Wilson contained Simpsons, All Fall Down, and Random Note signals. Prior to starting Suzy, the band sung the first line a cappella in a different manner than the rest of the song. Suzy subsequently contained an Oye Como Va tease from Trey. Page teased I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart in Hydrogen. The start of Weekapaug contained "I walk awakening on the misty fields of forever" lyrics from Mike. Ninja Mike sat in on drums during Terrapin and added some vocal scats during the vacuum solo. ‘A’ Train was preceded by a tease of the Flintstones theme and included a jam on the theme within it, as well as a tease of Over the Rainbow. Although Rainbow had been previously teased on 3/13/92, it made its Phish debut as a full performance after A Train before being teased again by Trey in the Cavern intro. Ninja Custodian opened this show.
Oye Como Va tease in Suzy Greenberg, Theme from The Flintstones and Over the Rainbow jams in Take the 'A' Train, I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart tease in I Am Hydrogen, Over the Rainbow tease in Cavern
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1992 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-08-17

Review by DudeKeefe

DudeKeefe I was at this show, it was actually my first full show. I had seen them a day or so before open up for Santana. Blew my mind! I've got a soundboard recording and it is great to relive it. Reading the reviews above, I can agree that it was not the tightest show, but being my first, I didn't really notice. The 3 minute note that Trey was playing during Mike's, as refereed by DollarBill above, was actually a broken guitar string change, and get this, he changed the string while he was jumping on the trampoline with the smoke and strobes going full force. So sick, we were right in the front ceter. The Coach House had tables and chairs and we were the only table to break our table and chairs down and shove them under the stage. During the Weekapaug, Trey got up on the house speakers and jumped onto the stage while playing power chords. So amazing! I have not jumped off the bus since. Thank you Phish!
, attached to 1992-08-17

Review by SplitOpenAndMule

SplitOpenAndMule This is probably my favorite show of the summer '92 recordings. It's one of only a few full 2-set shows, and it's so great to hear the band stretching out more than they have been in their 30-45 minute Santana-opening slots. It's not a note-for-note flawless show, but the energy, playfulness, and openness to experimentation is better in this show than any I've heard since spring '92. Also, to add a bit of context, Ninja Custodian opened this show. Ninja Custodian used to live in Burlington and play many, many shows with Phish in the late 80's. They moved to LA though, and so this show with Phish touring the west coast was a special reunion.

Musical highlights for me are the extra funky Wilson intro and then a bizarre and eerie jam before the blap boom part. The Bowie jam is very good, playing with dynamics but never loosing intensity. Tweezer is basically a jammed out Tweeprise, Mike's Song features a hilariously long (or annoyingly long, take your pick) wailing note from Trey. Seriously, for the entire first jam of Mike's Song, Trey's solo is ONE NOTE! Then Page grabs the reins and takes the second jam to a short little circusy-sounding thing. Weekapaug opens with Mike exuberantly declaring the Hydrogen lyrics, and then the jam kind of deconstructs and reconstructs. Weekapaug at this point really was one of their best jam vehicles (see 11/8/91, 11/21/91, and 5/7/92, for example).

From there, Ninja Mike of Ninja Custodian joins the band on drums for a spirited Terrapin. 'A' Train also has extra flair and teases, including a tease of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and then following 'A' Train, this incredible face-melting rock band plays a full instrumental Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and it's beautiful, worthy of slow dancing with your spouse in the kitchen. Listen for the Rainbow tease at the start of Cavern, and a fantastic Coil outro from Page to end the night.

Well that's enough and probably too much words about music, go listen to it!
, attached to 1992-08-17

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Yay! A whole Phish show! As Trey mentions on the recording, the only one out west before the end of the Santana run, and before they take off to go to the studio for the Rift material. This is an audience recording. Not the best sound, needs more low end. Also, the recording is a quater step sharp making the vocals sound a little chipmunky. Not the best show either. There are highs and lows and some rusty parts.

Strange first set as I feel like we have three openers in a row with; Buried Alive, Poor Heart and a Landlady for Carlos. Not bad versions just not quite locked in. Reba had a few rough spots, but ends up being a great jam that seems to get cut off by Fish right at Trey's peak. Rift is similarly not locked in tonight as I wonder about the monitor mix. Wilson is a little rusty as it's been a while for this one. Sounds almost like a Sneaking Sally tease from Trey. Mike comes in a little early on reasonalbly tight ATR. Foam is kind of off in the begining and then gets cut off during Trey's solo. Most likely a tape flip. So then into a rusty My Friend intro which is very tentative sounding. The song itself is ok. Bouncing is pretty standard. Bowie has the usual antics and sounds like a "nanny, nanny boo boo" tease from Page? They kind of flub going into the actual song, but this is a really good Bowie jam. Great way to end the set.

On the recording it's funny to hear Trey asking if they will do the vocal opener to Suzy. "I'll ask Mike." he says after asking Page. Fishman then announces to watch out because Trey might grab his balls on this one. Suzy itself is good. It's Ice is pretty rough and just not locked in either. Tweezer fixes that! This is a rocking Tweezer with a weird ending that sounds like an aborted Walk Away tease. Esther is really good tonight. Mike's Song is rocking and weird as Trey holds a note for a full three minutes! Then Page holds on for more before a pretty good Hydrogen. Weekapaug is a good jam. A few spots in Horn, not too bad. Ah, HYHU is back and we have guitar and a guest drummer for a weird Terrapin, but aren't they all. This one is disjointed, but still funny. A smoking A-Train preceded by Flintstones is great on the back end of this show. Really good for the jazz fans. Rainbow is too funny. Rocking Cavern to close as Trey makes the announcements.

Nice Coil to send everyone home. Great Page feature.

Good energy but, very rusty sounding on a few tunes. They do need some time off.
, attached to 1992-08-17

Review by MrJones

MrJones I'm glad I'm not alone on this recording sounding kinda "chipmunk-ey". It's tough to listen to. But fun show none-the-less.
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