".
1998-10-15 San Francisco, CA 9:01 An unusual "Gumbo" as the jam stays relatively close to the "Gumbo" theme other than an umptempo, melodic groove that they lock onto in the beginning.
1998-11-11 Grand Rapids, MI 12:32 Jam starts off with some funky Clavinet work by Page before Trey sends the jam into an ambient soundscape with a loop. Slight build up at the end of the jam but doesn't get very far.
1998-11-19 Winston-Salem, NC 10:28 "Manteca"-like grooving. 8 minutes in the jam slows down and leads to some weird noises, possibly involving a spaceship landing on stage.
1998-11-28 Worcester, MA 8:44 Unusually melodic and soulful soloing from Trey in the jam.
1999-07-03 Atlanta, GA 10:08 Funky groove, with nice interplay between Page and Trey.
1999-07-26 Noblesville, IN 9:20 Standard "Gumbo" jam breaks down into a nice ambient jam. Trey sets some loops with Page adding beautiful piano. Segues nicely into "NICU."
1999-09-14 Boise, ID 10:04 "Another One Bites the Dust" jam leads to a funky groove that has a cool stop-on-a-dime ending.
1999-10-01 Ames, IA 12:37 Somewhat bluesy groove with a "Can't Turn You Loose" tease from Page. Big crescendo of noise near the end.
1999-12-13 Providence, RI 10:33 Thick swampy groove. Descending chord pattern in the middle of the jam, but not MLB.
2000-06-14 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 12:30 Jam starts spacey before finding its groove. They ride it out before Mike picks up the pace with Fish quickly responding. Trey plays some heavy rock and roll chords before they segue into "Llama".
2000-07-07 Burgettstown, PA 9:06 Real tight groove, with no one member leading.
2000-09-09 Albany, NY 9:45 Another very tight full-band groove.
2000-09-27 Englewood, CO 14:08 Jam builds around the "Gumbo" riff before settling into a more subtle and subdued groove.
2003-07-22 Noblesville, IN 16:49 Dark monster of a jam. Goes between dark and uplifting segments. Some very nice playing from Trey throughout. Really shows off the strength of the 2.0 era.
2013-10-23 Glens Falls, NY 5:12 Standard Gumbo but a great, funky clav outro from Page.
2013-12-29 New York, NY 6:31 Another clavinet-led outro, but with added mind-scrambling from Trey.
2014-08-03 Alpharetta, GA 7:14 Short but sweet. The first jammed Gumbo since 7/22/03 hits a funky groove with Mike on synth and a nice little peak.
2016-10-29 Las Vegas, NV 9:07 Trey goes to the MuTron out of the final verse, and Fish hits on a "Manteca"-type beat that helps lead into a funky and psychedelic jam. Mike, in particular, is superb.
2022-07-22 Bethel, NY 9:23 In a summer full of surprise jamming tunes, the return of the "Gumbo" jam is surely one of the most welcome for fans of the song's output from '97-'03. This longest version since that heyday touches on familiar staccato funk and upbeat calypso before ending with a rough-and-tumble -> to "Saw it Again".
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