Prior to the start of the first set, Mike teased Do You Feel Like We Do. This show featured the Phish debut of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel). Suzy contained a Leigh Fordham reference from Fish. Tweezer featured a Watcher of the Skies tease from Mike. Wolfman's contained a vocal jam.
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Debut Years (Average: 1995)

This show was part of the "2010 Early Summer Tour"

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Review by jarpua

jarpua My first Phish show.
I've been a phan since my dad had me listen to ALO in '97, I was only 6 but it blew my mind. I was already a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but Phish was something different. By the time I was ready to go see my first show by myself at 13, I heard the news that Phish was breaking up after a festival in 2004.

Flash forward to 2010, I had tried to go to MPP in 2009...but I had just graduated High School, and had literally no money or car at the I finally got my chance in 2010.
I remember walking into MPP lot, past all of the big scary policemen staring at me so pompously, and seeing a culture that I had never experienced. I remember my dad taking me to see RatDog, Phil Lesh & Friends, and The Dead when I was younger...but I never remembered it being like this.
I saw funny Simpsons t-shirts, selling sandwiches, giving out beer...I was flabbergasted. I immediately fell in love with this culture of people, phriends if you will...

Being a long time daily LivePhish listener...I thought to myself, and even said to my friends as we were standing in line to get in. "I hope we get a good opener, maybe a PYITE". I had remembered reading on (shout out), that the night before the setlist was ridiculous...filled with rarities. So, I was kind of disappointed...not even expecting anything amazing, but it was my first I was going to love anything.

So they took the stage, I saw Trey and chided (I'm not going to lie, I kind of blamed Trey for the breakup when I was I had a grudge held, even if I did see TAB twice before this just because it was the closest thing I had to Phish...), then was pleased to see the rest of the members of my favorite band take the stage, especially Mike (my favorite).

1st set.

Jumping up and down ready to rage, I heard them start up "Crowd Control" which there was immediate disappointment on my part...either way I kept listening, and actually really started to dig the song I once disliked.
I hadn't listened to much of "Joy" at this point...but I had heard them play "KDF" on at other concerts LivePhish so when I heard the opening lick, I really got into raging, very tight "KDF" in my opinion.
This was followed by a solid jamming "AC/DC Bag" which saw me scream "NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!"
Then into a groovy song I hadn't heard before called "Sugar Shack" (now one of my favorite 3.0 songs), that saw some serious grooves from the Cactus and Leo, and also I felt like in mid-dance I forgave Trey.
The forgiveness spread even farther after I heard him start "Tube", one of my favorite short funky songs.
I won't lie, I used the Neutral Milk Hotel song as a bathroom break...but after I heard the opening lick of "Stash" I ran like the wind back to our seats for that crowd pleaser, WITH added sick jam. Followed by a #Line, which I'm not a huge fan of, so I'll let it be. The NICU wasn't super special...but an NICU is exactly that...a sick jam weather it's 5 minutes or 10 minutes, which segued (first segue of the show) into a sick 46 Days, and Suzy Greenberg full of Fish yelling about how Leigh Fordham "sold them out".
During the set break I finally felt my "party favors" that we got during our bathroom break kicking in...ready to full on rage as the sun finally hid itself.

2nd set.

Now I normally am not a fan of "Rock & Roll" but this one was truly something special...the guys came back after the set break and literally blew me away...every complaint I had about the 1st set seemed minuscule to what was happening before my eyes and ears. This was the Phish, I had been waiting to see for most of my life, jamming through songs, segueing through ballads.
Needless to say, the jam stapled on the end of "Rock & Roll" blew my mind, and now what was once a song I skipped over...I make sure I listen to...simply because of the end jam. Into a rocking "Free", that I will never forget full of glowsticks and amazing vocals from all the guys. "FEFY" was a great speedbump for the 25 minutes of blazing rock we had all just witnessed, perfectly placed. Next was a "Sparkle" which had us all singing along and setup an amazing "Tweezer", that I truly believe Mike jammed harder then I had ever heard before.
Next, The Horse > Silent in the Morning was another amazing cool down to segue us into, an set ending like I would never have imagined WB > Slave > Tweeprise. Wolfman's Brother was short and sweet, but contained an amazing vocal jam, which I think about everytime I hear WB. Into a Slave which will always be close to my heart, because I love Slave, and never thought they would play it.

Show of Life is eh, but I never expected to hear them play one of my other favorite bands...GTBT, such a great energetic rocker to end the night.

So basically...that was my first Phish concert...and have been obsessed ever since...
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by RagingMobOfJoggers

RagingMobOfJoggers from />
The night after Phish played a bust out second set in Camden, they rolled into Merriweather Post Pavilion--and, for the second night in a row, Phish treated everyone in attendance to another stand out second set.

There is plenty to talk about in their first set. Lately Phish have been putting together wonderfully diverse and fluid first sets. You never know what they will open with or play in general--sometimes in stark contrast to their second sets (Rock and Roll opener again).
After the Crowd Control opener, Phish dropped another Kill Devil Falls--this version features a jam that I find particularly stale. AC/DC Bag, however, is anything but--although short, Trey finds the energy and piercing guitar notes to make another 2010 version a blast to listen to and dance to. While I found all 2009 AC/DC Bags stale, 2010 has certainly found the songs explosive and fun roots, again. Sugar Shack, although not played quite as well as 2010's first version, features the reworked guitar.
In yet another answered request, Trey drops a mid-set Tube on the audience. This version, like many 2009 versions, is quite short--it is, however, an awesome version, finding their almost late 90's funk style. Playing yet another cover, Phish decides to branch out to the genre of Indie music. They play a song by popular Indie Rock band Neutral Milk Hotel--In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. The song is a features a floating melody with Trey really testing his voice--keeping everyone in the crowd swaying along.

The biggest highlight of the first set, for me, was Stash. I commented on how the last time they played it because the tension Trey created left me hopeful that they would once again find the song's explosive tension/release roots. This version moves a couple more steps in the right direction. First off, the song is played wonderfully, I can't believe how great Trey's tone sounds again after so many years of it being off. Trey, Page and Mike create even more tension than Hartford's version, with far less distortion. Trey comes to a mild release, if he only would have really let loose this version could have been close to perfect. Regardless, after years of not caring about Stash, they are finally capturing my interest in the song again.
The first first set Backwards Down the Number Line pops up, too. I am very intrigued by this song--it is clear that you never know what you're going to get when they start playing it. It can be an open-ended type II monster, or a 9 minute trip soaring over mountains before finally singing the end of the song. This version is the latter, which is great. Along with the Blossom 2010 and the Toyota Park 2009 improvisational masterpieces, my other favorite versions are from 2009 Red Rocks and Miami because of the way Trey gloriously makes his guitar cry before wrapping the song up in a neat little package. Last night's version, while not quite as good as the two just mentioned, is beautiful--out of the gates it almost sounds like it will go into an improvisational abyss by the way it drops off the edge, but soon Trey leads his troop out of the water to a beautiful ending.
One song that is moving away from the direction I thought it would go after seeing it in 2009 is 46 Days. The versions in 2009 had me thinking that this was going to be a jam monster (along with the 40 min version at IT in 2003). The versions played this year are far more structured, which is fine--the nTelos version and last night's version feature Trey absolutely shredding. Fishman so perfectly rolled up and down, providing a sort of track for Trey to ride--a musical roller coaster.
Closing with another short, yet most interesting version of the year, Suzy Greenberg had Trey reaching a song back into 46 Days by the way he shredded the first "breakdown" before the real jam. The real jam featured Page on his baby grand.
I honestly don't understand Trey's thinking, assuming he is usually picking what songs to play, when he puts together such non-predictable first sets and then chooses to open the second with another Rock and Roll. The second he started playing I was thinking "COMON" (GOB voice). At setbreak does he tell Mike, Page and Fish, "hey, wouldn't it be interesting if we opened another second set with Down with Disease--ah, let's fool them and play Rock and Roll."
Regardless, this version clocks in at about 18 min and features another stand out jam for the second night in a row. While not quite as interesting or impressive as the Camden Chalk Dust Torture, this version proves that Phish is finally working on their improvisational communication yet again. Not being type-casted into another Rock and Roll shred fest, this version features delicate interplay between Trey and Mike in an almost surreal journey into the sky. Very airy and pretty before sinking into a clear Moby Dick jam. When Trey starts teasing Moby Dick and the drums eventually switch over to it everyone in the crowd thought we were getting 7/11/00 v.2.0. Alas, it was just a simple jam of the song and Trey starts up one of his favorite landing songs, Free. In another short and relatively uninteresting version, Free leads us to the first Fast Enough for You of the year.
Assuming the jams might be done for the night after Rock and Roll, Trey started up the licks to the Third Tweezer of the year before Sparkle could finish. This Tweezer has a mean spirited and off-kilter jam--Trey, as if on LSD, uses his guitar to mess with everyone's head rather than shred. Fishman also sounds great in this version.

The Wolfman's Brother finally showed his face in the second set for the first time this year, although only ten minutes, still. This version, I think, is the most impressive of the year. Although it's only 10 minutes long, the improvisation right out of the gates, after a small vocal jam (they seem to like doing that in 2010), the musical communication refreshes everyone. Fishman listens to what Trey does in this guitar lead funk jam, all of them breaking down the song. A dense and inspired version.

Before closing the show with only one Tweezer Reprise, Phish treated us to the best version of Slave in 2010. Each version has been seemingly better than the last. Last night Trey comes crying out of the jam's quiet beginnings and comes to a soaring end--I don't want to be negative, but just like Stash, if Trey went twenty seconds longer and really peaked this great version could be close to perfection. It's showing Trey is almost completely back on his feet again--and I couldn't be happier.

Show of Life and a dedicated version of GTBT encored.

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Review by evanwicklen

evanwicklen Great show...but did anyone realize the strange similarity to last year's Merriweather show? Both shows started with Crowd Control, Kill Devil Falls... and both show contained Good Times Bad Times in the encore... along with other tunes played at both shows....

Still, the show was great! First set was a bit slow for me, but the 2nd set kicked some serious ass!
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop Ever since the Clifford Ball, each version of Tweezer that I would catch seemed to be growing weaker and weaker. Hampton last year at least rocked instead of meandering soullessly and aimlessly into Taste. Merriweather `09 was the dud that I had seen far too many times, but I never gave up hope. Festival 8 was a super fun rock Tweezer, but nothing too out there. Merriweather of this year had to be the best I've seen since Plattsburgh; and if it weren't for the acrobat, I'd say tonight was the best I've ever seen. High energy and incerdibly warped. Nothing short of thrilled that they tapped back into the majesty this song can wield. Phish is on fire right now. Everything they are playing seems so random and perfect. I had me one hell of a weekend.
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by runlikenantel0pe

runlikenantel0pe So let me try to break this down. The first set was struggling hard. It wasn't that Phish wasn't playing well. What they played was beautifully executed. It's just that their new material does not appeal to me. It seems that several of their new songs are centered around vocals and harmony, which as we all know, are just not there. Phish is not a vocally driven band. The new debut song is a doo-wop number. And from my understanding, doo-wop bands were formed by arranging very tight vocal harmonies, with instrumentation as an auxiliary agent to the music. Without tight and pristine harmonies, you've got half a song - half a genre. Other songs, like Sugar Shack, were flat as well. Not sure if they even have potential to grow into better tunes. We'll see. There were certainly some first set highlights that gave me hope that this evening would provide some rich and vibrant Phish that I know and love. Stash was an elaborate delivery of depth and darkness. 46 days was right on time, with some (much needed) heavy and gritty blues.

The second set was incredible. Holy chit man. Some of the best Phish I have ever seen. The Slave was reminiscent of 96 and 97 years. Definitely the highlight of the show for me. So much energy. Tweezer was nasty and dirty with some far reaching jams. The Reprise was ridiculous, dancin fools abound. GTBT was a great way to end an intensely climactic evening of great music. The second set alone is worth downloading the soundboard. Cheers!
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by irishndfan2

irishndfan2 I will always hold a special place in my heart for this show being it was my first phish show ever. Before attending this show I had listened to one phish song. A live version of "Slave to the Traffic Light". That was it. So I basically went into this show not knowing anything about Phish or their Music. I left the venue just experiencing a life changing event, and the obsession has since taken over lol.

I just recently re-listened to this show. After seeing 3 more Phish shows since then I believe I can now give this a proper review.

1st set.

CROWD CONTROL- I thought was kind of a boring show opener. They played it well but it wasn't anything mindblowing.

KILL DEVIL FALLS- The jam in this was great.

AC/DC BAG- Everytime I get this song I love it. Not sure if you can really critique this song. I thought it was played well, good jam, just an overall fun song.

SUGAR SHACK- Was cool to get this song. Love the little guitar solo riff after the choruses. I'm pretty sure Mike forgot some of the lyrics.

TUBE- The crowd was screaming for this, and Trey obliged. Got mad funky as usual. Great energy.

IN THE AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA- Debut. I absolutely loved this song. Story is Trey got the lyrics couple hours before the show, and he absolutely nailed it.

STASH- Nothing special. Pretty standard compared to other versions I have heard.

Backwards Down the Number Line- Not a huge fan of this right now, but it is a pleasant song. Not sure how to rate this version compared to others.

NICU- Pretty standard. Nothing Special

46 Days- This brought the energy up! WOW, I was destroyed by this song at the show.

Suzy- Great way to close out the first set. Nothing to incredible.


First set was just ok. Nothing mind blowing. Highlights for me would have to be 46 Days, TUBE and AC/DC BAG


Rock and Roll>Columbia JAM- Holy crap this was great. Started nice with the rock N roll, but the Columbia Jam was off the wall. 9 minutes of perfection. I can't say enough about this jam.

FREE- And then this song hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow I was blown away at the show by this song. The guitar solo gets me evertime. I can't really compare it to other versions, but holey crap this was great.

Fast Enough For You- Beautifully played song.

SPARKLE- !!!!! PERFECT TIMING FOR THIS SONG. Wow was that fun. Pretty standard version, but was perfect, perfect timing to pull it out.

TWEEZER= Awesome version. I got a better version 12/30/2010, but this one was very well played as well.

THE HORSE>SILENT IN THE MORNING- Beautiful songs, beautifully played/

Wolfman's Brother= OH BOY! great great version.

SLAVE TO THE TRAFFIC LIGHT= YOUR BOY GOT HIS ONLY SONG HE KNW! hahaha. When this came on I went nuts! Played well, however I kind don't like how they have slowed this song down in the newer versions. Some of the older versions I have they play this song a lot faster and I seem to enjoy those more. Still was incredible to get my first show.

TWEEZER REPRISE= Nothing special. However, Phish seems to always want to play this to close out the encore. I LOVED how they did it before the encore this show.


Show Of Life- This song never blows me away. Its a pleasant song, but I'm sure glad it wasn't the only song of the encore/

Good Times Bad Times- HOLY CRAP! What a way to end my first ever Phish show. They absolutely murdered this song! Love when page comes in with his little verse!

Set 2 overview:

Incredible second set. Deff worth the listen. Highlights have to be RNR>columbia Jam, FREE, SLAVE, and GTBT!
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by pootytang

pootytang I wasn't there and just want to comment on the cover of neutral milk hotel's in the aeroplane over the sea. This album is an absolute masterpiece. If you've never heard it, go listen to it 10 times. This cover does not add anything - Phish is just playing the chords and singing the song. Clearly it isn't well rehearsed, and frankly it's boring and lacks the energy of the original. Love Phish, love nmh. Can't win 'em all.
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by parrott56

parrott56 LONG, nerd-tastic review. You've been warned....

After spending two days repeatedly kicking myself for not making it to Camden (that Chalk Dust and 2001 would have sent me over the rainbow, plus I would have caught Crosseyed), I got my show gear in order again after a week and a half off the tour and headed out to Merriweather, solo this time. The venue's probably within an hour of my house in good traffic, so I would just be going there and back home again for each show. Animal Collective was my driving music that day—I had a hunch Phish would cover something off of their album "Merriweather Post Pavilion." Beltway traffic being very kind, I found myself on lot with plenty of time to spare. This being my first show I didn't drag a companion along, I was able to reflect how immediately at home, and far from alone, I felt as soon as I stepped onto the lot. Enjoyed a Blue Moon and the musicianship of a certain Gypsy Joe, who treated me to a very fine version of Help on the Way, before I headed off in the direction of the venue.

I still had plenty of time before the gates were opened, so I ended up just circling the venue till, at the back, I realized I could hear the soundcheck very clearly. I stood there against the fence and caught Liquid Time, which was played several times, stopping and starting at various points (I really wish they'd debut it already). The day was very hot, but in the shade of the woods, listening to Liquid Time in what was otherwise silence—I don't need to tell you how pleasant that was.

I had lawn tickets for both nights, so I grabbed front and center as soon as I was inside. The bottom of the lawn at Merriweather is dusty, eroded, and somewhat steep, so it was difficult to sit on and later dance on. (I sat just a few feet farther back the next night and that made all the difference.) Everything I witnessed of the scene at Merriweather was ideal, as far as I'm concerned—everyone easygoing, excited, just looking to have a good time. I ran into a number of friends from shows past and had a great time chatting it up with everyone around.


CROWD CONTROL. I might have laughed out loud. I wasn't at last year's Merriweather show, but I'd certainly read people's decidedly lukewarm reactions to the opener and the show in general. I still think it's hilarious they opened two consecutive Merriweather shows with this song (the only two times it's been played since the breakup, too). For my part, though, I have nothing against Crowd Control—it's catchy, and works fine in the opener slot.

KDF. This song's really grown on me, and I didn't mind hearing it twice in two shows. This version was better than Portsmouth's in the same slot, too—nothing crazy, but it rocked hard and built to a very satisfying peak.

AC/DC BAG. Like Portsmouth's, it seemed to me the tempo was slower (and the song therefore stickier) than many last year. The jam wasn't as interesting, though—no funk breakdown and no really high peak, but it fit the feel of the set.

SUGAR SHACK. I'm a big fan of this song—I saw it debuted at Camden last year, I've played the studio version pretty incessantly since "Joy" came out. Just a great, ecstatic, funky Mike composition. I was standing next to Martin, a big Cactus fan I'd met at a Mike Band show in Baltimore, where we were treated to a pretty ripping version of the song, so he and I high-fived at the opening groove. All told, I've never heard a live Sugar Shack that's sounded as pristine as I'd like, but this one was better than most, if not all, last year.

TUBE. ANOTHER Tube by request, and my third repeat from Portsmouth! Trey seems bewildered by the frequency of Tube requests, and he alludes to that in his now-traditional Tube Request Joke. One of my absolute favorite Phish songs, however, so you won't hear me complain about catching it in three of my first six shows. I preferred this version to Portsmouth's, even though the placement of that one was unbeatable. This one featured Page almost exclusively during the jam, during which he got into some seriously dirty funk. Short version, but excellent top to bottom.

AEROPLANE. … and yep, I had no clue what this was. I suspected a cover, but would never have guessed Neutral Milk Hotel (which I guess demonstrates that I don't know Neutral Milk Hotel at all, which is true, and therefore have no place to NOT guess them, if that makes sense). Trey's vocals were a little strained on this one, but otherwise the song was well-played, if not necessarily the sort of thing I want to hear, though it's a catchy tune. (For the record, I'm all for Phish covers drawing more from the indie canon; I'd just opt for the more textural psych-pop stuff first—Animal Collective, MGMT.)

STASH. My first, so I was happy to hear this. Not that memorable a version, however, and I really did enjoy a couple last year (Red Rocks, Hartford, Fest 8).

NUMBER LINE. This is another song off "Joy" that rarely sounds as bright and ecstatic as the studio version, even though the jams are occasionally outrageous. This one was fairly standard—nothing surprising or breathtaking.

NICU. Fun as always. Good for dancing. You know the drill.

46 DAYS. A major highlight at Portsmouth, and ended up being a highlight of this set as well. It rocked HARD—outrageously, even, Trey peeling off lines higher and higher up the fretboard. Looking at the timing now, I can't believe it was only about seven minutes—it packed quite a big punch.

SUZY. An apt closer for this set—nothing too crazy, but another solid, high-energy song with some very good Page soloing on the baby grand.

SET ONE RECAP. The least remarkable first set I saw this tour, and—spoiler alert—weaker than the three subsequent Merriweather sets. Highlights were KDF, Tube, and 46 Days. Still plenty enjoyable, but, in all fairness, probably a 3.0 or so.


R&R. For the second consecutive set, I almost had to laugh at the opener choice, in this case because R&R has been so overplayed as a Saturday night second-set opener. However, as happened several times this tour, Phish totally defied (and exceeded) my expectations for a song in the jam. Eschewing the more cliché R&R jamming (what Mr. Miner would call "percussive grooving"), this one went out for a very pretty, sky-scraping jam and clocked in at a hearty eighteen minutes (which totally flew by). Definitely worth checking out on tape. It was good enough that, at the time, I thought it might stand as the highlight of the weekend.

FREE. Somewhat awkward transition from the previous jam. Standard 3.0 Free, and didn't feel as at home here as it did in the midst of the Hershey Cactus showcase.

FEFY. As at Hershey, they followed up Free with a ballad, this one always nice to hear for the rarity factor.

SPARKLE. Around this point, I began to worry that the second set had taken the route of second night Cincy's last year: strong, jammed-out R&R opener, but no subsequent return to the big jams. I shouldn't have worried, though; Sparkle has a history of preceding darker explorations, and, sure enough, Trey immediately started up the riff for

TWEEZER. Okay, this got serious. The jam starts with Trey playing this chromatic descending pattern (which I believe they'd incorporate into Ghost the next night), and that powered them through a very dark Tweezer. The final couple minutes of the jam were downright scary: spacey, dissonant, post-apocalyptic. The R&R had seemed shorter than it was; this Tweezer definitely felt longer than 15 minutes, which is to say it seemed to contain worlds. There were some very good Tweezers played last year, but the best of those (Red Rocks, Miami) were of the groove school; this one was a different beast altogether. Maybe my favorite Tweezer since 2/28/03, and an absolute thrill to witness.

HORSE>SILENT. I needed a breather, and this was a beautiful choice. The "I think that this exact thing happened to me just last year" line took on particular meaning given the similarity of this setlist with 8/15/09 (as well as the Saw It Again antics to come).

WOLFMAN'S. With that Tweezer as a passageway, Phish had entered the realm where they could do no wrong. This Wolfman's, though standard length, was anything but predictable. The jam was full of every bit of type-I trickery and fake-out in the book. (Around this time I also realized that the ridiculousness of the set had reduced me to periodic fits of senseless giggles.) Fully deserving of the second-set placement.

SLAVE. Wow. Another perfect choice, and just about perfectly delivered. There's very little to say about Slave when it really clicks, but I think you all know it's like; that's what this was.

TWEEPRISE. Always more novel outside the encore. Rocked the second set to its end in style.

SET TWO RECAP. Hot damn! Now that's a second set! Not as unrelentingly jammed-out as Hershey's second-set groovefest, but the quality of jamming was stronger and, what's more, remarkably diverse. R&R and Tweezer and Wolfman's all went to unique and wonderful places (all easy set and tour highlights), and Slave>Tweeprise was just a perfect coda. Let's call it an 8.7. I really liked this set.

The encore was great as well, with Show of Life (good new tune) recapturing the majestic feel of R&R and Slave and GTBT hearkening back to some of the balls-out rock in the first set. The two set scores average out to about 5.9, but that doesn't seem to do the show justice, so since we all care more about the second sets anyway, let's weight that set double here and call the show a 6.8. As a song-by-song reflection of the show, or how it might hold up on tape, that seems about right. But even though I called Hershey a 7.5 (on the strength of its consistency), know that I enjoyed this show more. It was the best show I'd seen up to that point, and I was just about CONVINCED that they couldn't top it the next night. I certainly didn't need them to.
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Review by aqualung23

aqualung23 Just finished reviewing the second Camden show, and this was definitely a stronger show. Unfortunately, I missed Night 2 of Merriweather which by all accounts was the show of the tour so far.

Set One:

A little too much new material for me, but I was impressed by the improvement I have seen in Backwards down the Number Line and especially Sugar shack since last year. I'm really digging them responding to phan requests, and Trey's banter on playing "Tuuuuuuube!" had me cracking up. We'll probably be hearing that more now that we know how to get it! stash was really solid, and 46 days is a reminder to me to be patient with new material. This wasn't my favorite song when it was new, but it has become a welcome selection with big jam capability (Massive 46 days was really the only highlight of last year's lackluster Merriweather show.)

Set Two:

Set two was the first 3.0 set I've seen that really screamed these guys are back and as good as ever! R&R opener was solid but not mind blowing. Free is always welcome, but I would have like more in the jam, as it really only consisted of an extended solo for Mike(which was kick-ass). FEFY was beautiful and well executed (see my comment on this song's history). Tweezer was vastly better than last year, dark and funky. The Horse->Silent was standard but always welcome. Wolfman's was one of the more interesting versions I've heard, and seems to have been infected by the earlier tweezer, leading to an unusually evil, but still funky jam. Slave is always a great closer, and the transition into Tweeprise brought down the house. First time seeing Show of life and it kind of felt like an old Phish song I had never heard before. GTBT was typically kick ass, and I left the venue knowing I was going to miss an absolute throwdown the next day. Oh well, things change: Wife (she was there), kids, a real be continued at Jones Beach!
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Review by steve_and_em

steve_and_em Yes, I did notice the same opener, the same closer and KDF and 46 days I think...and it made me wonder at the absurd majesty they set up to create the "I Saw it AGAIN!" of the following night. This weekend was musical magic with the dirty, nasty, funky Phish I have loved all my life!

Did they set it up with the same opener...and same encore...just to add that extra push to the wild, wonderful, incredibly memorable 2nd set of the following night? We may never know...but it is fun to wonder about...and no matter how you slice it...I walked away thinking...I SAW IT AGAIN! And LOVING IT!

I know this post spans two shows...but I didn't know whether to put it here or on the 2nd night.
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by Phish_Lifer

Phish_Lifer Same as my review for 6/27, I think everyone else's reviews sum everything up pretty well here, so I'll stick to my one specific comment..

Bringing Wolfman's Brother out right as the full moon was rising (6/26 verified by a google search) was brilliant. I hope everyone noticed it too, it made my night.
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by BeAlope

BeAlope One of the best second sets I have ever seen . This restored my faith in the band after nearly 5 years of doubt....the passion was back...
, attached to 2010-06-26

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO A good show really. Just over-shadowed by the MJ 2001 the night before, and the HUGE night following. It was a Saturday and they opened every 2nd set of every Saturday of leg 1 with Rock and Roll. I feel this is the best of the bunch. Beautiful exploratory RnR that drops into a nice Free. Definate highlight of this show. The Neutral Milk Hotel cover was ok. I was clueless at the time. I guess the original is on acoustic guitar!? Hey Trey, bring back the acoustic would ya! I really like FEFY and it was a pleasant suprise to get my first since Chula Vista, seven years prior.

MPP gets a lot of flack for being a shit-hole, and while it is an older venue(see: 6/20-21/83 GD), it treated my crew well and I had a blast. A very cozy summer shed imo. Yeah, the lot sucks, but that is minor really.

I was particularly drunk this evening and danced my ass of on the lawn. Hot, HUMID day in MD!!! Everyone was wet with perspiration. I have good friends that lived in Caytonsville(RIP Travis) so we BBQed and hung out before the show. Watched the World Cup and ate blue crabs. Phish, Grate friends, Grate food= Grate Mood!

3 solid stars
, attached to 2010-06-26


XXXGAK_GAK_GAKXXX They really made up for the '09 Merriweather disspointment (poor sound quality, low energy, foam/esther snoozer)... Solid Wolfman's-> Slave... Rock and Roll was pretty sick... 46 Days took my lunch money on this one.
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