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[We would like to thank user Jasn1001 (Jason Carlson) for his work and this post! -Ed.]

One of the best things about and is the free API access to the relational database. It allows any member to request a key and query the database of songs, shows, setlists, and more.

As a long time Phish fan and having recently gained some data manipulation skills, I started a personal project to make a visualization dashboard. Plots that I always wanted to see. To help summarize all of the data the volunteers at The Mockingbird Foundation,, and have collected over the years.

I had already been working on the dashboard before seeing the recent post about show ratings being disabled because of a surge in activity skewing ratings of historical shows. This motivated me to finally finish the dashboard and share it. The idea of increasing access to the data and helping individuals find a reason to rate shows on is what the project is about. Whether it is a highly rated show, average, or low. If a listener had been there the night of, streamed it from home, or listened to it on a few years later. I think the dashboard can help to navigate the data around the year, tour, or show and help to justify a rating of what your ears just heard. A law of large numbers type of idea that the larger the sample size of ratings becomes the closer we get to the true rating of the show. Here is the link It is best viewed on an iPad or larger.

Here is a quick rundown on the site.

First, select the show date from the searchable dropdown box, which by default is set at the most recent show.


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What is Wordsmith?

By popular demand, Wordsmith is back! Once again, Tom wrote a verse of what might be a song someday, and he’s stuck with a bad case of writer’s block. Please help Tom by contributing the next verse.


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[We would like to thank Brian Weinstein, user @AttendanceBias, for the Attendance Bias podcast and for this post. -Ed.]

Hold on a minute. Before you read any further, let’s time-travel 15 years into the past. Need a little help? Here’s a quick summary of where we were, as a nation, in the late-winter of 2009:

President Barack Obama has just been inaugurated for his first term as president. Seinfeld is airing a quasi-reunion episode via the genius of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Yankees won the World Series a few months earlier, and the Pittsburgh Steelers just won the Super Bowl. Taylor Swift is a successful but niche country artist, while The Black-Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga are at the top of the pop charts. And in the world of film, Heath Ledger just won a posthumous Oscar for his iconic performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Are you there yet?


This was the soundcheck for Phish's upcoming performances at Moon Palace.
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It's Fish's 59th birthday today! How better to celebrate it than to hear him speak (often insightfully) on a host of different topics with a fellow drummer and fan Nick Ruffini in two episodes of the Drummer's Resource podcast. For example, in the first of the two episodes, episode 368 The Art Of Constant Evolution, beginning around minute 69, Fish talks about how the band was really hard on themselves and made fun of each other, and the importance of “embracing silence” in improvising. He also discusses how life-changing the No-Analysis-During-Shows band policy was.

© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)
© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)


SET 1: Pretty Bird, Shotgun, Just Breathe, Seek Up, Little Thing, Do You Remember, Rapunzel, All You Wanted Was Tomorrow, The Maker, Tripping Billies, Cello Suite No.1 in G Major, Lover Lay Down, Why I Am, The Ocean and the Butterfly, Too Much, You Never Know, In Your Eyes, Looking for a Vein, You & Me, So Damn Lucky [1], Dodo [2], Up On Cripple Creek[2]

ENCORE: Funny How Time Slips Away, Corn Bread, All Along the Watchtower > Stairway to Heaven > All Along the Watchtower

ENCORE 2: Some Devil

Trey sat in on piano for So Damn Lucky and guitar for Dodo and Up On Cripple Creek. Stairway to Heaven was incomplete.
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[We would like to thank Matt Nestor (@rhythmatt) for this post —Ed.]

What transpired during the third hour of this millennium on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in Florida remains a source of wonder and enchantment in this community more than two decades after it washed over the everglades.

This is an exploration of “Quadrophonic Toppling,” the hard-to-define digital delay loop jam that spills out of a determined, trance-like “Sand” around 3 a.m. at Big Cypress. It’s a moment of sonic tranquility amid a raging flood of Y2K revel. And, it completes a 36-minute segment that serves as a keystone in the architectural marvel that is Phish’s all-night millennium set.

Big Cypress Photo © 1999 Phish
Big Cypress Photo © 1999 Phish


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This is a continuation of the “Remember Mix(ed) Tapes? No? What Are ‘Tapes’?” blog post from last year, which you may want to review before reading further. Simply put, in the late 1990s, I liquidated a lot of tapes in my collection for a number of reasons, and because, waaay waaaaay back then, it wasn’t possible to (re)listen to everything online with ease, I saved/preserved certain versions of songs on tapes aka mixtapes to listen to again. I have 22 of such tapes numbered as such, and you can see the first 13 tapes’ track lists in the original post, and the track lists of tapes 14-22 below.

Bottom line? Since I bothered to record (preserve) the versions below on new tapes before liquidating the shows/tapes that they were on, I recommend you listen to them, even though with the benefit of decades of hindsight, they may not necessarily be jamchart-worthy or "must hear." That said, I see my favorite normal-lengthed Stash (5/19/94) is here, as is the Linus and Lucy Hood, and my favorite FEFY (8/17/93). So there’s that. And there are definitely many other “must hear” versions of Phish songs below, like the 6/24/94 Antelope (and some hilarious versions of songs, too, e.g. Fish on Undun, the intro to the 4/27/89 Bowie).

And I’m just now finding out that apparently the 5/11/87 Clod (on Tape 14) doesn’t circulate online (I bothered to save it to tape so it must have been on my tapes of 5/11/87 that I liquidated decades ago, sigh). I will see about getting it digitized. More sighing. ANYWAY, I hope you find the following entertaining if not also useful and inspiring! And if you don’t? You just might, maybe, perhaps, if only a little, suck at Phish. -charlie

© 2024 KingMoron420
© 2024 KingMoron420


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It’s another new year and once again the forum “Jam of the Year” committee is proud to present a curated selection of improvisation from the 2023 touring year as selected by users. Look for weekly discussion and voting threads in the forum as we make our way through head to head matchups between the best jams last year had to offer. JOTY Bracket. Design by @RollinInMyGrego JOTY Bracket. Design by @RollinInMyGrego



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[We'd like to thank Steven Gripp for this post, and for his work on this Phish mapping project. You can learn more about the project by watching Steven describe it on the Helping Friendly Podcast. We also wanted to give a shout out to The Phishsonian's show mapping project —Ed.]

For the past three years, I’ve embarked on a project that I feel really encapsulates the epic journey of Phish. Knowing that, while we have all gazed at the wonder of Phish’s illustrious 40-year career, reminiscing on how they’ve become what they have become goes back to all the places they have been. I’ve mapped out on Google Earth every Phish show, from their first performance in the back of the Harris-Mills Cafeteria all the way to their ambitious Gamehendge performance at Madison Square Garden. From their beginnings in downtown Burlington, to their cross-country tours, to their European and Japanese excursions, all have been placed for the user experience to see where Phish has traversed. I’ve been a phan since 1996, and I’ve always wanted to give back to the community. I feel that finishing this project right at their 40 year anniversary has a serendipity and timing to take the listening experience to the next level.


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Today marks the release of Joe Cripe's second EP, Bob's House, from which 100% of the streaming profits will be donated to the Mockingbird Foundation to support music education for children. As Joe describes it:

This project took many months of effort to complete, and all I want is this to continuously help those who need music the most. Playing music is beneficial for mental health, team work, creativity, stress relief, building friendships, strengthening motor muscles and expressing what words cannot. It’s never too late or early to learn an instrument!

If you feel so inclined, please donate directly through this post. I set the goal at $1, because there is no dollar goal, but I’m happy for anything that is received. Please enjoy Bob’s House in the meantime!


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Phish Announces Festival Mondegreen

PHISH's next festival, MONDEGREEN, will involve four days of shows (so perhaps more than four shows) on August 15-18, 2024, at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware. For more information about the event, please click here. Although passes for the festival go on sale this Friday, January 19, at 11am e.t., through AXS (create a fan account, or update your current AXS info (perhaps with a New Device) for a smooth purchase experience), travel packages go on sale this Thursday, January 18, at 11am e.t. For more information about mondegreens, there's a YouTube video here, an entertaining New Yorker piece from nearly a decade ago "The Science of Misheard Lyrics" here, and, of course, lest one e'er forget, heaven's just a funky moose


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Phish Releases Video Of 12/31/23 Gamehendge Production

PHISH released video today of its performance of Gamehendge on December 31, 2023, which spanned two of the show's three sets. This video not only contains footage that was broadcast to viewers of the webcast on New Year's Eve, but also previously unseen footage.


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Sitting in a small, glass-walled meeting room with Trey Anastasio, Doug Wright and Amanda Green as they readied Hands on a Hardbody for its Broadway debut in 2012, I started to ask Trey—and yeah, let’s just call him Trey for our purposes here—about his long-running interest in musical storytelling.

"Gamehendge wasn’t a musical, but…,” I began.

“It was supposed to be a musical,” Trey broke in.

© 2023 Scott Marks
© 2023 Scott Marks


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Mockingbird Announces Nye Tour Grants

In celebration of Phish’s four-show New Year's Eve run at Madison Square Garden (Dec 28, 29, 30, & 31), the all-volunteer and fan-run Mockingbird Foundation has announced that it is sending an unsolicited $1,000 Tour Grant to four music education programs nearby:

  • P721X Stephen D. McSweeney OTC of Bronx, NY,  for microphones (with cables and stands), an electric guitar, and an amp.
  • NYCDOE of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY, for bongos, shakers, flutes, props, iPads, costumes, and other instruments
  • P10X of Bronx, NY, for adapted instruments for students with fine and gross motor difficulties.
  • Robert F Wagner Middle School 167 of New York, NY, for a Fender electric bass, strings, bow, and rosin.

This is the 26th round of unsolicited Tour Grants, an effort that now totals over $268,000, which is 11% of all disbursements made by the foundation. These grants are part of a long-standing effort to help support music education in the local communities that Phish touches. They follow Mockingbird's largest competitive grant round ever, and a total of 66 grants this past summer alone! Mockingbird has now made 661 grants in all 50 states, totaling more than $2.3M.

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Phish 2023 Nye Run At Madison Square Garden

PHISH will perform at Madison Square Garden on December 28, 29, 30 and 31. The ticket request period for the phoi pholloi is underway at and will conclude on Monday, September 25th, at Noon eastern time. The public onsale begins Friday, September 29th, at Noon eastern time. A limited number of travel packages (hotel + tickets) will go on sale Wednesday, September 27th at Noon ET here.

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Save The Date: Next Phish Festival Will Be August 15 - 18, 2024, In Dover, Delaware

The next Phish festival will be at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware, from August 15-18, 2024. More information will be published soon. Join the Phish Update to hear about it first (email + shiny new SMS list):

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First Annual Wingsuit Open!

We're excited about the upcoming First Annual Wingsuit Open, a charity disc golf tournament for Phish fans organized by Matt James. The event will be September 2nd in Aurora, CO, and benefits music education for children through the all-volunteer Mockingbird Foundation. Complete rules, registration info, and a course map are at There will also be a mini disc golf competition and a putting competition on site, as well as other contests, prizes, and limited edition gift items TBA.

Matt's hoping to grow the event to 180 players; you'll want to say that you were an OG, at the inaugural event. Also, the event is currently in the "middle registration" period, and the donation request jumps in 5 days to "late registration". (Those unable to attend can also register to get a player's pack shipped to them.) So, sign up soon, and start working out those throwing arms!

Note that this is the same day as the Eighth Annual Runaway Open charity golf tournament, for which there are still openings and which will now also include a virtual component. Three kinds of golf, to accomodate your preference and location, and bring us all together for some fun and fundraising. Register for one, or all three, today!

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Golf With Phans For Charity

The all-volunteer Mockingbird Foundation is hosting the 8th Annual Runaway Open charity golf tournament for Phish fans on Saturday September 2nd in Denver during the upcoming Dick's run. We'll have 120 players in a shotgun start, with coffee, lunch, cocktail, gift bag, raffles, and prizes, and we'd love to see you there. Register soon (, while spots are still available - it fills up every year, and we can't go above 120.

(Audio is the ending of "Tweezer/Magilla" by Michael Ray and The Cosmic Krewe, from the Mockingbird Foundation's double-disc tribute, Sharin' in the Groove. Concert photo by Nate Cundy for Listen Up Denver, by permission of the photographer and website.) is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

This project serves to compile, preserve, and protect encyclopedic information about Phish and their music.

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