This was a free outdoor show, performed on Earth Day. The short break after Suzy was necessary to correct audio problems. Possum contained a Rhapsody in Blue tease from Page. I Didn't Know featured Fish on trombone and vacuum. Cavern contained a tease of Another One Bites the Dust from Mike. YEM also contained teases of Another One Bites the Dust and the vocal jam included a quote of the Sabre Dance. Mike used How High the Moon to change his broken bass string. The second set opened with Bouncing teases and a request for Caleb Snyder to retrieve his license, which was awaiting its retrieval on Page’s keyboard. Hood contained an O-o-h Child tease from Trey.
Jam Chart Versions
Rhapsody in Blue tease in Possum, Another One Bites the Dust tease in Cavern, Another One Bites the Dust and The Sabre Dance teases in You Enjoy Myself, O-o-h Child tease in Harry Hood
Debut Years (Average: 1987)

This show was part of the "1990 Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by DemandOpener

DemandOpener Very punchy recording; a must listen if you're a big fan of Fish. Drums are very high in the mix early on, while Page's keys and the vocals are pretty low, but they seem to get all that ironed out by the middle of Possum.

At any rate, the show is very well played, probably one of the best ones from the 1st 1990 Colorado jaunt. That's not a particularly difficult feat, but for historical purposes, it's definitely the "must-hear" show of the run.

Anyway, the first set is pretty average for the time period, although it does include a rare trombone+vacuum I Didn't Know, the early version of Cavern (I hope they change the lyrics soon!), and a sharp Weekapaug. Nothing special, but again, a better sounding tape than literally anything else from this particular tour.

The second set goes about as swimmingly as is possible for this time period, with a great YEM and some amusing stage banter regarding Mike's bass-string-changing skills. Also, it's SO NICE TO HEAR GREAT SBD QUALITY Bouncing, BBFCFM, Esther, etc., after so many poor quality recordings of those songs. It makes this average-good show more refreshing after slogging through dozens of 1990 tapes. I'm going to go with 3.5 stars here. While the show lacks a true standout jam or moment, you might as well listen if you're looking for something representative of their first 1990 trip to Colorado.
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by Anonymous

Submitted to the legacy site 12/28/99...

A friend had told me to come with them to see this band Phish who were playing for free down at Colorado College. Never heard of them and didn't know what to expect. I was living in Denver at the time and it seemed like a great way to spend a Sunday. They has set a stage up between some dorms and the backdrop was Pike's Peak. It happened to be sunny that day and they came on late in the afternoon for the first set. I think there may have been a hundred people there. I didn't really get them at first although I enjoyed them. It was during the solo on Possum that they started to click for me and then the rest of the show went by way to fast. They came out for the second set as the sun was setting behind Pike's Peak. The front range in Colorado Springs is a beautiful sight although the town is pretty odd for me these days. Some clouds were hugging the top of the peak and the colors from the sunset were beautiful. The stage lights(what little one's there were) popped on in synch with the early part of YEM where Trey hit's those high notes. I loved the various styles of music they played throughout the show that really got me. Unfortunately they got some noise complaints and the show had to end. I came home that night a huge fan and am real happy for their success today although I rarely see them anymore. Keep rockin'.
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by Frogger

Frogger Just adding that there are some subtle Ooh Child teases in Harry Hood. Listen close.
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by TheEmu

TheEmu I found this to be quite a bit more well played than the 4/6 show, although still with some rough patches. Not too much to get excited about, though. The YEM is kind of nice, and BBFCFM almost always puts a smile on my face. EAT, KILL, EAT, KILL, EAT, KILL!!! Why kill? I think Trey is teasing something in the BBFCFM, but I'm not sure what (kinda sounds like Men of Harlech at one point, but I don't think that's it). So, there ya go, FWIW. Three stars.

Oh, and Don wants me to remind you to pick up your trash.
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by thelot

thelot The source for this show is fantastic! I wish they all sounded this good! This is a show that was pretty much in everyone’s tape collection back in the day. There are some level corrections made in the first four songs.

Things open up with an appropriate Divided Sky given the backdrop behind the band. After Suzy the band paused to deal with some sound issues. It’s interesting that this has happened numerous times now on the back half of this Colorado run. The vocal levels are dialed in during Possum. Nice little ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ tease from Mike at the start of Cavern. I Didn’t Know featured Henrietta on both bone and vacuum. Slave is always a welcome treat. Decent version. Pretty straightforward Mike’s Groove to close out the first half.

Set 2 kicks off with DaaM. An entertaining YEM pairs nicely with Fluffhead. Following Fluff Trey gives a shout out to Mike for playing a 12 minute song with only 3 strings on his bass. Page starts up Esther following Fluff but they go with How High the Moon instead so Mike could change his bass string. Esther and BBFCFM match up well together. Fun version of BBFCFM with what sounds like ‘O Canada’ teasing from Trey. Hood has a nice extended intro and a solid jam. Don asks Trey to remind everyone that they should pick up their garbage not just today but everyday. After Fire Trey offers a heartfelt thanks to the fans that supported them while in Colorado. Lawn Boy closes out a decent second set. The quality of the recording is just incredible! The band came back out and said they had to cut a deal with Don in order to play one more! Funny banter ensues around the audience not heading Don’s wishes. Golgi bookends the Colorado run on a high note.
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by kipmat


If the history of Phish was to mirror the History of Western Civilization, then the years of 1989-1990 could represent the Dark Ages. For all the events that occurred during that time, there is missing and incomplete documentation, causing us to resort to legends and folklore to fill in the gaps. 4/22/90, then, might represent the Magna Carta of Phish, providing a remarkably clear, detailed, and informative view into this past world (to extend the analogy, 10/31-11/4/90 could be the Canterbury Tales of Phish).

The circulating recording may be the very first multi-track SBD of a Phish show. I had previously thought that Mike Lynch, the forward-thinking fellow who recorded the band in Telluride in 1988, had also recorded this show, but I was mistaken. However, Mike Grace, who recorded the circulating soundboards from Colorado shows in Fall 1990 and Spring 1991, might also deserve credit for this multi-track SBD recording. It takes a few songs for the mix to get dialed in, but the extra recording tracks allow for stereo panning of Fishman's drums that is most effective on the Divided Sky opener and a swinging How High The Moon. It's a great recording for anyone who wants to check out how Fishman's playing sounded back in the day.

I like @DemandOpener's review of this show above, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention @OrangeSox's excellent overview of Earth Day performances by Phish, which provides a nice background on this show, as well as a few more pictures. For me, this show feels like standing right in front of the stage, on a pleasant spring afternoon, letting the music of Phish wash right over you. The second set is heavenly; this version of Esther may well be the best they ever played, and Harry Hood will bring you to your knees in exultation. And I'm not 100% sure, but I think the melody Trey teasing in BBFCFM might be the Colorado College Alma Mater - anyone recognize that tune?
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by mvhasty

mvhasty weekapaug
, attached to 1990-04-22

Review by mvhasty

mvhasty this was my first phish tape. given to me at the age of 13. i lost the tape a while ago. favorite weekapoug of all time. if anyone has this show, let me know. i would love to hear it again
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