Soundcheck: Funky Bitch, Poor Heart, Blues Jam, Wolfman’s Brother

SET 1: Ya Mar, AC/DC Bag > Sparkle > Stash, Cars Trucks Buses[1], You Enjoy Myself -> Wolfman's Brother[2] > Scent of a Mule > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Harry Hood > Sample in a Jar, A Day in the Life > David Bowie

ENCORE: Hello My Baby, Cavern

This single-set performance was part of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Ya Mar included a When the Saints Go Marching In tease. Cars Trucks Buses featured Michael Ray on trumpet. The first two verses of Wolfman’s Brother were performed a cappella as they came out of the YEM vocal jam. David Bowie included a strong Caravan jam. Trey teased The Rover in Cavern. This show was made available as an archival release on with all proceeds going to Tipitina's Foundation and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
When the Saints Go Marching In tease in Ya Mar, Caravan jam in David Bowie, The Rover tease in Cavern
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

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, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO My crew was really itching for a show having last seen Phish on Halloween the previous year. I believe US summer tour dates were known at this time and we simply couldn't wait until 8/2 to see Them again. So 2 car loads from the University of Wyoming took the 24 hour trek down to Jazzfest 96. Wow! Was it worth it. On the way there we went down to Denver, over to St. Louis on the 70, and down to Baton Rouge on the 55(I believe).

I remember driving south through Mississippi was my turn to sleep so I didn't realize how warm it was getting outside. Well we stopped at a gas station I woke up and got out of the car. Woah! I had never experienced humidity like that in my 20 years of life. My Gawd, how do you do it? Whis Wyoming boy was not used to this at all. It was still cold up in the Wyoming mountains and this was a welcome suprise for the time being.

One of our friends was flying into NO and we had to pick him up at the airport. Picking Pete up was cutting it close to get to the Fest on time but we had to do it. We picked him up and headed to the racetrack where Jazzfest was being held.

I remember parking by a beautiful park close to the venue where there were lots of beautiful weeping Cypress trees. And walking to the venue we passed a film crew that, as it turns up, was filming something for a mini series that was coming out. The Big Easy or something like that maybe. Well, it's a cozy neighborhood where the grounds were and when I say cozy I mean compact, dense. Not the best neighborhood. On one of the sidestreets there was a burnt-out car- smoldering!!! Yes, a car that looked like it had been blown up yesterday and was still smoking today. It was surreal.

Well with a little help from the friendly locals we found the entrance to the racetrack/fest grounds. This would be the first of many Phish shows that I taped. Although no taping was allowed, i brought everything but my mic stand to try and sneak in. I remember my girlfriend Amber tied her sweatshirt around her waste and put a mic in each of the arms. I had my DAT in my underwear and Pete wrapped the cables around his waste and then tied his hoody around that. Success, we're in.

But damn!!! Phish is starting right now. We hurry through the crowd and festivities and get about 40 yards back in front of the left stack. I hurry and set up and have to hold the mics in my armpits/on my shoulders/Amber's armpits. It got uncomfortable at times. I tied my henley around my head and tucked the mics in there. That worked Grate once I figured it out. I still have the recordings and they sound pretty darn good considering. It's funny because on the tapes there is a part where Amber asks "how long is Phish playing for?" I can still remember that exact moment in time because I just looked at her and put my fingers to my lips as to be quiet.

Short but sweet show. Everyone knows how awesome the YEM->Wolfman's is and the CTB with Micheal Ray. I wish that would have been a little longer but still sahweet. The Funky Meters were after and that was awesome. ABB played twice at Jazzfest that year. Once at the fest, and once the next night at the UNO Keifer. Trying to get to the Keifer I thought I had got our caravan lost as we were driving through all these REALLY nice houses and then we crested this hill and Booo Yaaahh. Volkswagon minivans, drum circles, Grateful Dead flags! It was another surreal moment.

So immediately after the show we hit tge road back to Wyoming. The night before after Phish, we had slept in a gas station parking lot in Slidell, right a cross lake Ponchartrain(sp?) because i never called in ti confirm our hotel reservations and they cancelled. Needless to say leaving the ABB show that night on the 27th we were all exhausted. There was no way anyone was going to be able to pull the first shift behind the wheel. Well, i was young and dumb. I decided to eat two hits of L and start movin.

We chose to take a different way home thinking it might be shorter. We went up to Shreveport, over to Dallas and up and over to southern Colorado through Oklahoma City and Amarillo, TX. FYI, the other way is better. ;) Eating the L ended up working out perfect as I drove all to Oklahoma in 12 hours and let the rest of my riders get some quality sleep. We traded off and I slept the rest of the way home.

While they were sleeping I stopped in Alexandria, LA to get gas and I think this place was also a brothel. Yes, I know I wa tripping but I noticed there were all these running semitrucks parked outside but I didn't see any people. When I went inside to pay for my gas I asked the lady how much a room was an she said "there's no motel here, honey!" I had brought my water bottle in to fill up in the bathroom and when I was coming out of the bathroom fromfilling it, I noticed this attractive lady coming out of this room that had a deep red light coming out of it. I dropped my bottle and when I went to pick it up she smacked me on my ass!! ;) . I got back in the car and off we went.

A Grate time and a successful trip. For all you kids out there: driving on hallucinogens is not a wise idea!! Just sayin

Peace All
, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by Simpletwistupdave

Simpletwistupdave Does anyone remember the rains that came during the end of Cavern? It was like a dream. I lost my mind at this show!! I just remember being so damn hot the whole day. Then Trey starts singing give the director...and there was a really quick rain shower. It was like the Gods were spilling their bong water on us. Just seeing if anyone remembered this? Dave
, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

When it was announced that Phish would be playing a show on the Ray Ban Stage at the N’awlins Jazzfest, it looked like I'd be making my first appearance in the state of Louisiana. Not only that, but tickets were only $10, and that included all-day admission to the Fairgrounds! Of course, there are many reasons to visit N’awlins, but Phish and Jazzfest are the ones that brought me there for the first time.
Phish was scheduled to play one set, starting at 3:25 PM. They opened with “Ya Mar”, which is the perfect summer opener, in this fan's opinion. Of course, it wasn't really summer yet, but I had traveled from Chicago, where it was cold and rainy, so this was close enough. The weather that weekend in N’awlins was hot and sunny, with a hundred percent chance of gettin' down! Trey quoted “When the Saints Go Marching In” during the “Ya Mar”. This opener really got the crowd in the mood to shake their bones!
The “CTB” featured Michael Ray on trumpet, and was quite a fun version. I only wish that he had stuck around for a few more tunes. This was followed by a “YEM”, which is notable for a modulation in the early stages of the jam, which gives way to some fine summery noodling by Trey. His soloing is very mellow, and makes me think of lazy summer evenings, when it's too hot to do anything other than sit on the porch, and have a beer with a friend. Of course, rock 'n roll Trey took over before we knew what was happening. That didn't last for too long, though, as the jam stops abruptly, and jumps into a vocal jam, which turned out to be an a cappella version of “Wolfman's Brother”. What a surprise! They sang two or three verses before Trey began some wah-wah. The rest of the band joined in soon enough. This was definitely the most interesting version of “Wolfman's” until 12/28/96 Philly.
When this Phish show ended, the party really didn't stop, because we were in N’awlins! The Funky Meters played right after Phish. For those of you keeping track, at 4:20, “Harry Hood” was gracing the ears of the sun-soaked crowd.
, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez this show was highly anticipated, being the first show since nye 95. sure, it did not live up to the hype, but hey, that happens. it's still a fun show with some nifty highlights.

yamar works as a nice jazz fest opener. also, its nice and accesible for those seeing phish for the first time in this massive "non hippy" festival setting. ac/dc bag is played well, and it provides a little something for everyone. sparkle seems to be aimed more at the newbies/non phish fans, but stash brings everyone back around. not the fieriest version of stash, but it gives the guys their first chance to really cut loose. cars trucks and buses wails. micheal ray really shines on this one. the yem was pretty straght forward. the jam had a nice loose feel, but it did not go particularly deep. then out of the vocal jam, they start up an accepella wolfman's. trey eases the band in musically, and i must say this is the first really interesting wolfman's. scent really takes off with the whole russian jam thing, and they lend a particularly jazzy feel to 2001 before diving into a worthy hood. the rest of the set is pretty standard. the bowie works particularly well in the closing slot.

overall, this is pretty damn good for a single shot festival set. usually, these single set performances, whether they be opening for santana, festivals in europe, etc., tend to be pretty bland. this is certainly not the case. in fact, cars trucks and buses might be a best ever performance. very good with micheal ray.


ctb, yem>wolfman's, mule
, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by Tbone

Tbone This was my first show and still to this day the only one I have ever attended by myself which was a really cool experience. I remember hauling it into the venue and just made it as they were in the middle of Bag. I will never forget this one as I love New Orleans and fell in love with Phish in 95 it just took me a while to get out and see them. Now that I look back it was a pretty standard set list that might not look like much on paper but to be involved in such a big crowd for Phish at Jazz Fest was incredible, the vibe was great in front of that stage.

I remember highlights being CTB with Michael Ray and the YEM -> Wolfman's. Also for me A Day in the Life as that is one of my favorite Beatles song and it was great to hear it live.

The party didn't stop there though, had a great couple of nights in New Orleans and caught some more shows the next day at the fest including the Allman Bros.
, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by buyuaewe

buyuaewe This was a unique show in that the crowd was so diverse and massive, and I think every phan in the country descended upon Nola for this one amazing set.

The rains during stash, perfect timing to cool everyone down but not enough to cause problems...also remember the rasta guy I met, was like finding a needle in a haystack no doubt.

Woflman and maze n bowie were the highlights for me.

, attached to 1996-04-26

Review by pyitegroove

pyitegroove Hot. Hot. Hot. Burning hot and humid. But a ton of fun. An average Phish set, but being at the N'Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival made it worth the while. They stuck to upbeat, shorter versions of songs, but kind of fit the bill for how the day was organized. Got to see the Allmans twice in one day... Phish of course, and a great dose of random musicians and artists for days on end.
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