The first set took place during an unrelenting rain storm. Fish teased The Wedge in Cities. Sleeping Monkey was dedicated by Page to people affected by Hurricane Sandy and contained an alternate lyric by Fish: "my sleeping monkey is redeemed."
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The Wedge tease in Cities
Debut Years (Average: 1995)

This show was part of the "2013 Summer Tour"

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Review by n00b100

n00b100 Let's see...

Opening up the song book? Check. 9 tour debuts tonight, including the much-missed A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing. A bit disappointed there weren't more water songs, but hey.

Well-played first set? Check. Nothing egregiously bad, and a nice energy over the whole thing, probably related to the torrential downpour.

First set jams? Check. Pretty decent Reba, and a really fine Bowie with an excursion into Type II in between the usual Bowie jamming (and a second excursion that didn't quite take off). Maybe the SPAC SOAM isn't a one-off after all.

Patient jamming in the second set? Check. The R&R rocked hard, then found itself a theme and explored a couple different motifs within that theme (perhaps to keep people dancing, as @funkbeard posits), before going upbeat and exploding into a well-placed 2001. Tweezer didn't get out there, but its jam reminded me of the warmth and silky-smoothness of Charlotte's Tweezer from last year (thanks in large part to Page). Two very fine jams.

Setlist flow? Check. The aforementioned R&R > 2001, two nice segues sandwiching Cities (Tweezer -> Cities is a bit rushed, but Fish playing the Wedge beat makes it unique, and thus makes Cities -> The Wedge all the easier); Velvet Sea and Zero were set closers after the meat had passed, so they can be forgiven.

Goofiness? Check. The Sleeping Monkey is a trainwreck, but it's all in good fun, and the Sandy relief shout out was quite nice.

Character Zero? Check. They played Character Zero.

Final verdict? A very strong show. A Joonze Beach show worthy of @joonze himself.
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Review by ProfJibboo

ProfJibboo This show is why I love Phish.

As the rain poured on us all, they played throughout - almost as if they were determined to outlast the storm. They kept the energy high and made us forget about the weather, generating a warmth you'd never believe was possible from music as Page worked magic on Cars Trucks Buses. When the rain came harder, they played harder. The result was the best overall first set of the tour so far...nearly an hour and a half, with fan pleasers, bustouts, rare treats, songs we've been longing for, all punctuated by a beautiful Reba that had a little extra jamming in there to warm the soul. The rain got most intense just before the set break and was met by an equally intense Bowie.

The second set included a simple and almost hypnotic Rock and Roll, with a jam that seemed to tell a beautiful story of progressing out of the storm and made that much more powerful by the welcome break from rain and CK5's amazing new light rig, which is adding a whole new dimensions to these summer stage shows with the backdrop.

But the real story for me was the set list mix up, with Cities and Wedge serving as the aftershocks of another strong Tweezer. The unexpected placement in the heart of set two and the masterful sequeways between them remind you that beauty comes in the most unexpected places and at anytime with this band.

A great show with a bit of everything: first set jams, bust outs, freshened set list...a great show. They are really sounding special right now and its a glorious time to be a fan.
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Review by AlbanyYEM

AlbanyYEM Well it rained. Hard. And an extremely cold wind. That's about all I'll say about the weather. A caveat is that I haven't listened back to the show yet.

Show started at around 8:30 so yeah that was more than the standard 45 minutes late. They sounded pretty tight throughout the first set without too much flubbery, but things weren't really heating up either until the set closers. ASIHTOS was decent but pretty mellow. Water in the sky was actually an excellent version with some extra pep rhythmically. Beauty of a Broken Heart had some nice energy and 46 Days tore the roof off as usual. An innocuous Number Line went down and then came the Reba/Bowie section.

Fantastic versions of both. One of my main complaints with 3.0 is the seeming absence of the mastery of dynamics that makes the build songs so effective. This Reba paid a whole hell of a lot more attention to that than we are used to hearing. Gorgeous and patient in attack, this is certainly progress towards the locked-in, pin drop -> crescendo volume control. Certainly no rushing towards the ending here.

Bowie was probably the highlight of the set for me. Both Bowie and Reba composed sections had no obvious flubs. Notes that need to be emphasized sometimes are not but they are definitely at least *played*. Much like the Reba, Bowie took its time getting there. To my memory, the major key jam that unusually unfolded out of it was not a highly melodic theme, nor was it intended to be. More like stepping back from the tension to get a bit of light and then flirting with darkness again. I'm probably not describing this well but it definitely was not blissfull melody. The point is it was a major key jam, and worked extremely well resulting in a truly unique Bowie.

The first set was extremely long. I kept expecting it to be over and it just kept going. Which I'm grateful for because of the abovementioned jams.

Rock and Roll was a very good jam that I'll frankly have to listen back to to describe in much detail. Fresh themes would find their way to the surface, be explored for 2-4 minutes, and then another would arise. Trey seemed very focused on the rhythm while still pushing things melodically (a hint of the tweezer to come). Yet it did not sound meandering--each motif was a pastiche blended seemlessy. They were not searching for something and then abandoning things that didn't work; they were giving full elaboration on minimalist modifications. This was cerebrally pleasing, but to my ears was not as aurally pleasing as a money jam completely explored (a la Crosseyed at PNC).

Eventually this segued into 2001 which had a little extra sauce than usual, but certainly not the elaborate funk of yore. A mid set Tweezer appeared and the challenge was set. Many times in this era when the band launches into a warhorse midset, the results are thoroughly type I. Frankly, I find it to be a waste of a jam vehicle in the rotation most of the time. This was not one of those times. As great as the RnR was, I have to say that this Tweezer was the highlight of the night for me. It could perhaps be due to the fact that it was incredibly rhythmically engaging and I was getting towards some nice hypothermia at that point, so it was nice to keep the groove going. Yet there is no denying that this tweezer is a full on groove throwdown AND a highly melodically themed jam. Combine those and you probably have a hell of a nice little jam even by consensus objective standards.

The segue to Cities was buttery smooth and jaw droppingly nice. They were flirting with Cities (definitely Trey at least) for a solid two minutes before the segue occurred. Truly an archetypical '->.' Cities itself was jammed further than any so far in 3.0. It entered plinko land for a bit and was just freshly played funk. Which actually segued fairly well (somehow) into the Wedge. This one in 3.0 reminds me a lot of the Dead's 'Deal' in terms of it taking decades to develop into a show stopper powerhouse. I'm also a huge fun of the Jerry fanning (strumming furiously a la Morning Dew). Seeing Trey employ this power move yet in his own style is a moving experience. Velvet and Character. One mellow one rocking. The Sleeping Monkey shenaningans were definitely hilarious and fit perfectly as a cap to such a hugely jammed show. Dear lord I was tired, Trey must have been exhausted at this point. Page got a dig in on Trey which was extra nice because he seems like such an easy going guy.

Best jam of the year might still go to Crosseyed, but I think we have a new winner for best show.
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Review by HighClassWook

HighClassWook Another good one. The first set involved us being poured on. Was windy as hell too. I kept calling Water in the Sky. The Reba was great to hear.

When they started the second set, almost the same time as the first note, the rain stopped (when I shouted "LOOK! THE STORM IS GONE!", much to the amusement of everyone around me). Speaking of the second set, it started with four of my favorite songs all in a row. A great Rock and Roll lead into 2001, into Tweezer, which made a great segue into Cities. Wedge was pretty awesome. However, Velvet Sea felt out of place. Character Zero does its job.

The encore was predicted by most. Page decided to dedicate it to Sandy survivors, and mentioned that it's a song avout redemption. Trey continued to flub the first lyrics, leading to some funny banter about him redeeming himself. Fish made me laugh pretty hard with "My sleeping monkey is redeemed." And of course, Tweeprise rocked.

Also, I was up in the back on Page side. There were few people around me, and some really cool views of the stage next to the lot, which was partially obscured by fog.

All in all, great show.
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Review by tubescreamer

tubescreamer Of all the shows I've ever been to, I've never been rained on like this. Heading in, I wondered if I was going to be miserable. The notoriously pushy and relentless ushers clearing aisles and the often loud fratty crowd and quiet sound system of JB past had me worried.

But Phish delivered us all to redemption tonight.

The rain. It was truly relentless, but the fact that we were, and I promise to only say this once-- all in this together, taking a bath-- really gave the vibe of the night a special feel. It also started the show off in half light which gave Kuroda more to work with right away.

It took the crowd a little while to settle, Ocelot quieted everyone down a bit, but when they dropped "A song I heard the ocean sing" was when I really felt like it was going to be a special night. Trey whaled, and then pulled the rip chord too soon, but so it goes most always for any potential sea monster in a fifth-song, first-set slot these days. The beauty of a broken heart also skirted the waves to a higher level for a second and dissolved. Sugar Shack had a great placement, but Trey seemed to skip a chord in the solo and then faltered in the end, despite an extended try at wrapping it up.
I'm going to be completely honest-- around this point I was fully soaked through my three layers, and the prospects of the show actually looked pretty dim. I wonder if anyone else felt that too-- how were we going to make it through this unseasonably cold rain, how could the fellas deliver this crowd from their shivery state?
46 days threw some coal on the fire, but it went out fast. Number Line clearly is Trey's fallback song when he is reaching, I was just thankful he played it then and not in the second set. Reba and Bowie grew majestic for a time and the lights came onto a crowd dashing for shelter.
And like a great force of nature, Phish put an end to the rain for the start of their second set. It came back, but never how it was in the first set, and often just acted as a steam machine for CK5 to work his new rig.
Rock and Roll tuned into a NY Station that we couldn't believe. It went to a place full of bliss before settling on a 2001 that was concise yet successful in it's energy-blast off abilities. When the freezer door swung open though was when we knew we were really set to dive down the rabbit hole, and we were treated to an incredibly captivating performance. All of this is a must hear. The segue however into cities, was, I am just going to make this call-- the BEST segue into cities, EVER. That the band adopted the unique percussive timing-- that flirted with then became the wedge beat during the song-- is one of the greatest Fishman-led passages I have ever witnessed. The wedge flowed here seamlessly and water themes continued as the audience and band basked in the song's composed parts getting a meaningful treatment. The song cannot hit you this way in its normal first set placement. At this point we were turned around and guided back from deep waters to wade to the shore with a beautifully poignant Velvet Sea, and a wildly pensive Character0, thankful to have arrived.

Page, who we welcomed as a rather talkative MC for the night introduced Sleeping Monkey as dedicated to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, telling us it is a song about redemption. I think Trey got such a kick out of this that he was still thinking about it when he began the song, flubbing the first lyric. Fishman reminded him to "Redeem himself" and brought the word back again throughout the song, and with that we were sent home, witnessing redemption and participating in its cool waters.
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Review by RunLikeACantelope

RunLikeACantelope Incredible show. One for the ages. Only those who were there will understand. I'm not interested in the opinions of those who were not there.

The rain was so bad that the band's equipment was getting wet on the covered stage because the wind was blowing the rain sideways. The crew covered the equipment in plastic during setbreak and Trey references it at the beginning of Set 2 by saying "We're practicing safe music." People need to give the band more credit. Try bending a string without slipping when your fretboard is getting hit by rain.

Aside from the music, which was very unique and enjoyable, my other favorite part was when the crowd would cheer loudly every time the rain came down harder.

* I got the Cars Trucks Buses that I've been waiting for a long time.
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Review by Lizards1024

Lizards1024 This was by far the most memorable Phish shows I have been to. All of the reviews have been spot on but I just wanted to mention that the rain was really bad up until 'A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing" but that song seemed to summon mother nature and the rain doubled by mid song. I know I am no the only one who felt this song was perfect placement and really felt like the storm was telling us to "run away run away run away" at that moment. But we didn't, and we were treated to a heavy and groovy 46 Days and solid Reba>Bowie at the end of set 1, and a phenomenal second set with some very clean and patient jamming, great segues, and just an amazing vibe overall. People that were at this show will be listening to these jams for years to come with almost photographic memory of the night, while those who were not will probably forget about most of it by the end of this tour.
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Review by Dividedsky333

Dividedsky333 Top 5 Phish shows I've ever been to. Front row top balcony view made the venue look like a large tug boat plowing through a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic. Watching the band meander through Set one, I was reminded of the string quartet in Titanic who calmly perform their work as chaos reigns all around them.

Musically Set one was a mixed bag. Trey needs to spend a month before tours obsessively practicing the composed sections of songs like Reba, and Bowie. The brilliantly improvised sections of both these tunes were bookended by Trey's reluctant attack and inability to own the composed sections. Trey makes magic when he owns the composed and free form parts of songs. Still it felt like a gift to have Reba and Bowie close this first set.

Intermission was a shit show in the venue. Nobody stayed in their seats. The wind was blowing 30-40 mph. Everyone was soaked through all layers. Tons of people hanging out in the bathrooms because it was 10 degrees warmer than the concession hallways. Kinda like a airport terminal of phans stranded from their flight. People looked like they were on break from a survival contest. It was awesome and unique.

Second set began when the rain ended. "...and it was alright." Fabulous patient jamming from RnR to Wedge. Wading was perfect and Trey's solo made me realize that if he is bringing anything back to Phish from his work with Broadway orchestra's it's his patient approach to phrasing, which was perfectly demonstrated in his Wading solo.

Tweezer Reprise was the required catharsis after the 3 hour event that will always be remembered as the wettest Phish show anyone's been to since Coventry. least there was no mud!
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Review by wattznext

wattznext Really enjoyed this show. The extended first set was full of relative rarities and rocking tunes, and with its 90 minute run time and Reba/Bowie to close, felt like a reward for braving the torrential downpour in Wantaugh. Wen was the last time a completely uncovered venue got hit that hard by rain during an outdoor show?

The rain stopped as the second set started, and the first 4 songs lasted nearly 45 minutes and featured some very interesting jamming. Parts of it felt aimless and linear, but the sound was a bit muddy at the Nikon Theater, and I think it will sound better upon relistening. I especially liked the confusion coming out of Tweezer, with Fish going into Wedge and Trey going into Cities This led to Fish interspersing the Wedge beat throughout Cities, which blew my mind and made me all smiley and dancey. However, Fish pulled the stunt one too many times, and freaked Trey out at the beginning of a Cities jam that had legs. Trey followed Fish into Wedge, and they coasted home from there.

All in all, a fun show and a near flawless first 3 quarters. Well worth trekking to Long Island in Friday rush hour traffic and soaking in the driving rain for. Thanks boys!

Oh, and as a heads up to @funkbeard, the show always starts about 45 minutes after the time on the ticket. There was no extended delay tonight.
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Review by soundboy1

soundboy1 So this one goes to prove that the tapes do not always represent the energy level of the show. First of all it should be known that weather like we got at Jones Beach affects everyone. The band,the crew,sound,lights and video all have a much harder time when there is a mini-hurricane going on. Humidity affects Guitars,pianos,drums and all their gear. So for Phish to put out a high quality show in these conditions make it extra impressive. For a lot of people the rain was an insurmountable problem. But for the majority of people there they dealt with it. Once you are soaked through to your underwear you just have to go with the flow.

CDT was a great opener for this sort of weather because it just gets you going. They didn't seem that tight but like I said there are a lot of challenges to playing in that weather. Cars Trucks and Buses seemed to really get the band in a nice spot though. The crowd ate it up and the band appreciated it as evidenced by Page's comments to the crowd. I personally love Ocelot and was happy to hear it. It kept everyone dancing and the energy level didn't dissipate. My Sweet One was another high energy tune that kept us warm. I was especially happy to hear it because I hadn't seen it since 12.14.95... that was like 50 shows ago! A Song I heard the Ocean Sing was hoped for but I didn't think it would be played. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Water in the Sky was obviously expected. I had never really liked this tune but under those conditions it was just perfect. It really made me happy when in the past I used to just wait for it to be over... I personally love the Sloth. Yes there were some flubs but the song is kind of a punk rock tune so I didn't really mind. I'm too busy dancing to really be a critic anyway. Beauty is a great Page tune. I just listened to 6.7.12 which was my last show and I was hoping they would play it. I had no idea it was so rarely played until I checked the gap chart for this show. I'm not too familiar with Sugar Shack but I enjoyed it even though Trey definitely fucked up. It's a nice uptempo dance song and really kept the energy up. Page was cheering us on and we were all happy to oblige him. 46 days was next and I had only heard it once before live. I really got into it and was happy the band was keeping up the pace we needed to help us forget about the weather. BDNTL is not my favorite song so I took the chance to go get a poncho and warm up for a second. It wasn't that long at all and before I knew it Reba had started. I remember a time when people were sick of Reba and it used to get kind of shit on. I'm glad those days are over because it's one of their classics. Great version and I was happy to hear the whistling. I prefer it that way so i was pumped. Bowie was fantastic. The best version I've seen in 3.0. Trey had some interesting lines and the rest of the band was in the pocket. Great set closer.

Set break consisted of huddling together for warmth and avoiding the rain in anyway possible. Rock and Roll isn't my favorite song but they immediately took it out for a ride and this is by far my favorite that I've seen. I am usually not too critical of jamming because it's a hit or miss prospect. When it's great it's great and when it's terrible it's terrible. I feel like there really is no middle ground. Tonight I thought the jamming was great. RNR quickly went into jamming territory and it was upbeat and well executed. The band was in sync which is what leads to greatness. The segues were especially tight. 2001 seemed to belong right at the end of RNR not forced at all. I thought this was a great 2001 they hit all the right notes and got me very excited for the >. I think the stronger they feel about the 2001 the better the tune they >with. Tweezer is one of the best songs they can drop in this spot. The energy just gets turned up a notch and people are very happy. This Tweezer was fantastic. The lyrics were totally in sync with the attitude of the crowd. Everyone was taking off their ponchos and feeling the absence of rain. I've only seen one version in 3.0 but honestly I like this style of Tweezer better than the long drawn out ones from the 90's. I was at Mud Island and also saw the Fleezer and I really didn't like them. It was versions like that that made me lose interest in the band for awhile. So this Tweezer was fantastic. Keeping the main theme going for most of the jam but venturing out enough to qualify as a jam. The segue into Cities was SWEET. Up to snuff with any of the other great segues of any era. I loved it. A lot of people were pleased with the 2nd set placement of Cities. I was too. It just always seemed like it belonged there to me. I feel the same way about The Wedge. And the segue between both was very smooth and honestly almost sounded composed. The Wedge is a very powerful emotional song for me lyricallyand in the 2nd set the music moved me as well. Velveteen has always irked me but I didn't hate it at this show. Zero is a song that has grown on me over the years. When it first came out I heard it 6 shows in a row and it just burned me out on the tune. The first time I actually enjoyed it was 8.14.09...

THe encore is what kind of proves to me that you really have to be at a show to truly enjoy it. Sleeping Monkey is a tune that I haven't always loved but after this show we needed some comic relief and it was perfect. Trey flubbing the lyrics was fantastic. That would never translate on a recording but we were all in on the joke. I'm glad they started over because it would have been a train wreck if they kept going on. And of course Tweeprise. It was so late that I thought they might skip it so I was psyched they played it.

Overall a great show that reminded me that shows are more about the interaction between the band and the crowd than setlists and the longest jam contest...

PS People have been asking about a curfew and why they got to play so late. I am a sound engineer in the NYC area and I've worked at Jones Beach and Phish's other venues in the neighborhood many times. Jones Beach and SPAC have a much more chill union than MSG or PNC so they probably cut the band a break. The way it works in most houses is that the hands get a 4 hour minimum for a load out. Phish is probably an 8 hour loadout although it only probably takes 4 hours.
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Review by nichobert

nichobert " Cities itself was jammed further than any so far in 3.0"

Have you heard the Greek Cities? Or the 12/28/11 Cities?

This is an awesome Cities..but the Greek Cities is the best Cities ever and the MSG Cities is freakin nasty.
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Review by AxillaPart2


vet phead and I was at last nights show. Over the years, plenty of thoughts went through my head but I never thought why the band was named PHISH: I got it....... you are either hooked or not: WE ARE HOOKED and along for the ride!!!!!

Last night, new attendees saw a show that they will remember years from now (Parent to child stuff) and say I was at 7-12-13 Show! Powerful stuff and I optimistic that people will realize the greatness of these 4 gentlemen (CK, Tom & Crew!!) that make us forget any/all worries in the world while we are shaking our hair,ass and face off! Spread the Joy...................................................yes, still searching for Destiny Unbound

*I didn't want to touch the music b/c you all did an excellent job: thx u.
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Review by chalkdustmango

chalkdustmango In the sound check part it should read 60min Jam, Nellie Kane, 15min Jam
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Review by timkell

timkell Heckuva show! Damn that rain really sucked.

Not sure if it's noteworthy enough to add to the setlist notes, but Trey mistakenly started singing Sample In A Jar lyrics at the beginning of Sleeping Monkey.

He sang the first line of Sample, then a confused second line of Sleeping Monkey, then realized what happened.

"It's Hidden Far Away"

"But it's getting very..." [laughter and banter]

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Review by RunLikeACantelope

RunLikeACantelope Check out the pure beauty in the last minute of Ocelot.
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Review by Dressed_In_Gray

Dressed_In_Gray If I *had* to use this Tweezer-> Cities-> Wedge as my *only* example to explain to someone why I love/download/obsess about/stream/follow Phish, I would be 100% fine with the fact.

What a wonderful show this was.
, attached to 2013-07-12

Review by AllForYourDelight

AllForYourDelight I did SPAC >>> MPP this past week and this was the show of the run for me. The first set was just an absolute onslaught of water; ASIHTOS and Water in the sky were very fitting. There were many nice firsts of tour including Sugar Shack, Cars Trucks and Buses, Beauty of a Broken Heart, and the much anticipated first Reba of tour. The Reba was nothing special but the Bowie is one that definitely deserves a relisten.

Many people poured out of the venue at setbreak (their loss). The rain pretty much stopped right as the second set began and the venue appeared only 50-60% full when Rock and Roll started, people began to fill in and only about 80% of those who began the night remained.

The second set is where things really got going. Tweezer>Cities>Wedge the the real gem of this show and should not be missed. Tweezer is truly incredible but the real beauty of this jam are the segues >cities and >wedge, really the first seamless segues of tour.

A predictable but very nice Sleeping Monkey (lyrics botched by Trey) > Tweeprise ends this awesome show.

Although musically this may not be the best show so far of tour (MPP N2 probably takes that) this show will not be soon forgotten by anyone there.

TL/DR Highlights:

S1: 46 Days, Bowie

S2: TWEEZER!>Cities>Wedge (Perfect Segues)
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Review by wattznext

wattznext @albanyyem, @funkbeard

Jambase lists the show as starting at 8:21, which is well within the normal range for start times. I'm not trying to be a jerk by pointing this out, just noting it for posterity in the show review. Anyhow, great show! Hope y'all enjoyed.
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Review by JordyBug

JordyBug Groovy show, start to redeeming finish.
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Review by knicksfan

knicksfan 46 Days--->Cities was one of the best final 4 songs of a set 1 into first 4 songs of a set 2.

I thought the show had an incredible amount of momentum and then Wading in the Velvet Sea killed it. I love the song but just thouhgt it was poorly placed.
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Review by funkbeard

funkbeard Tough night at the office battling the elements.

They started 50 minutes late, which, I think, created some mixed vibes on stage for the second round. They concluded 12 minutes past (is there not a) curfew(?).

Torrential rain is the story. The Rock and Roll, at nearly 20 minutes, had Trey jamming up above the rest of the band with his lines. Not the integrated spider webs of Long Beach '12. More an attempt to keep people dancing to distract them from the rain. I think that would have gone a bit easier if they had more time at their disposal when they took the stage for round 2.

Let those who attended tell the rest of the story.

My girl on the scene texted these sentiments:

"You have to hear this Tweezer!"


"That R&R made us alive again."

Can't beat being there.
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Review by mkobulni

mkobulni MY 20TH PHISHIVERSARY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I can confirm it did rain! This show was the 20th Phishiversary of my first live Phish show. They played 2001 on my first show(7/23/1993) and this show!! The first set was longer than I expected, so thanks Phish! Second set was virtually free of rain and packed with great music. My brother, my son and I went shopping for glow-sticks that day and my brother found a blow up monkey that we brought to the show. As luck would have it, they broke out sleeping monkey! I loved the song transitions in the second set, it flowed really well. One thing I will never forget is the venue shaking notes by Mike in Tweezer reprise! Thanks, Mike! You can't capture that on tape!
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Review by mattyb5000

mattyb5000 A lackluster 1st set that had a very odd middle section that was downtempo and left me a little bored. What can I say?

Set II however, was pure fire. From the opening licks of Rock & Roll all the way through to The Wedge, the boys could do no wrong. Even a relatively short Tweezer, clocking in around 12 minutes, was perfection and didn't need a moment more. The grooveathon in Cities and and 2001 were loads of fun. Probably my favorite 2nd set of tour.
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Review by tacoandthespacecadet4000

tacoandthespacecadet4000 What a show! I can say I have seen them at Jones Beach about 5-6 times over the last couple of years and this was easily the best. No one ever gets too excited about Cars, Trucks and Buses but it had such a nice funky sound to it. I enjoyed a lot of the "water" songs in reference to the rain, but that's not my bread and butter. The Reba restores my faith in humanity. So beautiful. Trey sprayed the crowd with his Jedi lightsaber on this one. Reba > Bowie > Rock and Roll > 2001 > Tweezer (segway into Cities is flawless) > Cities... Arguably the best hour+ I have seen live - next to my first show ever (2/28/2003 - Hook, Line and Sinker). The guys are on fire now and I can't wait to see them again.

I give this show a 4.5/5
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Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr This show, in retrospect, seems like a dream to me.
It seemed surreal with the 1st set deluge and the second set jams and segues. I was in the pit for the whole second set and it was truly an unbelievable experience that still makes me shake my head wondering if it was all real.
I felt so incredibly fortunate to witness this show and share the joy with those who were raging hard with me in front of the stage.
There is NOTHING like a good Phish show.
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Review by tubescreamer

tubescreamer Want to add something to my above review after having listened to the show a few times that I didnt notice when I was there--

At the end of Tweezer, Trey starts playing chords from The Wedge's chorus, which is what initiates Fish's drumbeat.
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Review by YorkvilleBeerLover

YorkvilleBeerLover What can I say that hasn't been said already.

As I Pisces I couldn't ask for more. Salty fresh air, brilliant sideways rain for 2 hours, and Phish kicked out the jams! Utterly amazing!
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Review by CentralScrutinizer

CentralScrutinizer Fair show. And for the record, lots of people stayed in their seats during set break. I sure did. The rain looked cool in the lights. It was an experience to endure the weather and enjoy phish at the same time. The tweezer and the cities had very nice moments but all in all this was a weak show compared to others this summer. The one thing they did do was nailed some great segues. The wedge was just ok but it was great how they segued into it. character zero was also not up to par. Most of the first set was just ok versions. The Bowie went someplace nice though. I really enjoyed the Beauty of a Broken Heart and Song I heard the Ocean Sing although SIHTOS wasn't a special version, Reba was nice but also nothing special. Number Line Ocelot and 46 days were also pretty standard, nothing to write home about. I actually liked the Sugar Shack and Sloth more than usual, not my favorite phish songs, but Sloth especially felt fun in the storm.
SEcond set was way better than the first with tweezer finding some interesting territory and Cities reverting back to that same territory after a beautiful segue. Rock n Roll, much like 46 days, was high energy and full throttle rock but not that jazzy, original or mind blowing. 2001 was a fun dance party version but kind of light and not that powerful. All in all an extremely average show and the weakest of the tour so far but still a very memorable fun time for all in attendance. But not a show I'll re listen to in the future very much if at all. Great considering what phish had to contend with though. Mother nature showed up to play with phish and who could blame her, I'd want to play with phish too every once in a while if I was her.
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Review by WaxBrain

WaxBrain Great show. I cant wait to listen to the 1st set again, cos although I know I was digging it while it was happening -- my attention might have been a little.....distracted. #RainStormIWillNeverForget
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Review by BigDudeInTheDoorway

BigDudeInTheDoorway That second set was unreal. . That is why I see Phish. Hands down best Segue or what ever you call it so far
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Review by Thisrozeisntfree

Thisrozeisntfree I have to say as far as jones beach goes .... From the outside it looked like they got down. But the setlist does not always tell he story. This is an excellent setlist but wasn't executed well......typical nice groovy four songs into song I heard the ocean which in the past has been let go a little .....terrible studio version almost made me want to turn the set off what a disappointment after the jammed out weekend at spac and Bangor ....sloth brought us right back though great energy. However sugars hack another let down.... Come on if mgb can rip this for15 minutes in Albany in front 900 people at the egg you guys can like his funky tune breathe every now and then Bowie and reba drive it home strong second let down after rock and roll......that's pretty much all I can say ....expecting more from ya guys after the first four shows that showed you guys were grooving again
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