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Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed Alllllright, woooooo!!!!!! So glad to be in the NC for this lovely evening of Phish. Never been to Raleigh before (had to get the shrimp and grits today.. tip of the cap to Tupelo Honey... Indeed)

ANYWAY... :) ... This show has been the highlight of the week (and I loved Camden more than most peeps did too!)

S1 starts just after 7:30 due to early curfew. Kinda weird on a Friday, but what do I know? I’ve never been here!!
Funky Bitch. funky! bitchin! Hadn’t seen it since 2013 (and am still on a mission to see every song I haven’t seen since 2013)
Ocelot. This was played at my first 2 shows, Blossom 2010 & 2011, and was at one point (in my Phishie newness) by fav tune. Not anymore mind you, but I also got to see if for the first time since 2013.
The Wedge. Funky, always a treat
Wombat. Highlight of S1 w/ it’s jam. I’ve always defended a well jammed Wombat (I was at Dayton 17).
Guelah. Love this song. Trey, never sing this song in the higher octave again (unless u feel like puttin ur tight pants on). Love u, Big Red.
BOAF & Saw It Again. Lovely, always quite lovely.
Timber (Jerry... Ho... the Mule w/ a Scent). Band “pulled this Timber ‘fore the sun goes down” in fine fashion, what a lowcountry sky too. This was a classic version and beyond its norm. The song choices tonight were stellar.
LxL. Re-emerges post Tahoe 2. FINALLY! HOORAY!
Farmhouse.... awwwwwwwwwww
More. I was really looking forward to seeing this for the first time. Not because it’s full of deep dark grime and sludge.. but because it’s a solid S1 closer. Reminds me of Bowie. It made non believers jumping around celebrating their glorious splendor. Still, S1 in its songy “bobbing on the surface” left us wondering “there must be something more than this?”

So naturally, S2 was something more. A lot more and spontaneous as could be.

Meatstick opener. Woooo!!! More fun!! Frolicking!! Meatstick Dancing and resumed splendor!

Drowned was a welcome move here. Not seen since (my phav) BD Jimmies show. The longest jam in this show for those counting. Energy filled and always a fine jam for its spaceyness and variety.

> NICU was the first sign this set was gonna shine. Another 2013 revival for me only my first in S2. And this 9 minute version was arguably my favorite live microjam. Some weird BD Steep stuff here and me lovey.

Thread. Filthy and well placed. Welcome back!

Then the unthinkable happened. We learned not only that our dear friend Jim is actually an Antelope... but he’s also been running from the reggae Policeman for some time. In all seriousness (which isn’t saying much for tonight’s show) the interplay w Jim, Antelope and Makisupa was a goldmine of fun. Arguably as fun as Tweezerfest in 2014 (and nay do I forget MPP is upcoming now. Never been! Can’t wait!). BRAVO, BOYS!
The South needed a YEM. This one was a Gem of a YEM and the best I’ve seen live.
A Day In A Life sends us to a close at 10:45 curfew.

Again, best show this week. Deep and jammy? No, kinda like Camden N2. Worried? No.. that’s what shows like MPP, Curveball, Dicks, fall tour, NYE etc etc etc are for.

For now (ahem) let’s just have fun and enjoy the hell out of what they’re cooking up!!! And I’s love me some good Lowcountry phare!! ;-)


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