Trey teased The Little Drummer Boy and the Theme from S.W.A.T. in Crosseyed. Twist contained Heartbreaker, Crosseyed, and Time Loves a Hero teases. Crosseyed was teased and quoted in Split Open and Melt.
Heartbreaker, Crosseyed and Painless, and Time Loves a Hero teases in Twist, Crosseyed and Painless tease & quote in Split Open and Melt, The Little Drummer Boy and Theme from S.W.A.T. teases in Crosseyed and Painless
Debut Years (Average: 1998)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed This show was exceptional. Easily the best show of this young tour and another example of why you “Don’t miss a Sunday show”.

First set highlights were a fast track Curtain With, well placed intricate Reba, “yet another solid” jammy Wombat (starting to get Moma Dance treatment and recognized for the vehicle it is) and S1 closer WOTC in fine fashion.

Set two is an all timer. Sorry if you don’t agree, but it is. Crosseyed opens S2 for (I believe) the 3rd time in a row the boys have included Gorge as a summer stop. This is the best one from Gorge, and I REALLY love the Xeyed they played in 2013. Twist is the perfect transition out of Xeyed (just like in ‘13 mind you) and delivers a great showing as a sign for more jammy Twists this summer (hoping for one in Raleigh because Ric Flair would approve... WOOO!!!!!). A beautiful Fluffhead pops up to the delight of those in attendance and delivers. But what is surprisingly the best part of this show is the stunningly mesmerizing SOAMelt to end this set. Speaking of 2013, this Melt surpassed SPACs version as (IMHO) the finest version of the modern era. Further proving why this is still my phavorite Phish song and shreds all non believers into tiny little bits.

Wilson Encore (naturally) and the deed is done. I’ll be coming back to this S2 for years. Happy listening!
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by kevtree

kevtree Let's be real, we all have high expectations due to the potential shown Friday and Saturday and at Tahoe, as well as of course BD.

This is from start to finish an exceptional Phish show. The jam style is unique, and continues to develop. This ambient style evolving from BD is quite interesting and any time I'm hearing new things in their jams I'm excited. We don't always need a I-V-IV rocking jam to constitute a good jam. I much prefer what happened tonight. The second set jams were all wholly unique, phenomenal adventures to experience live. The first set featured impeccable, near flawless song selection in my opinion, and the wombat was an unexpected delight, venturing from the ambient style its seen in jams past, to an unexpected peak, and back in to the main theme.

More on set two: I think every jam of this set has replay potential due to the cohesive and fresh styles that developed in them. But, this fluffhead--not only was the placement amazing, this is in my opinion the best fluffending of 3.0. Trey is rocking the sustain out in the stratosphere and page slams those keys wish Fishman blasting us all off to the friggin moon. Everyone collectively lost their shit. Perfect encore as well, with what appeared to have a little deviation from the norm at one point, ultimately rocking the house into complete submission absolutely.

I am stoked for Curveball.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by lincolnfrog

lincolnfrog First set was exactly what the doctor ordered - chill, fun, groovy, comical, beautiful. Curtain With is one of my favorite memories from the Gorge 6 years ago and was great to hear them reprise it again. Everyone was expecting a Reba and this one was well executed through the composed section and the end jam was majestic befitting of the scenery. There is nothing quite like watching the sun set over the gorge while a Reba jam floats across the sky. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan exemplifies what I have been hearing from Trey this tour - eschewing the standard, tired rock guitar jams for extra crunchy, saucy weirdness with some deep pocket.

Quick note on Waiting all Night - I heard them soundcheck a WAN at Shoreline a couple years ago and Trey just let loose for like 5 minutes on the jam, sending these soaring sustain notes, flying on top of the song and delivering a blistering conclusion. It was awesome, and every time I am at a show and they start WAN, I am hoping he will do that in a show setting. I was so sure he would do that on this version at the Gorge given the contours of the show, but alas, it still hasn't materialized.

Wombat was, like Stealing Time, extra saucy and dank - really fun version. I got my first Tela, which I have been chasing forever, and again it felt like perfect song placement.

Second set is, without a doubt, one of the best sets I have seen. It was perfect, blissful psychedelia of the utmost vision and patience. Trey dripping little droplets of guitar bliss over the top of some of the chillest, locked in Fish/Mike grooves I have ever heard. The space they hit near the end of C&P is my happy place, and then they kept finding their way back their throughout the set. Twist patiently slips onto the scene after 18 minutes of deep, mysterious grooves and then continues the theme. This whole section of the set is reminiscent to me of jams like the Fukuoka Twist and also the Bethel Waves Soundcheck. Speaking of Waves, right as I was thinking that it arrived and acted like a Coda on this perfect, blissful trip into the Infinite. The splash into Miss You was welcome - great placement for this song I think, unlike the shoehorned Farmhouse from the previous night. It was a perfect moment for reflection and to appreciate your loved ones there with you at the show - always important to remember them and love them while they are around because, as we all know, the glass is already broken. It brought me to tears and carved perfectly into the contour of the final section of the show.

Fluffhead was a time to rage - goodbye psychedelia, hello crazy composed Phish followed by a great shredded ending. Trey seemed to have some trouble lifting off right at the beginning of the end section - it seems like he is still adjusting to some gear changes, been hearing that all tour so far, but when he finally does come in hard, his tone is screaming and a blistering ending solo follows.

Split Open and Melt is the best version I have heard live - it really opened up in the jam and they went back to the dark, dripping space for a while. It felt like they lost the framework of the jam entirely near the end but nobody was in a hurry and it just kept cruising along. Trey very patiently brought back the split hits and Chris was RIGHT THERE with him on the lights on the very first one, which was amazing. They hybridized C&P and the end of Split to puncuate the end of an absolutely spectacular, all-time show. The setlist looks amazing on paper but is even MORE amazing on listen!

If you didn't find what you are looking for in this show, I am not sure you ever will.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by aaronloffler

aaronloffler There was a delicate "little drummer boy" tease somewhere in there....damn.can't place it.
and i'm not understanding the "Birds" quote in BOAF. Is that The Byrds? Any reference to that in the Hour,Minute on the stream

this show spoke very dearly to me. laughing and crying through a lot of it. Happy Tears. Watched stream from afar. 110% sober
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish Wow, okay now we're cooking. This show was hot throughout and really didn't let up for any length of time. First set included a nice Curtain, a solid enough Reba, a Wombat jam that went way more dark and ambient than funking and a nice WOTC set closer. Also, I love Tela in this spot. Really brings you to a contemplative place before blasting off with WOTC.

The second set is just phenomenal. You've read/heard other people hyping up this set so i'll just stop by to say that once again, Phish brings it in the fourth quarter. This is a super unique SOAM jam that gets into some really weird space. Love the patience and letting this one find a natural conclusion.

You could tell the boys had fun this run. The tour is really starting to heat up.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost Best show of the run and tour at that point (writing this after BG1) . Excellent song selection. I really thought they were going to do time loves a hero after that twist. Set 2 was amazing. Fluff head, curtain, reba and tela were all highlights and chased songs for me. Incredible run overshadowed by tragedy. But lets not discuss that. This is easily my favorite show that I've seen (#9 for me). Happy to have been there with everyone.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by mickeyjoe86

mickeyjoe86 This was a fun first set for the last night and provided a great setup for a superb affair to close out the weekend. Set II seemed to build up to SOAM--the whole weekend did, really. I've really enjoyed the sound and atmosphere that Trey's leslie has brought to the tour so far.

Fun little anecdote: the International Space Station passed overhead during the last few minutes of C&P.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by Paullen

Paullen Given the druids on the lawn playing Marco Pollo and the various wildlife disturbances, this was the vegetarian icing on the cake of my life, made even sweeter with the people on the lawn trying to sort out various medical instructions and remember if they left the stove on. Trey, is he like a psychic who can see the future? No playleo this round, its hard enough to get everyone in one place not to mention start flinging accusations about who forgot calibrate the, the, uh, uh,

Saturday's Divided Sky has officially burned into my soul harder than any melodic aural moment ever has or ever will again.
, attached to 2018-07-22

Review by s1177375

s1177375 Besides Waiting All Night, which in my humble opinion is one of those few songs that only sounds good (not live) but rather on the studio album and should never be played live because let's face it, the boys cant sing well.
But besides that one song, this is the best setlist of the tour . . .Wombat Reba Fluff Still Waiting (thats the one we wanna hear about waiting all night lol) Crosseyed is such a fun song to listen to at work Automation making computer modules while im testing cause testing is so boring and they just repeat that line over and over and it is so fittingly hilarious.
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