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Review by flatbrimtracksuit

flatbrimtracksuit What a night! Got to the lot and got free tickets in 10 minutes. My girlfriend got a nice lower (where we ended up). LOVED the venue, great sound. Indoor phish is the best, there's no place for the energy to escape.
Thought pigtail was an odd choice of opener, but then wolfman's kicked things up as we were treated to our first (but certainly not last) helping of funky slap bass provided by Gordo Corleone.
Ive been itching for another Daniel saw the Stone since the IT festival! I frequently call it for opener just because I think it is one of THE BEST tools in their arsenal for whipping up a high energy dance party. I was cheesing hard and foot stomping and finger waging. Great song choice!
The dogs was sweet to hear as well, we were in attendance for the debut, and had only witnessed one of the chilling thrilling tunes since 10/31/14 (fuse at alpine), so we were stoked to relive that Vegas magic in st paul.
After seeing the band 50 times (the gf has seen A LOT more) its tough to see a song live, thatcha haven't seen performed yet. Dear Prudence had me genuinely surprised. my girlfriend, who recognized it in 1.5 seconds, was overjoyed even more than myself, she was OBSESSED with the Beatles growing up. song gave me goosebumps. In fact upon first relisten (as I type this) the song made the hair from the back of my neck to the bottom of my leg stand on end.
this is the reason I see phish, when the emotional response to a song manifests in physical ways like "show chills" or shedding a tear at a beautiful moment, its encouraging that you are, indeed, in the right place.
Stash was sweet, people in our section shut up during the quite part, we danced the calypso while the band dug in. nice trey/page interplay, and a solid peak to end.
round room was the second song of the night that was another first for me, and more calypso dancing ensues
Horn! wow this set is packed with goodies! I delighted in watching trey's right hand attack the strings at the end
Uncle Pen was at the top of my "most common songs not seen live" list.
I got down so hard to this, at timestamp 2:30, the band transformed me into a chicken and I was struttin and peckin all over the row.
HTtM- page shame on you! if it's tour opener, and you're singing HTtM, you got one job to do, don't mess up the "ALL ABOARD FOR THE TOUR" line!!! ::looks down and shakes head:: (I kid)
This first set really blew me away! bluegrass and bustouts for tour opener?! in an undersold indoor arena, where the lowers are miracled out and there is six people (including us) in row 8?! yes please!!!
I could have left at set break, and it would have been still worth the drive!
the opening lick of mikes song woke us all up and the place is alive and grooving in an instant.
I didn't even care about them playing a 2nd jam (crazy I know) I just wanted a > into simple. I hadn't seen them play simple since Coventry and was starting to think i'd never see it played again! But the classic Trimurti was beautiful and the slapping from mike during paug shook my soul.
of course they blew it up with that bouncing
Ghost has always been my favorite song and I knew they would play it this night, it's a tour opener tradition these days, is it not?
LOVE LOVE LOVE trey's effect at 3:48, so dirty!
theme shifts from darker tones to major around 6:30 they build to a somewhat flat peak and turn on synth effects to return to the head. then they played the line, that's ok cause next I finally got my SIMPLE, YAY!!! my drought has ended and all is right with the world!!
the ending jam was wonderful and the > into I Found a Reason blew our minds once again
we were just listening to loaded on the way to MN, and felt like the band was playing it just for us! It was truly a magical moment, like phish was in our heads playing a show just for us.
we celebrated by dancing our asses off to Noman's, one of our favorite new tunes. Great placement!
7/23/03 was the last time I saw billy breathes (and the last of 2.0)so I am glad to share this one with my mate. that was only the 5th BB of the modern era, they should really play it more. this is the show that keeps giving!
Gin- jam starts out playful and bright. I love that sound page gets out of that little orange keyboard! that warm Rhodes tone is s enveloping.
I thought I heard a tease at 6:55, but can't place it (I was sure it was our prince tease at the time) we get our best peaks of the night and I am happy with treys playing before the coda.
encore was fun, we walked into a bar across the street, got a table, had a drink, jumped in a cab, what a night!


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