Melt contained an 1812 Overture tease from Mike and a Jean Pierre tease from Trey. The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Chalk Dust contained a Simpsons signal anda Can't You Hear Me Knocking tease from Trey. The Bowie intro included a tease medley opening of songs played earlier in the set, including Lawn Boy, Chalk Dust, Uncle Pen, My Friend My Friend, Squirming Coil, Melt, Sparkle, and Weigh, as well as Random Note and Oom Pa Pa signals. Mike later teased Dave's Energy Guide in Bowie. Maze contained Miss You teases from Trey and Mike’s Song included a Miss You tease and subsequent jam. Funky Bitch through Cavern featured Sugar Blue on harmonica. Sugar Blue also sang vocals on the Phish debuts of Help Me and Hoochie Coochie Man.

Jean Pierre and 1812 Overture teases in Split Open and Melt, Lawn Boy, Chalk Dust Torture, Uncle Pen, My Friend, My Friend, The Squirming Coil, Sparkle, Weigh, Split Open and Melt, and Dave's Energy Guide teases in David Bowie, Miss You tease in Maze, Miss You jam in Mike's Song, Can't You Hear Me Knocking tease in Chalk Dust Torture
Debut Years (Average: 1990)
Song Distribution

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1993-04-10

Review by barefootbob

barefootbob I have held off on writing a review of this show because it was my first. And maybe since I literally have listend to this show hundreds of times since I thought the review may be a bit biased - but I guess they all may be in some way so here goes...

I was a senior and high school and since I had been bumming around the Dead lots for the past few summers. There seemed to be a lot of hype about Phish the prior year at the Creek. I had gotten my hands on a show from Northwestern 4/15/91. So when we heard they were coming to the Aragon - it was a must go. We hopped (and dropped) on the Red Line about 5 pm and got there a good couple hours before the show. The show was GA and there was plenty of room to find space to chill till lights.

The crowd definitely had a different vibe - younger, more energy, and lots of excitement. I felt right at home immediately.

When the boys opened with Runaway Jim I was off to new heights. I had the tape from NW and recognized a couple from the show but wow. The Sparkle was great - and timing was excellent with the extras consumed. The My Friend was scary good. The Chalkdust ripped me a new one - and the Bowie...OH, the Bowie. Go get it. It's an early hidden gem. At around the ten minute mark it hit this rhythm on a track heading to the top of a volcano that erupts in the ultimate Bowie fashion. Full of all kinds of hidden language goodies too.

The second set opens with a strong Lengthwise>Maze (teases of stuff throughout - but it escapes me right now). The rest of the second is high energy with an excellent Rift, fun-ass Glide and a jamming Mike's Groove with some Floyd pinched between PLUS Chicago's own Sugar Blue coming out to Funky Bitch thru the set closer Cavern.

At my age I was really excited to hear all the new stuff and still have them throw in some Floyd (Great Gig) and Zeppelin (GTBT). It is still in my top 10 shows of all time Phish. It never gets old.

After we left - I like most of us here - got everything & anything I could get my hands on. I remember chatting and comparing them to the Dead - and believe it or not, there really was no comparison - except for the crowd (a bit), improv and a different show every night thing. We laughed our asses off that night. So much fun. Thank God the next gig was Monday about 2.5 hours away in Iowa, on Monday (after school). Oh, young love. :)

- BB
, attached to 1993-04-10

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill This is the only show at the Aragon Ballroom, 48th of the tour, and a really nice rock/blues show with a definite Mike slant. Again, I would love to hear a crispier recording of this one, but I'm glad to hear it anyway. There are other great reviews of this one, so I can be brief.

Decent Jim to open up with followed by a great Weigh. I wish they played this more. Sparkle had some monitor feedback, almost got off beat, but had good control over all. Melt also had some feedback and felt lackluster, but the jam was great. Coil was good in its new position so Trey can switch over for a pretty solid My Friend with a creepy vocal jam ending. Almost sounds like a "The End" tease. Pen was good and got cut right at the last note, most likely and old tape flip. Chalk Dust rocked as usual. Lawn Boy was tight and funny before a long backwards ride through the first set in Bowie's intro. Bowie itself was ok. There were some weak spots, but it rocked for the most part. Pretty well played first set overall.

Funny start to the second set as Fish tries to set the same mood as the album version of Lengthwise going into a rocking Maze. Bouncing also rocked. Rift is getting better and more controlled. Glide was good and had at least a full minute pause at the end. Then the balls come out which got cut for another tape flip into a funny, rocking Mike's. Trey mocks Mike the whole way and tonight we have a treat as Fish comes out for the Great Gig. I guess you could say this one was better than the last time I heard it? Anyway, no HYHU as Mike rips into Weekapaug, which entered some strange jam territory. Ok, but not the best I've heard. Then we get a great segment of blues songs with guest star Sugar Blue on the harp. Nicely done, even though Hoochie was a little off, whatever... Cavern is a great closer with harmonica.

GTBT wraps everything up nicely and got cut at the jam on the recording I heard, but I'm sure it was fine.

Great show tonight, great guest appearance, definitely four stars, maybe a little more?
, attached to 1993-04-10

Review by beach

beach This is a great show and the SBD source that circulates sounds great. The only real flaw with the recording is that GTBT is cut off 1-2 minutes into the song.

The Mke's Song > Great Gig > Weekapaug was solid and really entertaining. The Miss You Jam in Mike's is interesting for a couple of reasons. One, the band played it during the soundcheck the night before. Two, Sugar Blue, the guest harmonicist/vocalist, played harmonica on several Rolling Stone's songs, inluding the studio version of Miss You.

The soundcheck from 4/9/30 included Miss You > Take Me to the River > Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Jam. It makes you wonder if that was what the band originally wanted to play with Sugar Blue. Nonetheless, the Miss You teases/jam is a great reference that shows off the band's humor and musical knowledge.
, attached to 1993-04-10

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

Rift was out and Phish was returning to Chicago! Earlier that spring I had received my copy of the Phish Update by mail and saw they would be returning to Chicago to the 5000 seat (standing) Aragon Ballroom in April, followed closely by a night at the tiny American Theatre in St. Louis. I got tickets to both, but first things first.
My friends and I headed downtown for the Aragon show and, to our surprise, the line was enormous. We waited, the buzz from the beers slowly fading, and got inside right as the opening chords of "Runaway Jim" echoed through the corridors. My overwhelming excitement took hold, so I started to speed up my pace and try and get as close as possible. The Aragon was pretty full at this point.
Phish raged on. Next came "Weigh", "Sparkle", "Split Open and Melt"; damn, they were rocking. I decided to go upstairs to see if I could find a better view. I ended up on Fish's side looking across the stage. Fish, of course was up front with the rest of the guys. The first set ended with a raging "Bowie".
At setbreak I went downstairs, ran into my brother and his friends. It was his second show and he was going the following night to Iowa City to another killer show, but that is his story. We puffed down and I told them I was headed up front for the second set. I had lost all my friends at this point and really wasn't looking for them. I was on a mission: front row.
I wormed my way ever closer, to right between Trey and Mike. The show was general admission so I wasn't taking anyone's spot, per say. They came out for the second set and Fish from his drum kit opened Set II with "Lengthwise", which led to a blistering "Maze". I admit I was smoking oneys right in front of the stage, in total bliss
I watched Trey's fingers that whole set, which included "Bouncin'" and "Glide". Then came their balls (big balls that is), tossed right over my head, bouncin' all around the ballroom's dance floor. Just plain crazy-nuss! After the shots were made (I think we got three out of four baskets sunk), the familiar beats to "Mike's Groove" started. Mike started to sing the opening lines, to which Trey would reply, "He's singing his song" or "This is his song" between Mike's lyrics. Insanity became more insane as Fish moved to center stage again with vacuum in tow while dry ice fog and lights completely covered the band and stage.
Then something familiar. "What is this?", I thought to myself. Then I realized it was the familiar sound of Pink Floyd. I asked some younger kid next to me, "What is the last song on the first side of Dark Side of the Moon?". He didn't know. It would come to me later with a flash: "Great Gig in the Sky", that's it. This lead to a killer "Weekapaug".
As if this show wasn't enough, at this point Trey introduces Sugar Blue to join them onstage for some good ole' Chi-town blues. He walked onstage to stand right in front for me. I could read his backstage pass sticker that was stuck to his thigh. They rocked through "Funky Bitch", "Help Me" and "Hoochie Coochie Man" before letting Sugar Blue stay onstage for a rockin' "Cavern". After a standard encore of "Amazing Grace" and "Good Times/Bad Times", I was ready for St. Louis a couple nights later.
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