Trey teased Jump Monk in Simple. The Possum intro contained Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, and All Fall Down signals and Beat It teases.
Jam Chart Versions
Beat It tease in Possum, Jump Monk tease in Simple
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by 3PointOhKeePa

3PointOhKeePa I so rarely leave reviews, but I felt I needed to for SOMEONE out there. I've accepted the challenge of listening to every show Phish has played, and this was show number 864 for me, so I've heard a bit at this point. I used to pick shows to listen to based on jam charts and ratings, but with 1.0 there are often too many gems glossed over by doing so. I write this review in hope that it some day helps someone who is on the fence about whether or not to listen to this show choose to toss it on. While this show may not be the best of 95 (probably far, but not as far as you'd think, from it), it has a lotttt to offer despite the rating it has (which if you're reading this and it's now highly rated, please disregard). The fact that the Stash and Bowie aren't charted not only exemplifies how strong 95 is for Phish, but also how good this show is that two of the strongest jams are not highlighted (and so rarely get discussed.) It's a classic Fall 95 show with some ferocious playing and amazing moments at a time just before they changed the game forever (again!). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by FlaxBandit

FlaxBandit For those out there who love to hear some of those all time classic jams, this show has probably my favorite David Bowie. My friends and I would refer to this as the "Satantic Chant Bowie" the reason for which becomes very obvious when listening. This jam segment starts with a slightly evil riff and a mumbling chant being repeated by Trey to amazing key counterpoints from Page. The back and forth is really stunning and melts away into a gorgeous lilting melody accompanied by crooning in a more traditional Bowie breakdown segment. The build up is brooding and dark and rounds out into a traditional but rousing Bowie ending.

This Bowie is the only part of this show I really go back to listen to but it is up there among my most favorite versions.
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito A bit of an underrated show, this show has numerous highlights. The opening sequence is phenomenal, particularly the Jim which shows the band coming out of the gates swinging! Fluff in the two spot is nice and the following Taste maintains the energy. A few songs later, the Stash is pretty fantastic and while not nearly on the same level as my favorite version that occurred just a few weeks prior on 11.14.95, this one is worthy of a couple of listens and I’m surprised it didn’t make the Jam Charts.

The second set has lots to offer too. The Bowie has been mentioned by other reviewers and I am in agreement with them that this is a great version. It’s different and exploratory, while maintaining the listener’s attention throughout. Why this one isn’t on the Jam Charts is mysterious. The Simple > McGrupp is a wonderful combo, and the Possum to close the set is another major highlight.

Overall, this show deserves a bit more recognition than it seems to get. Then again, there are so many great shows on this tour I can see how this one can be overlooked.
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by Faht1

Faht1 I don’t really write reviews but my disgust towards this show only 3.9 is beyond ridiculous. Apparently people never really listened to this show. This band on this night was night was nearly flawless. It’s one of the best kept secret shows of 1995 hands down.
Show started off on fire. Runaway Jim, Fluffhead, Taste. Nothing to skip over. In fact, it’s one of the better Taste I’ve ever heard. Bowie was that dark with that special 1995 sound. Simple was good slightly cut short but it flowed nicely into McGrupp which flowed nicely into Keyboard Army. Possum was good.
For what it’s worth this show was money definitely worth the listen and yes. I was there!
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by Split_Open_My_Face

Split_Open_My_Face This was my start to Fall '95, and would be the smallest venue I would see them this year.

My recollections of the music are fleeting, but I do have direct memories of highlights. The first set Jim, Fluff was killer, and in such a small room, very powerful. The main thing I recall is the Suspicious Minds with Fishman sporting his cape. Good stuff. Overall, not sure the first set is worth the bother going back for a listen.

The second set on the other hand is for sure worth checking out. Besides that middle set Poor Heart, there is a great flow to the set, with a little bit of darkness/weirdness underneath the surface. I think it was a precursor to the next night.

The 2001>Bowie is the heat, with Bowie leading us down the rabbit hole, finding Fishman at the bottom as Trey sings us a story about the Dog Faced Boy. The next segment of Simple>McGrupp was again, a nice run through the rock, and the weirdness. This was my first McGrupp, so it was a shining moment of the set for me. To have that melt into Keyboard Army was very cool. Being so close to the band, it was fun to watch them do their keyboard thing, and the music added to the slightly eerie feel of the set. The old school Possums with big intro's filled with signals was icing on the cake! Me and my buddy fell down during the signal and it was funny to see people looking at us, because not a lot participated. A Life On Mars? encore! Yes, and it was magical, and a great way to send us off to Detroit.

This is a solid little show, as were most in mid-to-late October '95 on the way to Chicago.
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Runaway Jim: Page and Trey ratchet up the energy in this Type I rager.

Fluffhead: In the two slot? It’s on!!! Rocking version right here.

Taste That Surrounds: Not good, so awkward.

Horn, I Didn't Know: Standard.

Rift: Blistering pace.

Stash: Outstanding! This jam will sneak up on you and then tear your head off. Not even a jamchart version which is ridiculous.

Fee -> Suspicious Minds > Hold Your Head Up: Fun segment right here, but to close the set? Questionable. Fishman blowing lyrics. Not great.

First set summary: Started like a house a fire with Jim and Fluff. Rift and Stash were awesome, and Fee was quite good. Why close the set with the Fish antics? Odd. Not a fan.

SET 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > David Bowie: Evil chanting from Trey starting at 7:20 and carrying through 9:34. Sets an intense tone. Trey singing/skatting in the mid 10’s, eerie stuff. There is not an epic peak to this one and the ending is messed up so for me this is a very strong Bowie, but it has its limitations.

Dog Faced Boy, Poor Heart: Standard >

Simple: Trey on percussion rack, gets quite trippy in the last couple of minutes with some cool effects >

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters: Good as always but not close to 10.11.95 >

Keyboard Army, Bouncing Around the Room, Possum, ENCORE: Life on Mars? – Pretty standard run of songs to close this one out.

Second set summary: Bowie and Simple have replay value but this second set is not quite up to par versus what this tour had become acclimated to since 10.19. I would rate this show a 3.75 out of 5. They were due to hit a lull after a string of super-hot shows and this was it.
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by ureloch

ureloch There must have been some overlooking here: it's one of the best and most peculiar DAVID BOWIE ever, and it isn't even listed in the JAM CHARTS.
Someone should add it :)

And I agree with the reviewer who considers this one among the best 1995 concerts: there's a lot of great stuff besides Bowie. A lot of Fish funny stuff, a great Possum (with long-time forgotten secret language!), some vintage rarities like Fluffhead and McGrupp and an excellent Stash.

This show shines even in a great month like oct '95 was!
, attached to 1995-10-27

Review by JOEB7891

JOEB7891 This was my first Phish show. I just remember Trey head banging and kicking ass this whole show.
Runaway Jim had a lot of energy and the Fluffhead was great. Suspicious minds was super funny.
I loved the Christmas lights under the cape. Its seemed like the could not play this Elvis song any faster they they play it faster and then they did it again. The 2001>Bowie was great. There is some spooky rambling by Trey in the jam. Keyboard Calvary was fun to watch I was very confused by this.
Great first show I could not have asked for more then on to the Palace the next night!
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